Astrology This Week: Aquarius Full Moon & Mercury Opposite Saturn

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An Astrological Storm: Are You Ready?

Jamie Magee and Elodie St-Onge Aubut talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌓 How the moon in Pisces opposed Mercury can lead to a struggle between rational and irrational sides, and how this can influence your emotions and decision-making process.

🌔 The impact of the shift in the nodes, with the north node now in Aries and the south node in Libra, and how this can influence your energy and perspective at the beginning of the week.

🌕 The significance of the full moon in Aquarius, and how it can bring up feelings of being an outsider or doubts about your plans and self. You’ll also learn how to navigate these feelings and use them to move forward.

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Elodie: [00:00:00] every time I, I think about a full moon in, in Aquarius, it’s like, what am I doing here? Do I belong here? So I think there might be a little bit of this question this week.

Mercury in Virgo is bringing a extra critical quality to the week. So there might be a tendency to maybe suddenly take a step back.

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Jamie: Hi there. Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so happy that you have joined us today for this weekly worldwide astrological conversation. Now, if you’re new to the channel, definitely a warm, warm welcome to you. We’re so happy that you have found us. Don’t forget to hit that. Subscribe button underneath this or that notification bell so you can stay really in tune and updated.

We are always [00:01:00] releasing new content and you wanna make sure you’re in the know for that. Now, for those of you who do not know me, my name is Jamie McGee. I’m an astrologer and an author, and one of the hosts here on the Astrology Hub platform. Today we’ll be exploring the astrological influences for the week of July 31st through August 6th with Astrologer Connect Astrologer, Elli Saint Bu. She is absolutely brilliant.

She’s a French Canadian astrologer. She’s been on the weekly weather a lot recently. Brilliant insights that I just can’t, like I soak in and reflect on each and every week. Her practices, if you wanna connect with her, is really focused on research, divination teaching, astro astronomy and healing with the modalities.

Welcome back, Elli. So great to

Elodie: have you here. So happy to be back. Hi Jamie.

Jamie: So this is an interesting week. I feel like we are like full moon best friends. Like we just definitely.

Elodie: Yep. We meet on the full moon. I love that. Yeah, that’s true. Yeah, it’s a big week with the, with the full, I think the [00:02:00] week starting starts with the full moon and it really colors the rest of the week, so.


Jamie: So if you had an overarching theme for this week, what would it be? I would call

Elodie: it work and play. Work

Jamie: and play. All right. Yeah. So what, what kind of feeds into that theme that you have? Um,

Elodie: we ha we have Venus, uh, in Leo. We have the son in Leo, which you know, often is related to child’s play and to following your heart and to be meeting life in the obstacle with joy.

We have a full moon in the opposite sign of Aquarius. Which traditionally is ruled by Saturn, and we have a lot of Saturn this week. So that’s the work part. So I think a balancing of the work and play, a nice little dance between pleasure and labor, something like that. Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah, I like that a lot.

Now how are there, I know the full moon’s probably gonna highlight the most of the week, but are there any other I. [00:03:00] High level transits that you’re looking at as that would play into this too. Yeah,

Elodie: I’m looking at Mercury and Virgo because as an astrologer I love Mercury and Virgo Mercury related to riding and communication and the intellect.

And it does really, really well in Virgo, but it meets, uh, in a position with Saturn this week. So really wanna get into that because I think that’s gonna be a big aspect this week. And then, Mars. Action Planet Mars, uh, forming Arine with Jupiter. So that’s also big energy. I think it’s gonna be really productive.

Jamie: Productive, fun energy.

All right, so let’s start with today, Monday. What, what are we looking at on Monday?

Elodie: Um, So the moon’s in Capricorn and it’s heading to be full. So I think we’re already getting that full moon energy coming in.

You know, uh, the, the light, the light at night is, is bright already. Very bright. So today the moon meets Pluto, and Pluto is squaring the node at this time. So [00:04:00] there’s. There’s big Pluto energy coming through. Although the square to the nodes happen on the 28th, I think that’s gonna continue to reverberate all through the week.

And we’re, we’re Pluto squaring the nodes, I think is a crossroad moment. The nodes have just changed. Sign. Um, so we have the north, no Aries and the south node in Libra. I’m gonna get into that a little bit more, but I do think Monday begins with the moon, highlighting that a little bit. So we’re, we’re in the big energy, big shift energy at the beginning of the week Monday.

