[HOROSCOPE HIGHLIGHTS] Rise to the Occasion w/ Christopher Renstrom

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Mars square Uranus

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of March 21 – March 27, 2022 with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom.

This week, the Mars-Uranus square brings dramatic conflict to the forefront, which may leave us feeling attacked, challenged and oppressed. Christopher extends the invitation to ask ourselves, “When is a good fight justified?”. We are encouraged to reflect on and take the best path forward for humanity, even in times when our back is up against the wall.

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  1. donelle on March 23, 2022 at 1:47 am

    mars/urs sq. this week …. how to ‘honor life’
    honor-as in consideration of the whole rather than just one point of view. (as in i’m right/your not).
    how to, when to, or not to do a fight… when MARs is in Ur and nashing teeth are being heard all round.
    when is a GOOD fight good…. THIS is all i am thinking about as we are on the threshold. my toes are feeling the air rushing over them as they hang over the edge of this moment.
    i do not have a single one answer to the difficult question (ie: to slug the creep or not to) BUT i don’t think i would of felt (as u described) ‘shame’ for hitting the bully. to be a sly spy in ww2/germany – to break & dismantle the bully or evil overlords always seemed to me such a GOOD way to fight in respond to them/there/then. BUT here i am in usa (not over there or there or there).

    thank u for the beautiful story of the priest that walks with or beside_to guard humanity. THAT is also heroic and in sancuary. i too do NOT know if i would be ‘violent nor right’ in the moment of a real (mars/ur) battle. i do know that vilolence is horrible completly. Yrs ago a battle i remember was> being on the street when a grungy guy walked by-swiping his hand under my skirt and without a thought i went into some judo-like swing with my leg arching outward circling and at the same time i let out a sound i’d never made before of a deep animal growl__as i swung the creep fell before me to the ground under my untrained/unschooled approching foot/with his hands raised to cover his face & with his knees curling into himself – IN that second before my hit landed on him in his cowering position, and as i thought in that same moment …and as i STOPED just inches from his body… i could kill him or break his bones but i’d have to TOUCH him and so realize my act would taint me. Instead i growled over him to never touch any women unasked ever again.

    THANK you for your thoughtful, calming, shared, kind and insightful words with astro today Christopher.
    (ps. Ms.Stone & i know you were a terrific 5th grader!)

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