Neptune Retrograde: The Astrology of Negative Thoughts w/ Georgia Stathis

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Guarding Against Negative Energy

Jamie Magee and Georgia Stathis talk about the upcoming Neptune Retrograde, and how to navigate it.

On Today's Episode You'll learn…

🌒About the astrological significance of Neptune Retrograde and how it influences our thought patterns
🌓Practical strategies for navigating the emotional exhaustion that can come with Neptune Retrograde.
🌔How to break the loop of negative thinking and guard against negative energy during Neptune Retrograde.

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Jamie: [00:00:00] Hi there. Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I'm so grateful that you have joined this worldwide astrological conversation that we have here each week. If you are new to our channel, welcome, don't forget to hit that subscribe button and the notification bell to stay updated on all of our new content releases.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jamie McGee. I'm an astrologer and one of the hosts here on the Astrology Hub Podcast platform. All right. Today we will be exploring the astrological influences for the week of June 26th through July 2nd with a weekly weather favorite and 2023 inner circle guide, Georgia Staes.

Georgia has been practicing astrology since 1977 and is a sought after international teacher and one of my personal favorite human planet, Georgia. I'm so grateful to have you here with us again. Welcome back. 

Georgia: back. 

Jamie: It's great to see you. Now, what would you say you is like the overall [00:01:00] theme for the week that we're stepping into right now?

Well, I think the 

Georgia: overall theme is that even though it doesn't happen until the end of July, Venus is beginning to slow down and Venus and Mars are together, almost together. They will be almost together by the end of the week. And that is forming a yo that's going to be pretty active all summer long.

And I'm gonna talk about that today in our presentation. And yos often are, if people pay attention, uh, opportunities that show up. You know that almost like a, I hate to use the word destiny, but it's almost like a destiny redirect. redirect. And so, you know, that's kind of what, that's kind of what we're moving into, uh, over this next week.

And I'll, I'll talk more about that today. We're also gonna talk about the, um, fact that Neptune is stationing to go retrograde this week,[00:02:00] which is this Friday, the 30th. And that makes a big difference in terms of how people feel. Um, and we're gonna talk about that as well. And so, yeah, there's a lot of interesting little kind of, uh, and it's also a, uh, la uh, what is it?

A, I think it's a first quarter moon. We start off the week with the first quarter moon, and I'm gonna talk about that as well. 

Jamie: Destiny redirected. And for those who do not know what a yo is like, or like the finger of God or like how, how would you explain that? I know you said it's like an opportunity, 

Georgia: but Yes, because you have to have two, you have to have two planets that are 60 degrees apart.

Sextile, that's called a sextile, which the definition of a sextile that I always remember was an ability, one's ability and one's opportunity. But that's just that piece. Then a yo is, when it's like an arrowhead, it's when, uh, a planet or two planets will come and create like a, what we call a Quin cuns, which is 150 degrees.

It's like an arrowhead that's exactly one 50 from each [00:03:00] of those really solid sextiles. And so that's like an arrow of destiny, if And some people are born with, it has to be fairly precise. Some people are very fortunate to have these in their charts, but I always look at what's happening in the sky because if it's happening universally, You know, it's gonna be really important for everybody to look to see where the, uh, Mars and Venus in late Le Leo are in their charts right now, if they know their charts, because it's in that area of the horoscope that there could be some sort of an opportunity.

Jamie: that, that is I love looking for those in, um, I love those moments. You know, I live like, like the first time I learned it a long time ago, I said The finger of God, and of course that like got my attention and I just dialed into that. But I love how you said ability and opportunity and it's just kind of, you know, working towards this point.

But it's a growth point too. A little bit of a, you know, you have to stretch or it is, 

Georgia: you can fall into things. I mean, I have seen, I mean, I, I was, I was fortunate enough to be born [00:04:00] with one. Not that I fell into things, but, um, I, I have noticed that when there's major transits over that point, that things suddenly come up that I didn't even plan on.

And then I have to decide, okay, is this something I wanna do or not? And most of the time it's been pretty positive. Yeah. So, you know, this is a, it's not just hap it's, it's beginning to salt our consciousness this week. I love that. Doesn't mean we're getting the full meal. Yeah. But it's beginning to salt our consciousness.

And, uh, and I think it's, we'll talk about that. I think with Venus being, you know, retrograde this summer, starting at the end of July. It is. It's pretty much on that point throughout the summer. So, you know, it's not like it's a one day, um, what is it? Um, one day show. It's few weeks. 

Jamie: It's, it's an unfolding story for sure. I can't, I can't wait. Now Georgia is always beautifully prepared. She has an amazing slide deck. So if you were listening, you can [00:05:00] always go into YouTube and watch this and check out the slides that she has. But they're beautiful and they're detailed and I'm just gonna like, give it over to you, Ms.

Georgia. I can't wait to see what's on your slides and how this week is gonna unfold for us. 

Georgia: Okay, there we are. So folks, hi folks. Um, this is the weekly weather with Georgia STAs from June 26th through July 2nd. It'll be, uh, right before our 4th of July, uh, holiday. So let's first start with a couple of comments about the early part of the week. So, as Monday begins, because Monday is the 26th of June, um, and the sun has all, we all probably know this, we already had the sun go into cancer in the last few days on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and, uh, which is a cardinal sign.

And so as we start this week, we see a jumpstart. It's like, um, you know, giving your engine a little push here because transiting Mars. [00:06:00] This week and Mars is in, it likes being in Leo. It's at 21 degrees of Leo. And on Monday it is exactly in a 90 degree angle as what we call a square. For those who don't understand that, to Uranus at 21 degrees of Taurus.

And um, that can be on the challenging sign. It can be a little anxious. It can be, people are a little impulsive sometimes you don't see when you're driving and somebody's crossing the street. So be careful with your driving this week for sure. Um, but it's also kind of, um, a jumpstart for your energy. I think if you, because you feel the need, uh, to get that it's a lot of energy cuz it's Mars and Leo.

It's not like a a, a wimpy Mars. It's a Mars and Leo needs to walk, it needs to exercise, it needs to breathe, it needs to get out, it needs to feel things, it needs to have adventure, but it's squaring Uranus. But it also wants to have an adventure that is a little bit less, uh, what shall we say, Les? Um, [00:07:00] Out of the box, less regular, a little bit more over the top, if you will.

