What does the Rising Sign Mean? with Christopher Renstrom

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Rise and Shine with Christopher Renstrom

In this episode, Astrologer Christopher Renstrom and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the meaning of the Rising Sign in Astrology. 

You’ll learn …

  • Why the Ascendant is considered one of the Big Three Astrology Placements
  • How Christopher Renstrom uses the Rising Sign in his practice
  • What is Physiognomy and how it relates to Astrology
  • About Christopher Renstrom’s new book, Rise and Shine

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0:00 Intro

1:45 What is the Rising Sign?

6:12 Controversies over the Rising Sign

12:00 The Ascendant as a Face

16:55 Why people don’t relate to their Rising Sign

23:00 Why does the Rising Sign Matter?

28:00 Christopher Renstrom’s New Book


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Welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast. I’m Amanda Pool Walsh, founder of Astrology Hub, and your host for our flagship show. We explore the many ways Astrology can support you and your relationships, career, health, and personal growth. Thanks for tuning in. Well, hello everybody, and welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast. Today, I am so thrilled to be here with Astrology,

his historian, and Astrology Hub favorite, Christopher Renstrom. And we’re gonna be talking today all about the rising sign or the ascendant, and we’re gonna be going kind of through some of the basics, but then also into some depth as we explore this topic. So, what is the rising sign? Why does it matter? Why is it one of the big three?

The Sun, Moon and rising? Sometimes people actually don’t associate very much with their rising sign, or Christopher says, Sometimes people literally say, Why do I hate my rising sign? Like, why do I really, Yeah, why do I really struggling dislike this, this rising sign? And then on the flip side, there’s other people that say, Gosh,

I associate I feel way more connected to my rising sign than to my Sun sign. So we’re gonna explore all those things. We’re also very excited to be here on the eve of Christopher Renstrom book release. And this book is all about the rising sign. So we’re gonna talk about that at the end and how you can get your hands on a copy of Christopher Renstrom latest book.

So Christopher, let’s just start with the basics. What is the rising sign, both like technically in the sky, and then also astrologically? What does it stand for? Well, the rising sign is simply the sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon at the time that you were born. And as you referred to earlier, it’s, it’s, it’s often called one of the big three.

Okay, there’s, there’s the Sun sign. There’s the Moon sign, and the rising sign. And what each of these signs do is tell time, Okay, the Zodiac sign that you were born under, okay. Tells you the time of year that you were born. Okay? So if you’re born under Capricorn, you’re born in winter. If you’re born under Leo,

you’re born in the summer. Okay? So the Zodiac sign, the Sun, and the Zodiac sign will always tell you the time of year that you were born. The Moon sign, okay, is basically going to tell you the lunar phase, really, that you were born in. And anything referring to a lunar phase is referring to the month, okay?

The time of the month that you were born. So the Sun sign tells us the time of year, and the Moon sign is gonna tell us the time of month. Okay? Was the month just beginning? Was it, you know, halfway through? Was it towards the end? Okay, so the third component of time here, and this is why they’re called the Big three,

the third component of time here is that the rising sign is going to tell you, or telling astrologer what time of day you were born, okay? Because that’s the sign that’s rising at the time that you were born. So subsequently, we have to go and place your Sun in the horoscope at the time that you were born to correspond with the rising sign.

So the Sun sign will tell you the time of year, the Moon sign will tell you the time of month. And the rising sign. The rising sign will always tell you the time of day that you were born. And that’s why they’re called the big three. And so if people don’t know their birth time, is there a way to sort of retroactively find that rising sign?

If they don’t know the birth time, There’s a way that it can sort of be done. This is why Astrologers are such sticklers about birth time, and I’m sure you’ve heard many of them talk about that. There is, there is a process called rectification, Chart rectification, where an astrologer will sit down with you and work out the major life events in your life,

and then begin to sort of like figure out, you know, as a timing thing, what that rising sign might be. Another way of doing it was a practice that Evangeline Adams used, and it actually gets back to the practice of Physionomy, which is face reading, which is what is associated with the Rising Sign. Adams was a very famous and extremely successful and popular American astrologer in the 1920s,

late teens, 1920s. 1920s was really when she was at the height of her fame. She had a radio show, she had magazine columns, all these sorts of things. But she often would see clients who really did have no idea at all of what time of day that, that they were born. And so she would then look at the face,

the shape of the face. Was it just square jaw? Was it, you know, a prominent forehead? Was it a longish face? Was, were there sort of vaguely feline features? And she would determine a rising sign based on that. And then in some of the transcripts that we have of hers, she would ask questions about certain events in the person’s life or whatever.

