Astrology Hub Podcast Ep 38: (Staff Pick) How Astrology Can Change Your Past, Present, and Future

An Interview with Astrologer, Rick Levine

“I often describe astrology as a mapping system except instead of mapping space we are mapping time if you have a map of where things are, the map doesn’t tell you where you’re going, it only tells you the lay of the land” – Rick Levine

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Astrology Hub Podcast Ep 38: (Staff Pick) How Astrology Can Change Your Past, Present, and Future

This one will sit with you for weeksno, months & years afterward…

Interviewing someone who is immersed in their passion and has explored every facet of it with an open mind is like getting a shot of raw inspiration….

Sharing that kind of interview with you is priceless. 

Rick Levine was one of the first interviews on the Astrology Hub Podcast and he’ll return SOON to expand our minds once again! 

I know! It’s hard to wait…

AND that is why today we’re hitting REPLAY.

If you know Rick, then you’re VERY aware that every interview he gives deserves not one replay, but several…

Not because what he says is complicated…

But because he takes complicated concepts and presents them in a straightforward, funny—and oddly obvious way!

Most memorable quote(s) from the show

What are we? Who are we? We identify as our charts…

But let me put it this way…

It’s important to remember not to confuse the map with reality.

Maps are representations. So are charts. 

When people go, “oh, I can’t do that I’m a Taurus.”

That’s bullshit. That’s crazy thinking. 

If you’re a Taurus, you’re coming from a particular point of view and astrology offers you 11 other ways to frame something.

We’re not stuck by who we are.

We simply have awareness from where we’re coming

Rick Levine

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