Astrology This Week: Navigating the North Node’s Shift into Aries

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What to Expect from the Aries North Node Shift for each Zodiac Sign

Jamie Magee and Georgia Stathis talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌔 About the significance of the North Node’s shift into Aries and how this astrological transit influences our courage, decision-making, and personal growth.

🌕How to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by this shift, including the importance of strategic risk-taking and the power of listening.

🌖The impact of these astrological shifts on each Zodiac sign, providing insights into how you can leverage these changes for personal transformation and evolution.

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Georgia: [00:00:00] where the north node is moving, which is now Aries for 18 months through your horoscope, is where you’re being asked to.

Eat the sun. In other words, take some strategic risks. Don’t be afraid. Be courageous the South note is going through Libra, which doesn’t say let go of your relationships, but it is suggesting let go of trying to be too fair when fairness is not an option.

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Georgia Weather July 24-30 Gallery: Hi

Jamie: there. Welcome to Weekly Astrological Weather. I am so grateful that you have joined this weekly worldwide astrological conversation. Now, if you’re new to this channel, I definitely wanna extend a very warm welcome. Thank you for stopping by. Definitely don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and the notification bell so you can stay [00:01:00] updated on all of our current releases.

Cause we have a ton of content that we like to share with you. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jamie McGee. I’m an author, astrologer, and one of the hosts here at Astrology Hub on the podcast platform. All right, so today, I’m so excited for this day. I always love it when I get to connect with Georgia, but we’ll be exploring the astrological influences of July 24th to through July 30th.

With a weekly weather favorite, a 2023 inner circle guide, miss Georgia Stathis, and I’m sure all of you, um, I love seeing all the comments every time that georgia’s up because it’s just such a great amount of detail and clarity that you bring, which is understandable because Georgia has been setting and practicing astrology since 1977 and is an international teacher, Georgia.

Welcome back to the weekly weather. Thank you

Georgia: Jamie, and thank you astrology hub and thank you for those who are watching this. So, um, are we kind of ready? Yeah.

Jamie: Absolutely. And for those of you who are listening and not watching on YouTube, Georgia always has a beautiful slide deck [00:02:00] that she presents each with each weekly weather.

So you can go over to YouTube and look at the slides that she’s talking to, but she’s also very clear as she describes them in her forecast for this week. All right, Georgia, like,

Georgia: let’s dive in. Okay. Okay, hello everybody. Uh, we are doing the weekly weather.

Let me, yeah, there we go. For, uh, basically the sun has been moving. It’s been moving into Leo and. A lot of, I, I don’t know how I get these things, but somehow I always get the right thing to talk about because there’s a lot going on this week. And one of the things that, several things are going on within the last week or two, and we’ll continue through the next few weeks, but here’s one of the things that I wanna talk about if I can get to the next slide there.

So, um, we just had a shift actually, and I’m saying basically stop, look and listen to everything that’s going on around you right now because, The transiting north node and the lunar nodes do run with the eclipses for those who are kind of new at this, which means that when [00:03:00] the nodes will change, they will basically be in two opposite signs for about a year and a half for about 18 months, and they don’t come back to this position for about every.

18 to 19 years. And so in many ways, if you’ve been on the planet long enough, you can actually go back in your life every 19 years from when these nodes begin and kind of look at some of the things that are going on that are very similar to what you might be dealing with right now. It’s almost as though it is like a D n a thread that we never really stop evolving, and every time the node returns to the same position in your horoscope every 19 years, You’re getting an opportunity to go to the next level of evolution in the house that that north node is transiting through, which also means that there’s an opportunity to be taking a few risks involving where that North, north node is moving.

But this particular north node, which now just moved into Aries because the nodes [00:04:00] moved backwards from the late degrees of the sign. All the way to the beginning degrees of the sign. This one is very, very different because this north node in Aries and South Node at 29 Libra are also being squared for almost nine months by Pluto.

And Pluto is sitting at the full Fulcrum point, which is kind of like fisher Cutt bait folks. Make some decisions. I’m not negotiating a deal. That’s pluto’s. Those are Pluto’s words. He kind of hangs it on the doorway to the underworld. So Pluto squaring the north node right now means that this is time to stop, look, and listen at what you’re doing in your life that you love, and what you’re doing in life that you really need to let go of so that you can have a life.

We’ve been in the weeds in a lot of ways with this approaching in the last few weeks, and so the question that a lot of people are asking, and I’m seeing this with my clients a lot. I don’t know what to do, what [00:05:00] should I do? I wanna act very north note in Aries, but don’t know where to start. A lot of thinking going on and a lot of having to wait.

