Astrology This Week: The Mercury Cazimi in Libra

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Astrologers Wendy Stacey and Jamie Magee talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌕 The transformative power of eclipses, and how this week’s celestial event may reveal hidden truths or set the stage for future developments.

🌗 Mercury Cazimi’s role in amplifying communication and mental clarity, offering a ‘reset button’ for your thoughts and conversations.

🌘 The interplay between Mercury and the Vishuddha chakra, emphasizing the purification and empowerment of your expressive abilities.

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Every single clip season, if we go like lights out in the eclipse and then lights come back on, I can say like, you know, when the lights go out, if we’re all, if everybody’s at a party and the lights go out, like, there’s going to be some people who freak out and get anxious. There’s going to be some people who want to like fight or like, you know, they’re looking for something to like protect themselves with and some people are just chilling.

And so when the lights go out, the truth comes.

And then when the lights come back on, we’re like, Oh, I knew you were scary. Or it’s like, Oh, like, Oh, like you always, you kind of always want to fight. Like, I can see that, like, you always do want to fight, but the lights went out. So you like went into your energetic response where you, where you didn’t necessarily become the most mindful, right.

Where the person who’s chilling is like, Oh yeah. Like I already knew you were chill. Like, you know, it’s like when the lights go out, the truth comes to light.

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Cameron Allen: Well,

Amanda: hello everybody and welcome to your weekly Astrological Weather. I’m so happy that you’ve decided to tune in to the Cosmic Energies for the week ahead. We’re going to be covering the week of October 16th the 22nd and we have the amazing, incredible astrologer, herbalist, astrologer connect, astrologer, inner circle astrologer, Cameron Allen.

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Cameron, welcome Astrology Hub podcast.

Cameron: Hey, Amanda, it’s nice to see you again. I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve seen you, so I’m glad to see you again.

Amanda: It has been a while and you sent the sweetest email like a few weeks ago just saying I miss your face I’m checking in. I was like, oh Cameron and one of the things I love the most you guys is when when you connect with Cameron He says how’s your heart or how are you feeling?

He’s always wanting to connect in and understand where you’re at For real, not that like, how are you doing? You know that most people do. So I appreciate that so much about you, just so, yeah.

Week Overview

Amanda: Okay. Well, let’s talk about the weather. What’s happening October 16th, the 22nd. What do we have in store?

Cameron: Yeah. So what we have in store is that we’re. In the eclipse period in and of itself, like fully and completely, it’s like, it’s happening, you know? And so just, you know, being mindful of that context is here.

Cause sometimes the eclipse will happen and people will just like kind of meander and then another eclipse will happen. And like, they’ll emphasize the actual days of the eclipse. But most of the time, the day of the eclipse, things aren’t manifesting for most people unless it’s like already indicated in multiple ways in their chart, which that’s like a whole nother topic.

But yeah, so it’s like just being mindful, we’re going through the eclipse period. And that eclipse was a solar eclipse in Libra. And so Venus was the ruler and Venus is in a sign right now where You know, Venus likes to be relaxed, but she’s in Virgo. And so there’s like all these particularities around like relaxing, like, Hey, like, did I tell you, you could put your feet up, you know, like, you know, when you eat the grapes, like you actually need a bowl and a napkin and I’m not going to feed them to you.

Because that’s going to create more turmoil in my, in my living room. So it was just like, Venus isn’t necessarily always super, super comfortable there. However, it’s in the eclipse period. So just being mindful, you know, the lights go out, the lights come back on thinking of the eclipses as potentially like a power surge.

And that last power surge would have been with Mercury as well. And so just being mindful Venus is ruling the Eclipse and Venus traditionally is having to do with relationships and the Eclipse is in Libra Which that’s a sign that has to do with relationships And also if we think back a little bit just just recently venus just went retrograde So it’s like okay like something is really going on here having to do with relationships So really keep your eye on relationships this week It’s really, really important, especially as mercury is like combust all week long, pretty much.

It does go Kazemi, but it’s combust most of the week. And sometimes, you know, people think of mercury being combust as like, Oh, this is bad things happening. Mercury is combust. But it’s like mercury is actually kind of comfortable there because mercury is so close to the sun that it’s just like makes a home within like combustion and in a sense.

However, what that does mean is that there might be something Like something like someone’s identity might be blocking like what they’re really trying to communicate behind the scenes. And so since that eclipse was just there, we want to really be mindful, especially if it’s having to do with something having to do with something that we’re really attached to, like our old emotional identity or who we think we were.

And so we really want to be mindful around people pleasing behaviors and just really considering like, hey, what am I hiding behind this like identity that I’ve created? And am I really letting my communication shine through, or am I just trying to show this, my, my sense of self on a surface level, and shine this light, or project this light, sun, and not really saying what’s needing to be said behind it.

Mercury, in Libra, having to do with relationships, the last eclipse, Venus, ruled. Having to do with relationships again. So it’s these echoes happening here. Yeah,

Amanda: would you say that when we’re considering these questions so careful of people pleasing? What am I hiding behind my communication? Like, it is it authentic communication?

