[SEEDS OF LIGHT] Supporting Your Teen’s Learning w/ Astrologer Alex Trenoweth

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In this Seeds of Light episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Alex Trenoweth and Ana Zaharia discuss…Supporting Your Teen’s Learning.

You’ll learn…
  • Details about the cycles of Jupiter and how they influence childhood development, and why knowing this placement can help you engage with groups of children around the same age.
  • Why understanding your natal Saturn (your boundaries) will help you tune into your style of discipline and the themes where some of the “work” lies for you as a parent.
  • Insights into how important years 11-12 are in your child’s life and how you can bring Astrology into your parenting to help support them through this time.

With this FREE PDF Guide, you’ll learn how to help your child feel safe & nurtured, by understanding the key attributes and special gifts of their Moon Sign.

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