So it could also be because it is a Mars Uranus, which can be somewhat volatile as far as people's tempers, if they don't know how to control their tempers, to be careful about overreacting to a situation because there could be situations coming up within our families or within our job positions, you know, especially with all the things that are happening in the world with companies laying people off and things.

Um, so to curb your, uh, emotions if things feel like they're spinning out of control. And the best thing to do, even if it's hard for you to do that, is to get out and do at least some moving or walking, or lay on the floor and do some breathing and some stretching, because that will help, you know, send the surge of energy out through your limbs.

I think that's gonna be very important. And there could be some frustration with this feeling like you wanna do something, but you've. You [00:08:00] don't know how to do it because what's also happening all this week, we're already feeling it, is it's transiting Neptune is beginning to slow down as it appears to be going retrograde on Friday, this coming Friday.

And we'll talk about that more as we continue with this presentation. 

Georgia: So, you know, once you get that energy kind of redirected in the first two days of the week, we have Wednesday the 28th of June, and I really like this cuz it stabilizes the chaos of the first two days we have the sun in cancer in a really lovely aspect to transiting Saturn in Pisces, both water signs.

And in the last few days before this presentation, Saturn decided to go retrograde at about seven degrees of Pisces. And I like it when Saturn is retrograde. It gives us some time to, cultivate and reorganize the part of our horoscope through which it's been wa walking transiting. So that we can be prepared when Saturn goes direct later in the year [00:09:00] because we've minimized and we've cleaned things up.

So it's a great aspect on Wednesday for a more stable, more anchored, some responsibilities may come up, but it's doable because you did a lot of the filtering of the excess energy in the beginning of the week. Work focus is always very good with sun Saturn. Actually, and if, if you're planning on doing a lot of fun things on that day, maybe do your fun things, but try to get in a few hours on that day where you get something done, like even cleaning out a box of files because it's a very good energy in which to do it.

Because the week also begins with the moon in Libra in a first quarter, which is an opening square to sun. And that is the, that is, you know, the opening square. The first quarter square is the getting organized cycle of the month. So of a double whammy closer to the end of the week. So, Now I wanted to talk a little bit about this.

This is the chart for the beginning of the week. And again, because this is being presented all [00:10:00] over the world, I always do what we call a flat chart because for everybody it's gonna, these planets gonna be still in the same pattern that we see, but in a different layout on your own horoscope. So we use a flat chart just to give us a little bit more of a picture of what's happening here.

So the question that we first wanna ask is, since if we look at the flat chart, the sun we talked about on Wednesday, the 28th in the fourth house, which is oftentimes things around the home and family is in a lovely trying to Saturn. And Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, which is. In the regular flat chart, the 10th house of career, what we're doing in our workplace, our bosses, our authority figures, now cap, wherever Capricorn is in your own particular horoscope.

This could be some sort of stable organized focus for something having to do with the house that Saturn rules or the house through which Saturn is moving. And we also are seeing, we talked about at the beginning of the [00:11:00] presentation about yos, and it's only for a few hours here, but it is very interesting because at the beginning of the week, at some point on Monday, we're seeing the pro, the secondary, no, the natal transit moon at eight degrees of Libra.

And this is a really good example of what I'm talking about here. We see Saturn in seven Pisces. We see Jupiter in eight Taurus. That's considered a sextile. A combination of one's ability and one's opportunity. It's a nice aspect. It's a, it's an anchor aspect, if you will. And here is the moon just for a few hours on the 26th, but it is moving in what we call a yo finger of God aspect.

The moon in this chart rules the fourth house, so it could be something fortunate with a family member. It's just a few hours. But see how this is a, about 150 degrees from Saturn and about 150 degrees. Exact, this is pretty exact. This is eight degrees from [00:12:00] Jupiter, so that's what a yo is. It looks like a little arrow point.

And I mean, if we were gonna get into more nit nitpicky things, we would be looking at the, you know, the midpoint here, but we're not gonna do that today. So this is kind of a, a Monday, Tuesday moment where an opportunity can present it itself to you. Maybe an emotional opportunity, maybe an opportunity to connect with a longtime friend in a social situation.

It could be that simple. And so I always say when these things are happening, are you paying attention? So as we move on, um, as we get through the week, as we get through this week, we may be needing more and more time to step away and space out. And that's because we have Neptune Retrograding on Friday.

But you know, also on Friday, you know, sometimes when you get away from your environment, and I know it's very hard cuz a lot of people are working two or three jobs or working at odd hours, but sometimes when you step away from your repetitive environment, [00:13:00] it's very good to do that because it allows the brain to reset itself.

And on Friday, as Neptune is stationing to go retrograde, we also have Mercury, which is the thinking planet in a lovely aspect to Saturn. So, you know, it wouldn't be nice to go on a walk and just not listen to a podcast and not listen to music and just walk and basically talk to your inside self. Because the brain wants to reset, it wants to rethink it, wants to think about things. And it's also, Friday might be a really good time because people may not have that much energy to go out and play hard, et cetera, cuz Neptune is, stationing. Friday may also be a very good time to implement some, you know, finish up some mercurial Saturn kinds of, tasks that we've been asked to do.

I know in my inner circle in it was in April, may, I was talking about doing a budget. And I know a lot of you out there that heard that have not done that budget. I know that. But if you still wanna [00:14:00] get that template, which is free, you can go over to the website and get it because it's already a built-in spreadsheet.

So this might be a really good thing to be doing for everybody as Venus, you know, is put, put, putting along all summer as it begins to slow down at the end of July. Good time to look at your. Earning potential and your spending habits. I just need to, you know, there's my little Saturn coming in to tell them that.

So, uh, and then after you did that, give yourself a rest, you know, do a movie, you know, go swimming, you know, go lay out in the sun as Neptune stations to go retrograde on Friday the 30th. Now Neptune is gonna station retrograde in Pisces. It's been doing this since, you know, Neptune's been in Pisces since 2011.

It's a 14 year cycle, and it really stays in Pisces all the way through 2025. But the thing that's interesting is as the, uh, planets move through the degrees of the zodiac, and this is, you know, a concept, but it really works, is that every [00:15:00] sign is divided in three parts. We call those decs, and it's always, the first 10 degrees of any sign is the same as the sign itself.

So in terms of Neptune and Pisces, when Neptune started in Pisces in 2011, for the time that it was moving up to 10 degrees of Pisces, it was in the Pisces, Pisces section. Then when Neptune went to 10 degrees Pisces through 20 degrees of Pisces, it was still Pisces, but it was with a cancer section of Pisces, which is, you know, home families.

