[SEEDS of LIGHT] My teen is depressed. How can astrology help? w/ Astrologer and Psychotherapist Lucian Schloss

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In this Seeds of Light episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer and Psychotherapist Lucian Schloss and Ana Zaharia discuss the question…My teen is depressed. How can astrology help?   

You’ll learn…
  • Why teens right now need to search for meaning and purpose, and how when the sense of meaning is absent the tendency to be depressed or anxious arises. 

  • The influence Jupiter has in the natal chart and why knowing this placement by sign and house reveals where your teen is searching for meaning on a personal and collective level. 

  • Insights on how to cultivate patience and mentorship as you guide your teen through this time. 

  • Why it’s key to their development to encourage creativity as well as an interest in the arts, and how doing so supports your teen’s search for connection and meaning.

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