Is it the real communication? Would you say that when we’re holding back on things like that, it’s probably associated with relationships and with like. Wanting to maintain a certain level of status quo or balance within a relationship.

Cameron: Yeah, for sure. And it’s also just going to have to do with like, what was your, like, what was your identification with how you are supposed to show up in relationships from the past?

Because that, you know, it’s on the self node. So the self node having to do with like my emotional identity that I formed in my childhood or from the past. And how am I bringing that in this present moment? Yeah. And it’s like, are you trying to people, please? Are you trying to keep things quote unquote balanced when we try to keep things balanced?

We always have to make these adjustments because it’s not actually creating harmony. It’s just a surface level like, Oh, I just want everything to be okay as it is. And it’s like, yeah, and that’s what actually creates the not okay ness in the long term.

Amanda: Okay. So where are we doing things in an effort to create quote unquote harmony, which probably we’re avoiding conflict or avoiding like something that feels uncomfortable.

Right. And what you’re saying is that in the end, it doesn’t really, doesn’t really make harmony, harmony when we’re not being authentic or true to ourselves in the process of trying to create

Cameron: harmony. Yes, exactly. Exactly. And in this week too, as well, just since, uh, the sun and mercury are going to be conjunct the south node during the week that we can also look for indications of, do I feel drained in these conversations?

Or do I feel drained in general because I’m not behaving in a way that’s like actually fully me And I’m not asserting myself in the way that I want to Also, we just want to be mindful of that because the next eclipse is happening You know, if it like, if it, if it tends to go lead us in a direction of excess, which that’s not like this week, but if it leads us in a direction of excess, then we can know like, Oh, maybe I wasn’t doing enough then.

And that’s why I’m like blurting out my, I value this. I want this now, you know, it’s like, so you got to watch out for that because like, if you didn’t do it here and then you’re going to maybe overdo it there.

Amanda: Yes. Yes. I’ve, I’ve been the recipient of that kind of energy before where it’s like, you know, I, I haven’t been speaking up or I never spoke up and this is the first time I’m speaking up and then it’s just like, oh wow.

Okay. Like I’m receiving all of those years of pent up, not communicating. So yeah, and usually is a better way. I mean, I’m sure it’s good that the person does it eventually. But we don’t have to bottle it all up forever, especially if we’re taking the cues from the cosmic curriculum, which you’re saying right now, it’s like, okay, be mindful of those tendencies.

And where are you doing those You also said I love how you use the word, be mindful. You say, be mindful instead of like, be careful of, or, you know, it feels really nice to hear that. But when you say, and when you say. Mindful.

The Invitation between Eclipses

Amanda: Be mindful that we’re in an eclipse period. We’re in between eclipses and that the first eclipse happens and then the second eclipse happens.

And right now we’re in that in between period. What is that in between period about? Like, what is it perfect for? What do we need to be careful of? And I know you’re, you are, you’re talking about some of that right now. But, but if you were to take maybe eclipse periods in general, but then. Take some of the specifics of

Cameron: right now.

Yeah, so, I mean, again, it’s gonna be about the adjustments that are needed in relationships because Venus is the ruler, and Venus is in Virgo, and Virgo likes to make adjustments. People say Virgo is about organization, and it’s like, if you’re really organized, really what you’re doing is making sure you’re making adjustments on a consistent basis.

That’s who the people, the people who are the most organized are just adjusting things all the time because the kitchen is clean because you did the dishes and the way that you like actually cooked your food, you were making adjustments the whole time, right? You’re just like perfecting things and making sure they’re in the right place.

It’s not like you just, Oh, clean everything at once. Well, some people are like that, but it’s like, I invite people not necessarily take that approach. It’s just like, if you really want things to be clean on a consistent basis, then you’re just like needing to make these adjustments over time. To have the best relationship with cleanliness and things being organized properly in your reality in a way that you don’t get behind and you start judging yourself.

And that’s like the whole Virgo thing that we can create in our lives. And also like taking a step. Oh, I think I might’ve said this before, but it’s also good to say it again. Every single clip season, if we go like lights out in the eclipse and then lights come back on, I just say like, you know, when the lights go out, if we’re all, if everybody’s at a party and the lights go out, like there’s going to be some people who freak out and get anxious, there’s going to be some people who want to like fight or like, you know, they’re looking for something to like protect themselves with.

And there’s going to be some people who are just chilling. And so when the lights go out. The truth comes to light. And then when the lights come back on, we’re like, Oh, I knew you were scary. Or it’s like, Oh, like, Oh, like you always, you kind of always want to fight. Like I can see that. Like you always do want to fight, but the lights went out.

So you like went into your energetic response. Where you didn’t necessarily, become the most mindful, right? Where the person who’s chilling is like, Oh yeah, like I already knew you were chill. Like, you know, it’s like when the lights go out, the truth comes to light. And so just being mindful of that, because we can use that in two different ways and more than two different ways, but these are the two ways that I’m going to posture it.