It’s still productive, I think. Okay. Uh, yep. What do you think? Yeah, I think

Jamie: that’s too, and I love how you were able to foreshadow like, okay, when they actually square, because it’s one of those energies that definitely build and if, if you listen to the, like the hints or the whisperings of the universe as they start to come in, you’re more prepared.

You can positively engage with the change no matter how much you like it or not. So it is a little bit of a [00:05:00] dance between what was and what will be and, and you know, like just being in check with your pride and your ego. Like if you’re asked to let go of something, and sometimes we hold onto it because it’s, ego driven or pride driven or, but, or maybe it’s neither one, but it’s part of a story that you were that, that you’ve outgrown, that you’re ready to go.

Sometimes you’re supposed to grow. Sometimes you’re supposed to go because you’ve grown

Elodie: Yeah, that’s Pluto. Pluto is big energy and it’s, it’s interesting that astronomically, you know, it’s been demoted, but in astrology, we, we know Pluto is, is big energy and I think you used the perfect keyword. Some, some letting go here and some, some transition moment, some transitional moment.

But because Pluto moves so slowly in these aspects, Gradual over time. It’s like we’re getting a hint and the hint gets bigger and, and we’re moving with that also with our knowledge of astrology. So,

Jamie: and I, and I think the full mine will probably [00:06:00] amplify it, or if it is, do you think because of with a full men and Aquarius, which has that community or that bigger vision, it’ll be, I don’t wanna say detached cuz I hate assigning detached to Aquarius every time.

But being able to kind of see the larger vision, like kind of take in the, the big view instead of definitely.

Elodie: Yeah, I agree. Yeah, I think so. And I, because Jupiter is so highlighted this week too, there is this sort of taking a step back, assessing the territory, shifting perspective a little bit because of that nodal switch that we’ve just had.

Yeah, the north node in Aries now is really, it’s, it’s bringing a different energy because Mars ruled the South note for so long, and now it’s rolling the North note, so there’s really a switch of gear. So I think it’s all part of that this week.

Jamie: Okay. So let’s look at Tuesday. Like that’s the big day of the week. Yeah. There’s so much

Elodie: energy. Yeah. It’s a big day Tuesday. I think most of the [00:07:00] action this week happens on Tuesday. We have Mercury and Virgo opposing Saturn, uh, Mars in Virgo trining Jupiter and Taurus. So those are two aspects separate from the full moon.

Then we have a full moon in Aquarius. Um, so that’s. That’s a lot of what’s happening throughout the week, and I think it’s going to color most of the week. All

Jamie: right. I like that. So the full moon always brings up a lot of big energies. What would be one of the best ways to work with a full moon in Aquarius or this particular moon?

Like what advice would you have to I think

Elodie: it might bring up a little bit of feeling like, uh, an outsider because it’s the sign of Aquarius. I don’t necessarily think Aquarius is only the sign of the outsider, but because we have a lot of action in Leo right now, the sun is in Leo, Venus is in Leo, might be a moment where we’re like really into our passion, into what we want to do.

Uh, the sign of Leo is [00:08:00] really, you know, Venus and Leo right now is really like, what is it that I want? And there’s a return to our personal desire, but oops. There’s a sort of moment of calibrating. Okay, do I fit in? Is my idea, my project, my passion fit it, fit in the bigger picture? Can I get validation?

Um, I think there’s these kinds of questions that come with this, this full moon at this time. It’s,

Elodie: it reminds me of the song from Radiohead. Um, And it’s, you know, it’s, it’s that every time I, I think about a full moon in, in Aquarius, it’s like, what am I doing here? Do I belong here? So I think there might be a little bit of this question this, this, this week.

Mercury in, in, in Virgo is bringing a extra critical quality to the week. So there might be a tendency to maybe suddenly take a step back. You know, when we say dance like no one is watching, that’s really [00:09:00] what Leo wants to do. Dance like no one is watching. But oh, there’s a moment when we might become hyper.

Focus on what we’re actually doing and maybe a little bit too critical. That’s my take on, on the full moon. I

Jamie: love that. And that’s a great insight about how to kind of work with it. And, you know, if you are feeling detached or like an outsider, um, you know, just exploring that a little bit, you know, I think all the aquarium, if you have an Aquarius placements is a good place to celebrate in your chart too.

There’s something that’s kind of, you know, coming out expressing it, but I love that song. So we have a great song to dance to on that day. How would you suggest working with Mars, trying Jupiter,

Elodie: I think the Mars trine Jupiter is going to really, it’s, it’s exact on the day of the full moon, but I do think it will color the whole week, especially that on the weekend, we’re going to have the moon and Aries. So that’s really going to bring out what Mars is doing right now.

