A calm & creative week to prepare for 2023

Cosmic Insider | A calm & creative week to prepare for 2023


This week, Astrologer Donna Woodwell joined me on the Weekly Weather which is an exciting full circle moment because The Astrology Hub Podcast started with Donna!


Donna was one of the first, brilliant astrologers we partnered with, and I ALWAYS learn so much from her.


And she had a very welcome message to carry us into the week ahead: This is a time to chill, rest, and cut yourself some slack. (What a relief!)


After all the intensity of the recent cosmic energies, this is a much quieter time where you can fortify yourself and prepare for things to come.


Donna says there are big changes coming over the next few years, so this is the time to dream into your future and listen to the messages you’re receiving.


It’s important to be able to recognize times of rest, so take the opportunity to pause and look forward.


Here are some more tips from Donna to work with the energy of the days ahead…


✅ Monday: Check off your to-do list.

Mars retrograde trines Saturn in Aquarius making this a good day to get stuff done. Donna advises that you take advantage of the energies available earlier in the week and cross off your to-dos sooner rather than later.


😌 Tuesday: Breathe and enjoy the calm.

The moon is void so this is a calm and quiet day. Take the time to breathe and put things in order.


🙅 Wednesday-Thursday: Relationships may get grouchy.

Venus is opposite Mars and squared by the Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune This t-square could bring tension in relationships that might feel nebulous. Donna says it’s okay if you don’t know what to do about this energy, it’s giving you an indication for the future.


💤 Friday-Sunday: A low-energy weekend to relax.

Neptune slows down to turn around to go direct. You may have no energy to do anything and would rather be off in la la land. Lean into it and be easy on yourself.


To get more insights from Donna on the week ahead and a glimpse into 2023 (with her predictions…), watch this episode of the Weekly Weather.


This is a fantastic episode if you’re interested in a wider view of the energies at play in the grander story over the coming years. 


Donna says that your life will be different by the middle of 2026 and you can choose to start making changes to make sure you get where you want to be by then. 


I think it’s just amazing how life unfolds and how all the things you’re doing right now, whether you're aware of it or not, are preparing you for a future you might not be able to imagine right now.


As Donna says, “This is a great week to pay attention to the nudges.”


So I hope you take this week to be more receptive, welcome those coming changes, and trust in the process as it unfolds.


With love,



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