We can like really, really observe and like hold the conversations. Until after the period happens, because some people like to be mindful and they like to go inward and reflect deeply and find some sense of resolution before they even presented to people. And some people are just built like that. Other people are like, I’m feeling this right now, and they just want to like have at it.

And so what I’m, and that’s, that’s exactly why I’m saying be mindful. Because both choices are correct, if they’re the correct choice for you. And so then that’s what you need to do, then that’s what you need to do. But just be mindful of like your approach with those things. Again, because Mercury is combust most of the week, it does go Kazemi.

So it is going through also what we would call like a purification process of how I communicate in relationship. So that I don’t feel drained, right? The purification process is the Mercury being combust and then going Kazemi. Relationships having to do with Libra in the south? No. Talking about am I being drained or not?

And so just being mindful of that throughout this week. Yeah. Not

Amanda: ev well, we’ll we’ll go into the days here in just a sec. But not everybody knows, or

What is “Combust” & “Cazimi”?

Amanda: I don’t wanna make the assumption that everybody combust Kami mean. Can

Cameron: you explain this Totally? Yeah, absolutely. So Kami is, Kazemi means in the heart of the sun.

So mercury being in the heart of the sun, some astrologers say It’s only like a 17 minute period so, you know people are like, oh, it’s five degrees away So it’s really like you can think of degrees as days and then you can think of minutes as minutes, right?

so five degree or you can think of that as like five days whereas 17 minutes to 17 minutes. So it’s a very small window. A lot of astrologers use I use a one degree window Okay, that’s when Mercury’s in the heart of the Sun And also being mindful, Mercury can’t go too far from the sun because like Tala Purnor says, the mind can only go so far from the heart without having to return and come back into alignment with it.

So people can think of it that way as well. And combust is when Mercury is approximately seven degrees away from the sun. When it’s starting to get like in the pressure cooker, right? That’s that purification process. When it goes into the sun, it’s getting hot, hotter, hotter, hotter, hotter, and then it gets purified.

And then it comes out the other side. Okay,

Amanda: so we have both both of those things. They always happen together, right? And we’re having those. And you’re saying paying attention to if we feel drained in our conversations, that’s kind of the, the energy around this because he combust

Cameron: thing.

Yeah, this one specifically. Because it’s with the south node and it’s like during the eclipse period, which can like give us like power surges or power outages as well. And so we just want to look out for that potential.

Tips for Moving Through the Eclispse Energy

Cameron: And if

Amanda: we, if we do that self inquiry and find that, yes, we are drained by certain conversations or certain people or certain.

Environments, then, or after we say certain things, we feel drained. What is the correction mechanism that we’re being invited to make?

Cameron: Well, some people, you know, especially when mercury is that close to the sun, sometimes it can get a little frenetic, like the mercury energy is kind of like, you know, because it’s like, it wants to express itself way more.

And it’s going through a purification process so that it can express itself more, which can create some anxiety in some people. So I’m not saying that placement necessarily just creates anxiety, but that’s just what happens when people are trying to communicate their truth and express themselves, and they haven’t felt comfortable doing it from the past.

And so if you get tired or drained, one thing you can think about is, did you just express yourself in a way that was scary? You know, scary for yourself, because if it was scary for yourself, then that could make you nervous. And if you’re nervous, then go take a nap or go take a bath. It’s always good to take a bath during eclipse periods anyway.

So I really would, I would recommend taking a bath, um, with some really good salts. I like magnesium flakes personally. They’re like more bioavailable than Epsom salt, but both is good. So magnesium flakes would be nice there. Um, and then also if somebody is like expressing themselves. And they just get worked up.

Like maybe you’re not necessarily anxious. If you’re worked up, maybe you want to go move that energy. Maybe you want to move that energy. So, you know, just being mindful of that. The eclipse is in Libra, the eclipse that just happened, it was in Libra. So also being mindful, if you don’t feel supported to be able to express yourself and speak your truth, then you might get a little bit of lower back pain.

You know, sometimes when people don’t feel supported, they get a little lower back pain. So that could be a potential issue there too, as well. Also be mindful of everyone. This is a generalization. So don’t think you’re gonna get lower back pain and don’t allow my words to make you have lower back pain either.

So just, you know, be mindful of that because the mind is a powerful thing and we don’t want to like do that to ourselves. Yeah.

Amanda: You know, Cameron, it’s funny. Like, as you were saying, if you’ve just expressed yourself in a way that’s new or scary or, you know, something that you haven’t usually done when I’ve been in that place, I’ve noticed the, the gremlin mind can come in and then start second guessing and be like, you shouldn’t have said that you shouldn’t have done it that way.

You shouldn’t. And that in itself is exhausting. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that the communication itself didn’t need to happen, it’s just, and, and I’d like to think of it right now as a purification process that’s happening. After so that you can start to move beyond that, that big, huge block, because we, so many of us have it.

