Week of May 20th-May 26th

We all have a little piece of the truth, and we can only start working at solutions and compromises when we can come from that essential point of respect. – Donna Woodwell

Did your heart race with emotions last week?

This week, it will be your mind running a marathon. The messenger, Mercury, is moving into his home sign, hand and hand with the Sun. Is too much information a good or bad thing? It depends on your perception. Keep in mind…your right is someone else wrong.

Tune in to hear tips from Donna & Amanda on exactly where to find the answer you’re looking for and…how.

Advice from Amanda & Donna

“Get quiet, still, and slow down so we actually can hear it. The answer is in the question we’re asking. If we’re asking why is this happening to me? You’re going to get shown why it’s happening. But if you ask different questions, like how can I move through this? What is there for me to see or learn about myself? How can I get clarity about what’s happening? Those kinds of questions will give you the answer that you want. Pay attention to the question that you’re asking so that the answer that blows in the wind is the answer that you need to get unstuck and move forward.”

– Amanda Pua Walsh

“Everything’s going to feel confusing, strange, and weird. That’s what Gemini does. It’s bringing in so much information that we haven’t considered before, or looking at things in different ways; especially when you’re looking for something to hold onto. Gemini is saying, “throw open the gates of perception and bring it all in. A good mantra when things start feeling overwhelming is to repeat to yourself, but it’s just a moment in time. Gemini works best when you don’t judge what you get. When you judge what things start going sideways, focus on the gift that Mercury gives you when he sees both sides of the story. Because what you think is right might be someone else’s wrong.”

– Donna Woodwell


Key Astrology Dates from this Lunations Inner Guide

*IC Cosmic Update 5.22* Moon conjunct Pluto at 23 Capricorn @8:57 pm PT

Your emotions may run deep today.  Allow space to feel beyond the surface. Fears or repressed memories may come up to be healed and integrated. “Embrace the shadow, it contains a gift.” -Richard Rudd. – Amma Li Grace

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    Thank you for doing these podcasts. I am really enjoying them and they are helping me with navigating my week and learning few other thing in the process.

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