And actually, and I know people listen to this from around the world, but. I know in the American culture, we’re a very impatient group of people, and so this is a very difficult, uh, nodal transit for Americans. In particular, anybody who has problems with patience. This is gonna teach a lot of patience and a lot of, a lot of, uh, I ideas on how to be a little bit more strategic about your plans for the future, which means sometimes you just have to wait till you get the answer.

So, But I wanna talk about something. Before I get more into that, I wanna talk about what happened a few days ago when the movement of the sun was at the late degrees of cancer and started to oppose Pluto, which is at the last degree of Capricorn. There is something going on now that is kind of the decision [00:06:00] making time of something that started back in late January because I.

We’re having an opposition between the Sun and Pluto. We’ve been having that for a few days, and oppositions are 180 degree distances between planets. And if you think about a circle, you can’t go to 181 degrees. 180 degrees is about as far as you’re gonna get, and if often feels like a rubber band is stretched and.

If you keep stretching a rubber band, it’s gonna either break or you have to learn to let go of something oppositions, especially from the son, which has to do with what we’re doing with our lives with Pluto, which is for God’s sake, make a decision. They make you go back and forth until a resolution is discovered, and there is a connection between the recent son opposing Pluto, which happened about three days ago on July 21, and the alignment.

Of the sun with Pluto. In other words, they were together, they were conjunct back in January 18th, 2023 when they were together at 28 degrees of [00:07:00] Capricorn. So there was kind of a new start idea, a new seed that was planted at 28 degrees of Capricorn, wherever that falls in your chart in early part of 2023.

But now, It’s time to shake the trees for, for better answers or for the better, the better apples, if you will, of what needs to be done. And one of the things to do with all of this, which is sometimes difficult, especially now that the North note is in Aries, which is ruled by Mars and the sun is opposing Pluto, is when you don’t know which road to take.

Try to stop to ask others for their thoughts. And then the hardest thing to do is listen. After you listen to various insights and opinions, and everybody has an opinion these days, then make a plan based on what you’ve been hearing and processing, and begin to triage your tasks [00:08:00] to get to this. Final decision listening for the next 18 months while the nodes are in Aries and Libra is the best thing you can learn to master this period of time in your life.

Whether you are 19 or 89 years of age, listening is going to be the key to change. And this is more of a graphic look, you know, the, the lunar nodes. And I know a lot of our, uh, my colleagues in Astrology Hub talk about this, so I don’t wanna spend a lot of time on it. But I think a visual is always very good.

You know, the nodes run with the eclipses and you know, in ancient times they really believed there was a dragon in the sky that was eating the sun and he was eating the sun, or she was eating the sun. So that. He could grow and he had to shed skin in which to do that. So where the north node is moving, which is now Aries for 18 months through your horoscope, is where you’re being asked to.

Eat the sun. In other words, take some strategic risks. [00:09:00] Don’t be afraid. Be courageous where the tail is moving for the next 18 months, which is kind of like crack the whip when we were kids where you know you’re in a line of kids and you’re being spun around in a circle, the last kid or two always gets thrown off.

That’s crack the whip. I know it sounds very dangerous, but. Our parents didn’t care in those days. So anyway, um, the South note is going through Libra, which doesn’t say let go of your relationships, but it is suggesting let go of trying to be too fair when fairness is not an option. Let go of trying to be, uh, too accommodating.

Which doesn’t get anything done. Let go of sitting on the fence all the time, waiting for other people to make decisions and try to start making decisions yourself. But with Pluto in the fulcrum of the seesaw or the teeter-totter, right between these two, it is also saying exercise a little caution as you make these decisions, because decisions being made right now could be lifelong changes.

Uh, and so transiting Pluto, because it’s sitting at the fulcrum point, [00:10:00] asking a lot more questions than normal and requiring answers that are keys to change for nine months, will ask you to be more daring in asking your questions, be a little bit more courageous in asking questions, because sometimes no one else is asking the question that should be asked.

And sometimes when people ask the question that should be asked, that no one’s asking. That changes the energy of the room and energy of the project completely. The lunar notin areas is about taking action, but don’t waste ener any energy in doing too many things at the same time. This is where I said triage things.

What’s most important right now? What’s most important? Secondly, what’s most important in the third position? Prioritize a person who’s on a successful walkabout, which is basically what the Aries energy is about. Plans the basics for their survival. So what do you do first? What’s the elephant in the room in your life, circumstances that you are refusing to address, which [00:11:00] actually is not something new this week.