Mars agenda. And Mars in Virgo, [00:10:00] it’s an earth sign. So again, it’s looking to do, Concrete things. It’s like, what are you doing? You know, what are you doing to actualize, uh, your plans right now? What, what steps are you doing to actualize your plans? So although it’s happening on the day of the full moon, I feel like it’s really going to kick in this weekend.

There’s going to be, maybe some realization on, on the day of the full moon on, on Tuesday with the full moon Aquarius, that really get integrated by the weekend.

Jamie: So I love this. So again, we’re getting like a preview of something that’s going to come up. So it’s really about like listening to that instinct and noticing when something comes up, how it kind of stirs you, because that’s another thing we had something today on Monday, and then going into Tuesday.

So to add to that, because we’re kind of layering the day, then we have Mercury opposed Saturn. So how do you, what’s a good tip to work with that? Like a good one liner action step for that one.

Elodie: So Mercury is precision [00:11:00] and I think it can be a hypercritical moment, but we have to make the criticism construct productive.

You know, there’s something, like I say, always with Virgo planets. Watch your inner monologue. Are you being hypercritical to the point that you’re not doing anything? Or are you being just enough critical that you’re realistic about what needs to be done? The line is fine with the Virgo.

Always the Virgo. You know, I think the Virgo planets right now, Mars and Mercury and Virgo, they’re really testing the validity of what we’re trying to do or wanting to be. And because there’s this big, bold energy in Leo happening right now, Virgo is like, yes, but is that realistic? There might be some little tweaks that need to actually be done for it to really track in the

Jamie: world.

[00:12:00] And again, that’s a little bit of a precursor to, it’s going to take Venus a little bit of time. It will be in the fall, but eventually she’ll be in that Virgo area too. So that Mars is kind of starting to set up the stage for what is to come in. And so, yeah, and I love how you’re that inner monologue is it’s a, it’s a, it’s, it’s one of those really challenging things.

Like I have a lot of Virgo planets, so I can definitely testify to that. And, but with the being this karmic and this magnetic, it is like, okay. I love what you said. Is it constructive? Is it feedback? I’m giving myself constructive because whatever you’re bringing in is going to be a magnet for something else.

So yeah, a good mindset and whatever you can do, you go listen to the radio head song or something else, listen to music or like lean into a different. you know, side of Saturn to maybe help with that attraction. But yeah, so that’s, that’s a big day. Tuesday’s packed for

Elodie: sure. Yeah. And I think that’s going to continue throughout the week.

So we’ll be bringing these aspects back up through the week because they’re, they’re still going to [00:13:00] be present, I think. Oh,

Jamie: I love it. Well, I think that’s interesting for sure. So what about Wednesday? So that’s like the day after all of this. What would be our big focus for that day?

Elodie: So on Wednesday, the moon is still in Aquarius.

We just had this full moon. Um, it will oppose Venus. We talk about Venus and Leo because that’s the aspect of the summer, you know, so the moon opposed Venus on Wednesday. I think we’re meeting a little bit of resistance still, um, resistance to, you know, again, the right measure of pleasure versus labor.

Like, are you indulging too much in your sort of, in your desires? Are you working to actualize your desires? So I think. On Wednesday. That’s, that’s really what I see happening. The moon opposing Venus. So really testing whatever Venus is trying to get done. So the moon enters Pisces by Thursday, and so it will start opposing the planets that are in Virgo, [00:14:00] Mercury, and Mars.

So again, we see, uh, whatever’s happening in Virgo, really highlighted with the moon in Pisces opposing it. So we’re talking about the imagination versus the rational, and really, again, this little dance between, what your intuition is telling you versus what your rational mind is telling you, and not necessarily going on a…

overly, uh, rational tangent or an overly irrational tangent, but really the balance of the two. So the moon in Pisces is always good for, you know, work of imagination, poetry, it’s very romantic moment and things like that. But there might be a tendency to seek perfection, seek something, uh, that is not really realistic.

So calibrating, Realistic, pragmatic with the vision.

Jamie: I love that. And this is like, Saturn’s moving backwards. So in, in some regard, that moon is going to kind of highlight, you know, we did a lot of things really fast in March [00:15:00] and, um, April. And like, just, and I think Virgo, you can, we can always be hard on ourselves wherever Virgo is in your chart.

