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Libra First Quarter Moon

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of July 24-30, 2023, with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom. In this episode, Christopher dives into the fascinating world of lunar phases, focusing on the first quarter moon taking place at 29 degrees Libra on July 25th. He explores the significance of lunar phases in astrology and how they can influence our personalities and life experiences. From the anticipation-filled waxing gibbous moon to the full moon's peak light, Christopher provides insightful interpretations that will leave you looking at the moon in a whole new light.

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Horoscope July 24-30

[00:00:00] This week, we'll be talking about lunar phases, next on Horoscope Highlights.

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Hello, my name is Christopher Wenstrom, and I'm your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. And this week, I wanted to talk to you about the first quarter moon taking place at 29 degrees Libra, on July 25th. Now, before I begin, I want to apologize for my bad imitation of Bea Arthur.

Unfortunately, I came down with a little bit of a summer cold, so I'm asking you to please be patient and to bear with, and hopefully I will be able to make it worth your while this week with a discussion of the lunar [00:01:00] phases. I will be discussing the lunar phases around this particular first quarter moon that will be taking place at 29 degrees Libra on July 25th. Now, some of you out there might be asking yourselves, Hey, wait a sec. I thought we already had a first quarter moon in Libra. What gives? And you're right, we indeed did have a first quarter moon in Libra already, and we had that first quarter moon on June 26th.

This is one of those rare occasions when we have two first quarter moons or a lunar phase taking place twice in the same month and therefore the same sign or combination of zodiac signs. Now some of you also might have noticed that I referenced the 29th degree of Libra and you might be like, hmm, haven't I heard about that 29th degree before? And the answer is, yes indeed you have. You have heard about [00:02:00] that 29th degree in reference to the Anoretic. degree, which is a radical degree or the final degree of a zodiac sign.

Now, some of you may also be wondering, wait, haven't I heard about that 29th degree before? And my answer would be like, yes, well done. You have heard about that 29th degree before. We discussed it when we talked about the solar eclipse taking place on April 20th. at the 29th degree of Aries. The 29th degree is known as the anoretic degree in astrology.

It's said to be fated and to be very powerful and to be very volatile. So a solar eclipse like it, like, uh, the solar eclipse did on April 20th would have been an especially powerful one. And also this first, uh, quarter moon at 29 degrees Libra, we can also expect. to be a very powerful one. [00:03:00] Just, if I may, to unpack just a quick moment here, we are entering into a pattern where we will see lunar phases taking place at in cardinal signs at around the 29th degree.

Remember we had the solar eclipse April 20th at 29 degrees Aries. We're having the first quarter moon this July 25th at 29 degrees Libra. We will have our first quarter moon on October 22nd at the 28th degree of Capricorn. This will be followed by our first quarter moon on January 18th 2024 at 27 degrees Aries.

We have a first quarter moon on April 15th. 2024 at 26 degrees cancer. And then we wrap up the cycle of lunar phases at this 29th degree. We wrap it up with the full moon on July 21st, 2024. at [00:04:00] 29 degrees Capricorn, and then we won't see this pattern repeat for a while longer. So I give you those dates because if you happen to be born at the end of a cardinal sign or near the end of the cardinal sign, that's usually about 26, degrees of a cardinal sign, or if you're born right around the time of the beginning of a fixed sign.

So that would be zero to maybe roughly three or four degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. You're going to want to pay attention to those, those dates that I just gave you. But I would really, um, encourage the people who are born at the end of the cardinal signs to be paying attention to those dates because they're going to be very powerful and they're going to be very impactful.

So. What are we talking about here? We're talking about a first quarter moon. What is a first quarter moon? Well, the first quarter moon is one of eight lunar [00:05:00] phases, okay, that take place every month. They don't always take place at the 29th degree. That's why, uh, we're underlining the specialness and the uniqueness of this particular first quarter moon.

But, uh, first quarter moons, like all eight lunar phases, take place every month. And the lunar phases are as following. There is a new moon, a waxing crescent moon, a first quarter moon, like we'll be discussing today, a waxing gibbous moon, a full moon, a waning gibbous moon, a last quarter moon, and then a balsamic moon, like in balsamic vinegar, and they're actually linked.