And you know what else is helpful for me is seeing other people do it. You know, like when I, when I see people expressing things that I’m like, Whoa, did she just say that? Or like, did he just go there? Like, that’s kind of awesome. And so seeing other people like forge the way or go into territory that seems scary to me, but to witness other people do it, that can be enough to sort of embolden as well.

But then inevitably the gremlins come in and go, you shouldn’t have done that. That was a mistake. And now, now you’re in danger. I always feel like it’s something about, you know, trying to keep us safe and, and small and protected. But is that really detected in the end? No, because I guess it depends on what you believe we’re here for.

You know, if we’re here to express the truth of our soul, then no, it’s not really protecting us. Right.

Cameron: Yeah. Right. Right. Yeah. And you can think of it. I mean, just being mindful to like Mercury goes Kazemi multiple times a year, Mercury goes combust multiple times a year. So just knowing like, Oh, like two years ago, I wouldn’t even have thought this.

Was okay to say now. I’m thinking it’s okay to say and but I’m still kind of having this frenetic energy around it It’s like okay cool. You’re still going through those purification processes. You don’t need the like External result to know that you’re going through that process and when you do express yourself and you have the gremlins You still might be going through that process that might all just be a part of the process So we want to be mindful of that too, so that we can track and identify how we’re, um, progressing throughout our lives, you know, because sometimes we think it has to be like this all or nothing thing, because that’s kind of sometimes with astrology, it’s like this thing is happening right now.

And like, when we forget that these are invitations and opportunities. Sometimes we’re like, Oh, like I really like it passed you by as if there’s not going to be another Mercury Kazemi, but there will be one.

Amanda: That’s where the cycles come in. That’s what, that’s the beauty for me. It’s like, it makes it so much easier to tune into these cycles and go, no, we will be back here again.

You’re making progress. It’s one of the things I love about the way the inner circle is designed because we’re, we’re doing it lunar cycle after lunar cycle. So it’s like you get to check in every new moon, you get to check in every full moon. And then next year on that same new moon, you get to check back into where you were at last year.

So it’s just, yeah, I love that. Okay.

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Monday, October 16

Amanda: Cameron, let’s go into the days

Cameron: of the week. Yeah. And also for the days of the week too, like I’m just feeling into like spontaneously. That maybe I’ll give like an invitation on maybe like the days in which the communication might seem easier or if you have a specific thing to communicate, maybe you want to go about it on those days as well, because that could be helpful in the context of this week to also give people a little challenge and a push and also invite to let me know how this worked out to you in the comments too, because I love coming back and seeing all your beautiful faces and perspectives and reflections as well.

Yes. In here. For sure. So, so October the 16th, we have the moon in Scorpio and this is a day where it’s like if you had some like deeper emotion that you wanted to express, then maybe you want to go for it, but you want to be mindful of. Where is it coming from and like, are like, because, and I’m saying this because the moon is going to be opposed by Uranus.

It’s going to be trying Neptune. It’s going to be, what is it going to be with Pluto? It’s going to be sextile Pluto. So it has all these things, these outer planets and outer planets. Sometimes they, they like when the outer planets come to the moon, it’s like all these unconscious things come to the moon and our emotional identity or how we feel deep down inside is like getting activated by.

Pluto, the biggest empowerment or disempowerment that we’ve experienced in our lives, essentially. And then Neptune, this sense of idealistic projections that we have and or hopelessness that we have. And then Uranus, just like, I don’t feel like I can express myself authentically or I am expressing myself authentically.

And I’m just gonna like bring my genius into the conversation and like hold the space, um, with electric integrity, let’s say. And so having all those things come into a Scorpio moon, that could be really, really intense. You know, and so just being mindful of that, if you have deep emotion that you want to share, um, on that day, you could even say, Hey, I’m feeling really, really deep right now.

Do you mind if I share something with you? Like, that could be a good lead in because, you know, it can be inviting for someone to hold space for you. If you’re like asking them like, Hey, like, I’m feeling a lot of stuff. I just want to express it right so it doesn’t even have to be this like do or die like express it or don’t express it’s like express it but in a way that’s like going to actually lead you to have more support up front can be super, super helpful.

That’s what I’m inviting for that day.

Tuesday, October 17

Cameron: And the 17th. The moon moves into Sagittarius, but it hits a square with Saturn retrograde in Pisces. And so we just want to be mindful if we feel limited or restricted and or did you say that thing in the Scorpio moon? You let out all those intense emotions.

And like you hit this square with Saturn, it makes you feel restricted and like not excited about how you did or didn’t speak your truth, right? So also the, the moon and Sagittarius, the Sagittarius, a lot of times it’s about speaking your truth or being philosophical, um, even proselytizing a little bit.

So if you have some things to say on this day, just make sure that you know that all beliefs are still personal opinions. Your beliefs might be true, but they might not be the truth. Right. So one of my teachers always say, no belief is true, right? It can be true, but no belief is inherently true. So, and also another one of my teacher says, truth is a state of being right.

