The Path to a Successful Astrology Coaching Career

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Lifestyle Coach Catherine Plano & Amanda Walsh discuss how professional astrologers could implement coaching techniques in their career as consultants…

On this episode, you'll learn…

🌔 How merging astrology with personal coaching unveils deeper layers of self-understanding, fostering a nuanced exploration of your strengths and virtues,

🌕 The transformative power of insightful questions in astrological coaching, encouraging personal revelations and a gentle yet profound exploration of your inner world,

🌖 The significance of aligning with your archetypal values, a process that facilitates empowered life decisions and ignites a deeper connection with your intrinsic strengths and passions.

🌌 Are you an astrologer looking to enhance your skill set with specialized coaching techniques?

Catherine's school is your gateway to mastering the art of coaching, empowering you to foster transformative experiences in your astrological practice. Discover the potential of integrating coaching into your offerings at:

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Catherine: [00:00:00] Positive psychology is not about, not having negative emotions.

It's about embracing. Integrating and acknowledging that we have negative emotions and in positive psychology, it's, we look at what is it that I need to let go of,

not so much about what I need to achieve, because if you've got baggage, can you imagine putting more baggage on your poor little shoulders? And trying to achieve. And this is what happening. Most people keep a thriving, setting, striving and achieving goals and wonder why they can never get there because they're still carrying all this baggage.

So positive psychology is really understanding every single, feeling, every single. Emotion, whether it's the inner critic, the imposter syndrome, they all serve a purpose. So we need to understand what are they protecting us from and what are they here to do, and how are they here to help us? So that is, that is the real, in a [00:01:00] nutshell, uh, the concept of positive psychology.


This podcast episode is sponsored by Astrology Hubs Academy. Wherever you are on your astrology journey, we have a class that will help you get to the next level.


Okay, so here's why I am so in love with today's episode. It's because it provides a very clear path for any of you who would like to merge your love of astrology with a very legitimate and potentially lucrative coaching career.

You see, one of the core parts of our mission here at astrology hub is to contribute to the elevation of the field of astrology in any way that we can. And part of this includes helping it become a viable career for people.

And the woman that you're going to meet here today, Catherine Plano has an ICF accredited [00:02:00] academy based out of Australia, but serving coaches all over the world. And here's what makes her coaching certification different and perfect for our community. She's integrated astrology in a very clear and direct way into the coaching that she brings into these more corporate settings.

She's developed an assessment tool that's based on the houses and the planetary archetypes, and she uses it very successfully in a corporate setting. Amazing, right? The other thing that's really cool about what she's doing is that if you go through her program, she guarantees her coaches a job. You graduate in 12 months and you can start working right away.

In this episode, you're going to learn why Catherine thinks this is the perfect time to be introducing more astrology into the business world and why this is so important right now, [00:03:00] how her coaching certification is different than what many astrologers define as Astro coaching, how you can apply this certification to create a thriving practice and how to get started if this is interesting to you.

So sit back, relax, enjoy meeting Catherine and thank you so much for tuning in.

Amanda: Catherine, welcome to the astrology hub podcast.

It's so great to have you here.

Catherine: Thank you so much, Amanda. I'm very excited to be on the show and I can't wait to get into some of the juicy content we're about to unfold. Same.

Catherine's Story

Catherine: All

Amanda: right, let's start here. Catherine, can you tell us a little bit about your story? How did you get into doing this work? What inspired you?

What led you here?

Catherine: I, uh, have been in corporate for 30 years, so predominantly all I've been focusing is coaching, building coaching culture and leadership. And the academy started because with the work that we were doing with a lot, a lot of [00:04:00] the large corporations building coaching culture, We were identifying that we were in there, but not supporting them.

Because when you go and work with a corporation, you go in there, do a little bit of work. It might be six months, it might be 12 months, but then you leave and you're not sort of seeing the full transformation like you would in an academy. And that's why we started the academy a few years ago now. And that's mainly to see that we were able to participate.

from somebody's, uh, the beginning of their, uh, their journey right through because as part of the academy, we've got people that stay with us. So it's a family, it's a community and I guess what really Sparked my interest with astrology.

I mean, I've loved astrology since I was in my early twenties. I think we all dabbled into astrology, all the esoteric stuff like yi qing, tarot cards, you know, I was really intrigued. I wanted to know there's must. [00:05:00] Be more than this must be more than meets the eye.