So let me just give a very quick brief description of these ideas. The new moon, which starts off every, lunar month, okay, the new moon is the only time of month when you cannot see the moon. Uh, you are literally in the dark, and that's [00:06:00] because the moon, is in the exact spot that the sun is in in the sky, and so it's not reflecting the sun.

It can't reflect the sun, it's standing in front of it. It's standing between us and our view of the sun. Uh, not that we're seeing the sun, it's at night, so we're not seeing the sun, but the moon needs to be a distance away from the sun in order to reflect its light. And that's why this is called a new moon or a dark moon.

New moons are pretty famous, uh, they're known as the time of, of, of setting an intention or planting a seed. You might be familiar with that song from the, uh, 70s wildfire where they say, By the dark of the moon, she planted. And that is a reference to the new moon. So the setting of intentions, the planting of seeds. are best done during the period of time of the new moon, when you cannot see the moon in the sky. It's dark. this is followed by a crescent moon, a crescent waxing moon.

Now you might be wondering, well, what's [00:07:00] waxing mean? Waxing means growing in light. Okay, so as, as the moon moves away from where it was blocking the sun, it begins to reflect the light of the sun at night. And so you see just the, just the, uh, barest sliver of the moon, and that is called a waxing crescent moon.

And that basically means that it's one to two zodiac signs ahead. of the sun. And this is a very, uh, youthful type of moon. If you have a waxing crescent moon in your chart, it gives you a youthful quality, uh, regardless of what zodiac signs are involved. And this is, you know, if you have the start in the dark, the origin, uh, with the new moon, then you have, um, someone getting up and, and, and going about their business with the waxing crescent.

I like to liken that to it being toddler like. Um, that the Waxing Crescent Moon [00:08:00] is like a baby that's just sort of, you know, uh, helping itself up on a piece of furniture and holding itself there for balance and, you know, reaching out for things that are new and different or bright and shining objects.

So, so there's, there's a very infant almost like quality to the Waxing Crescent. Very curious and very eyes large and wanting to take in everything about the world around it. When we get to the first quarter moon, which marks the end of the first week of a month, think of a quarter hour, you know, how you have like 12 o'clock, 12, 15, 12, 30, 12, 45, the first quarter moon would be 12, 15 on a clock.

And so this first quarter moon is when the moon is three signs ahead of the sun. And I will circle back and and describe what that's like I, I often refer to it as being adolescent, but I will qualify that with a fuller description, and just a couple of moments.

The [00:09:00] lunar phase that follows the first quarter moon is known as the gibbous waxing moon. This means that the moon is, four to five zodiac signs ahead of the sun in the sky. Uh, this I liken to the young adult who's just getting out on their own. Think of a person early to mid twenties. Uh, they're out of mom and dad's house.

They're out in the world. They're looking to establish themselves. Maybe, maybe, uh, they've just graduated college or something along those lines. So there's a great deal of enthusiasm and anticipation, um, that's associated to the, uh, waxing gibbous moon. The moon is growing larger in, in light. It's, it's waxing.

And so there's a great deal of enthusiasm and anticipation for the future. Uh, gibbous actually means swelling. So if you think of a pregnant woman, it's, it's. the swelling of, of the belly. And so it's brimming with potential. Anything is possible. It's [00:10:00] ripening. Okay. And so it's because it's, it's because of this, uh, time of the month that one also feels very much like a great deal of that anticipation that I was talking about for, for what will be.

perhaps the fulfillment of a potential or the realization of an ambition or an enterprise. So this being on the brink of realizing something is very very strong with the waxing gibbous moon and that again is four to five signs ahead of the sun in the zodiac chart. Now the full moon is when the moon has reached its peak light, okay?

It is full, and so therefore it stands equal to the sun. So if you can think of these, um, waxing phases as, as leading up to the presentation of the full moon, it's the best way to think of it. Um, and so with the full moon, it's, it's, it's at its full light, [00:11:00] its full luminosity, and it stands equal to the sun.

And you may experience, if you're born under a full moon, times where you're either the sun or the moon in your chart. In opposition, you can never be, uh, both planets at once, and because they don't really aspect one another, they're not really in, uh, Normal relationships with one another. An opposition means that you're either one or the other.