And you know, a lot of, when you think about it, a lot of housing escalated in terms of price during the 10 to 20 degree. Um, Neptune and Pisces now we've had Neptune for the last few cycles, last few months at the later degrees of Pisces, which is the Scorpio section of Pisces. So we have like a Pisces, Scorpio kind of energy going on, which is really the asking the questions in a very indirect way.

So you get, really get the [00:16:00] answers section of Neptune and Pisces. In other words, you can be fine, you can be a psychic investigator. Right now that's kind of the Neptune. With Pluto Energy, you know, the psychic investigator finding things out. Nobody knows you're finding it out. Okay. And this is great because once Neptune goes retrograde, and I do like that one as well, it stays retrograde until December 6th of this year when it goes direct 24, almost 25 Pisces still in the Scorpio section.

So this whole period of time between now and 2025, Neptune is in the Scorpio section of Pisces. And that is wonderful for the transformation of the arts. That's wonderful. For the transformation of music. That's wonderful, for the transformation of a lot of imaginative uh, ideas. It is sometimes. Also the revelation or the finding out of things that have been sneaky, Petes, as we call them, cuz Pluto is [00:17:00] about digging in and finding things out and bringing things to the surface.

And Neptune, you know, on its more challenging sign, could be the con artist or the sneaky Petes. And so, you know, wherever this is moving through your chart, it might be a really good idea to just sort of start deciphering as to, uh, whom you really feel intuitively is right to be with you, whether it's personal or professional.

I think that also has a lot to do with Venus coming up to retrograde real soon. Uh, and also if something's not feeling comfortable, you know, that's the red flags I talked about in the inner circle, that crises knows things if it just listens to the red flags. So, you know, that's kind of, um, the, the, the, the, the, the fast and skinny of the week.

But I've got a lot more slides. So the thing is, sometimes when we don't do the things we sh we know we should be doing. We get stuck in an unending loop or thought pattern. And I think that [00:18:00] this, that's being driven home this month in June because several planets have gone, have gone and are going retrograde this month.

We already have Pluto on June 1st that returned to Capricorn, is in the VRBO section by the way. Uh, Saturn just went retrograde on the 17th of June, and then in Nept, Neptune's gonna go retrograde this coming Friday. So there is kind of like, okay, retrogrades are about rethinking. Okay, I need to do this and maybe I'm tired because I just keep. Neptune. It, you know, you know, like Scarlet O'Hare. Let me think about that tomorrow. You know, we don't want us to do that right now as all these planets are. Retrograding, it's a great summer to stop thinking about it tomorrow. So, moving on. Uh, so this is about the Neptune retrograde. So I already mentioned that it is in the Scorpio section of Pisces as it retrogrades.

And, you know, an Neptune retrograde, uh, is in, in a Scorpio section is about triaging [00:19:00] the important things. And, you know, triage is what they do in emergency rooms. You know, people go in and they, you know, are they dying of a heart attack or dying of asthma? They get in first, you know, but if somebody cut themselves and these stitches, they get to go in third.

I mean, that's what a triage is. Okay. I've been in a lot of emergency rooms with my children who had asthma a lot. So I know about triage. So this is a week of, uh, triaging things. Um, we also have to think about the Neptune, Pisces, and the Scorpio sections. Kind of a Jupiter Mars energy. As well as the Neptune Pluto energy maintain.

And this is really, really, really, really, really important. Neptune can be exhausting and it can make you so tired that sometimes you just open up yourself to all kinds of garbage that shouldn't be coming in. And then you start thinking negative thoughts like, you know, the media that's spewing negativity 24 7.

It's very important as Neptune is stationing to go [00:20:00] retrograde this week to catch yourself in that loop of negative thinking and to tell it to go away. The voice of tell it to go away. Just go away. Not that you wanna ignore what's happening in the world because I never suggest that, but where you try to, um, replenish yourself with something more positive. A positive thought, even an imaginative, I would like to do this without judging it. That's a great way to deal with an Neptune retrograde as it's starting to station this week. And, you know, and all the different things you can do to honor the God in Neptune or do music, dance, go to the movies. A play is always lovely.

Live presentation, meditation regime, swimming. If you're in a warmer place than we are here, it seems, um, using oils on your skin, you know, that's good. A massage is a real Neptune thing. Taking naps. Don't be guilty if you have to take naps. They take naps in Europes all the time. They sleep in the afternoons and then they're up all night.

So [00:21:00] naps are good because Neptune needs naps because it's when you sleep it, you process the things. It's not when you're awake. So these are all good opp opportunities for the week as you feel tired to try one of these little tools. But it's almost yo time. And you know I talked about that, the finger of God aspect.

It's actually named after one of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet. The yo. And what we're seeing, in this drawing on the right, we see what happened earlier in the week with a quick and fast moon creating a mini yo, I don't think there's such a thing as a mini yo, but it was quick and fast.

So we're gonna call it a mini yo. But what we're seeing here is very slow moving Pluto, who just moved back to 29 Capricorn, and here's Neptune Stationing to go retrograde at 27 Pisces. That's a sextile ability and opportunity. And what's at the point of the arrow? Almost at the point, it's not quite there yet, but as the week begins, it's starting to move into aspect is Mars, because [00:22:00] when Mars gets to about 26, 27, 28 degrees, Leo, it's gonna be hitting this point.

And what we're also seeing here is Venus. And Venus of course rules relationships, but it also rules how we value ourselves. When we value ourselves, other people value us more, asking for what we desire. Venus is the natural ruler of the second house, Taurus, which is your earning potential as well as your spending habits, and what you spend your money on and how you manage your day-to-day money that comes in.

And so we're gonna see not this week yet, but as we move into the next few weeks, and Venus begins to slow down and ends up going a 28 Leo, I think at the end of July. That's gonna be an a, an all summer, almost an all summer yo, to these two characters. So, I mean, if there was ever an opportunity to get things sorted out, this could be a good summer in which to do that.

And helpers can, [00:23:00] may come along the way if you just pay attention because the yo will often bring people in to help, especially when the sun goes through Leo later in the month and Mercury goes, uh, you know, mercury, uh, travels there in the next, I guess, couple of months. Watch that. When, when, when Mercury hits 27.

Leo, watch when, the sun hits 27. Leo, watch when Mars hits 27. Leo. Watch when Venus hits 27, 28 degrees of Leo, because those are activation days. Okay? Get rid of something, watch the new options fly in. I think that's part of Ode too. You know, you know, you're shooting for what's important. Forget the rest of the distractions and just take off.