So I was in and out of it, but then I really got into it probably about 10, 12 years ago, and I could see this. Uh, merge happening with corporate and astrology and this beautiful connection between the two. most of the time with dealing with leaders and executives, most of the time they're doing personal assessments.

A leadership assessment, psychometric testing, all of these kinds of things. And it's all depending on how they are feeling at the time, right? It depends on if they're nervous, let's say that's going to shut their prefrontal cortex. So they're not going to get a real response. And a lot of corporations actually hire people based on these assessments.

And a lot of the times they make big, big mistakes. Now, with astrology, however, You can't do that. Your blueprint is your blueprint. It doesn't matter how you are feeling. It's, [00:06:00] and it is to me, it's like, it was a game changer. The moment I made that connection was like, wow, this is so profound, .

Amanda: Oh my gosh, yes, and, and reflections because I've taken some of those assessments that corporations use. And, and, and there's so many times where it's like, well, I could answer this or I could answer that. And, you know, there's a lot of, there's a lot of leniency in it.

And then the results you get. are sort of similar to the kinds of things you get with astrology, but astrology goes so much deeper and there, you can't fake it. Like you can't, you can't give the answers that you think that the company wants you to give. You can't give the answers that you think that the role would want, you know, like if it's a specific role you're applying for.

So I I'm with you and I've always thought, why don't they just use the chart? But what I, what my, my conclusion, I don't know what your conclusion is. Is that it's a little too complex for most people and that there's something about those other assessments [00:07:00] that really makes it easier and more sort of bite size for people.

Using Astrology for Assessment Taking

Amanda: But I know you've created an assessment that actually corporations can use. So, so why do you think. Astrology has been something that hasn't been used before.

Catherine: To me, I've actually been, um, asking myself the same question, thinking surely somebody out there has come up with this idea. And so some of the three tools that most corporations use and most academies use is the first one is called the wheel of life.

And in the wheel of life is eight sectors that you work through. And it's, to me, it's very constricted, very confined because there is more to life than eight. Sections. Right. And so if you have a look at the, the blueprint, the life blueprint, this 12 houses, right? So then we moved away from the wheel of life, which was very constricting to the, and I've been doing this practice, practicing this probably about.

Let's say roughly 18 months, [00:08:00] uh, trying out on those that are open to expanding their consciousness and, and opening themselves up to astral coaching, which is a little bit different. And I'll explain to you, cause I know there's a lot of astral coaches out there and I'll talk about the difference between what we do and, and what is out there.

Um, and so the wheel of life. Uh, and which is the blueprint basically in, in this, activity, what you do is you basically look at every section of your, your, your house, right? So the first house is the self, the identity, your second house is your, wealth and financial values. Your third house is your communication.

So you go through each single one of them and actually ask yourself from one to 10, how satisfied am I in each of these areas? And then with a different colored pen, you go back into the wheel and say, how important are these areas of my life? And you can see the gaps that stand out. And this is a beautiful [00:09:00] piece of work that we do.

Especially if you know astrology, right, you can then use the blueprint with the, they're actually birth chart. And even the, the, what's going on in the current situation, the current time, and actually have a look and work through each house. The other piece of work we do is called strength base, which is identifying your strengths.

And so basically most of the time it's called bias survey, which identifies your strengths, but the way that we've designed it, we've used the archetypes. So all the planets, the archetypes, cause they all have their own strengths and created an assessment. In that way, as well as with the values, your values is what drives your decisions.

It's what it's, it's, it's basically what, um, uh, allows you to make those really important life decisions because the values is also, um, Uh, not just words, but [00:10:00] we've used, we've created the archetypal values assessment. So you can see that basically what we've used in corporations, we've transformed that information into astrology language, using the archetypes, which has been beautiful and it's worked out that with the.

The clients that have been using it have been like the, the, the results are profound. That's, that's probably the best way to describe it and the strengths. And one thing that's really important for your listeners and your viewers, strength is not something that we are good at. And this is where a lot of people get, um, a little bit confused.

I think that strength is something that I'm good at. And it's not a strength is something that lights you up, that gives you energy, that activates you. It's not something you're good at because I'm really good at cleaning my shower. You give me a toothbrush and I'm scrubbing all that mold on the best shower cleaner you will ever find.