So, uh, the moon is fullest when it's in opposition to the sun, and you can either be, uh, expressing your solar energy or your lunar energy when you're born under a full moon. Chances are. that if yours is a nighttime chart that you were born at night or when the sun is underneath the horizon and the moon is above the horizon, the moon is seen, it's visible, and chances are that the description of the moon in that sign, uh, that it is a full moon sign in, uh, that it is full [00:12:00] in, you may actually relate to the lunar Uh, description of your personality more than your solar description, especially if it's a nighttime chart.

Um, if you have a full moon, you might be like, Oh, you know, I, I feel so much my sun sign, but gosh, I also feel like just as much as my moon sign, what gives? And the answer is what gives is you were born under a full moon, but if it's a nighttime chart. That full moon may actually feel like it describes you much more than your, uh, sun sign does.

So when we get to, uh, the next phase, the phase that follows the full moon, it's peaked. Um, and, and, and this means that the moon is now traveling behind the sun in the order of zodiac signs. Okay, so if, for instance, you're a cancer. And your moon is in Leo. Uh, that's a waxing crescent. Okay, because the moon is in the zodiac sign [00:13:00] in front of Cancer.

Uh, but, uh, and then, uh, the full moon, if you're born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, is going to be Capricorn. Let's say you're a Cancer with, uh, the, with your moon in Aquarius. Okay, Aquarius is now behind Cancer. In the zodiacal order, okay? Um, Cancer is the summer ahead of the winter, uh, placement of the moon in Aquarius, so the moon is behind, the sun in Cancer.

And so, um, if that's your place, if you're four, if your moon is four to five signs behind your sun sign, In zodiacal order, this is what's called a waning gibbous moon, um, disseminating. I think Daniel Rudyard used the word disseminating with this waning gibbous

And what he meant by disseminating, was that a flower comes into full bloom, and we look at this flower and we're like, oh, what a lovely flower, and, [00:14:00] uh, we admire it for the time that it's in flower, and then after a little while, the petals of the flower fall off. And, um, the flower begins to sprout seedlings, it's something you could see very easily with dandelions or weeds on your front lawn.

You'll see them show up, they have yellow flowers, and then the yellow flowers give way to the seedlings, the white little tufts, and you're like, oh no, dandelions on my white, on my lawn, I have to pull them out! Okay, uh, before the seeds can fly off and spread. Okay, so this is basically a waning gibbous moon.

It follows the full moon when it's at full capacity of light, it's starting to lose its light, and like a flower it's sending out seeds. This is why Dane Roger used the idea of disseminating, um, with, with the idea, with, with the idea of the waning gibbous. I have found, uh, the waning moon to be a little bit on the, um, on the sardonic side.

[00:15:00] Um, there's a kind of, uh, is that all there is quality to a waning gibbous moon. And it's, uh, hard to tell the difference. in the person's personality between, you know, is this person just experienced, or is this person perhaps jaded? Because there can be a little bit of a jaded tone, uh, to, to a waning gibbous, gibbous moon.

Following the fullness of the full moon, there can be a kind of I know everything quality to this, and, even kind of a resistance to learning anything new. Uh, if you have a disseminating, uh, moon or, or waning gibbous moon, you might be like, well, I know that already, or I've done that already, or been there, done that.

I mean, why would I be interested in doing something, um, different from the way that I've always done it? And, and maybe the way that I've always done it is a good and solid and a consistent thing. And so there, there can be a very sort of of established, almost fixed quality, uh, to the, um, waning gibbous moon.

[00:16:00] And what that speaks to is the beginning loss of light of the moon. Okay. The moon has already arrived as the full, the light is beginning to go. And so it can sort of double down on the way things have always been done. When we get to the last quarter moon, which is a waning moon, waning means losing light.

Remember waxing, we talked about as in building in light, and waning is losing its light. The moon phases wane after the full moon. An easy way to remember that is sort of like, remember that Uh, car commercial wax on and wipe off. Okay, you can sort of apply, apply it as wax on. Okay, the moon is gaining light and wane off.

Um, the moon is losing its light. And so when you have the last quarter moon, uh, remember we went 12 noon, 1215 is the first quarter moon. 1230 would be the full moon. 1245 would be the last [00:17:00] quarter moon, we're coming to the end of the hour and about to begin a new hour, or what's going on astrologically, we're coming to the end of the lunar month and we're about to begin a new lunar month, okay, that's in the last quarter waning moon.

