A Big Chapter is Ending

Cosmic Insider | A Big Chapter is Ending


The astrologers I’ve been talking to have been consistently saying the same thing…


A big chapter is ending and a brand new chapter is just beginning.


This week, Astrologer Henry Seltzer (whose pioneering work has been a  game-changer in the field of astrology) joined me on the Weekly Weather to echo this message.


Henry says we’re entering a new phase in the aftermath of the recent eclipses, signaling the end of the Saturn/Uranus square and opening up new possibilities.


He adds that Eris has been square Pluto since 2020 (ushering in a big cultural reset) and that she is the feminine warrior who supports your soul’s intention and deep purpose.


Henry advises you to really tune into that which gives meaning to your life and ask: What is it that I absolutely must do to feel fulfilled in this lifetime? 


This is the time to get clear on who you truly are so that you can become the master of your fate, and find the freedom to live authentically.


Here are some more tips from Henry to work with the energy of the days ahead…


🪴 Monday: Plant the seed for your future life.

Mercury squares Jupiter (who is at the last 2 degrees of the zodiac) and you are invited to ask: How can I do what I’m supposed to do in order to actualize the image I see for my future? 


🐐 Tuesday: Do your actions reflect your desires?

Mercury enters Capricorn. The actions you’re taking now are an investment in your future. Are they in alignment with who you are and where you want to go?


🌕 Wednesday: Reflect on what has come up & tune in to where you’re headed.

Today is the focus of the week with the full moon in Gemini opposite Mars. It’s a magical time when you can really tune in. Meditate on what has been coming up for you recently as you enter this new stage of your life.


💡 Thursday: Awareness after the full moon…

Henry says this week has two parts: the time before the full moon and the time after the full moon. You have more awareness in the aftermath and might get a taste of that feeling when you find meaning in your life.


💛 Friday-Sunday: Becoming more grounded in relationships.

Venus enters Capricorn on Friday deepening the focus on practicality in partnerships.  How do they help you evolve in the way that you need? Your relationships and notions of beauty are becoming more grounded. Lean into that and your post-full moon awareness this weekend.


To get more insights from Henry on the week ahead and hear about the transit he has his eye on for 2023, watch the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


While you may still be dealing with some lingering chaos and confusion this week, Henry says this is a time when you can really see (and work with) the vision for your future.


Take the opportunity here to tune in on that deep, inner level and think about how your day-to-day actions align with the life you want to live.


My hope is that you do that and find the freedom to be your true self unapologetically.


With love,



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