This has been going on since the April 20th eclipse of 2023. We’ve really been in the weeds. And even more so now since about June 5th, because around June 5th of this year, Venus entered the sign of Leo. Usually Venus isn’t a sign for a few weeks and then it moves on to the next sign. But we are, and it’s actually starting this week.

We are in the weeds because Venus has been slowing down since June 19th, and now as Venus begins to retrograde, which doesn’t mean that everything is going to stop and go to hell in a hand basket. What it means is that it’s time to review, rethink, refurbish, replenish, rework, reinvest. These are, that’s the rewords.

We start figuring out a lot of exit strategies, always on retrogrades. And since Venus has a lot to do with relationships, both professional [00:12:00] and personal, it also has a lot to do with values that we have for ourselves and for other people and the values other people have for us. So I always like to go back a little bit.

I do this with my clients. What was happening then regarding your desires, your values, your love, your relationships that you see returning now, especially in the next few weeks for another look. And what I did here on the left is a, uh, um, spreadsheet basically of the last few times at Venus stationed.

Very close to the degree that it’s stationing that’s stationed on July 22nd at 28 degrees of Leo. It was very close to that degree, July 25th, 2015. It was very close to the degree, only two degrees of Virgo, July 27th. Interesting. All about the same dates, 2007, uh, and a little further, but still around late July of 1999.

So, Many times, much like when the [00:13:00] nodes return every 19 years, or Venus retrogrades, you know, because it has a pro, it has a pattern in it, we are asked to revisit. So where is Venus, which just went retrograde this week? Retrograding in your chart. Now, I’m gonna go through the list here, but we’re gonna have a quick little graphic for each sign.

But for Aries or Aries, rising people, it’s happening in your fifth house for Taurus or Taurus Rising. It’s happening in the fourth for Gemini. It’s happening, or Gemini rising. It’s happening in the third for cancer or cancer rising. It’s happening in the second for Leo, the first Virgo, the 12th, Libra, the 11th.

Scorpio the 10th sag the ninth Capricorn Thei, Aquarius the seventh, and Pisces the sixth. And this is what it looks like visually. Do you need? And before we go there, do you need to up the ante? Because Venus retrograde is about how much anti are you giving your value for yourself? Do you need to up [00:14:00] the ante regarding yourself worth in different areas of your life?

And that’s why you have to look at the house in which Venus is retrograding, because this is where the action’s gonna be all summer long. So when Venus is retrograding your chart, It’s gonna be, it’s retrograde right now, now through September 5th when it goes direct at about 12 degrees of Leo, but it doesn’t really.

Get to the place it started going retrograde till October 7th, and I think it leaves Leo somewhere around October 10th. That’s a lot more than just a few weeks. That’s basically about June, July, August, September. We’re looking at about five months of very important, uh, reviews of our value for ourself and the value we have for those we’re close to, and the value that we have in our business partnerships and the values and the differences between our wants.

Versus our needs because Venus is about what we desire. So [00:15:00] Venus retrograde for Aries, that’s happening in your fifth house. The fifth house is the house of children of taking chances of taking risks, which is why it’s always assigned to dating. Um, what are you spending on your fun? Are you spending too much money on fun?

Are you spending enough on fun? Are you afraid to take a risk with a relationship? Or possibly somebody may come back from the past in a relationship, which I would say with Venus retrograde, review the relationship, but don’t make any decisions until Venus goes direct. For Taurus, it’s happening in their fourth house, which is usually the house of your root family that you came from.

It’s also your home, your family that you live with. Now, the, uh, all the d n a of people that you didn’t know before you were born. This is about reviewing things in your home. Health issues regarding family members may be coming up at this point as well. Some things that need to be fixed in our homes have to be addressed.

And by the [00:16:00] way, when we do look at retrogrades, uh, planet retrograde, since we’re looking at Venus, you always want to look at the house that Venus rules to include it in your delineation. So in the case of Taurus, Venus rules the ascendant, which is the physical body. Venus Rules Libra. Which is the sixth house, which is your systems, your files, do they need some cleaning out?

Do you need to reduce your clutter? For Gemini people, it’s moving through their third house, which is a Gemini house by the way. And the third house is about our brothers and our sisters and our neighbors. And the way we, uh, communicate with other people the way we convey our communication. Have we had some, uh, disagreements recently that need to have some sort of resolution?

Are we afraid to communicate in a way that we’re not used to because it. Heralds back to the 12th house. Some things we haven’t dealt with in our unconscious mind. Uh, Venus is also the [00:17:00] ruler of Libra on this chart, which is the fifth house of our children. How are you communicating with your children or if you don’t have children?