And the person might answer yes or no, You know, it was kind of like 50 halfway successful, halfway not, but, but she also would use that to determine the rising sign. What that gives us historically is the practice is what Astrologers were doing when they did not have the birth time. And so that was one of the ways that they would determine the rising sign based on the,

the facial features that they, that they observed, and then the overall demeanor. So the rising sign was not only the facial features, but it was also the overall demeanor, the way that the client might sit or communicate. You know, were they animated? Were they more stiff? These sorts of things. Fascinating. Wow. Okay. I did not know that.

Tell us. Okay, There’s a lot of debate in the astrological world about what the rising sign means, like what it actually stands for, and what part of you it represents. So I’ve heard things like, it is your sole purpose, or it is what you’re rising to along the path, or it’s simply just the way that you present to the world.

It’s just the way that others perceive you. Right? So where do you fall in that interpretation and why? Well, I had a bit of a problem with rising science, because when I calculated my Chart, I was 29 degrees Aries rising. I was very like, Oh, I’m very proud of that 29 degrees, Aries rising feeling, very Aries,

things like that. And then older Astrologers would often say, Well, if you’re 29 degrees, chances are you might actually be like a zero degrees Taurus, you know, type of thing. And I was like, I don’t know. Do I feel like I feel comfortable with my rising sign with my face? You know, type of thing. And I’m glad for that because it kept me questioning how a rising sign actually works through the first thing that you asked about with sole purpose.

I think that that ties in, I haven’t particularly worked with it in that way, but what it reminds me of is the history of physionomy, which comes from Aristotle, or at least is attributed to Aristotle. And it was this idea that people’s features could resemble an animal, okay? And that if your features resembled an animal, then your features obviously somehow access or expressed these animal characteristics.

In other words, the reason your features represented this animal you were being associated with, Like, you look like a horse, or you look like a lion, or you look like a bowl, was to basically sort of classify or to characterize the person according to the face. But it was also associated with the idea that, you know, it, it showed this because of the more animal parts of our nature,

those animal, those more animal parts of our nature were associated with the soul. There’s a difference between soul and spirit in Astrology. And they were associated with the soul, which was, which was that part of us that sort of keeps coming back if you pass lives and things like that. The part of us that’s impressionable the part of us, that that may indeed be immortal or,

or one part of it. So in spirit of both immortal, but that’s a whole history channel thing to talk about. So it was the impressionable or the inner character. And so it was believed as someone grew older, that their face would take on the character or the visa, the visa, the, the facade of the soul itself. And so this is why physis would be like,

Okay, I could read someone’s soul by the features on their face. You have, you know, you have a very evolved soul, or you have a very, like, you’ve got a million lifetimes to go soul. Or, you know, So the idea was that the soul actually shaped the features of the face. So that would be one of the things that I would,

that I’m put in mind of that you talked about. Certainly the idea of rising sort of sets up that whole eastern quadrant of the Chart, which is rising. And so any planet there is seen as aspirational. So I can see that as, as well. But the rising sign for me, you know, I I, I started out as an actor,

Those are my roots. I didn’t become an actor, but I started out as an actor. And so I’ve always gone back to acting and the whole idea of the face or putting on a persona, you know, or the face that you show was really important. But I would read in Astrology books, things like, Oh, it’s your persona. It’s the way that you wanna be perceived.

And I never found in all the years that I’ve done readings that someone would elect to put on the rising sign. You know, it’s like, I’m going to now put on this persona, which is being shown in my Chart. No. And then what I began to realize, actually over the time with the work that I’ve done, is that the rising sign that the rising sign itself is the face of the astrological Chart.

Okay? So just as your face operates with your, your body and, and yourself, you can have your sa face and it can express things, but it’s not really who you are. That’s the difference between a Sun sign and a rising sign. For instance. I find that the rising sign is as spontaneous, is as animated, is as free thinking and free expressing as the face is.

So what I like to call it is, I, I used to call it like the face you show to the world, or, but I, I, I now call it the face of the horse of the horoscope. It’s the face of the Chart itself, and it’s just as spontaneous and expressive and its own thing as the Sun is, or as the Moon is.

Christopher, did you resolve the Taurus Aries debate? I think I’m leaning more towards Taurus. Me too. I mean, if the whole thing is true, I would definitely guess Taurus for you over Aries. Yeah. Don’t Vote. Vote. We’ll Take a vote. We’ll take a vote. We’ll take a vote. Aries are Taurus. What do you think?