In fact, maybe go on a balloon, right? If you can, if you're near one. Okay. So, um, so this is another question and I thought this might be worth revisiting. You know, Saturn started Retrograding last week, um, at about seven degrees of Pisces. And around the middle of this week, the 28th of June, the sun is moving into Arine to [00:24:00] Saturn, which is lovely.

But let's talk about this. The, in the nat in this flat chart, the sun Rules. Leo. Leo is the fifth house. What is the fifth house? Well, fifth House is about the house of taking a chance. You know, people always say it's the house of dating and children. It is, but don't we take chances on dating and children because then we don't really know what we're going to get because they take a chance.

It's the house that has to do with speculative ventures. It has a chance, it has to do with our babies of our minds, the creative babies of our minds upon which we wanna take a chance, which is by the way, where that Venus and Mars is traveling in a pretty hefty pairing for a while now, and Venus will be there for much longer, period.

So my question is, First of all, what joy it have you allowed yourself to have in your life? And I think that's part of this process that we're going through in this next week or two is, you know, where are we not having any joy? You know, [00:25:00] where is our sense of humor gone? I think that's really important because I think, I think in the world, the sense of humor is not what it used to be.

I think it needs to come back. I mean, we need more comics. If anybody out there is a Saturn type go for being a comedian. Because I've found in my work that a lot of the comedians have a lot of Saturn aspects in their natal charts, and it's really his, that's why they're so dry and acerbic when they present things.

So, you know, where are you having joy? Are you exercising? Okay. Those are a couple of the thoughts here. But we also see on Monday the, uh, the 26th, because this is calculated for a little earlier, close to midnight on Monday the 26th. We also have mercury. Cobbling over here, you know, crossing the line into cancer for a few weeks, and that's a cardinal sign.

It's an action sign. Gem, mercury, and Gemini is great, but it, you know, you got thousand things going on at one time, but Mercury going into cancer is okay. What's first, what's second? [00:26:00] What's third? You know, that's Mercury and cancer. Trining Saturn. Okay. And since Mercury is the ruler in the flat chart of the sixth house, okay, what closets?

Six houses. Closets. What closets have you not cleaned out? What's in your refrigerator that needs to be tossed? Uh, I know this sounds so practical, but it really is good. Mercury and cancer training Saturn stuff. Okay. What room in your house or the room that you live in, even if you're in a small studio or something, needs to get some.

A new face, if you will, something that will give you more fun. That has a little to do with construction, even though maybe if you're renting, you can't construct anything, but maybe even moving some things around to move the energy around. That's a Mercury trying Saturn the ruler of the six house. Uh, if you need to do a diet, if you need to do some exercise, we've talked about that.

Mercury is also the ruler of Gemini, which is the third house in this flat chart. And the third house is your neighbors. Okay. How many of us [00:27:00] really know our neighbors? Not a whole lot of us, you know, especially living in the suburbs. I live in the city in, in Florida, but here in California I live, you know, in a kind of suburb with trees, things and you know, everybody rolls up the garage doors at night.

How about with Mercury trying Saturn and Mercury being the ruler of the third house of neighbors and Neptune's starting to station to go retrograde on Friday the 30th. How about just going over and saying hi to the neighbor? I mean, that's a really simple thing. Or you know, maybe you wanna, maybe you need to borrow something from a neighbor.

Cuz I do that in our neighborhood all the time and how can you help them out? That's a good mercury train Saturn just to, you know, get some communication going. Uh, what about the unfinished resume? Uh, what about the unfinished, uh, application for that job? Or what about that unfinished class paper, if you're doing summer school or what about this is the [00:28:00] same idea, the theme that I was talking about earlier, because we need to get away once in a while.

What about a short little trip maybe on the weekend after Neptune goes retrograde, maybe take a short two day trip, get out of the neighborhood, go someplace else, you know, take a night, go see a friend. These are the, a great way to kind of break up the patterns that are, you know, you know, cuz this is an intense energy.

Mars, Venus Conjunct. In a, in a almost a yo point to these two. It's an intense, intense energy. Plus they're squaring Uranus. And also how about visiting people that laugh? That's important. You know, sometimes we just visit people that are always sad and I, you know, you wanna help your friends, but sometimes you have to visit people that make you laugh or that you make them laugh because that opens up the heart.

And that's all about that Leo stuff in the fifth house. So are you still feeling like your boots are still covered in too much mud? Okay. So, and that's the Mars and Venus at the Yo Point, Mars. You know, Mars is known [00:29:00] for, uh, severing cutting. So, you know, I hike hills in California and when it's muddy, I still sometimes do it.

And you know how your boots get full of mud and they get caked? Well, you know, then you have to take a knife or you have to take a screwdriver and clean the boots. Well, that's kind of what Mars on the yard point is about. This week is clean off the mud. You know, get rid of the mud and if you have boots that are filled with mud, get 'em off the boots, but get the mud off.

You know, maybe even a take a hose if you have a house and spray down the, the cobwebs, you know, get the mud off so that there's more energy. It's a good fung shui thing to do as well. So I wanna, cuz I was talking on a weekly weather in May and exactly about a month ago. And so now I'm doing it a month later.

So I wanted to sh for those of you who were last month, the then and the now thinking, I'm gonna give you the then slide and then I'm gonna give you the now slide. So the then was May 24th. [00:30:00] And I, I saw that Venus was squaring Chiron and Chiron is kind of that hybrid energy. He, he's a comedy, he's not a planet, he's always called the wounded healer, but I like to think of him as the coach, if you will.

And, um, he's a combination of traditional and non-traditional energy. He, he, he somehow puts those two together quite beautifully, if you will. And so at the end of May, Venus, you know, values stuff, what we value, who we value, how we value ourselves relationships. Venus was squaring Chiron at the end of May.

And so the two would require, because Chiron was, is and still is, was and still is in Aries, require a kind of new way to, to negotiate in a relationship, which means that maybe at that time something had to be said or addressed. That was maybe a little painful, but that ultimately was [00:31:00] healing in retrospect.