And this is, um, A love of old things. This is like, uh, remember how we've spoken about before, about how the tree loses its foliage in the fall? Uh, that's because all the energy that went up from the roots into the buds of the trees and made the tree leaf, or perhaps even flower. Okay, when it comes fall, that energy moves away.

from the buds, it moves away from the branches and heads back down into the roots of the tree. Okay. Um, and that's why you see the leaves change color and they begin to fall because all the energy from the tree is no longer going into the leaves. It's now going down into the roots. It's getting ready for hibernation.

And so, um, [00:18:00] there can be a getting rid of anything that's, that's. Extra that's heavy. That's burdensome. Um, there can be questions or if shoes if you're born under last quarter moon, um, you know, uh, am I in accepting personality or am I just sort of giving up? So there can be questions along the lines of, like, did I really do the best job that I could have and I need to accept circumstances or.

Or am I just giving up or yielding the field? Uh, the thing that I'm trying to communicate here is with the loss of light comes a lot of second thoughts and, and, and second guessing about where, where one is in, in life. There can be a fear of being surpassed or outdated, um, or, or antiquated and, uh, and so it's, it's more.

Well, I don't know. It always, uh, this is me. It just always puts me into, in, in mind of Moses. Okay. From, from Genesis and [00:19:00] the Bible.

There's Moses, when he finds his call, he discovers a burning bush, and the burning bush gives him a mission in life, which is to rescue the Israelites. And so there's, there's something I need to do that would be like a first quarter moon, you know. And then the last quarter moon is, um, Moses, after having led the Israelites out of, Egypt and into, uh, the, the 40 years in the desert.

And, um, and, and now, uh, you know, they're going to cross the river into, into their land, but he stays because he's sort of done his job. Um, it's kind of like, um, you know, I got my people out of Egypt and. like, where the hell am I going? I don't know, but also this kind of completion, this sense of like, I've accomplished the task, so what comes next?

So, so there is that kind of a quality to, to a last quarter moon. [00:20:00] And then finally, when we come to the balsamic moon, um, This is the, uh, zodiac sign that's before, or even the same sign as the sun, but just a few degrees. , after it, uh, uh, before it gets to the sun to form the new moon. Balsamic basically means health giving.

Um, it's a, like the vinegar, the point of the ba ba balsamic vinegar is that it was curative. Um, so it's healing and acidic. So with the balsamic, moon, uh, you get the sediment, you know, the, the remains of the lunar cycle. And so, um, it can be both healing and curative. \ so, so you can get, as far as a character, kind of sort of cranky, tired, or ill humored, or just fatigued, uh, moon, maybe biting in its delivery and world weary.

Um, it's desperate to return to sleep, to go back to sleep, to the dark, [00:21:00] but the residue, you know, of the sediments, if you know balsamic vinegar, it has an incredibly flavorsome brown bits. Um, it's the most concentrated energy, um, and so it's not It's not the fullness of the full moon, but you get the concentrated, the absolute epitome of the energy and the story of the lunar cycle in the balsamic moon.

This is why I like to call the balsamic moons, the closers, the closers of the lunar cycle. They're really good at tying up loose ends. They're really good at taking care of unfinished business, and they're really good at bringing things in for a landing. They're the ones that can say, okay, we're done.

You know, this is, this is, this is it. This is as far as it goes. And where other people might be like, well, wait, we can try again or whatever. It's the Balsamic Moon that's going to say, no, we're not going to try. This is done. We brought this in for a landing and we need to step away and let it be. And, and it [00:22:00] will be judged on its own merits.

So balsamic moons are very much the closers of, of the lunar cycle. And, uh, and pretty much the, uh, waxing Crescent are like the openers of the, of the lunar cycle.

So let me double back and talk about the first quarter moon, the first quarter waxing moon, uh, the one that's taking place this July 25th at the 29th degree of Libra. Okay, so a first quarter moon, uh, takes place when the moon is three zodiac signs ahead of the sun. Um, so if we have sun in cancer, If you count three signs ahead from Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, you get to Libra, and that is going to be the first quarter moon, okay?