And a lot of people don’t have them right now. The fifth house is also the children of the mind. What creative project are you thinking about? Like a writing project, a blog, a website that you have not come up with an answer for. This is the time to reevaluate it. For cancer people or cancer rising people.

Venus is retrograde in their second house where they’re reevaluating their spending habits, they’re reevaluating wants versus needs. They’re reevaluating their budgets. Since Venus is the ruler of Taurus, it could be reevaluating some of our friends that we need to help with their particular homes or family issues since.

The second house is the fourth from the 11th of friends. That’s a whole wonderful, uh, area of astrology called derivative. Houses are turning the wheel. Uh, Venus is also the ruler of the fourth house here, going through the second, [00:18:00] how much are you spending on where you’re living? Are you spending enough?

Are you not spending enough? Do you need to rethink the budget? So what about, especially Leo and Venus is in Leo right now. Venus is retrograde in the first house, which is the physical body. Your identity in the world, how people see you. The rising sign is really what people first see when they look at us.

They don’t look at the sun sign, and that’s the lens through which we see the world. The question here, since Venus is retrograde in the first house is how fast are you going? Because this is an Aries house. Do you need to slow down a bit? A little bit? Um, Allow yourself the luxury of others helping you instead of always doing things yourself, which is the, the wonderful thing about Leo is that they’re great at giving, they’re really lousy at receiving or asking for help.

So this might be a time to Venus rules a third house, communicate that you need a little help. And it might be in the beginning, [00:19:00] people might not hear you because they’re not used to it. So just become a very loud, loud horn that says it so they get it. Over the next few weeks for Virgo, Venus is retrograde in the 12th house, which is the house of the unconscious, where we store all those things that we really don’t want to deal with.

I think for Virgos especially, it also has a lot to do with self-confidence. And the 12th House is really a place to examine how confident really are you. Uh, what would happen if you asked for the order? Uh, do you need to open up some of the things that keep you from fulfilling your life by working with somebody who’s a coach or a trainer?

And I think. That that is a very important thing for Virgo people because one of the things we don’t say much about Virgos is that they’re a very necessary part of the zodiacal order because Virgo is the processing agent. The sixth [00:20:00] house, the natural sixth house of the the Zodiac, which is we have to process things through Virgo that has, it’s discriminating what’s important, what’s not important.

It’s the small intestine of the organism. We’ll keep this. We don’t need this. So in your own life, what things are you holding onto that you need to let go of, that are keeping you from having a fulfilling life? So what about Libra? Or Libra, depending how you pronounce it. Venus is the ruler of Libra. It’s also the ruler of Taurus, of course, and Venus is retrograde.

In your 11th house of friendships, are you hanging out with the right people? Do your friends value you? Are they not valuing you? Are you thinking about maybe not staying with one organization that you need to change the organization because it’s not meeting the needs of your goals? This is the sort of thing that’s happening right now.

And this working with a community or working with friends or working with people, uh, in organizations may also, if you [00:21:00] reorganize it very clearly, help you with your income because Venus is the rule of Taurus, which is your eighth house, which is income, and of course it is the ruler of your ascendant, which is your health.

So by getting a little bit more organized about who you wanna hang out with and who you don’t wanna hang out with, That might also make you a little healthier, both in the pocketbook and also in your body. And so what about Scorpio? People? Well, they are all with Venus Retrograding in their 10th house of their professional lives.

They are reevaluating, do I really wanna do this profession? Is really this, the thing for me to do, it could be that a boss that you’re working for is thinking seriously about leaving the company that you may not know about until Venus goes direct. Just because you learned something in your industry.

And this is, you know, Scorpio is very fixed just because you learned something at school and you got the degree and then you in your industry. It doesn’t mean you have to stay with that industry. It means that you can take a piece [00:22:00] of that industry and incorporate it into a new job or a new way of working.

And this also does suggest that since Venus is the ruler Taurus, which is partnerships where Jupiter is right now, that maybe talk to people you feel really close to about some ideas. This is that whole listening thing I was talking about in the beginning. And what this does is opens up a space for new options.

So what about Sagittarius? It’s in their ninth house. Well, you know, that’s the Sagittarius house anyway. And actually, um, Venus retrograde in the ninth house is about, do I wanna go back to school? So, What about that book I’ve been wanting to write? What about that trip I wanna take? What about that consulting idea or marketing idea I have?