More than it is an actual, like thing that you’re saying, it’s a state of being. So just being mindful of that. Um, and the sun is like actually exactly what the South note on this day too. So just being mindful. That the sun is the thing that brings us light and in the south, you know, it oftentimes pulls away or depletes energy or takes us back into our old sense of self.

And so it could be easy for us on this day to be like, I don’t feel seen. And sometimes when we say, I don’t feel seen in this relationship, then maybe we do use that moon in Sagittarius and we’re like, this is my truth. Or we’re just like, I don’t, I feel emotionally insecure and I don’t feel like I can speak my truth.

So we want to feel into that on that day and be mindful, right? We want to be very mindful. So that’s October the 17th.

Wednesday, October 18

Cameron: So on October 18th with the moon in Sagittarius, still my invitation for everybody is like less about like speaking or not speaking. It’s more just about like.

Hey, like, if you can like go on a hike, get your body moving, um, be mindful of the difference between like your, your humane nature versus your animal nature. And there’s something really big with Sagittarius people oftentimes like just kind of overlook because Sagittarius is a centaur. So it has the body of an animal and it has the top of a human.

So just be mindful. It’s like you can be rational, but also you’re still an animal. So on this day, I want you to try to infuse those things. And see what comes up for you and see what comes up for you because on this day, if we do speak about speaking truth, then I want you to speak a truth that has a long lasting quality to it.

And when I say a truth that has a long lasting quality, it’s like, is this something that you’ve been ruminating on for a long time? Or is this something that you’re just like saying or spitting out? Get into your body, get into your animal, see how that feels. But also don’t forget to be humane and human and meld those things together So that’s what i’m inviting for october the 18th So just being mindful of that

Thursday, October 19

Cameron: and then october the 19th The moon is still in sedge, but it’s in a sextile to mercury kazemi So mercury finally becomes kazemi and so we have this like moment where we could have these realizations oftentimes Also, it might be the time to actually express yourself, or you might be like, oh my gosh, like I was thinking from the 16th to the 17th and the 18th, and now the 19th comes.

I know exactly what to say. I know exactly what to say. Yeah. Something about this is reminding me of, um, the chuah and so Chuah, you know, some people where they, it is like the, the throat chakra, you know, some people say S but it’s s and so chuah is about truth. Again, the truth being like something that just exists.

It’s not something that we have to speak. It’s a vibrational frequency. And so just being mindful on the Kazemi day, you know, I would even invite you to like look at exactly what time it is your local time. Look when the Kazemi is and just in which if you use in one degree orbit or like last a pretty long time, do a meditation on like what is your truth and do you feel like you can have sound currents moving through this energy center because sometimes You can sit down and ask somebody what would it feel like to speak your truth?

And you say that to somebody and they automatically start getting a clump in their throat. It’s like you didn’t even have to say anything It’s just like that energy center of the Vishuddha It’s like just being able to move Sound through that or even just give yourself a massage there if that feels uncomfortable even hearing me say right now It might actually be something that’s like kind of tickling your throat or making it feel uncomfortable So maybe even give yourself like a few neck rolls or just make a sound.

See if you could, uh, just let the energy move in that center. Right, because, again, Mercury Kazemi and the Mercury Combust, these, these whole processes are about purification, and so I could have, like, a whole lecture about mantra, but, anyway, we’re not going to go there right now. That’s what I’m going to say for October 19th.

Amanda: October 19th, when you get to that date on, on the weather? Is the mantra? Yeah.

Cameron: Yeah? Okay. Well, I mean, well, yeah, if somebody has a mantra, they can do mantra on that day for sure. I was just saying, like, I could go into like a whole thing about how mantra could change the frequency, specifically moving through the Vishuddha chakra and the throat region in general.

But that’s for another time. Um, anyways, cause this is going to be like a whole nother. That’d be like a whole weekly weathered conversation. Yes. Yeah. Okay, next time. Mm hmm.

Friday, October 20

Cameron: So, October 20th, we had the moon finally going into Capricorn, and it’s in a sextile with Mars and Scorpio, so, you know, something about the moon and Capricorn, oftentimes people are like, It’s kind of difficult for the moon to be in Capricorn or something like that.

It’s like, I just think of it as something that’s serious. And it’s like, I want my feelings to be in correspondence with where I’m really trying to go here. And so I’m going to get down to business about how I feel. And I have this sextile to Mars and Scorpio, which allows me to have my self assertion come from my deeper sense of emotionality.

And not only is that occurring to have some like flavor of assistance. We also have trines of Venus and Jupiter. So we have this like lovely, throughout this day we have this like a grand trine and earth signs and we have the moon and a sextile of Mars. So we have a lot of support on this day, you know When and there’s going to be a specific space of time where the moon is actually in between Venus and jupiter that’d be like a really nice time to like go on ahead and do that thing Because the kazemi is still going to be occurring around that time So for me if I have anything to say anybody That’s the day that i’m going to be saying it just so y’all know like that’s how i’m gonna be rocking with it Also have a Capricorn Stellium.

