COSMIC INSIDER: Time to get it going!

The recent Aries New Moon presented a powerful opportunity for a fresh start… 



Can you feel it?


Right now there's a gust of “wind in your sails” and support for moving things forward…


And as we know with astrology, this won't last forever (this summer we have an abundance of retrogrades so the energy will shift dramatically)!


Take advantage of this forward-moving momentum to make strides in your projects, visions, dreams, and ideas.


Right now is also a great time to reflect on the lessons you learned over the last year and consider how you can weave your new perception and awareness into the actions you're taking now: 


  • What did you learn about yourself and the world around you in 2020?


  • Where have been dependent – on structures, people, things – that were not as dependable as you thought?


  • And how can you take that power back into your own hands and build the structure that you need to thrive?



It’s an amazing process that we’re in and the New Moon in Aries says, “Now is the time. Go for it.”



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