Taurus? So interesting. So, so do, have you also found that as you practice that you can kind of tell what people’s rising sign signs are? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. You, you, you can, There’s a phrase that came out a few years ago. I, I think I, I don’t think it’s much older than that, but it’s,

the phrase is how you show up. You know? And, and it’s, and it’s sort of cousin how you present. I think I actually like how you show up more. I like that more because the rising sign to me, and, and I was so thrilled when my editor added that as the subtitle to the book. I, I think it really is how you show up spontaneously,

you know, of course, asking the question, do you show up? Cause there are some rising signs that may not show up, you know? So, so, but, but I think it’s how you show up, you know? And, and, and, and, and, and again, it’s associated to the face. It’s the first impression people make,

you know, make judgments based on first impressions, all those sorts of things. But something that also struck me as so important about the rising sign, and really the concept of face, you know, it’s, it’s the face of the Chart. It’s also how you face things. Okay? I mean, you can, I would really strongly suggest, take the word face and play with it,

You know, how, how, how, what, what’s the face? How do you face things? You know, this is all going to be associated to the rising sign. But years and years ago, back before you were born, Amanda, in the, It’s in the 1990s when AOL was a thing, you know, I was Born then,

Christopher, just for the record, When AOLs was a thing, they would have things called chat rooms, you know, and you would get on chat rooms and things like this. And what was extraordinary is that you could get on, for instance, an Astrology chat room, and you could have conversations, and it was fun, but there was no face,

Okay? You didn’t see the other person’s face, and there were also no emojis. Mm. Okay. So everything was read in terms of what was being written out, which sounded like, Okay, well that’s easy. I’m just writing this out. And, and so that’s gonna be straightforward. But it wasn’t, when you remove the face, like what happened with these chat rooms,

then everything was taken personally, or it was open to interpretation, or it could be interpreted in all these wildly different ways than the person had, you know, meant like, I remember this one person came in with all bolds, and they’re like, Why are you shouting? Well, you can’t shout on the internet in a chat room. But it came across as,

as, you know, or someone would be like, very long-winded, and it’s like, Oh, you’re pedantic and you’re condescending to me, and I resent you. And then we would have, what were they called? Flame wars or something like that, you know, which would take place. And all of these, there would be, it would become almost like a ballroom brawl or something like that,

because you couldn’t see the face, you couldn’t read expression of what the person intended. You couldn’t hear the voice or the tamber of the voice, or the way that things were put across. Okay? And so, so there was no relational quality. Okay? And so everything was very taken very personally, or very, very unconscious. It was just like,

you know, there were, were triggers, you know, and all these things. And, and, and, and, and so that always stayed with me, like the importance of a face, you know? And, and the way that we say, like, I don’t know if I can put a face to it. You know, we,

we, we need a face. We imagine a face. And that’s where I think the ancients were coming from with the rising sign, was the idea of the space of the Chart. You know, when my, when my agent was saying, Okay, rising sign sounds interesting, but what’s the difference between a rising sign and a Sun sign? And,

you know, like, Aren’t they the same function? And I was like, Oh boy, that’s difficult. But I was reminded you can have a sense of who you are in your heart, you know? And, and that can feel very true to yourself, but that’s not necessarily what’s going to be expressed or what other people see. Like, like,

you know, someone might see someone’s very pretty and think, Okay, they’re stupid. Well, you know, it might be Heidi Lamar who like, you know, came up with, you know, the nuclear codes or something like, or nuclear vision or something like that in Hollywood. You know, she, and she was an actress, you know,

so, so, so the face can be misleading or, or it can be very expressive, it could be genuine, it could be not that. And so I really love giving the Rising Sign its own domain, you know, it’s own autonomy, really, where it can interact almost like completely independently of, of, of the Sun and the Moon.

Hmm. Okay. So let’s go to this. Why people either really deeply associate themselves with it, or why they might really dislike, like, have a strong dislike of their rising sign. I, I know for me, I’m Aquarius rising and it’s always a little bit hard for me to like, put my finger on what that exactly means from this,

with this definition of the face, because I feel like Aquarius is one of the harder to sort of put physical traits to, but maybe I’m missing something. But my point is, why do some of us feel more associated or less associated with our rising signs? Sure. And we can certainly talk about both ideas as well. The first answer, which is the audience answer,

is that the, the Rising sign might be a more popular sign than the Sun sign. Okay? So, so, Ah, there’s like social programming around which ones are more C Yeah. Wow. It’s like, oh, you know, I don’t get taken seriously as a Gemini, but if I’m Scorpio Rising, yeah, I’m kick ass. You know?

So it could be like, it could be like that. Yes, yes. Okay. No one’s gonna mess with me, you know, type of thing. But I find that a lot of, whether you’re comfortable or uncomfortable with your rising sign has to do with the position of the Sun and the Chart in relationship to the rising sign. Ooh. Ok.

Yeah. So, for instance, the Rising Sign is first this, this is what it is. It’s first, it’s first impression, First House first sign. Okay? So the rising sign is first. And if you think of it in terms of the houses, you know, it’s going to be the First House, and then it’s going to, I don’t know if I’m doing this right,

you know? But anyway, it’s gonna go and dictate the round. It’s gonna say, this is the house that’s first, This is the sign that’s first. And so we begin here, okay? So the idea of first and begin are absolutely caught up in the rising sign. Okay? So let’s say you are in Aries, Aries Rising, You’re your own sign rising.