Okay. And that was about preparing you for when the end of June would show up, which is going to be on the 29th, which is Thursday. We're transiting, Venus is now trending. Chiron. Okay. And there's, it's, it's a movement from the end of May through the end of June. It's kind of like, what did we learn at the end of May, if we learn to speak up or say what we felt, you know, that, you know, um, I, I a, a classic thing to do when somebody is hurting your feelings, and I learned this is, you know, when you said that or when you did that, I felt like this, and I wish you would've said it this way. That's a great way to convey what you're feeling without being in attack mode. And that's kind of what a Venus Square, Chiron at the end of May was about. But now we have Venus trying Chiron, which is, [00:32:00] if you were heard, this means that there's opportunities here to learn a few things and to teach a few things and to feel better now about the direction you might have decided to take.

Since the end of that big total solar eclipse at the end of April. Like, okay, I'm going in this direction. So if someone comes to you with stressful news this week, because they will, because a lot of people aren't doing weekly weather, and a lot of people aren't doing astrology, and they're just, you know, dealing with the day-to-day of craziness in the world right now.

So, if somebody comes to you with stressful news this week, just try to listen. Don't try to fix it because that Mars and Leo and the Chiron in it, Mars always wants to fix things. They're not really good listeners. So the best way to work with your Mars or this transit Mars is to listen. That's the best you can do for your loved ones instead of being their hero.

If they ask only if they ask, give them one out of the box ideas for [00:33:00] pivoting their very fixed positions, and then just walk away. Don't try to fix it. Don't try to be the, uh, the hero or the heroin. Just walk away and just let it go. That's the best thing you can do with a, a Venus trying Chiron because the message is there, they're getting it, and if you stay in their space and you keep confronting them, you're not allowing the message to process. You know, that's why in an argument, in heated arguments, if you can try to walk away because nothing gets done in heated arguments. Okay, so here we are, we're into the weekend now, Friday and Saturday are what I call mercury moments. I talked a little bit about Mercury, uh, on Friday because on Mercury, uh, mercury on Friday the 30th, we'll be trending Saturn, which is, you know, getting those budgets done and getting those little things organized.

Good day for organizing. But on Saturday, uh, the first, which is also the official weekend, I guess for the 4th of July, in, in the north in, uh, the usa, uh, the sun is Conjuncting transit. Mercury, [00:34:00] which it does every few months. And I like sun, mercury, conjunctions. They're cliques. I call them cliques. know, it's like, oh. That's a mercury moment. That's a trickster moment. Oh, I should do that. You know that's an, and it's gonna be at nine degrees of cancer. So you have to look to see wherever that is in your own chart. Nine degrees of cancer, cuz that's the click until the next Mercury sun conjunction happens in the next few weeks.

So look at your chart. Okay? What is the where, where Mercury's son Mercury rules, Gemini and Virgo. And the Sun rules Leo. So where is Gemini and Virgo in your chart? And where is Leo in your chart? If you wanna do a little extra? If you don't wanna do the little extra, cuz that's confusing. Just look to see where Sun Mercury is conjoining in your chart at nine degrees of cancer, because that's where there's going to be a click.

You could be on the phone with a friend or a business partner and you're talking about something not serious. And then an idea comes write the [00:35:00] sucker down because those clicks, they come and they go just as quickly. Okay. Also on Saturday, July 1st, transing Mercury is sextile Jupiter. That's the other reason I'm saying, you know, mercury to Jupiter, opening the mind ability and opportunity, a sextile, and then you have the click. So to me that's pretty important for Saturday. Also ING Sun, because Son and Mercury are together. Also Sextile and Jupiter. So, you know, um, I'm trying to plan, actually I'm trying to plan to do something this weekend that is like a click for me. I've, I got some ideas and, uh, I'm gonna do it because I'm gonna take, I'm gonna take an opportunity by the moment.

Okay, so going on, moving on. And what I thought you should see, which is this is my own drawing. I don't have tech people here, so forgive me. Um, uh, I did a dis for the week for the, the way the week began on [00:36:00] June 26th. Um, Using all the 10 planets. I did not use Chiron. And, uh, for those who don't understand what a dis dispo is, basically you see here the sun.

These are the symbols. The sun, the circle in the middle is the sun. Like the sun is in cancer. Cancer is ruled by what sign? By what planet? The moon. then you go to the moon. Where's the moon? In the beginning of the week. It's in the sign of Libra. The scales. Okay. What, what rules? Libra. Ah, Venus rules Libra.

Okay, the arrow goes down. Here's Venus and Leo. Okay. Venus and Leo. Leo. This looks like a lion's man. For people who don't understand glyphs, that's the lion's man. Uh, like a, it's like a woman's hair. Like a lot of Leo women, they love their hair. Anyway, moving on. Um, Leo is ruled by what? The sun. So it goes back here.

Okay, so we have a little li little loop here between Venus and the sun, but still Venus is here. So let's go to Mars In Leo. Mars is in [00:37:00] Leo. Leo's ruled by the sun in cancer, ruled by the moon in Libra, Venus and Leo. Okay. Then we have Mercury in cancer. Later on, Monday, June 26th, the action. Mercury. Okay, mercury and cancer ruled by the moon in Libra, ruled by Venus.

Okay, that's dis deposited here. Then we have Uranus in crazy Taurus, 21 degrees ruled by Venus in Leo. Then we have Jupiter in Taurus, the Bolds horns ruled by Venus in Leo. And then you have Pluto just move back to Capricorn, which is the goat. This is the goat, the sea goat depoed by Saturn. Captain Hook in Pisces.

The two fish swimming in different directions. Pisces is ruled by both Neptune and Jupiter. So I put Neptune and Pisces. By ju Taurus Dispo. So the week is a dis of Venus, and it's gonna be like this for a while. Uh, and Venus is all about values for [00:38:00] ourself and values for others. Again, where is Venus moving in your chart?

Where will it go retrograde In late July. It's all gonna be in the same part of the, of the horoscope. So, uh, and then at the end of the week, this is actually on Monday. I won't be here on Monday, but, uh, there is a, we're moving into what we call a full moon. When the moon opposes, uh, the sun and the earth is in the middle of the two.

That's on Monday, but on Sunday, remember how we started the week with a crazy wild mar square Uranus energy, you know, charging our batteries, you know, trying to, you know, dis uh, dis dissipate some of the energy into other more healthy venues. Okay, so now we're at the end of the week because Venus is moving a little closer to the square.

Where it's on Sunday, July 2nd. It is squaring Uranus. And so that could make you feeling very restless with this transit, like the earlier part of the week. But it's a little different. Restless. [00:39:00] It's a restlessness for having your desires met cuz Venus has desires. It's a restlessness about wanting to be social with people if you're feeling alone, you know, it's a restlessness and sometimes one will feel like they're out of the body during, uh, during pieces like this.

