Astrology Hub Podcast: Ep 027 – Why Most People Struggle with Astrology Chart Reading and Keys to Doing it Right

“Eventually you start to understand that life is this interesting mix of fate and free will.   – Donna Woodwell 

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One of the most significant gifts of Astrology is that it reveals the truth we were born to speak…

And this week (with the Sun and Mercury entering Gemini hand-in-hand) you have ample opportunities to tap into your truth and communicate it with care.

The shadow to this energy?

Not listening to learn.

And thinking our truth is the ONLY truth!

So while this is a perfect time to speak up, remember also to listen to others with the intention to LEARN…

What they value…

How they might feel…

What’s truly important to them.

It’s not too late to tune into this week’s forecast via the podcast to hear our top tools for working with this energy…

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And if you’re interested in learning how to decode the language of the stars for yourself…

Or how to look at an Astrology Chart and understand the shadow and opportunities of certain planets and placements…

This week’s podcast episode, Why Most People Struggle with Astrology Chart Reading and Keys to Doing it Right, is for you!

Our Master Astrologer, Donna Woodwell, shares what she’s learned by working with thousands of Astrology Students…

And how you can avoid the frustration and overwhelm that normally comes with learning how to read a chart.

Spoiler alert: if you know the ‘root’ of this spiritual science you can listen to learn & decode the truth every chart is telling you!

Most memorable quote(s) from the show

“The fourth thing that's important when you're learning astrology is to not be afraid of having a structure and a structured way of approaching how you're using your tools. Yes, it's supposed to connect you to your intuition. The structure is what my Shaman teacher would have called the ritual, you do rituals in order to get you in the habit of connecting to spirit. And then when you do a ritual over and over and over again, it goes deeper and deeper 

Donna Woodwell

“I think what you're describing is the human tendency to attach to something that feels safe and something that we feel like we can control. And then when we realize, “Oh God, maybe that's not what I thought it was, or maybe it's bigger than I thought it was.” There's that moment of disorientation that's scary where you like cling to the past and what you thought you knew and then either you stay there in that box or you realize that like you're the bird in the cage and the doors open and you can fly out and start to see that. . 

Amanda Pua Walsh

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  1. Lucija on May 24, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    I appreciate Donna’s down-to-earth view of astrology. Her thoughts are practical, realistic, well-organized and easy to understand (great analogies), honest, encouraging…

  2. Lucija on May 24, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    I struggle too 🙂 Donna made me think about:
    learning the language & tools – feeling & understanding why – a tree with deep roots and many branches, leaves – a part of our culture – intuition & structure (technique) – rewiring my brain…

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