Right? That is not my strength. It doesn't light me up, right? Just like your [00:11:00] week. This is not something that you are not good at. So I think that using astrology has really enhanced that even more so.

Amanda: Okay. So you are using the astrological chart,

That is The planetary archetypes in a very similar way to the way corporations have traditionally been using things like the Myers Briggs

so they've been using that, but you're, people have basically developed a tool that puts astrology in the center of that discussion utilizing the houses and the planetary archetypes.

What is Positive Psychology?

Amanda: Okay, let's back up a little bit. What is positive psychology? And, and how did you get

Catherine: into that? So when we, basically it took three years to build the academy to write all the content.

And when we had it assessed by a few different, bodies, basically it was found on psychology. So positive psychology is the art of happiness and the art of [00:12:00] wellbeing. And a lot of people have a misconception about what positive psychology is. Positive psychology is not about, um, uh, not having negative emotions.

It's about embracing. Integrating and acknowledging that we have negative emotions and in positive psychology, it's, we look at what is it that I need to let go of, not what I need to achieve. What is it that I need to let go of? What do I need to integrate? What do I need to embrace?

Not so much about what I need to achieve, because if you've got baggage, can you imagine putting more baggage on your poor little shoulders? And trying to achieve. And this is what happening. Most people keep a thriving, setting, striving and achieving goals and wonder why they can never get there because they're still carrying all this baggage.

So positive psychology is really understanding every single, feeling, every single. Emotion, whether it's the inner critic, the imposter syndrome, they [00:13:00] all serve a purpose. So we need to understand what are they protecting us from and what are they here to do, and how are they here to help us? So that is, that is the real, in a nutshell, uh, the concept of positive psychology.

It's not just focusing on the positive stuff and not, not, uh, identifying that we have negative emotions. It's not like that at all. It's actually quite the opposite.

Hello, everyone. My name is Georgia Stathis, and I'm part of Astrology Hub's upcoming Health, Wealth, and Fulfillment Workshop series, and my portion will be on decoding your chart, overcoming your blocks to abundance. What I'm going to try to teach you, and I think I will teach you, is how your Saturn placement can point to fears that may be holding you back, which keeps you from prospering financially.

The second thing we'll be covering is how your Jupiter placement, often said to be where you're abundant, can also be where you overdo [00:14:00] a little bit or overspend. We'll also be talking about the 2nd and 8th houses, and I will also be covering how the early family story can Make a person have a view of what becoming wealthy or maintaining wealth is about.

There's a lot of intricate little pieces that I'm going to share with you as well as some really fun tools on judgments, on possibility thinking, on making reasonable requests, but you have to attend the workshop to get those tips. Find out more about the workshop at astrologyhub. com forward slash Georgia workshop.

How Astrology & Positive Psych Go Hand in Hand

Catherine: How do you see

Amanda: the, how do you see astrology and positive psychology coming together in an advantageous way? So, like, maybe someone who is trained more in positive psychology who wants to [00:15:00] bring in astrological principles, or vice versa, someone who knows astrology really well but is interested in bringing in positive psychology into their practice or into the way that they talk about

Catherine: astrology.

God, I see them hand in hand. So I see because I think that we talk, we really are big on intuitive intelligence. And you know, I mean, we've all had, well, I shouldn't make that assumption that we've all had astrology readings, but let's say I've had quite a few. With the astrology readings that I've had, it really depends on the lens the person is reading at the time, right?

It depends on their understanding of what the archetypes are, and so they, quite often they're telling us the story. Right. And so it depends on what state of mind you are in at that time. If you're feeling a little bit vulnerable, you're going to take that information as gospel, as in, Oh my gosh, this is going to happen to me.

I'm doomed. Whereas positive psychology is a little bit different. It's still using [00:16:00] intuitive intelligence. But what we've done with the assessments is, and through this, through the practice over the last 18 months, is asking the right questions and letting the individual unravel their own story. Because we believe that everyone has the resources they need.

All we need to do is ask the right questions for them to tap into what is going on. Um, they're, they're, they're both. Um, there's, um, A focus on personal growth. And development. That's how I see them. They go hand in hand because there's It's, it's basically at the end of it, it is about getting a greater understanding of yourself and how can you, uh, get, I mean, to me, like, if I go back to the personal assessment or the leadership assessments, that, that gave me maybe a snippet of who I truly am, but with astrology, like it gave me so much more.