And, and so here, We were talking about how the new moon is the beginning of an intention or the beginning of life or the beginning of an idea, beginning of a relationship, beginning of an enterprise. Things [00:23:00] begin under the new moon and then they move from, you know, being born to a toddler, you know, getting up and supporting itself on the chair and taking in the world and maybe trying some fumbling steps and falling and like, you know, being delighted or crying or something.

But, you know, you're, you're test driving. The body that you're in, or you're test driving the intention, or you're test driving the, um, the enterprise, or test driving the relationship, whatever has begun, uh, maybe you've just bought a house, you're test driving the house, you know, seeing where things go, okay, these can be all things that would be connected to, um, a waxing crescent, so that by the time you get to the first quarter moon, Uh, which is a square.

The moon is squaring the sun in, in the sky. Um, this is what I call the adolescent phase. So we've moved on from, you know, exploring the world and seeing what it's like, to wanting a voice. Okay, you know, wanting to [00:24:00] say, I have a voice, but not really having anything to say. Now that doesn't mean, um, that all adolescents want to have a voice and have nothing to say.

That's not what I'm saying at all. What it's really referring to is experience. I remember when I was starting out as a writer, um, in, in, in college, you know, and I would try all these different styles and, and write about these subjects and things like that. Writing didn't, writing, I enjoyed writing, but I didn't begin with like, boom, I'm this kind of a writer, you know, I was wearing different hats and things like that.

And I remember, um, an early writing teacher saying to me, you're trying too hard. You know, you're trying too hard. And I was like, what's that mean? And he was like, you're trying too hard. Um, you, you're, you're trying to affect. You know, and I was like, Oh, and it's like, you don't have to be so elaborate. I don't even know if this is going to be the style you ultimately write in, but [00:25:00] just be simple and just tell it like it is.

And I was like, okay, I'll try, you know, but what I was always aware of for those first few years in college and then just out of college. My. Guilty secret was I didn't have a voice. I didn't have anything to say. I just wanted to say something. I just sort of like wanted to take up room or interest people with the words that were coming out.

But I didn't, I wasn't saying anything. I didn't have a voice. I didn't have a voice that expressed who I, who I was. And this can be kind of the feeling of the first quarter moon. It's adolescent. You're, you're, you're, you know, you're, you can, you're about to drive and you're going to be graduating high school and you're going to be going out into the, into the world.

And, you know, you're this young adult who, who fancies themselves an adult. But you're not an adult, uh, by rank or by experience, yet. Uh, you're probably dependent on an adult, still. And [00:26:00] so, this is, this is what's going on with that first quarter moon. It insists on having freedoms, but hasn't done anything yet to earn them.

And again, this is simply about maturation. This is certainly, this is simply about experience. And so when you have a first quarter moon, like in your chart, for instance, uh, natally, you may be highly reactive, you know, you may do a lot of acting out, uh, in, in, in your life, in which you have very strong opinions and there, and there's very, enthusiastic yeses and, and, and bellicose no's, you know, I mean, it may be very strong and very, very powerful.

And, and so this is what I call the growing pains moon. It, it, it may have these things by right, you know, one can get his driver's license at 18, you know, but it doesn't mean that you're experienced in, in, in what's going on here. And so there can also be a feeling of [00:27:00] things being out of whack, you know, your body isn't your body.

Yet, you know, and so you're trying to wrestle control you, you know, the, the body in an adolescence goes through sleep hunger, you know, and sex drive, you know, so, and these things kind of take over, you know, the personality where it's like I'm asleep and like really hungry and I'm like, I'm crushing. Okay, so, so these are all things.

things that can go on with a first quarter moon. I'm using the metaphor of the adolescent, but it can go on regardless of age. Uh, you may still be having strong sleep, hunger, sex cycles, overpowering your body in your sixties. Okay. If you're born under a first quarter moon, but remember that all square. So all quarter moons are combative.

And collaborative by nature. Okay, so they're combative because it's Mars ruled, you know, they're wrestling to get the upper hand, but there also can be a collaborative effect. When you think of, for [00:28:00] instance, like Ares and Libra, right? Uh, we think of, of Ares as the ram and it's, uh, shown with the head and the horn.