How can I change that? Uh, maybe I need to finish a degree. I’m really close. I only have six more months and I know it’s a little tight financially, and it’s going to mean I have to reorganize my time. Venus rolls a 6,000 time management, but don’t [00:23:00] make any decisions until Ven Venus gets a little closer.

This is the time to find out. Where you wanna travel, who you wanna travel with, who you wanna partner with, who you want to do a marketing, uh, thing with, that’s the ninth house. And also, are your beliefs. Your beliefs? Is your philosophy your philosophy? Or is it a compilation of media’s philosophy? This is about finding out the truth.

Which is a thing that sad loves anyway. And so what about Capricorn people? Well, Capricorn is reevaluating, this is very mundane, but it’s important because it’s an earth sign, Capricorn reevaluating your estate planning. Reevaluating your frozen assets. Is your mortgage too high? Are you paying too much for a mortgage?

Uh, have you done an estate or a will? Even though you’re young, it’s always a good idea to put something together on paper. Um, what about the ability to ask for support from other [00:24:00] people? Something Capricorns don’t do either because the eighth house. Is the by Do it. By working with other people’s resources, we gain our own.

Robert Jansky always talked about the eighth house being our income, our salary. So this is also a very important time to really think about, are you doing too much for what you’re getting paid for? Is it time as Venus goes direct to ask your employer or to ask your clients or your customers for a little bit more?

Return on the effort you’re putting out in terms of your work, and you may not want to announce it probably until about September when Venus goes direct. But these are some of the questions. This could be an excellent time to work with someone who can help you make a plan for a good financial future and allows, allow some time for it to happen.

And what about aquariums? Well, you know, aquariums have been going through a lot anyway, cuz Pluto went into Aquarius briefly at the beginning of the year. They’re [00:25:00] already in a transformation kind of cocoon mode. But Venus is retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships. And the seventh house is legal partnerships like marriages or business partnerships.

But it’s also how we deal with people in long-term partnerships over a long period of time. It may be a little difficult right now to ask your partners for what you want, but I would say since Venus is retrograde in Leo, that maybe a little pride needs to be set aside and open up your vulnerability to really say what you’re really feeling, which is something that’s really hard for Venus in Leo or Leo Energy to do.

And you may do it and you may not do it, but. If you open yourself up a little bit and drop a little bit of the ego or the pride or the V fear of being vulnerable, you might find that people really hear you. And what I’m basically saying is take a [00:26:00] chance. And so what about Pisces people? Well, Venus is retrograde in your sixth house.

That’s your everyday, your files, your closets, your drawers, your health, your food, your eating habits, your exercise habits. These are all the things that need to be reevaluated or being reevaluated right now as Venus is retrograde. And since Venus rules Taurus, which is the third house, maybe you can’t do it all.

Maybe you can hire some help. Maybe it’s part-time help for people who know a little bit more about something you don’t know anything about. Like maybe you need to reorganize your website and you don’t know how to do it. Maybe it’s time to find people who can help you do it so you don’t get so panicked.

Because Pisces do get panicked very easily cuz they’re highly sensitive. It also would suggest. That by doing this, you’re gonna stay a lot healthier psychologically because the stress of the day-to-day getting organized will be lifted. So I know I went through that pretty quickly. But [00:27:00] anyway, so the point I’m making is sometimes when we don’t let go, and Venus retrograde in many ways is about letting go of our pride, letting go of our egos, letting go of relationships that aren’t working, letting go of our attitude about our value.

Sometimes when we don’t let go of something, we get let go. Because that’s what Venus Retrograde does. Either we make a decision to let something go, or the decisions will be made for us, and it usually works together. And so with transiting Pluto squaring the nodes at the same time, Venus is retrograde.

This means this is possible to move forward, but it only happens if you’re so incredibly resistant that the only way to change. Is for outside forces to do it for you because Pluto squaring the nodes with Venus Retrogrades is about making choices, and you’d be amazed at how the magical possibilities show up when you have the courage to make choices.

And we also had in this last few days, mercury, which is our communication, just squaring your uni. [00:28:00] So making some choices could let the genie out of the bottle where you can instantly be in the right place at the right time when you make a choice. And I, I just wanted to suggest, or if you can’t do it, maybe allow yourself some Neptune time and go see a movie that shows you how to do it.

Because sometimes there are just no words. And I just saw this a few weeks ago and I think it’s a lovely film, 3000 years of Longing with Tilda Swinton and Nira Sbra, and this is a lovely Venus retrograde film to see if you can’t put it into words, you can see it in images. And to approach the stranger, you know, this is about really taking a little bit of courage and going to people you don’t know for help to approach the strangers, to invite the unexpected, release a new force, let the genie out of the bottle.