So that’s particular to my chart. And I want you to think from that lens, not saying that’s what you should do or, or that’s not what you should do, but that’s how I think about it. So inviting you into that process. And to me, when, whenever the moon’s in between. Venus and Jupiter. I call it like a benefic embrace.

It’s like the two things that can like make things feel like they’re growing and blossoming, you know, the moon’s in between those two. So it’s just like kind of giving a little hug there for a little bit while the Kazemi is still going on. So that’s really, really nice. And that’s going to be the day that I’m be looking forward to.

The most this week, honestly, on just like a subjectively, probably positive note, which let’s be honest, anything in astrology can be every day. Somebody’s gonna have a good day every day. Somebody’s gonna have a bad day. Right? So we have to be mindful of those things

Saturday, Octoner 21

Cameron: And so on October 21st, the moon is still in Capricorn and, but it’s going to be, and it’s going to, the moon’s going to make it to the midpoint of the eclipse period, right?

So being mindful of that, if you haven’t resolved the things that might have come up at the eclipse point, you kind of want to like review that and be mindful of that. Because also the Capricorn moon is going to be with Pluto. It’s going to be in a square with Mercury, the Sun, and the South Node as well.

And so it also makes aspects to Uranus and Neptune. This is a lot of energy. For me, personally, I know like astrologers like to break stuff down and chop it all up. For me on days like this, I don’t play like that, me personally, in my practice. I like to observe, especially in the middle of eclipse windows.

For me, it’s really important to observe those things because eclipses can bring up things that have a strong energy that can have a tendency to be a little chaotic. So that plus the square to Mercury, the square to the sun, the square to the south node with Pluto, aspecting Uranus, aspecting Neptune. It was like, that’s a bit much for me.

So I’m probably going to be like chilling somewhere meditating on what I said the day before on October 20th. So that’s probably how I’m going to wrap with it. It’s like, that’s how I’m kind of prepping myself. So

Amanda: October 21st is a big energetic day is what you’re saying. There’s just a lot going on. So. Choose how you want to spend that day wisely so that you can hold and handle that much

Cameron: energy Absolutely, and I would also say like, you know when we’re talking about the weekly weather on the 16th I was talking about how the moon was in Scorpio and how it’s gonna aspect Uranus and Neptune and Pluto and it’s like oh and this day It’s aspecting Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto as well, but in a different way, but it’s also in this square relationship with the Mercury, Sun, and South Node, which we have already been talking about too.

So if we’re going about our week mindfully again, then once this day comes, whatever comes, even if we’re not like, Writing this all down and being like anal about it. It’s like, Oh yeah, like I remember this, this is like, it’s clicking, like there is a lot going on this day. So also that could just be a day where a lot of stuff goes on and you’re running around, but you find a moment to give yourself compassion because there is a lot of stuff going on.

And then we put a period there and then we keep on moving about our life, right? It’s like sometimes like I’ll write stuff out for myself in like three days I look at it and in two days I don’t. The day I was, I had highlighted, I don’t even remember that it’s that day. Sometimes I do that too, you know?

And so it’s like just being mindful as we can be in that process. And the more we do that, the easier things get, the more we have compassion, the more we have understanding that breeds peace. And that’s what we’re looking for, especially when we’re casting forward. So, yeah, yeah, true. Mhm. And then on october 22nd, we had the moon going into Aquarius in a square with Mars.

So being mindful, we had that sextile with Mars a few days ago, but now we’re hitting that square. So it’s like, watch out for um, maybe something else that’s coming up that’s having to do with all those things that were harmonious aspect on the 20th. It’s like maybe something, some friction comes up or we have an extra reflection from that conversation or someone else does and they bring it to us.

And so just being mindful of those things. Could be really important on that day mercury also goes into scorpio So the conversation might get a little deeper on that day too as well Right or our mind might actually be able to sink into the deeper emotions That’s actually going on especially if we weren’t speaking these things Throughout the rest of this week before already there’s gonna be a trine of Saturn and then Venus trines Jupiter retrograde finally too as well So there are gonna be some harmonious aspects there as well So it’s like a little friction there, but also a little harmony there, you know to give support And so on that day, I haven’t even decided for myself how I’m going to approach that day.

But for me, I was focusing more on the Kazemi, the October 20th with all the, the, with the benefic embrace while the Kazemi was still going on. And then that 21st where there’s like, there’s a lot of action happening there, and I’m just going to be in a really reflective place.

Sunday, October 22

Cameron: Because if I do all that, then the 22nd, I will be able to see clearly what’s going on there when Mercury goes into Scorpio and get a little deeper.

Amanda: Yeah, I love it, Cameron. Brilliant.

Our Experiences During Eclipse Portals

Amanda: So it just, I mean, it sounds like there’s a lot going on. We are in this in more. Do you think of an eclipse portal as an intensification of energy? Do you think of it as like the kind of like acceleration of time or the feeling like you live a lifetime in this period?

How in general do you think of these?