So it's, you know, butting heads and locking horns. These are very Ares types of ideas. And then we think of Libra and we see the handle of the scales. You know, if you are familiar with the symbol of Libra, it's the handle of the scales. The scales are here. But the handle holds the, uh, the frame that holds the two scales.

That's one understanding of the symbol of, of Libra. What I was surprised and delighted to learn recently is that the other symbol of Libra, um, was the yoke. Okay, so it was the yolking together of oxen. Um, and so when you think of Libra and its association to relationship and marriage, it's the yolking together.

You know, I mean, think of the two spouses wearing an oxen's yoke and, you know, [00:29:00] they're, they're plodding forward into the field to furrow it or, or to pull, uh, to pull a wagon or something like that. So, so Libra was not only the scales, but it was also the yoke. The thing that, uh, paired the oxen to each other and allowed you to drive a cart.

So, so in this first quarter, um, moon, uh, we have establishing the self as different, but making yourself different. doesn't necessarily mean that you've made yourself individual or in a Jungian psychological way of putting it, it doesn't mean you've individuated. You've established your difference, you know, but it doesn't mean that you've individuated.

And, um, and indeed, uh, in, in the understanding of the lunar phases, uh, traditionally the first quarter moon, you know, it's the first challenge after emerging from the birth of the new moon. And many astrologers will say [00:30:00] obstacles appear that challenge who you are and decisions need to be made to push ahead.

But I want to remind you, it can be a feeling like it's on your shoulders and you should have a reaction and that's going to be it, but with the first quarter moon, because it's so young in the lunar cycle, it does, it doesn't make you an individual, uh, not yet. Um, you're, you feel a difference, you know, I'm not, I'm not a kid.

I'm a young adult, but I'm not yet my own person. This is something that I want us to think about when we think of the first quarter moon that's taking place between the zodiac signs of Cancer and Libra. Um, what I like to do when I look at squares is look at what the two signs have in common. Um, and the first obvious answer right off the bat is what they have in common is that they are both cardinal signs.

Um, and, uh, uh, cancer [00:31:00] is the cardinal sign associated to the summer solstice. And Libra is the ca is the cardinal sign that's associated to the atonal equinox. What's also interesting about the two of them is looking at the planetary rulers. Cancer is ruled by the moon. Libra is ruled by Venus. Uh, so cancer is very much about the home, the hearth, um, the family ancestry.

Um, building a foundation, building a house, okay, um, and the best house that you can to shelter your loved ones, your, your family. This is, uh, pretty much a cardinal virtue of, of cancer is the love of family and, um, and, and, and the love of tradition, um, and even perhaps preserving tradition in an environment which has nothing to do with where you were.

Born and raised. Okay, can also be cancerian in that regard, but cancer is pretty much going to be lunar. It's about the family and and the ties that bind, [00:32:00] which are like blood ties or biological ties or familial ties. This is the home you come home to at the end of the day and sleep at night. Libra, Libra is ruled by Venus.

And one of the big differences that I like to look at between the Moon and Venus is Moon has this bonding relationship. It relates through bonding, you know, and, um, and and if I can return to the, you know, adolescent motif one more time. You go from a time in your life where you're very bonded to your family, you want to be with your family.

a time in your life where you're beginning to, you know, romantically crush on other people, and the last place you want to be is with your family or at home, and that's Venus, okay? So, so the moon is all about the relationships within the home and the family, and Venus is all about the relationships outside the home and family, like, oh my god, that person's so sexy, or oh, they looked at me, and I'm going to gossip with my friends and speculate about [00:33:00] Possible romantic intrigues and possibilities and I'm going to form a romantic relationship and this is going to maybe take me away from where I was born or, or this romantic relationship maybe with someone who is culturally different from the home that I was raised in, uh, or, or, or this romantic attachment might be with someone that my parents scowl at, or frown at, you know, and it's going to cause great trouble.