So it would be good to get a good body worker working with you to bring this stuff back in and maybe even some acupuncture because Uranus is electrical charges and it's really good when it's active to do acupuncture or Yeah, Accu Acupunc Act, acupuncture, acupressure. And it's also, are you ready to be caught at Destiny's Crossroad because, that Venus Square Uranus could bring an opportunity, a sudden thought, a sudden out of the box idea. A sudden expense, you know, which is why you gotta do those budgets. So you have the extras when the water heater breaks. I always put my little thing in there, you know, so that's the, basically the week. And we have fortune, I think, guiding us, even though [00:40:00] it sounds like a crazy week and a crazy year, because Jupiter is now very close to the north node in Taurus. Um, Jupiter I think is at eight degrees Taurus N North node has gone back past it at one degree, but we still have Jupiter hanging around in the north node section of the sky. And that is, that's very good for listening to intuition, very good for good fortune and very good for protection and very good for dreams, because you could be very much guided by dreams, I think over the course of the next few months, as these longer, sextiles and yos are taking place. And, so my message for this week is be fierce. Uranus is, you're out of the blue signpost and Neptune knows intuitively if it's gonna be right or wrong. And this is the key thing for this week. This is the motto for the week. If you do what you always do, you will get what? You always got the yo [00:41:00] noses. 

Jamie: The yo noses. Oh my gosh, that's so good. I feel like I could have had a million Beautiful. Themes. You were such a wordsmith Georgia. Like you were brilliant with words. Like, I can't even begin to like summarize it. It's like, be fierce Destiny's. You're Destiny's Crossroad. What was the, we began with psychic investigators and Destiny redirected.

I like those are like all movies or books. I think I would probably pick up and watch. It's just a good, oh, 

Georgia: you're such a great, that idea. Maybe that's my Yoda idea for the 

Jamie: week. There you go. There you go. It's 

Georgia: brilliant. No, but that's, that's very funny you caught those. You know, I'm a Pisces so you know, it's, it, I have an imagination and uh, I have a good Mercury, so I'm very lucky that I can, because I don't remember half the things I say.

So just to tell you, you know, if anybody ever asked me about this weekly rather, I will not remember anything that said, you know, cuz I, it's my hard drive gets scraped every single day. Um, but it's been lovely working with you guys this week. It's been [00:42:00] amazing. 

Jamie: I, I have a, I have a south note in Pisces, so I feel like I do that.

Like I don't know that I'm saying it and then someone's just like, oh, you're really great with words. And I have, I have, I, I resonate with that completely. But you are definitely poetic and brilliant and knew exactly where to kind of throw in those. Make sure you do this, make sure you do that, because I think that's astrology always has. It's a balance. And I love that there's so much Libra and Venus like there is, with change, there's growth. It's never, yeah, this seem to be great, but you know, you have to do a little bit of work, a little bit of 

Georgia: adjustment and I can't be too lazy, you know? I mean this is, this is a problem with Venus.

Sometimes you get lazy. Yeah. She gets lazy, you know, because she used to, you know, she's so attractive. People will do anything for her. Right. But you know, when Venus is retrograde and she's not retrograde yet, but on the 19th she'll start slowing down. She gets more Mars like. And so, you know, you don't wanna get too lazy with Venus ever.

And that's part of that, yo, because it's a Quin kus, you know, and, you know, I never [00:43:00] really got a, a definition of what I I, that I liked for Quin kus. I always heard that Quin kus is 150 degrees where for health issues or, you know, difficult. And the way I look at a Quin kus, it's juggling. you're mo you're walking forward, but you're juggling the balls.

Yeah. Yeah. And to me that's, that's what a Queen Kong said. It's not about really health, it's about, it's like you said balance, but it's like moving while you're juggling. 

Jamie: It's like a, like that adjustment, you know, like you have to adjust to little hair, like it's Yeah. Right. 

Georgia: Right. It's juggling, you know, and juggling allows for things to be happening while you're juggling.

So, you know, it's, it, 

Jamie: Again, and I think the frustration with them is we always feel like we have to be, and it could be a societal thing, we always have to be really good at one thing and only that one thing. You can't balance two things. You can't. And, and it really is your, you're multi-dimensional in general.

You're supposed to be able to juggle a lot of, um, a lot of different [00:44:00] things at And, and it's okay to be good at two things, or it's okay to be adjusting this and adjusting that or, or trying to balance things out. And I think that a lot of times we can be really hard on I think we are, 

Georgia: because we've, we've, uh, we've learned in a, a very left brain society.

This is a very left brain society, which is ruled by Saturn. The logic, you know, they've taken, you know, humanities out of the schools, the yard, out of the schools, the, you know, theater out. We had all that growing up, you know, so it was a balance of left and right brain. But the good news is that Saturns and Pisces, which is depoed by Neptune in Pisces and in about a year and a half, Saturn and Neptune are gonna be together.

And there's a lot of people saying terrible things about it. And yeah, we're gonna have problems with inflation and problems with crisis. But my research when I did pushing through time was every time Saturn and Neptune come together, you see new art forms cuz Saturn's structuring the, the dream Saturn structures the art form, Saturn structures the music, it [00:45:00] changes the form.

And so that's the Saturn and Pisces and Neptune and Pisces. It's in the balsamic phase right now for at least another year or so. And that's a great time to be incubating something creative that nobody else is doing. You know, or at least do something for your soul instead of for your pocketbook. 

Jamie: Yes.

Yeah. The originality like that Venus and Leo doing something and. Recently I've been, and it could be like the whole Saturn and Pisces, but I, I keep landing on quote unquote old movies like, or Chos or something on Cinemax. And like, it's, I love, I'm just so fascinated by it, like the house phone or like having to walk to see someone to tell 'em that.

So, and I was thinking about that when you said just take a walk without listening to something because you almost feel like it's like a chain. Like if I go, like, walk my property or something, I'm like, well, do I have my phone? Do I need my phone? And I remember there was a time where I didn't have one and I like, I was horrible at it.

Yeah. So it's, it's like, it's like this freedom. And I'll joke with my teenagers, I'm like, yeah, that we would like leave the [00:46:00] house at six to go see our friends in person and we wouldn't come back to this curfew and da da da da. And that's just, it's mind blowing to them because it's 

Georgia: just, they don't get it.