[00:17:00] There's a multifaceted aspect of who I am and positive psychology can tap into those, your strengths, your virtues, your, um, your areas of, you know, of happiness, your superpowers, all those kinds of things that we look for. Uh, within ourselves that quite often stay very, very dormant in those shadow aspects of our unconscious and subconscious mind.

But it's not till we bring them together that we really open up Pandora's box and allow that to come through. Hmm.

Merging Astrology & Coaching

Amanda: You know, one of the things that I've heard astrologers say is I know how to read the chart. I know how to read the transits. I can tell you what is going on. I can often tell you why it's happening.

But sometimes when people really want to know how to, for example, break through patterns, karmic patterns or loops [00:18:00] that they've been in, or they want to know how to, uh, you know, work on the relationship issues and dynamics that the chart can really clearly point out, like, this is part of your wiring and it's something that you've come here to evolve beyond.

The astrologer isn't always trained in the coaching element, like how do I help them make that leap? How do I give them the tools? The resources, the practices, how do I do that? So that's one of the reasons why we've been so interested in working with you, Catherine, is because you have this platform and this school where you're training people in the coaching element.

So here you have this amazing astrologically based assessment tool that you've developed. And you're coaching individuals and teaching them how to become coaches and it's accredited and it, you know, something that people could use for their career. And [00:19:00] we have all these people who love astrology. They love astrology, but they really might want to also be great coaches.

You can be a great astrologer, but not a great coach and vice versa, right? I know you want to say

Catherine: something, so go ahead. No, no, because you know, it's so true. And I think that, um, and you and I've spoken about it before. Um, the, the beautiful thing is I would never classify myself as an astrologist, right?

So designing these questions based on the archetypes. It took a lot of research. Imagine if you had a little bit of background, right? I mean, all the questions are there, there, there is guidelines, but if you've got some, some, astrology, uh, background or you're an astrologist, let's say, that's so much more empowering because you'll come up with better questions that.

What I've come up with. And the beautiful thing is it's just normally, if you have a look at it, a normal session with an astrologer, um, from my experience, they do most of the talking, right? And so I sit there and listen [00:20:00] in coaching is completely back the front. The coaches listen 80% of the time. They're 20% of the time is just asking thought provoking questions, depending on.

What, what house they're working in, depending on the archetype that's in there and just asking the questions. And you're going to like even one session, most of our coaching sessions go 45 minutes, let's say on an average. And we can work on just one archetype and the insights. And they, they can actually trace back their, their stories and insights and whether it's even in ancestral, you know, whether it's down the family line, like it's amazing how deep people can go just by asking the right question about the archetype that resides within that house.

Amanda: God, I love it. I mean, all those archetypes are within us. You probably could spend a lifetime unpacking a specific, just one archetype, really. You know, there's so much richness. So I can see how asking the right questions to, to get to the [00:21:00] core of that archetype and that archetype's role in someone's life.

Whether it's strong for them or weak for them, you know, quote unquote, or, um, you know, something that they, they really lean on or something they need to develop. And there's so many different, so many different angles that one architect could be covered through. So one of the things you came to me when, when we first started talking, one of the things you said is, you know, I have all these coaches.

And they don't know much about astrology. And then you said, and you have all these astrologers who might not know as much as about coaching. So it just seems like the perfect, real, it like seems like the perfect fit, the perfect place. So from your perspective, it sounds like you're feeling like people who have an astrological background could pick up some of this, the coaching elements that you teach in your academy.

Very easily and actually take it even further because of their astrological background and training. Correct.

Catherine: A hundred [00:22:00] percent, a hundred percent. So the way that I see it work, it's, uh, for me is that we can teach the coaching aspect, which is it's ICF accredited, which is a global organization, uh, and it's at level two, which for those that know ICF it's at PCC level.

So that's quite a high standards. And to get those kinds of accreditations, they're not given easily. So it takes a lot of hard work to get those accreditations. So as an academy, absolutely. We teach you all the ins and outs of being a coach. And the beautiful thing is you get to experience everything yourself first, because it's in within the experience that you.

Cause if you're going to coach, you need to make sure you get rid of your baggage. You need to make sure that you work on your things, right? So it could be anything from, you know, uh, lots of the stuff that comes out, even working on the archetype. Sometimes people weren't even aware that archetype resided within them.

