Astrology Hub: Libra New Moon = Balancing Act in Relationships 

Finding “ultimate balance” may very well be a myth…

But in order to chase this elusive prize, being able to make adjustments is necessary. 

And if we’re honest, it’s this balancing act that keeps things interesting!

Do you remember when balancing was a game? 

When every toy on the playground required you to build this skill? 

I loved the see-saw…

First off… you need someone else to play on it the right way.

And if the two of you worked together, finding balance where both of you were suspended evenly in the air even was easy…

…and kinda boring. 

Raise your hand if you were ever a rebel and played on a see-saw the wrong way 😂

giphyStanding in the middle all alone, shifting your weight back and forth, happily slamming one side down then the othertrying not to fall. 

And then for the FIRST time attempting to stand in balance…. not tipping too far to either side.

Seized breath

Arms, trembling, held out to the side.

Abs clutched

Legs stiff… 

Honestly, it may feel like the New Moon is asking you to do this… on a windy day as lightning strikes in the distance. 

The cosmic energies are asking you to bump against the boundaries that scare you and get comfortable with them…

…doing this allows you to show up to your relationships with confidence and an ability to be present. 

Answer the call of this New Moon…

Love with Venus…

Use the words of Mercury… 

Wink at the rebel who needs a cause-Uranus by welcoming change…

Embrace the healing that Chiron brings.

So even though the moments of ultimate balance may be fleeting and short-lived…

The juice is in seeking this ideal and learning to enjoy the ride. 

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  1. Deborah Mathews on September 27, 2019 at 4:04 am

    Enjoyed the astrology hub, current was going thru spiritual and emotional relationship transformation. Every thing you talked was so true. Hungry for more information !!!

  2. We Love Horoscope on September 27, 2019 at 9:26 am

    It is very useful and very knowledgeable post. Thanks for the post.

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