COSMIC INSIDER: Springing Forward with the Fire of Aries

Are you feeling the action-packed energy right now?


If so, you're definitely catching the current astrological vibe, which is on fire with an abundance of Aries energy. 


Maybe you finally have the drive to tackle that project you’ve been putting off, or your mind is running a mile-a-minute full of new and exciting ideas…


And while it’s great to capitalize on all of that rapid-fire energy to make things happen, it's also important to balance the fire so you don't go into complete “system overload!” 


Remember to breathe, put your bare feet on the ground if you can, move the energy in productive ways through physical activity… 


And make good use of this time to do some physical and metaphysical “spring cleaning,” letting go of things that you're ready to move beyond, and taking steps to better align with your deepest calling.


This week you can cool off some of that fire with our episode about WATER, get your download on the energy of April, learn more about your week ahead, discover why Wonder Woman is the perfect movie to watch right now, and much more when you to tune into the Astrology Hub Podcast:


Watch our deep-sea dive into The Power of the Water Element with Kenny Lu, CEO Spring Aqua & Gina Bria of Hydration Foundation. Not only is Kenny Lu’s father a well-known astrologer in China, but his name actually means “heavenly waters”!


We talk all about water and how it is a conduit for energy, information, healing and so much more. You don’t want to miss this interview full of incredible facts about our bodies of water!



Is “heaven” really meant to be experienced here on Earth? Find out what Gemini Brett has to say about this and more on StarryTelling. You’ll learn more about the Sacred Astronomy course and the story of Brother Earth and Sister Sky in The Marriage of Heaven of Earth.


Join Sacred Astrology For Astrologers today by clicking here. 



Get the full rundown of the energies we’re working with right now from Anne Ortelee on the Weekly Astrological Weather and hear what Anne says will unfold in the week ahead.


If you love our Monday Weekly Astrological Weather and would love to have Anne’s guidance “in your pocket” all week, check out our newest offering Astrology In Your Pocket!



And here's your 10-minute Horoscope Highlight with Astrologer Christopher Renstrom. Find out why this week he’s pulling out the comic books and talking Wonder Woman.



Want to know what to expect in April? Rick gives us our April 2021 Forecast in this episode of The Cosmic Connection.



Seeds of Light Host Ana Zaharia and Astrologer Cameron Allen continue their journey through the children of the zodiac, giving helpful advice for parents with Supporting Your Sagittarius Child



And learn about Your Child’s Maturation Journey Through Saturn with Astrologer Felina Kavi and see how the archetype of Saturn presents itself in your child’s life.



Of course, if you want to go even deeper into any of these incredible astrological topics, check out the full episodes! And if you'd like even more practical guidance on how you can use astrology to navigate the year ahead download your FREE 2021 Astrology Guidebook.


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