So this could almost begin to imply the square between Cancer and Libra. So that could be falling in love with someone that your parents would never allow you to fall in love with, to

maybe coming from a very harmful or toxic, um, uh, home environment or even childhood and upbringing and meeting someone and actually having a chance to build a relationship outside of a past that was very negative or very toxic. I mean, we can always do the flip side of that as well. So again, I want you to sort of [00:34:00] think of, uh, think about the, um, Cancer as being bonding, the bonds, the family ties, and, uh, Libra as being relational, you know, and you see it with, uh, Moon bonding and Venus relational, uh, Venus being the ruler of Libra. So another layer that we put on top of this, so, so there may be this kind of feeling of, You know, I'm, I'm, I'm ready to start my own relationship outside of what's familiar to me, or I'm gonna start a relationship that flies in the eyes of, you know, what's familiar to me, or, or, or I'm, I'm getting back into the dating pool.

You know, these may be things, uh, because there's always an element of danger with Venus. It's relationships that are untried, untested, they're outside the protection of that campfire light, uh, which is so much connected to the Hearth and Home of Cancer. The other layer that we want to put on to this is that, [00:35:00] uh, the Sun is in Cancer.

Its, its first quarter is to the Moon in Libra. The Moon is the ruler of the Sun, which is in Cancer, right? Uh, uh, the Moon rules Cancer. And so at this first quarter, the Moon is in Libra, which means that the Moon is ruled by Cancer. Venus, which means that in this argument, um, or in this square, Venus rules it, not the moon.

And so this puts an emphasis on relationships outside a family, a hub. Then we throw in the next part of the layer of this, which is the Venus retrograde. Okay. So, so, so the Libra is Venus ruled. And currently right now in the sky, Venus is retrograde in the zodiac sign of Leo. And so what we have here, or what we may expect to see, is this home versus relationships energy becomes more [00:36:00] heightened.

And so, because Venus is backward in the sky, this may be introducing complications. Maybe you're already in a relationship, and your eyes have fancied someone else. Maybe the person that you fancied… comes from a different culture or upbringing or economic bracket than your family. Maybe your family's not around and you were raised in a family that had certain expectations, culturally or economically, and maybe the person that you fancy flies in the face of those expectations.

It, you don't necessarily have to be a fan, have a family that's like a sconce. It can be like, memory, you know, what, what to you represent security and family and maybe a growing involvement with someone who flies in the face of that. You don't know if this person is trustworthy. You don't know if this person is reliable.

Um, or maybe you're part of, um, what could potentially be a three way [00:37:00] triangle that is. Venus's favorite geometric shape, a triangle, a love triangle. So, so that might be something. So what we're going to be having coming up here with the 29th degree. Okay. Uh, is that whatever this crisis. Or decision or dilemma you find yourself in.

It's a very powerful one. It's a very urgent one. Perhaps, perhaps it's connected to the, March 20th eclipse. Uh, there may be a connection there because of the 29 degrees and, um, and so this is something that, you might be in a position where it's like, I know this is a bad idea and why am I following this, you know, or you might be in a different position.

You might be in a different position whereas, wherein, um, Venus as the ruler of the first quarter moon in Libra at such a critical degree, the 29th degree of Libra. is [00:38:00] challenging you to express or to show the courage of your affections. You know, are you under pressure to give up this relationship? Are you uncertain to the point of, of despairing or suspicion?

So, uh, Retrograde Venus isn't only just like, you know, bad news for romance. It's also a reflection on your choices, a reflection on your habits, a reflection on your values, because Venus says it's backtracking through the sky. You're literally backtracking through the case that you built to go forward with a relationship or an association.

And so this This, uh, could also be, uh, do you have the courage of your affections? You know, are you truly, um, as drawn to this person, or this situation, or this hope, uh, that, that, as you [00:39:00] profess to be? So that may also be a very powerful and telling question. This first quarter moon at the 29th degree, uh, repeats.

Um, with the first quarter moon on October 22nd of this year, that first quarter moon will be at 28 degrees, uh, Capricorn. So it would be the sun in Libra with the moon, uh, out ahead of it in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. And of course, when you're dealing with the first quarter moon in Capricorn, emerging out of the new moon lunar energy of the Libra, uh, this is all about dealing with consequences.

It's all about dealing with the consequences of the decision. So what you will be facing this week is perhaps a test to the courage of your affections. Uh, a decision is made so that by October 22nd, October 22nd of this year with the first quarter moon in [00:40:00] Capricorn, you are dealing with the consequences and whether those consequences are favorable or Disappointing, all depends on the decision that you are on the brink of making.




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