[COSMIC INSIDER] How do you want to be known?

How do you want to be known?

In this week's Cosmic Insider we have Inner Circle Astrologer Mychal Bryan who reminded us of the importance of “honoring your personal contracts” in a a supercharged episode of the Weekly Astrological Weather.


This doesn’t just mean the contracts you have with others, but most importantly, the contracts you have with YOURSELF.


What is it you came here to do, be and experience?


I've found that the questions we ask are key to getting the answers we seek…


And because Mychal posed such powerful questions you can ask yourself this week, I thought I'd share them with you here!


(Don’t worry if you “missed” Monday or Tuesday, Mychal says you can take the whole month, or year, to go through this process at a pace that’s right for YOU.)


Monday: Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on the equinox and creates an inspiring combo. Ask yourself: How do I want to be known?


Tuesday: Mars squares Uranus, a pairing that warns you not to be volatile with your energy. Ask yourself: What are the personal limitations of my power?


Wednesday: Mercury conjuncts Neptune, helping you imagine yourself more courageously, without the fears that hold you back. Ask yourself: What can I reimagine? What can I bring to life through the sheer force of my imagination?


Thursday: The continuation of Mars conjunct Neptune asks you to further clarify your dream and assess the reality of your current situation. Ask yourself: Does my current environment actually help me do the great work I am meant to do?


Friday: You're invited to continue reflecting on your current situation. Ask yourself: Am I stuck in a place that isn’t working because it is familiar? And if so, do I have the guts to get up and face my fears in the process of leaving?


Saturday: Mercury semisquares Uranus, connecting you to the knowledge of who you’re meant to be. Ask yourself:  Am I allowing myself to trust where I’ve come from, and trust the insights I'm receiving?


Sunday: Sun semisquares Saturn inviting you to take all this wisdom you’ve gleaned and start making your dream REAL. 


You can watch the full, power packed episode to get more guidance here.


The astrological energies this week are perfectly designed to help you honor the contract you've made in this lifetime… so you can fully live the life you were meant to live.


I hope this helps and I'm sending you lots of love on your journey to becoming your truest self and blessing the world with YOUR unique gifts.


With love,
CEO & Founder


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