Cameron: Yeah, I like the last thing you said living a lifetime in these periods and really like I like that way of thinking and I would say Lifetimes coming to live in this period, right? Like different things from like other, other time spaces coming in. And then when I say lifetime, I don’t mean 1902 when you were Eduardo in Ecuador.

Right. It’s like, but maybe I do, but maybe I do, but it’s like when, when you were 12, you know, it’s like that lifetime coming to exist in this space. And it’s like, you’ve been married for five years and then you just like literally started whining. To your husband, you know, like you were 12 again and like that happens, you know, it’s just like sometimes your old lifetime just like comes back and it needs to express itself and That’s just how we evolve over time sometimes and we have to like be able to see that clearly But also what you said about like acceleration processes they do happen here as well And so I wouldn’t even isolate it with one But I like how you gave me those options and I think all those options do apply here for sure

Amanda: It’s kind of like a synopsis of what I’ve heard you amazing astrologers say over the years.

That has, it’s been my experience to just like going through the eclipse portals and being aware of, of the energies and it’s, it’s almost like this little microcosm where we get to see a lot in, in, in a short amount of time, right? Like see a lot about ourselves and our tendencies and our patterns and, and, and a lot of opportunity to really break through into new territory during these times.

Cameron: Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. And, and I tell you, and I don’t tell people around me, but I just watch everybody during the eclipse periods because I’m like, yeah, like for three months here, six months there, you’re behaving in this manner, but when the lights go out, you really going to show me who you are. So it’s like.

Yeah. You know, you might be acting this way, but then when, when the eclipse comes, it’s like, Oh no, like the eclipses are strong about people’s identity from the past and how they project their identity forward. And so I get clarity on who people really are as well as myself in those periods.

Amanda: But do you think that sometimes, like you gave the example of the, the woman who’s married for five years and then all of a sudden she’s acting like her 12 year old self.

I mean, do you, when, when you see things that you haven’t seen before in someone in your life, is it like, okay, I’m going to hold that. That in compassion, because obviously that’s something that’s sneaking into this period of time from a quote, unquote, another lifetime. And so I’m going to hold space for that person to go through this process.

Cause I know this is a time where this kinds of things happen, or is it kind of like, Oh, I see who you really are. And maybe I like that, or I don’t.

Cameron: Well, yeah, it all depends for me. It all depends for me, honestly. Because some people, some people are already, like, at a distance, and I see them every two months, three months, four months.

So if something happens, it might be like, uh, no, thank you. Because it might be actually something that, like, I had already seen before, and it’s coming up again, and I’m not interested in that. And I don’t desire to be in a relationship with that. And so maybe it’s like that. If it’s somebody that I’m really intimate with, I might just notice.

If it’s somebody else I’m in tune with, I might notice and name it after the eclipse period or during the eclipse period, you know, so it’s just like relationships are in a variety for me. And so I always, it’s always this like modulation effect. Um, with people around me, you know, and like, sometimes I can really be like, No, thank you.

I’m not interested in that. But also, people change. And people like, wise up. And sometimes later on, I have had conversation with people and I’m like, Yeah, like I noticed, like this happened. And then they’re like, Yeah, I noticed it too. And like, and then we start talking about it and we process it together.

And then some people I notice things and then I’m like, No, thank you. And then like five months later, I’m like, there it is. No, thank you. Exactly.

Amanda: I love that. No, thank you. I’m not interested in that. I love that. No, thank you. I’m not interested in that. Sometimes it’s the simpler path, right? Just like, I’m not, like, it’s okay.

You can do your thing, but I’m just not interested in that. Yeah.

Cameron: Exactly. And in that way too, we make it just like. You know, when we think about boundaries in relationships, it’s like, these are my boundaries. I’m not going to make you bad or anything. I’m just like, I don’t know. Like, I don’t, you know, I just don’t like confetti cookies and you offered me confetti cookies.


Cameron’s Inner Circle Mastery Class

Amanda: Okay. So Cameron, you are our teacher in the inner circle, like coming up in just a few days. What is your mastery class? What are you going to be teaching? Uh, as your mastery class

Cameron: Yeah, I’m gonna be teaching about aspects in medical astrology. And so I really love talking about this because it gets really, really particular about like what planets are like, become more emphasized or less emphasized and aspect and what they might mean based off of when we’re looking at it from a medical astrology perspective, right?

It’s like when you think of squares, sometimes people will say like. Some people want to say, Oh, it’s so challenging. Other people are like, it creates tension. So something’s just happening there, but it’s neutral. And it’s like, yeah, that’s true in some of these contexts. And also it’s like, if you have the ruler of your first house, which is you like very strongly in the chart in a square relationship with the ruler of the 12th house and the ruler of the six house.

That’s a lot of tension for like me and like my relationship with potential illness or things that I’m going to need to like really, really work hard on on a day to day basis to make sure my health is okay and then also my mental health, right? It’s like when we see that is like in a, in a, in a tension zone together on a T square.

It’s like, I don’t really like. Making simple light of it, right? It’s like, I want to talk about that so we can learn how to be in relationship with it and what that might mean on a psychological level. But also it’s like, Hey, like you actually need to put your shoes on and we actually need to get a little serious here.