Cause like you said, they're all within us, [00:23:00] but even tapping into it and giving it space to be heard. If it had a voice, what would it say right now? You know, if it had an outfit, what would we be wearing it now and bringing it to life? Then they got, then, then they're actually tapping into it and then you allow them to expand.

Um, so for me having astrology background. To be able, it's like, I think you're going to get it like that, because to me, I think this is the perfect time for science and spirituality to come together, but to go into the corporate world and currently the way that it's designed. For everyone that comes through the Academy, and I think I've shared this with you,

so basically, they're in our system, and they get work straight away. Our coaches start earning money straight away. Like not even, like as soon as they get certified, and as they move up, they're getting hourly, Well, the hourly rate changes depending on the accreditations, but they can pick us how much work they want or how many hours they want, [00:24:00] how many contracts they want.

So that's the beautiful thing. We guarantee you work. Once you come through the academy, it doesn't mean you can't do your own thing. Absolutely. Cause we're in desperate need for coaches, but now with this new understanding and the stuff that we've been experimenting with, those have been open to it. The transformation has been like this.

Amanda: Okay. I, I love this so much, Catherine, because this is really opening up a avenue for anybody studying astrology who is interested re even remotely in bringing astrological wisdom into a business setting, into an entrepreneurial setting, into a corporate setting. And really you're giving the language and the tools to do that in a way, and the accreditation, you know, so in, in the corporate world, it really matters, right?

Your little letters. And all the making sure that you have the resume in the background and all that. So you're giving an avenue for that. And from what I'm hearing, you're saying that people that graduate from your school [00:25:00] end up getting jobs right away. Um, who are they coaching? Are they coaching leaderships and organizations?

Are they coaching

Catherine: corporates? Corporates. So we do, so we have some coaches that have their own, um, their own website and they're doing clients on the side and then they're doing some work with us. There are some people that just work with us. We are just doing all corporate. Yes. We have also have some entrepreneurs.

Um, but yes, all of our work is corporation. And I purely because that's the field I've been in for the last 30 years. So I guess that's, you know, It's just like, you've got a background in organizational psychology, so you know what they're like, and you know, the beautiful thing is we don't even have to talk about astrology.

The thing is, they don't even have to know about it. They're just knowing that, Oh my God, this really works. Like the stuff that we've been using, for example, the life blueprint that I speak about, they don't know it's astrology. Yes. I don't know. It's astrology. We kind of [00:26:00] like weaving in some of this stuff to seeing the results because we want to see the results and the arc, the questions that we're asking is based on the archetype.

So we might not even talk about Uranus or Jupiter or Saturn or anything like that, but we're asking the question because we're asking about the archetype itself. Right.

Astro Coaching vs. Accredited Coaching

Catherine: Okay.

Amanda: You mentioned earlier that there's a difference between what some people are calling astro coaching and what you're actually doing as.

Accrediting coaches. So what's

Catherine: So what I've, I've, uh, experienced thus far, those people that call themselves astral coaches, they're actually doing the readings. So you come in or they call themselves life coaches, they're coming in and they're giving you a reading. And once again, it depends on their lens, depends on the experience, depends on a raw large, uh, uh, you know, variety of things as to how they read.

So that's. One way, the way that we do it is completely the opposite. So we don't give readings. [00:27:00] We don't give readings. All we're doing is ask the thought, the right thought provoking questions for the coachee or the client to, to, unpack their own paradigm, their own stories, their own narratives, their own, whatever comes out in the session.

So very different.

Inside Look at Catherine's Coaching Academy

Catherine: What's the result,

Amanda: Catherine, like when you're going in and you're talking to a corporation about bringing in some of your coaches. What's their problem usually? And what problem are you solving?

Catherine: Oh my gosh. There's so many. There's so many. The majority, a lot of the stuff I would say, self doubt, idiocrity, , imposter syndrome, very common one, lack of self belief, they're probably some of the biggest ones.

And you'll see too in our coaches, our co cheese, so I coach is the client a lot of the times, and this is the beautiful thing because astrology is so deep. And it's, it's, it's an inside job, right? [00:28:00] Because it all resides within us. And quite often you'll see the client constantly focusing external themselves, right?

