Astrology Hub Podcast Horoscope for the Week of September 30th – October 6th

Stormie Grace's Major Theme for the Week of Stormie: Stay Awake

“The question I ask and I put it as part of our theme is just what have you been awakened to over this last five months and where are you going to practice staying awake this week?”- Stormie Grace

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Week of September September 30th – October 6th

You can expect a mixed bag of energetic shifts that will be hard to ignore this week! Monday, look for ‘themes’ around your values. The signature of this day is a clue to how the week will unfold. Mid-week, the God of Transformation, Pluto, is awakened from his retrograde state. Stay awake with him. Notice how far you’ve come over the last five months—celebrate it. Though it may be difficult, hold onto your awaken state as the weekend rolls in, doing so will help you to avoid backtracking later!

Tune in to hear Stormie & Amanda’s tips on how to celebrate and plan forward around your deepest desires.

Advice from Amanda & Stormie

“If you weed a garden, all of a sudden, things can grow. Light can hit new areas. I think for all of you, this is a moment to celebrate those things that you've been able to let go of. Like Stormie said, for the last five months, you've been shedding things, weeding your garden – transforming. Take a moment as Pluto is going direct to think about this.  If we don't do that we miss the opportunity to solidify that change to make it really crystallized in our consciousness.”

– Amanda Pua Walsh

“In these situations where we're controlled by imposed guilt or shame or any of those things, and we've had a chance to break free from them we move differently. We move with a sense of freedom. We're in autumn looking at all of these things and doing that inventory, so we can be at peace with our past and have freedom moving forward. -Stormie Grace


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*IC Cosmic Update 9.30*  Venus Square Pluto @ 9:17pm PT. Although you might have a plan, a plot twist is likely as the Moon opposes unpredictable Uranus. But don’t sidestep intense emotions that rise to the surface. Your persistence can transform lead into gold. – Rick Levine 

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