COSMIC INSIDER: Ground and Plow!

This week's planetary pileup shifts us from the fire of Aries into the solid, reliable, dependable fixed earth sign of Taurus.


We still have lots of forward-moving momentum, but it's the perfect time to ground your energy, work toward bringing things into manifestation and nurture the gardens you're growing (both physically and symbolically)!


With Mars moving into Cancer you may begin to have some more emotional clarity around things that were unclear to you before, and with Venus shifting into “love goddess mode” it's the perfect time to beautify your surroundings.


The intensity ramps up toward the end of the week so if it starts to feel heavy, just remember that Pluto is helping you find things that were hidden to you before, and this awareness is needed so you can make changes and get where you want to go. 


If things get intense, remember to breathe, and keep doing the work you need to do to make the changes you want to see in your life. You got this!


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We’ve been in class for 3 weeks, learning which parts of the astrology chart are astronomical, why signs are different from constellations, all about the ecliptic, primary vs. secondary motion, how to align ourselves to the directions and SO much more.


We are currently taking a study break this week, so NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO HOP IN AND JOIN US!


Next week, we’ll be delving into The Crescent of Soul, learning all about the “MatheMagical” rhythm of the Moon. We’ll also meet Black Moon Lilith and the Lunar Nodes who will teach us about the types and timings of Eclipses.


Here are some AHA moments from Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers students after spending time under the “big screen” with Brett:


“Such a beautiful way to learn the constellations and the wanderers! Thank you Brett for all of your wisdom and dedication 🙏

-Katie S.

“This course is a gift. It is the foundation we astrologers all need. With all due respect for Classical, Hellenistic, and Traditional studies of translated masterpieces of those who gazed the skies before us, this, now, provides the depth by knowledge, senses, and experience. Without this, we are only skimming the surfaces.”

-Victoria S.

“I say YES! Just do it! Especially if you are feeling called or the pull. You will not regret it! This is one of the best classes I have ever taken. It is amazing and inspiring!”

-Marty C.

“I just signed up for classes yesterday but I’ll be honest with you all, tears started streaming down my face as I watched/listened to Gemini Brett’s intro video. I immediately felt like I’ve found my tribe, everything resonated so strongly. It’s almost like I’ve been waiting for this course my whole life. I’m over the moon to begin this journey with you all ❤️

-Ellen B.




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