Because they don't want to see what's inside. They don't want to lean into it. They don't want to own it. Or sometimes it's confronting for somebody or scary, but the way that we do it, it's so beautifully done and it's such a gentle way that we challenge. Which a lot of people coaches find uncomfortable, to be honest, but challenge in such a soft way by just asking questions and saying to them, where would you like to go with this now?

Not pushing, not telling them, um, not driving, not leading, which is very different to a different type of astral coaching. You're reading, you're leading, you're, you're, you're, you're giving predictions.

Amanda: Right. Yes. And, and so are you like, do, is it mainly individuals reaching out to you? Like, would it be, I'm, I'm an executive at a company and I would find your company and I'm, I'm going through a period of self doubt because I [00:29:00] just got passed over for promotion or whatever.

So I find you, or is it that a corporation would hire a team of you to come in and coach a team of.

Catherine: So for example, it will be an organization. So an organization might say, we've got 350 executives that we would like to have coached. And sometimes there's some training that, that takes place as well.

But so basically they'll say, okay, um. They have 350 executives to, uh, coach for the next 12 months or 18 months. And so basically once you become certified, you, um, then, uh, basically on this app and it's called the, coach and grow app. And basically what happens as a client, right? I'm now working for this organization.

My boss has put me through this program. And so I then have a look at all the different categories that are available. And I might go. I want to work on my emotional intelligence. I've been, I've received feedback that I need to be a little bit more self [00:30:00] aware about the way I speak to people. So I'll pick emotional intelligence, right?

And then what happens, the app will bring up three coaches that specifically specializes in emotional intelligence. Then in the app, they've got their little bio. Everyone has a little video and a little bio, and then I get to choose. And if I don't like the three, then the app keeps giving me more.

Amanda: It's so the way that you have developed your. Offer and the way that we've developed. It's so funny to me because it's like the same exact thing, but your focus is on the coaching angle of it and our focus is on the astrology angle of it.

But it's a very similar idea. It's like having specialists in different areas, making it easy for people to find it making it easy for people to book. So I just, I love what you're doing and I just. What I really love about it is the avenue that it could open up for people in our community, for people who are like, God, I'd like to make this a career.

I would like to, you know, I've always thought that maybe it would be great in a business setting, you know, all these different things, um, you're giving a really clear path. And so that's why you guys, [00:31:00] everybody out there, why we want to really.

Like stand arm in arm with Catherine and what she's doing and make this really easy, easy and available for all of you.

And this is a, how long is the program? Two

Catherine: years. Oh, it goes for 12 months. We say 12 months. There's seven modules. Uh, some people, they get through in eight months, but it is, we say 12 months. Okay.

Amanda: So this is amazing. In 12 months, those of you who have any sort of astrological training. You will now also have in your toolkit coaching, and it will be accredited and certified like you will actually be something you can add to your resume.

And like Catherine said you'll have an avenue to get work and is this true for like this is not geographically limited.

Catherine: No, it's global. Absolutely. Global. Yeah. The app, it doesn't matter where you are based in the world. And like this, for example, there's some coaches [00:32:00] that have got young children and they want to work at nighttime and they're based in Australia.

So when their children are sleeping, they're helping clients in the U S so it's, it's because of the different time zones. So it's basically, it works for everybody. It doesn't matter where you are situated. Okay.

Amanda: . So if you want to learn more, we have, um, created a link for you that you can go to

Amanda: astrology hub. com slash coaching. We're going to go ahead and put that in the description of this as well. Again, it's astrologyhub. com slash coaching. When you join through that link, you're also going to get a couple perks from us.

You are going to get the astrology foundations level one training from Rick Levine. That is going to be a bonus gift for you. So if you're one of the people out there who are like, I've been, I've been dabbling. I've been listening to the podcast. I've been studying a little bit on my own, but I think I'm ready for a little more formal education [00:33:00] in astrology so that I can then look at charts with more mastery and apply it to the coaching that I'm learning from Catherine's school.

So that's going to be bonus number one. Bonus number two is that Catherine and I are going to be doing a very intimate workshop with the astrology hub community who does end up joining Catherine's academy. And we're going to be looking together at the life blueprint that Catherine talked about earlier.

So you'll be actually doing the assessment and then we'll be unpacking it in more detail and in a more intimate setting so that you can actually learn about yourself. with your astrology chart next to you. You could be looking at your natal chart. You could be looking at your transit chart, whatever one you feel is most relevant.