It is to start a new train of events that is beyond your control. Fomenting. So put a form around the current events of this week. First of all, [00:29:00] Pluto started squaring the nodes, which will be for about a nine month hit on July 25th. The moon enters Scorpio forming the first quarter moon, which is really a good time to get organized about some of the ideas we’ve been talking about.

On July 27th, mercury and Venus are holding hands. In other words, they’re conjunct. Call a buddy. Go to lunch, take a few hours off to hang out with someone that leaves you feeling happy. The son’s been in Leo. After all, a little happy, never hurt anyone. July 27th. That friend or the associate in that fun meeting may be the genie and the bottle.

They may be the messenger that has information for you. As you re you reevaluate your positions throughout the summer. Tough choices. Elevate your life, creating fabulous possibilities. Ask for the order and of course, mercury enters Virgo, which is its own position on the 27th of July, and it is also staying for a long [00:30:00] visit because Mercury is going to be going retrograde in the next few weeks, actually very soon.

Um, We have on July 27th, Vesta, which has a lot to do with investments in ourselves or investments literally in our financial life. Vesta is in a trying to the moon, and you know, Vesta is the goddess of ritual and she’s found, as I said in the word investment. How long has it been since you invested in?

You ask yourself that question. If you can’t answer that, that then you haven’t. And Mercury enters its own sign, Virgo on the 27th. Since Mercury usually takes about three weeks to travel a sign, and since Mercury is retrograding at Virgo at the end of August, we’re gonna have weeks and weeks of Mercury traveling through Virgo, which is really gonna help a lot of this facilitation of details.

Uh, mercury and Virgo is the processing agent. Uh, this again starts July 27th. Mercury and Virgo has the unique capacity [00:31:00] to parse out. What’s important, so start processing. Use the time between July 24th and mid-September to get clean and move forward. Clean up your habits, coverage, your files, your dietary considerations.

Spruce up a home office, clean the refrigerator, wipe down winter’s mud from the outside doors. All great physical things to be doing. While your brain and Mercury are processing the hard stuff. And again, if you can’t do it all yourself, get yourself a Mr. Or Ms. Clean. And finally, in the last few days and continuing through the week, pal, Athena’s and asteroid, she has and is Conjoining Transing, Mars and Virgo Adventure is likely to have an influence on your relationships right now.

This can mean that you’re an independent, needing an equally independent partner. Or that you need plenty of freedom to assert yourself in partnerships. You’re likely to be assertive in your [00:32:00] partnerships, unafraid of confrontation, particularly while Venus is retrograde and who often takes on a more Martian tone.

And that is true when Venus goes retrograde. She’s not as tactful, shall we say, as when she’s direct. She gets a little bit more marsy. So since Venus is staying retrograde all summer, try to vet out potential partnerships. Athena is the goddess of strategic thinking. If she agrees with your journey or your effort or your direction, she gives you.

With remarkable tools because she, you know, she gives you tools if she agrees with your destination. If she doesn’t agree with your choices, she will set obstacles so that you finally get it. And you know, if you have an idea that you’re getting lots of obstacles and intuitively you’re getting, it’s not going to work.

That’s probably correct. By the way, the last time, uh, [00:33:00] Mars and, mercury and Venus were all together, last time this happened was March 17th, 2020, but it was in different signs then and now. So my question, you know, if you can go back in time and look at these conjunctions of Athena with Mars. Um, what was happening in March 17th, 2020?

I know this is probably about the time that we had the pandemic beginning be being announced in the world. And so now this is the first time since that happened where we’re having it again together. So how do you, how did you pivot your circumstances then? And so how are you gonna pivot your circumstances now?

And finally, since Venus is retrograde this week and staying retrograde all summer, being autonomous doesn’t always mean that you have to stay alone. Autonomy works best in valued partnerships.[00:34:00]

Jamie: Such a great broadcast, Georgia. Oh my God, I love that you spent, so we were able to spend so much time on the nodes in Pluto because that is, that’s an epic transit that we’re gonna be dealing with for a long time. And sometimes if you know like. You know, when you start going through tri, you know, like a lot of those challenges, you just need to know where you are in the storm and when it’s gonna be open.

Right. That you were able to, to really articulate that for everyone this week because it is, it’s a long journey and it’s like, you know, knowing where you are and we’ve got some great, um, other energy kinda working in to kinda kickstart it. And I love the, I love how astrology’s a pattern and you can always remember.