You know? They, they're, that's it's, it's just amazing. And it's too bad too, you know, really when you think about it because, you know, I mean, my kids wandered around, but we had a pretty safe neighborhood. But when I was a kid, we used to wander around nobody. As long as you get home, by the time it's dark, Yeah, the light, the light went outside.

We, we didn't have, but it was a different world. It was also a different world, you know. But I do think, we do panic when we leave the house without her cell phone now. Yeah, we do. 

Jamie: It's like a, yeah, it's, it's absence of it. And I, and I have a, one of my children is an Aquarius and he's kind of hilarious because he never answers it anyways or knows where it's at unless he needs something.

And he's like, if you put me in a group text, I'm not gonna answer and don't take it personally. Cause he's in the family one and he's, he, he, his friends are like, no, he doesn't answer anybody. But he's, he likes to be disconnected. And I think that's kind of funny. And where the other one is like, gets to 50%, I need, I need to charge.

I need to charge. I gotta know what's going on. So it's [00:47:00] like this panic mode. But I do, I'd love the invitation to just to, to dream and take the nap and to process because you can't process. And I think recently I was reading an article and they were talking about how for the first few minutes of your day and the last minutes of your day, how important it's to be a.

To, to what you digest, like information wise, because it kind of, you're especially going to bed. Yes. Like whatever you want before you go to bed because you're going into your subconscious for eight hours and then when you first wake up, you're still in that state. And so if you like pull up a news story that's triggering cuz it's supposed to be, to get you to click on it, then that sets the tone for your entire day.

So it's like, you know, you only, we already limit the amount of time that we process this world that we're living in. And if you pollute that on either end of it, you know, like you're kind of doing yourself a disservice. Disservice. So I love the walk, you know, don't, you don't need anything, any sound like pay attention to what happens around 

Georgia: some getting used to. Yes. You know, cuz when you first go on a walk, I mean, cause I'm [00:48:00] notorious for listening you first, I did it just this last week, you know, it was, uh, I slept a lot better that night. You know, so, you know, something to think about. It is.

I, and 

Jamie: I remember, like, I, I started doing that too. Like ironically, like we weren't even in, we didn't even, we didn't even plan that Georgia, but I started doing that too. And I would notice like certain birds or certain colors, like yes, I remember told my, I told my husband the other day, I was like, that same yellow bird has landed near me for three days in a row.

So I was like, looking up the bird that night and the symbolism and the da da das like, how is nature trying to talk to me? Or, I saw this, should I see that? I see two of these, three of these. Like really the way that our ancestors are probably like, you know, this is a message. There's, there's two crows or two doves, cuz that's what happens all over this.

I see two dubs at one point and one day, and two crows at one point every day. And I'm like, okay, there's a message here. I'm, 

Georgia: there's a message. Those are totems. I mean, you know, I, and I, I, I totally am in sync with what you're saying because I do that. I've [00:49:00] been doing that for 50 years, you know, every place I, and I do a lot of walking and I, I notice things, you know, I try not to, and I.

And the thing where something comes back all the time, there's a message You know, definitely, definitely. There's a message that could happen. You know, that could also be what might be happening with this Venus. Uh, all the, all through the summer, you know, starting in the next few days in moving into a yo all summer.

There could be lots of things that show up, you know, the same thing over and over, you know, you put something away, it shows up again. You know, those are things to pay attention to. 

Jamie: And I, you know, it's, it's something to pay a, it's almost a, a weird kind of algorithm because we're almost trained now, like with our phones and our devices.

Like if we say something, it's like a running joke. We say something, it shows up on our phone and we're like, oh, they're listening to us. Yeah, probably. But the universe has an algorithm too, and that no one told that bird to show up twice or no one told this to happen at that same time. So when you're in nature and you're disconnected, or like [00:50:00] you said something like showed up on my desk twice, right?

I put this away and back out. That is like a universal algorithm that's trying to like get your attention. And I think we're just, so, we're almost getting programmed to not notice those patterns because we're like, oh, the patterns are bad. They're, they're just in my head and they shouldn't be in my head.

That doesn't mean anything. And I like, I worry about that. Like I worry that we won't notice the patterns or the rhythms in 

Georgia: our data. Oh. You know, that's why we're astrologers, we are pattern identifiers, right? Yes. That's our job. That that could actually be our new name. Yeah. That we're pattern ide. Don't call yourself an astrologer, folks.

Call yourself a pattern identifier. Pattern identifier. That, that's a great marketing idea. You know, I love it. Uh, cuz that's what we do. You know, I think that you're right. I think with AI and a lot of the things that, uh, are coming through, we're gonna have to be very careful about. Yeah. Not noticing nature.

And nature gets mad when you don't notice her. That's what I've noticed also. Yes. She gets mad and then you notice her and then you, oh, I should pay attention to her. You know? 

Jamie: Yeah. [00:51:00] Lean back into it and, and I, and it's just the thing, it is like the most natural wholesome algorithm. Like, like the universe algorithm.

Like listen to what that's kind of telling you. Cuz it also, you're being present cuz like another, like if you're thinking about the past, um, Like, it's like whether it's like the past and the future, they, they invoke anxiety. There's another cool word for it, but it's anxiety and regret or something like that.

But in your, in the moment, this is the only moment you have. Like, if you're always thinking about the past, you're always thinking about the future. You're not present. And that present is when you're gonna get those intuitive hits that you were talking about. I love, like you even said something about, um, that's gonna be a mercury moment or like a really tricksy and kind of funny kind of energy.

That's when you kind of get that happenstance that happens or that synergy like, well why did you even think to do that? I, I don't really know. Like, it popped into my head or, or 

Georgia: something like, there's popped into my head. Yeah, that's the click 

Jamie: popped. That's Mercury click. That was it. I was looking for, we're looking for mercury clicks.

I love it. It's so, so powerful. So it's kind of like [00:52:00] really a good time. Like I, like, I, I don't even know how I can summarize your brilliance, but really like that dust, I love the destiny crossroads and knowing that it's not like a instantaneous thing. It's gonna be a a a, a dance throughout the summer. So, Yeah, just kind of flowing with it and, um, giving your per yourself permission to not have all the answers, not have a finality to And then you can't fix things either. No. Yeah. Well, you have the power to, what do you have power to do? And once you've done your part and you've done your karma, you've said your piece, um, then that's all you can do. Like releasing it into the universe. And I think that the one thing I'd follow up with that is sometimes when we release, like someone will, I said what I needed to say, they're gonna say something back and be open to hearing what they're gonna say back too.

