COSMIC INSIDER: Catching Waves

“Respect for the ocean comes naturally when you understand that we’re just a part of this vast system, we’re not detached from it in some miraculous way. What we do to the ocean, we do to ourselves.

– Silvia Earle, She is the Ocean



On the plane back to Hawaii after my family visit in California, I watched She is the Ocean, a documentary that features 9 incredible women who do everything from big wave surfing to cliff diving to swimming with sharks.


Watching all of these amazing women from around the world with a shared love and deep connection to the ocean was the perfect story to carry me home the week that Neptune goes retrograde.


There’s a very “watery” emphasis to the astrology this week, so catching waves, moving with the tides as they flow, and exploring our depths are important themes for all of us this week.


In the recent Horoscope Highlights, Christopher Renstrom says, “We all carry the water of Neptune in our horoscopes, and more importantly, in our souls.”


He explains that Neptune’s waters speak to your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations, and the scariest depths of your psyche that you can imagine…


He goes on to say, “This is what makes Neptune so rapturous and frightening at the same time, as there are few things more treacherous than a hope.”


There is much to gain if you are able to flow with the ebb of your heart right now. Neptune can offer you visions and reveal your deepest dreams.


On the Weekly Weather, Anne said that this week is a whirlpool of emotional and churning waters. She advised that you avoid getting lost in the tumult of the wave, but flow and surrender.


It’s soul work that asks you to trust and let go, even if you can’t see exactly where the current will take you, and even if you are frightened of losing the shore you’ve always known…


Anne’s also tells us that a proactive way to work with Neptune is to give gratitude… so pile it on high this week! And call on it especially when you’re scared or struggling… 


Remember your connection to something bigger than yourself and draw from the wells that feed you; your family, your community, whatever tribe holds you.


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And below are even more resources that I hope will help you find your true north if you are feeling lost at sea or if just want to come along and ride the waves.



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