So I love how you had that whole like Virgo tested, which kind of like gets us all like a little bit tense. Like, what do you mean? I studied for everything. And, Yeah. Is it an imagined problem or is it a reality? Like, what do you have the power to do with this situation? That’s brilliant. Brilliant. All right.

So as we step into the weekend and we have Friday, the last, um, the last day before we get to the weekend, is there any focus that we have on that day that you want

Elodie: to talk about? Friday’s relatively quiet. The moon is still in Pisces before it enters Aries, very late on Pacific post, I think. So again, we’re still in that Piscean energy moon meets Neptune.

So I do think, you know, there’s an, there’s an ebb and flow to the day. It’s not so tense. Um, especially the, the criticism that comes with the Saturn Mercury opposition at the beginning of the week. Subside and as the moon enters Aries, it [00:16:00] also means that it is ruled by Mars and Mars is training Jupiter right now.

So it really gives a different energy for the weekend, a sort of regain of confidence in yourself and your vision and what we want. So although there’s a bit of doubt midweek, I think like by the time the moon enters Aries Friday night, we’re really moving into this. Okay. I got this, you know?

Saturday, the sun is in Leo and the moon in Aries trines the sun. So again, we see a harmonious aspect between the moon and the sun. This is, those are fire signs. I think even though Mars. Trine Jupiter on Tuesday. Um, we’re still really feeling that Mars trine Jupiter too.

So I think there’s big energy on the weekend. Um, you know, it’s, it’s really productive, proactive and the realization that came at the full moon can really start to be there. It’s, there’s [00:17:00] things that are gonna be actionable. We’re talking about Mars in Virgo and Jupiter in TAUs. It’s giving a lot of support for concrete, concrete actions.

Jamie: Okay. I I love how it’s like this, um, step towards progress are like a realization. Cause then the, cause the quarterman won’t, won’t be that far away. It’s like, okay, now that we know this, this is, this is that part where you start to sort through the harvest in a way like this is. Yeah, good, good stuff going into the weekend.

Elodie: Yeah. So the sun squared Jupiter on Sunday. So again, we have big energy because the sun and Jupiter are two. Big planets in astrology, especially for confidence, self confidence and things like that. So, again, I’m going back to the beginning of the week when we had doubts, maybe in our plans, in ourselves.

Where do I fit in? Just hold on, because by the time the weekend arrives, I think there’s a lot of confidence, uh, return of [00:18:00] confidence. Sun square, Jupiter, it’s a square, but personally, I don’t think it’s a negative. Or tense or stressful aspect. I think it’s, it’s really big energy. It’s big ego. It’s big plan.

It’s a big vision. I

Jamie: like that. Yeah, I think it, yeah, I’m with you. I don’t really see as a negative. I think it’s an action base and action towards an opportunity action towards a vision, but that same measure, like, you know, Jupiter doesn’t know what’s positive or negative. So if you. I love how you’ve kind of like walked us to this week and help this like, okay, well, you’re going to be critical, but kind of come out of it as you go into the weekend.

And I would think if you got to Friday and Saturday of this week, and you’re still feeling like you’re in that, that heaviness or that critical period, do whatever you can to distract yourself so that when you get to this energy. You’re able to attract or use that magnet for something that’s more abundant.

That’s going to bring more of something, the new, like that new horizon and the old. So that’s a good way to end the week

Elodie: for sure. Oh yeah. It’s very, very fiery [00:19:00] and fire and astrology is, you know, vibrant, it’s magnetic. It’s so we have a little bit of a heavy full moon in a sense that it’s sort of like, Oh, am I doing things right?

There’s there’s self doubt, but it’s. It’s again, it’s, it’s only a moment in time. And I think it’s the realization will only serve to move our self further again.

Jamie: is there any priceless, beautiful insight that you’d like to add to this week?

Any pieces of advice that I can do before I summarize everything that We’ve walked through.

Elodie: Well, I’m concerned a little bit with the Virgo planets, the opposition with Saturn. And I think, you know, there’s the, the, again, watching, watch your internal dialogue because perfection doesn’t exist. And I think with Virgo planets, sometimes there’s this sense that, Oh, I I’m not ready because I’m not perfect yet, but.

Again, we’re on earth. There’s no such thing as perfection. Use your mistake. Use these realizations to propel yourself [00:20:00] forward and not just stay frozen in time.

Jamie: I like that a lot. Um, I’d love to know, like in the comments to where you’re, if you know, where Virgo is in your chart, like how you’ve been working with that, or if you’re feeling that energy, or even if there’s Virgos out there, any insights that you can give the rest of us as we work with this activation of Virgo.