And looking at that life blueprint assessment at the same time, Catherine's going to help us walk through those things. So those are two bonuses that you get when you join Catherine's rise and thrive Academy. Um, and then Catherine, can you tell us about [00:34:00] when the next opportunity is for them? I know you do this in cohorts.

So what is the next

Catherine: cohort starting? So we've actually designed one specifically for your specific time zone and the date is Friday the 20th of October, which is I think is 2. 30 Pacific time. Um, but then there's obviously we try to make it a time that's going to be available for. All time zones. Uh, so it will be Friday the 20th, but I think that will be on your, your, your own, uh, page, your page, design.


Amanda: Okay. Catherine also, if people can't join live, like how, what is the time commitment for this? Like, is it

Catherine: once a week? Is it. Yeah, sure. So great question. So basically what happens, it is self paced. So you do, it's, it's, it's called a learning management system. So it's an online portal. And on there, there is what we call a coaching library, which has got, especially if you want to specifically dive into, let's say, uh, CBT or any [00:35:00] of the stuff that we talk about.

There there's books. Um, there's, articles, there's videos, there's podcasts, there's a whole raft of things in there. But the only thing is you do need to attend, 10 mentoring classes. So part of ICF accreditation, you do need to attend your 10 classes, uh, and they will be on, uh, Uh, time, it would probably be like a Friday, uh, at two time.

You just, you do need to attend the 10. Then there's also study groups as well. Uh, and they, um, they're not compulsory, but they are there to support you. Uh, plus we have, uh, an online community as well. So we've got all the, the coaches together. So some of them have already gone through the academy.

Sometimes they buddy up with some coaches to help them through it. So no one fails. Everyone passes the program. Every single one of you will pass the program and we hold your hand every step of the way and we're there to support you. It's a great [00:36:00] community. Um, and I was going to say, I don't know what it's like in the US, but I know in different countries, for example, in Australia, government, there's government funding available.

So for the example, um, I think it's called skills. gap or so if you're like the age of 40, you're unemployed and made redundant, the government pays you for a portion of your, your fee. So I'm sure I'm, I'm sure that that might be available as well, but check it out. Cause sometimes there are a lot of government funding to support you.

Um, if you want to get an accreditation.

Amanda: Wow, this is so exciting. Thank you so much I hope that all of you will go check it out any of you thinking of like I want to make astrology a career but I know that I would feel more comfortable. I'd feel more confident. I would like to combine my astrology readings with a real coaching background so that I can really facilitate growth for people in a way that feels [00:37:00] Um, rounded, you know, and that you're not out like just trying to learn from the school of hard knocks of like, wait, that might not have been the best way to position that information with the person you can really get some training in this area.

It's not something that you necessarily know how to do without training. So, Catherine, I'm really, really grateful for this opportunity.

What I'm really excited about is this opportunity to for people to marry their love of astrology, their interest in astrology, their enthusiasm about astrology, their training in astrology with a true career path, you know, something that they can dedicate themselves for 12 months, their astrology will be an asset.

In this career path. And when they get out, they will have work. They will get to actually apply this with people in real settings. So it's really exciting. I'm very, very grateful,

Catherine: Catherine. Thank you. No, I'm very grateful. And the other thing too, I think the most important is that you end up. Applying all these tools, like you'll have it, you'll walk away with a toolkit, [00:38:00] right?

All these tools on yourself as well. So, um, you will transform like every single person that's gone through the academy and don't take it from me. Just go on the website and have a look at some of the, um, the videos, but the transformation that takes place, it's. It's amazing. I can't even find words to explain what the the coaches go through in that period together.

So it's pretty amazing. Okay.


Amanda: All right, everybody go check it out.

Amanda: astrologyhub. com slash coaching. And if you have questions, please put them in the chat, please send them in. We will make sure that any questions that you have, we'll get. Um, sent over to Catherine and her team. And, um, again, Catherine, thank you so much.

It's such a pleasure and a joy as always to connect with you and just thank

Catherine: you for being here. Thank you so very much, Amanda. And thank you everybody for tuning in. Namaste to you all. Thank you.

Amanda: You too. All right, everybody. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for [00:39:00] being a part of our community.

Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. I'll catch you on the next episode.

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