Can you have grace for yourself this week?

Cosmic Insider | Can you have grace for yourself this week?


This week, you may feel things come to a “grinding halt”.


Planets that went retrograde are hitting the brakes before moving forward and the Saturn/Uranus square continues to cause tension between the new and the known.


After our Weekly Weather Astrologer Jenn Zahrt said this, I asked her…  How do we work with the energy of a “grinding halt”?


Her answer was simple: ​​Have grace.


We’ve gone through a lot these past years and the astrological weather is complex right now… What do you need to stop and think about before you press on?


Jenn suggests that you “re-engage the receptive mode” and take in what’s around you.


It reminds me of when I’ve gone surfing and some of my favorite moments were when I just sat on the board and looked at the beauty surrounding me. 


This week is like that space between catching waves.


Here are your tips from Jenn to work with the energy of the days ahead…


🛀 Monday: Take it easy.

The moon in Taurus goes void today and encourages you to take it easy and enjoy life. Mercury re-enters Libra and calls back to whatever happened on August 27th when it was there before.


💡 Tuesday: Insights & bombshells.

The Sun's quincunx to Uranus brings insight that you can use to create a plan moving forward. Mars squares Neptune so you may want to get stuff done but Neptune makes things foggy. Remember you don’t always have control. And a Mercury/Jupiter opposition plus the Moon square Saturn drops a bombshell that may have you saying… WHAT?!?


👯‍♀️ Wednesday: Spend time with friends or yourself.

The Moon in Gemini is void before making a sextile with Jupiter. Take it easy and be with friends. The Jupiter sextile may make for a sleepless night.


🤝 Thursday: All about relationships.

Venus in Libra makes a quincunx to Uranus in Taurus giving relationships a jolt. Mercury makes a sesquiquadrate to Saturn giving lots of support for tough conversations. Venus trines Saturn helping you re-set boundaries or clear past drama.


💭 Friday: Let the ideas flow.

The Moon trines Saturn and then Venus which brings about the circulation of ideas. Don’t put pressure on finding an answer, just let them flow through. The Moon squares Neptune and then conjuncts Mars in the evening so be careful of explosive energy.


🎨 Saturday: Engage creatively with tension.

The Moon goes into Cancer and then makes a semisquare to Saturn. This can be creative energy but has an element of stress or tension to it.


💆 Sunday: Rest & recharge.

The Sun makes a quincunx to Neptune creating a blind spot or the feeling that you’d rather daydream. The Sun then trines Vesta encouraging you to just do your own thing and give yourself a place to recharge. 


To learn more about the energies at play in the week ahead and get a sneak peek into the big stuff coming next week, check out the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


And for those of you who love Jenn and want to learn from her directly, I’m very excited to announce our workshop with her which will be coming very soon…


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So if you’re interested in learning how to start using magic in your life, get on the waitlist now to be the first to know when enrollment opens.


Be kind to yourself this week and remember to have grace.


With love,




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