Cause it definitely is, you know. It’s difficult when that, you know, with that archetype can see heaven, but they’re in this reality. So trying to like, and it’s always just the tiniest change that you need to make to, to feel more aligned. So, um, which is kind of challenging when you have Jupiter going big and Virgo saying, no, it’s just a little detail.

Elodie: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Again, I think it’s all very, it’s all very earth based. We’re talking about earth signs. So they’re, they’re all adjustment that are. doable. I don’t think we’re caught in fantasy. I think there’s a lot of rational and real assessment of the situation. I think we have the ability [00:21:00] right now to really know what’s doable so we can tap into that because of this earth element.

Perfect. Beautifully

Jamie: said. Beautifully said. Okay. So our overall theme this week is work and play because we’ve got a little bit of Venus energy. We’ve got a little bit of Saturn energy, all kind of coming in together now Monday, we are going to kick off with Pluto and the Pluto with the square of the nose. This is kind of a hint of what is to come. Like as we move throughout this month, so really kind of pay attention to that tug of war between the past and the future, if something’s asking to leave, holding onto it.

Are like, if you do feel like you need to hold onto it, ask yourself if it’s ego or pride, that’s wanting to hold onto it. , what are you ready to grow through? Like what, what is the next step that you need to go toward good, juicy energy to kind of lead into Tuesday, which is the day of the week.

It seems like it is a supercharged day. We have the full moon. I love that you gave us the advice to listen to the song creep by radio head. I can’t wait to play that as soon as we’re offline today. And. We have a [00:22:00] lot of Mars energy on this Tuesday. So it’s action, an action oriented agenda that we’re going to have, but we also need to be very mindful of our inner monologue and try not to be too critical of ourselves or even of other people.

Kind of work towards like little changes lead a little bit leads to much, um, optimism there. midweek, um, I like how you said this, um, you’re going to work to actualize your dream.

So balancing indulgence. Beautifully said. It’s almost like a Virgo statement. Now on Thursday, we do have some Virgo energy coming in. It is a lot about, um, like being tested. I think it’s the Pisces moon is what you mentioned on this day that we would be working with, if I remember correctly. Yep.

Elodie: Yeah.

The, the moon in Pisces opposed Mercury. So we have sort of like the, the rational and, uh, and the irrational sides fighting through. Yeah,

Jamie: I love it. So that’s why I said tested imagination. You have some great words today. Mercury is in [00:23:00] your favor, Elodie. That’s what I wrote down. I love it. And then Friday, we’re going to start to be kind of feel better about everything that we’ve gone through so far.

We’re going to be able to process it. It’s kind of like the emotions have settled down. What’s left has left. What’s been revealed has been revealed. We’ve had a chance to kind of soak that in and we’re, we’re ready to process and move in, which is good to go into the weekend a And, you know, throughout the weekend, we’ll end up with, um, Jupiter and the sun having a conversation.

So this is going to be big energy. So if you it’s really in your favor to release anything as you go into the weekend. So you can have that optimism or that. Forward thinking expansion focused on the future that you’re going into and not the past or anything that just revealed you’re ready to know. I need to let go of this.

And, like Elodie, you mentioned so many times, just like it is about the details, but you don’t have to be critical or hard on yourself or others, or say, you know, if I had only done it that way, it would have lasted because the universe always [00:24:00] course corrects. There’s nothing that you have done wrong or right.

It’s just the lesson that you take into the next. Chapter. Right.

Elodie: I love that. Yeah, absolutely.

Jamie: If you want to work personally with Elodie, which I promise you, you will not forget. I’ve had a reading with Elodie.

She is absolutely amazing. You can find her on astrologer connects. You can go to

Jamie: astrology hub. com forward slash. L O D E connect. So that’s E L O D I E connect. And you’ll be able to either, if she’s online, you can just call her up and talk to her instantly, or you can book a reading with her.

Either way, I promise the insights that you walk away with, I’ll just completely blow your mind. Just absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much. I loved it. I still go back to some of the notes that we talked about. And I think that was like six, seven months ago when we connected. So it’s a very powerful outlook that she can give you on your outline of where you are with your natal promise and and action, all that fun stuff.

again, it’s been a pleasure. Um, I want to thank every one of you, you know, for tuning [00:25:00] into this episode, for being a part of our community and as always for making astrology a part of your life, we’ll definitely catch you on the next

Elodie: Bye.

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