COSMIC INSIDER: Dancing in the mystery into 2022

With the end of 2021 quickly approaching, you may have the urge to get your projects buttoned up and start planning for what’s to come in the New Year…


But alas! That kind of linear, strategic thinking is just not what the astrology has in store for us.


Jupiter is moving into Pisces in December, and according to Astrologer Rick Levine, that means we’re going to be dancing in the mystery for quite a bit longer…


So no matter what you want checked off your list, (whether it’s a personal situation, career-oriented goal, or something else),


If you try to force a resolution right now, it’s just going to come back again in another form. 


I know this can be frustrating news –


After all, we all have uncertainty fatigue! 


But there’s some good news in here as well.


When our left-brained, linear tools aren’t available to us, new ways of thinking and sensing our way through life come online.


Our intuitive gifts come to the forefront. Our creative muscles get a workout. 


We have to rely on our imagination and our intuition to navigate our way through the fog, and eventually come out the other side (because astrology teaches us that time is cyclical and every situation does have a resolution eventually!)


As you can probably guess, one of the best navigational tools in my arsenal is astrology. 


Which is one reason I ALWAYS look forward to our end of the year, FREE 2022 Forecast Panel!


The panel is happening live on December 8th and 9th, 2021, and features brilliant astrologers like Acuyta Bava, Adam Sommer, Stormie Grace, Christopher Renstrom, Mychal Bryan, Linda Byrd, and more.


Go here to register now for this FREE event.


This is our sixth annual Forecast Panel event and I always receive so much insight, inspiration and actionable guidance for the year ahead. 


Which always helps me feel a little more “together,” even when nothing wants to resolve itself.


Because after all, when we can use the wisdom astrology has to share with us to get comfortable in the uncertainty…


It feels a little less uncertain, doesn’t it?


I hope you’ll join us – go here to reserve your free spot now.


See you there!




CEO & Founder



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