Georgia: It’s a pattern. This is a thing. Once you do this a long time, you can go back. When was Venus very close to this degree? When was this conjunction happening? Before, you know, and, and of course if you have a good memory, it helps. Oh, yeah. Or journal or di diaries, you know? Yeah. Uh, because it is amazing how things will come back.

And the, the difference though, between the North node now just into Aries, As opposed to 19 [00:35:00] years ago, you know, 2003 or 2004, 1985. The difference between all those other times and now is Pluto is sitting at the fulcrum point. Yeah. And Pluto takes no prisoners. Pluto makes you make a choice. Yes. And, and sometimes the choices have to be choices of things that you’re unwilling to let go of.

You know, and, uh, it’s not like it’s gonna happen overnight. It’s about a good nine month all the way through the end of this year, I think. But it doesn’t have to be painful. Baby steps, baby steps, you

Jamie: know? Yeah, absolutely. Baby steps. And, and I love how you called out the weeds too, because I feel like I’ve actually, I’ve actually said that sentence several times today with clients like, cuz that is, we get so caught up in the trigger or the thing this moment and not understanding, okay, this is part of a bigger piece of the puzzle.

So we can step back and figure out what our destination is, what we really want. Sometimes it that, that’s makes it easier to make the decisions or they make, maybe not easier, but I guess it’ll gives you the clarity like I need to make Yeah. For this reason. But when we’re always looking back or bracing [00:36:00] for what’s next, then we, we really kind of set ourself up, um, to not see the opportunities hidden in plain sight.

So we wanna really kind of work with the transformation and, and lean into it, um, and, you know, work with Pluto instead of against him and the transition. Yeah. And I, and I,

Georgia: and I, and I, I failed to mention this, but you know, as Venus is retrograde now at 2028, Leo, it is trining the node. So this is actually, uh, a confirmation that.

Maybe this is the time to take baby step risks. You know, I mean, they don’t have to be extreme, you know? I don’t know why people are so I’m gonna either leave my job, you know, or I’m gonna leave my partnership. What are the little things that you can do? You know, there’s a big middle.

Jamie: There is a big middle.

Like if you do want to leave a job, what do you need to leave the job? And does that require you stay for this amount of time? If you do need to leave the relationship, what does that do? How can you prepare for it for your children or, or if you’re trying to move, like it’s, it is, it’s just like, instead of going from, it’s not a [00:37:00] snap your finger process.

And if you can think through that. Especially if you’re in a very tense situation. If you know, okay, by this time mm-hmm I’m leaving, then that takes the pressure off of it. Cause it doesn’t feel like I’m stuck. I’m stuck in this whirlwind. So definitely, yeah. The, the planning, the baby steps, all great advice.

Always. Georgia,

Georgia: you know, and I thi and I also, one more thing about Venus retrograde, I think this is not a bad time to discuss with your partners, whether they’re personal or professional or friends, some of the things that need to be discussed. You know, for people to listen, first of all the hard questions and the hard discussions, that’s what a Venus retrograde is really about.

And if you need a neutral party, especially in a partnership, whether it’s personal or professional, find a good coach, a a neutral party. Find the Pluto Pluto rules therapist, which is hysterical. Find a really good therapist to help you work through whatever this thing is so that when the decision time [00:38:00] comes, It’s not like, well, I’m out of here.

It’s okay. It’s mutual, right? And that that makes for a very healthy. Actually long term relationship, even though you may not be with these people. Right. Yeah. Because you’re

Jamie: closing karmic loops, which is a lot. Right, right. Too. Like you wanna, cause if you don’t close it with this situation, it shows up with a different face in a different place.

And then it’s a pattern that you don’t wanna be repeated. But, and, and I will. I often, um, find myself saying this too, is sometimes, like, especially during retro grades, our ghosts come back. And so it’s like this relationship. So it’s like, okay, that’s a ghost. What’s the lesson? And, and some people will be like, well, I thought I passed that lesson.

You did. This is just that quiz on the long side. The the test. The test. Do you, do you lean in or are you gonna like, no, I know where this is gonna go. I’ve been here and I go in this direction. So it’s not that you never get to get to see that, but when things show up in a different face and place, you definitely wanna, you know, No.

How you feel and, and then it’s, cuz sometimes you think that you’ve worked through that, but put. [00:39:00] Oh, Pluto will pull it up and say, you haven’t worked through this. Let’s do it now and let’s, and, and pass through it. So those are all great opportunities to seize as we work through the rest of the summer and, uh, here in the US and then move into the, well, this side of the world.