Because everything can be worked with, but it’s like, on certain things, the more and more I get deeper into astrology, I’m like, No, I don’t want to put a positive spin on it. I want to be realistic so that we can build understanding, so that it doesn’t have to be a problem. That’s so

Amanda: interesting. It reminds me, so I had Michael Bryan on.

I don’t know, a couple months ago.

Cameron: I know you like that, right? He’s one person who’s like influenced me to begin to think that way too as well, so yeah. Exactly, but I

Amanda: love, I love what he said because it was one of those, it’s kind of like what you just said. There are hard things. And we can see those in the chart and to try and spin it as like, well, it’s, it would be just brushing over something that needs to actually be addressed.

And, and that’s what you’re saying. And yeah, he’s one of the people that’s influencing my lens on that too, is, you know, and it, I think from a, from a cycle, like from an evolutionary perspective, from a like evolution of the soul perspective. We can always look at it as like, well, yeah, like even the hard things are the things that are like grinding us into the, I’m going to say grinding us into the diamond, which doesn’t even really make sense.

Like heating it up so much, you know, and pressurizing things so much that we become the diamond. But then when it comes to certain things like your physical health, it could be pretty clear and cut dry, cut and dry either way. Like, yes, this is something serious to pay attention to, or no, this is not, this is just a suggestion, which is

Cameron: different, right?

Absolutely. Yeah. And it can be both in it for me, since I do practice evolutionary astrology and medical astrology and traditional astrology, it is all the above. And that’s what we really want to know. Yes, like this thing is difficult. What does my soul want from me? What is it calling forth of from me?

Yes, all these things can be in dynamic tension and all be true and be real. Oh

Amanda: Gosh, yes, I felt that that is true for sure Wow. Um, okay. So you’re doing that. That’s amazing.

Navaratri, 9 Nights of the Goddess

Amanda: And anything else you want to say in closing for the week, like anything else you want as we, as we, as we like go off into our week, anything else you want to share with us?

Cameron: Yeah, for sure. So there’s something going on and this is just like, uh, for anybody who’s. Into kind of like more I would say like Vedic wisdom or like yoga practices or anything like that There’s something this week that’s actually happening during this whole week that I’m talking about that I’m gonna be practicing It’s called Navaratri and it’s like the nine nights of the goddess And so like since I’m in Ayurveda school and like getting deeper into yoga and stuff like that It’s just a celebration of the goddess and there’s nine nights of Mother Divine.

And so from October 15th to October 24th, that’s the Navaratri period. Oftentimes people will like, um, fast. But when I say fast, we’re not saying like, don’t eat food. What we’re saying is maybe if you’re using, if you’re going to eat fast food, maybe just cook your food instead. If you’re cooking your food already, maybe eat a little less food or eat soups.

It’s like, take that next step. You know, towards whatever a fast looks like to you. So just inviting everybody. Don’t go, don’t be extreme at all because Navaratri comes twice a year. It’s the, it’s the first new moon after the equinox.

Amanda: Ooh. And it’s always the nine nights of the goddess. The first. Oh my love it.

It’s freaking awesome. Okay. And so people are interested in learning more about that. Just like Google my nights of the goddess and we can

Cameron: learn stuff or. Yeah. Navarat. They can, they could do Navaratri or also they can like reach out and maybe look at their charts during the eclipse period, specifically this time.

And then we can talk about the nine nights of the goddess. If they reach out to me. Um, medical, medical astrology, I can like add in or give like context to how you might want to enter into the house of the nine nights, you know, or like the space of the nine nights to begin with. Because even though like being like just transparent, I’m still a student of the nine nights and it’s just, you know, it’s interesting because I, I’m pretty sure the last time I was on here.

It was a specific time period that I was, I’ve been like practicing for, this is my third year now, and this is going to be my third year with Navaratri. And so just so happy that I’ve been like showing up on these times. And so this is how it works. It’s like these time periods just like kind of click in.

So yeah, anyway, Navaratri, if yeah, people can reach out to me, they can Google. I’m sure.

Amanda: Oh, even better. So I, I, I miss this.


Amanda: You are doing a special for our community. Um, and you can get an eclipse deep dive with Cameron talk about the nine nights of the goddess, which just sounds so mysterious Um, all caps C a M 20. So when you check out on astrologer connect. You go and you book your reading, make sure you enter the discount code CAM20, C A M, all caps, 20, and that’ll give you 20 percent off of reading with, with Cameron during this eclipse period. So, I’m so glad that I asked you. I almost forgot to mention that.

So that’s amazing. Okay. Thank you everybody so much for being here. It’s been really, really amazing to explore the energies of the week ahead with you, to have Cameron as our celestial navigator here, and just really looking forward to, to connecting with any of you who decide to jump into the inner circle right now.

It’d be great to have you. If this is not the time, it’s great to have you here as a part of our greater community as well. So thank you so much for being here. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life, and I will next Take care everyone.

Thanks Cameron.

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