Moving from Darkness into Light

Cosmic Insider | Moving from Darkness into Light


This week, you get an extra special treat on the Weekly Weather, as Business Astrologer Georgia Stathis prepared a presentation to deliver her guidance for the week ahead!


I love that she did this because this is what we do every new and full moon in the Inner Circle


So those of you that are curious can get a taste of the kind of wisdom we get every month from teachers like Georgia (who is a 2023 Inner Circle Astrologer).


And Georgia says that this week may start out emotional, but the Sun will lead multiple planets out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius bringing more light and positivity.


This happens as the U.S. celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday which traditionally invites communion with loved ones and gratitude…


BUT even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, this energy is still available and abundant. This shift of energy into the Jupiter-ruled sign of Sagittarius is right on cue.


Why? Because Thanksgiving is actually an astrologically-based holiday, inspired by JUPITER! (& you can read all about that here if you’re interested)


And while you still may be dealing with all of the hard knocks of life, this Jupitarian energy is here to give you a jovial boost so you can keep moving forward.


Georgia says that if you can make a list of a few things this week and even just get one done each day – that’s great!


Here are some more tips from Georgia to work with the energy of the days ahead…


🏹 Monday: Discover, learn & watch out for bluntness.

Mercury and Venus come together in Sagittarius. Mercury is the chatty Cathy who wants to explore and learn while Venus has to do with what you desire and want. Together they create energy where you want a lot of information. Just watch out for emotional responses and bluntness (sometimes blunt can hurt).


🌱 Tuesday: Shifting into light where your new ideas can grow.

The Sun enters Sagittarius and begins to lead the planets through this Jupitarian territory. These first few days of the week we are also in the dark phase of the Moon, incubating and fermenting new ideas.


🌚 Wednesday: New beginnings…

New Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter goes direct. Wherever Jupiter is going direct in your chart, you are called to free yourself from some sort of bondage. Go deep within and feel what comes up. Georgia suggests taking a walk or moving your body as you do this.


🥳 Thursday-Sunday: Happy Jupiter Day & beyond!

Take the rest of the week to celebrate all things Jupiter – friends, family, abundance, and all those wonderful things in your life to be grateful for.


To learn about how the different signs will be experiencing this energy, about the “out of bounds” planets, and more, watch this episode of the Weekly Weather with Georgia.


And if you love Georgia and her style of teaching, I encourage you to get on the waitlist for the Inner Circle.


We’ll have one opportunity this year for you to join the Inner Circle (ONLY for those on the waitlist) but that’s it – otherwise, we don’t open doors until the spring equinox in March of 2023!


May you have a light-filled and abundant Jupiter Day. 🎉


With love,



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