It’s winter for some of our listeners out there, but as we work through this season, it’s a good time to. To, to do that. If you have a trigger, um, kind of pull that up. And I like how you guys said it was stop, look, and take action. Like that’s, that’s what we’re doing right now. We’re just gonna be, make sure that we’re having that grounded decision listening.

I love that too. Listen more than you speak because Yeah. That’s because when you, I think, I think you would agree too, when you listen, you can almost hear the fear or the anxiety or, or like where the other person’s coming from. But if we, we, if we speak then we’re trying to convince someone to agree with us.

If we listen, we can understand why they think the way they do or feel the way they do. Mm-hmm. And approach the situation with more compassion like Saturn and Pisces. Like, let me meet you where you are, or let me agree to love you from the distance. Like there’s a, there’s so many different [00:40:00] energies asking us to, um, Like really, you know, ascend to the next story in our lives.


Georgia: All same. I like, I like what you said, the karmic loop. Yeah. I think you said karmic loop. That’s a really good phrase. Um, because I do think people do come back in our lives on Venus retrogrades, and it’s often somebody that we think, like you said, we had closure with, but we really didn’t. Yeah, we, yeah,

Jamie: I’ve seen them a lot.

Even like, I see it like every age and every kind of relationships. Mm-hmm. But it’s like old bosses, old friends, old crushes, or someone who, even if it’s not them, like someone who looks just like ’em comes back up. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. What was the lesson? How do you, how do you embrace this differently?

Because we do, we live in a, a, a current modern world where we think if we hit delete block that you’re out of our life. But it doesn’t work like that with, on a soul level. Like it’s still there and so you have to kind of feed it out and, um, the lesson’s gonna find you and, and it’s, it’s there to help you grow the test.

Mm-hmm. Is definitely an inner [00:41:00] strength, um, for the purpose that you have to be on this planet right now. If you’re here, you’ve got a. You got a job to do. And

Georgia: that’s a very good point too. I mean, we’re not here by accident. No. It’s not an accident that any of us showed up, you know? Right. So, uh, and that’s part of the value for yourself.

You know, a lot of people are down and out right now, and I get it, you know, but every person has a value. They do. And the Venus Retrograde is about. How much do I really value myself as well? You know? And that’s why old relationships will come back, I think sometimes, because the way you valued yourself then is very different than if you’ve evolved the way you value yourself now.

And that’s what you need to see. So you don’t keep doing the same thing over and over and over and over again, you know? Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Jamie: Easier said than done. No doubt. Easier said than done. But it is, it’s good to be aware of it. And it was even like, you know, knowing that the, like the last time Venus was there, I was like, what happened to me in that year?

And one of the things I remembered were new neighbors moving in. I was like, [00:42:00] well the likelihood of that is about nil, cuz I live on like 40 acres. And then yesterday new neighbors moved in next door and like rode up to the fence to say hi. And I was like, Okay.

Georgia: Oh my God, that’s so funny. See yeah. This, this, this stuff works.

Jamie: You can’t make it up. No. Then my, like eight years ago, my neighbors like, you know, you could pass sugar. The houses were so tight this year. No, you have to drive like a four-wheeler. But sure enough, it was like, Hey, you’re new and like, but yeah, but it, there’s patterns and I’ve also seen other patterns like in, in different areas of my life.

Not just something, but you’ll, when you start sitting with it, you’ll see your pattern. You’re like, okay, how did I react differently? Mm-hmm. But it was really kind of funny cuz I had said something to my husband and kids the night before about the. Oh, this pattern’s coming up and when we saw the, the, the coming at us, we all just kinda looked at each other like, oh man, she did it again.

Like, she just, she called it like that cause we never even saw for sale sign. It was kind of funny, but yeah, it’s gonna, it’s very interesting to find your patterns and kinda look within because, um, you know what you [00:43:00] love or dislike about someone’s always, it’s coming from inside and if you can handle that, then the reflection and what you bring in is, is gonna be so much different and.

I love all the great gems you gave us to work with this week, Georgia. It’s always such a pleasure. I know we’re gonna have you back soon. I can’t wait to see you then too.

Georgia: We’ll see

Jamie: you soon. All right. Yeah. And if, if you guys would like to learn more from Georgia, she does have a mastery class in our academy, and it’s called Planetary Phases.

This is a brilliant class that really helps you kinda work with these patterns and energy. You can find

Jamie: slash phases with Georgia. All right, and then we’ll see you again here soon. But I wanna thank all of you for tuning in this episode, for being a part of our community, and always for making astrology a part of your life.

We’ll catch you on the next episode. Thanks, Jamie.

Georgia: Bye.

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