Like that's the harder part. Like, so it is, is for some of us, it's getting it o getting it off our chest, saying what we need to say, but also giving space for what's gonna come back and, you know, to, that conversation. It's a bit of a dance there, [00:53:00] but we, I think we 

Georgia: can do's. Yeah. And it's Saturn and Pisces.

It's a dance finding our purpose is about a dance now. It's a, it's about dance. It's nice. No, I mean that's, you know, Saturn and Pisces goes in and out of different realities, you know? And, uh, it doesn't mean you're crazy. It just means you need to be a little bit more fluid, you know? Yeah. And, 

Jamie: and settling in.

Yeah. Settling into the newness of it, because I've, I've, I've noticed a lot, like a lot of clients coming in that they just had this new move or this new job or this new relationship, and they're like, is it gonna be okay? Cause you're sort of bracing from what they went through, but, well, there's gonna be adjustments.

It's gonna be okay, but there's gonna be adjustments. And like, where is your energy? Where is your curiosity going? I think that'll, that's, that's the, um, that's the hardest part of it is being, um, curious about what, what's the possibility? Like, can I walk with possibility and the dream and curiosity. 

Georgia: I like that.

Can I walk with possibility? That's a very good, [00:54:00] uh, phrase. I think, um, for now, can I walk a possibility? I think that's excellent. Actually, Jamie, it's perfect for the message today. 

Jamie: Yeah. My, I'm, I'm following. You're, you're, you're my teacher. I'm telling you. You're brilliant. I, my Pisces is trying to keep up with yours.


Georgia: I'm just gonna, you're doing pretty good. You're doing pretty good. Don't doubt yourself. 

Jamie: Okay. So I'm gonna just try to summarize the days really quick and like, so we talked about our great themes. We're really at a destiny crossroads. We're walking with possibility now, today, Monday, we're gonna kick off the week with a big jumpstart.

We have mar squaring Uranus. It's gonna be a lot of high potent energy that we're working with. And we're gonna work with this today and kind of going into Tuesday. It's a theme for all week, but it's kind of our Tuesday, uh, mojo too. As we work with that energy. I love how it's like a little bit of spontaneous energy, um, going with the moment, staying flexible.

And then as we get to midweek all that like. Unstableness will stabilize [00:55:00] on Wednesday because we're gonna be working with Sun and Saturn. So this is a good time to really focus, um, get logical structured, like what are we, what are we doing to do with what we know now? How can we, it's a good time to get that, uh, budget out too.

I think I wrote that down. Find your budget. That was, and really we're working with opportunities that presented themselves earlier in the week. And this is the first quarter. Moon is around this time too. So it's about getting organized and balanced. Um, that's what we're gonna work with, kind of going into the midweek through the weekend.

And then when we get to the weekend, we have some Neptune energy and I think I wrote some good notes about that too. So Friday is just really kind of stepping away. This is where we wanna like disconnect, go out into nature and kind of listen to that inner voice that we have. I love how you wrote that down and you said, you know what?

After you go and, you know, do that escapism and like, not escapism, but after you listen to your voice and do the. Task your inner voice gives you, then you can go escape into a movie or something, have fun in a, in your own way. Like kind of helps you connect to a creative [00:56:00] side. Then on Saturday, um, mercury clicks, we're gonna have our mercury clicks on Saturday.

So lots of fun ideas and I think you may, uh, like I think one of the points I took away Georgia was that if you have fun, that's when you're gonna get the click. Like if you're doing 

Georgia: in a conversation. 

Jamie: Yeah, just, I just had a conver like you could be having a conversation with your neighbor cause we wanna connect with our neighbors this week.

And they say something and you're like, I remember when I was writing novels all the time, like I would be having a conversation with something, someone. They would say something and like I swear, mercury moved into my brain, said something I would take off running to write it down as fast as I could because I knew if I didn't, he'd take my click away.

So yeah, he, he was, he is very, uh, impatient sometimes. So being open-minded, having fun looking for Mercury clicks throughout the weekend. And we are working towards a full moon on that Monday. So just, but overall, this entire summer we're just looking about, we're really dialing into Venus, what our values are, what is our self worth?

Like, what do we need to release [00:57:00] so we can hold onto that. Cuz sometimes we do things for other people. We do things for the sake of tradition, our eventuality and, you know, is that serving our purpose. So Venus is gonna dance with us. She's gonna show us what's important to us and why. And we're gonna have some Saturn help and some Pluto and Neptune help just kind of redialing redirecting.

It's kinda, Going back to go forward. Yeah. That, that's our week. Yeah. Anything you wanna add to that? I don't know that you, I don't know that you could stuff any more brilliance in there, Georgia, but is there anything you wanna add to that? 

Georgia: I think, I think it's pretty clear. I think what, uh, I always suggest to people, cuz I, I've been told this is listen to it once and then put it away and then listen to it a different time.

Because I think what happens when, when any of us, any of us in this program or any of these programs we do, is there's a lot of things often said, but the brain can only take so much in at a time. And so if you let it, if you listen and then you have time to listen again as a part of it, you might get more maybe midweek or late week, you know, just another suggestion.[00:58:00] 

I like that. So thanks. 

Jamie: Yeah. That's really good. And then I, I found personally, like there's some things that I love to do and some things that are, feel more task oriented. And it's not that I don't wanna do the task, it's just like I'm trying to work against the grain. So like, you know, if this is a, if I am, be like, I, you know, you have to do the task, when does the energy and flow for you?

And do it in that time period. Like, try not to work against the grain. But don't, we don't wanna be Venus lazy too, right? As you guys can see from George's presentation, she is a masterful teacher and she does have a masterclass with us that you can check out called Planetary Phases.

It's one of my favorites, but if you wanna check out this mastery class that you taught for the Inner Circle, it's exclusive for them. But now that you can purchase it, you can go to astrology, you with Georgia, and we'll put that link underneath this broadcast so you can find it really quickly and easily.

But I promise, no matter when Georgia speaks, you're gonna learn something and you're gonna take away those like golden nuggets of words and you just won't forget 'em. You're absolutely priceless. Uh, you're such a gifted. Speaker and teacher Georgia. It's always a pleasure to connect with 

Georgia: you. It's always a pleasure to work [00:59:00] with you folks, and you, Jamie great today.

And I like your piy stuff. I like it. Love it. 

Jamie: Okay so much. All right, well thank every, I wanna thank everyone for tuning in today, for making astrology a part of your life and, we look forward to seeing you next time.

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