So your first begin and all those Aries attributes which are urgent and in your face, Okay? So if you would have the Sun and the rising together at the same point, you know, it’s basically what you see is what you get. And, and that’s also going to be your experience of yourself in the world. Anyone who is their own sign rising is going to be very face forward,

very, very present in the world. And, but, but what they are going to lack to some degree is any sort of distance on themselves. You know, they can’t really sort of see themselves objectively, cuz everything is in your face or everything is now, or everything is starting, or everything’s beginning right now. Okay? So, so, so this is one idea.

The other idea is that if you follow the astrological aspects of sextile on trying, trying, if your Sun tris or sextiles, the ascendant, chances are you’re very happy with your rising Sun. You’re very, very comfortable with, with how you come across and with how you present, how you show up in the world. Because the Sun naturally sextiles or tris that square is not,

you know, it can be a little bit feisty or combative, but where I see the real issues, where it can be difficulty with feeling connected to my rising sign, or my Sun sign is when the Sun appears at, when the Sun is in a Sun placement, or if it’s in the two hours before Sun, or the two hours after Sun.

So if we’re looking across the horizon at the Rising Sign, if the Sun is on the descendant or sunset, it is as far away from the rising sign as it can possibly be. And so it’s not going to feel very identified with that rising sign. Subsequently, if it’s in the Eight House or the Sixth House, it’s also far away from the rising sign.

And so this brings up this idea of the two being almost separate or apart in some kind of way. And that can make for some very fascinating astrological readings. Subsequently, if your Sun book ends The Rising Sign, okay, it’s, it’s before the Rising Sign, or the sign that just follows the rising sign, there can also be a feeling of being uncomfortable with being seen as that rising sign.

We know this in, in, in an aspect as a semis sextile, I like to use the word book ending. And what it is, is that it becomes almost like a blind spot. And so the Sun hasn’t really quite gotten to the rising place. And then if it’s afterwards, it hasn’t really quite left it. So there’s this kind of like,

you know, if you’re driving on the freeway, you know, a blind spot, you have to sort of almost like, I mean, I still like lean forward and look over my shoulder to see, okay, like, I know other cool people are like, Rearview mirror, Rearview mirror or whatever, but you know, we’re all familiar with the blind spot.

Like, we didn’t see that car that was right next to us. Well, for instance, if you’re an Aquarius Rising and you’re like a Capricorn Sun or a Pisces Sun, okay, that puts the Sun in the blind spot of the Rising Sign. And so there could be this weird kind of like, you know, who, who are they seeing?

Who are they talking to? Like, you know, like I, I’m almost like not seen or recognized in some way. And so I’ve seen that bring up some very sort of awkward feelings between the Sun and the Rising Sign. That’s hilarious. I think I even used words like, I can’t really see it. I can’t, And, and, and because mine is in the Twelfth House,

so I can’t really see it. I’m, I mean, my son’s in the Twelfth Right? In Capricorn and then Aquarius Rising. So yeah, I’m one of those categories of like, I, I can’t really see how that is true, Right? Because the, because it’s, it’s almost like a three-legged race. You know? Your Capricorn and your Aquarius are right there,

you know, And then it becomes even more so because they’re both Saturn ruled, right? Right. And so it’s just kind of like, you know, which one are they responding to, you know? Right. It’s awesome. Okay. I love that explanation. All right, so with all of that, how do we, like, why does it matter if it’s,

if it’s mainly the way others perceive us, or I like this the way we face things. So like, I was thinking the way you face adversity, maybe a why does it really matter to the individual as much? And then my second question, which maybe isn’t related or maybe is do we grow into our rising sign more? Like I find as I’m getting older,

I associate more with my Aquarius rising than I ever did before. Yeah. But, and is that normal or is that unique to my situation for whatever? No, I’ve heard that a lot. I’ve experienced that a lot. You know, myself, I think because the rising sign is relational, Okay, it really deals with, I mean, when you look at the planetary joys,

right? Okay. These are the houses where the planets rejoice, not the signs, the houses where the planets rejoice, okay? The planet that rejoices in the First House, the planet that rejoices on the rising sign placement is Mercury, Okay? This is a raden, this is a relational planet, okay? This is a conversational planet. This is a,

you know, exchange of pleasantries and exchange of formalities. How do, do I break the ice? Am I just like not giving you the time of day? You know, it’s a very relational planet. Now, not everyone’s gonna have Mercury Rising or Mercury, First, House, et cetera, but there’s still that energy to that placement. So I think that the rising sign is very social.

It’s how we do, it’s how we interplay, interact with other people. And, and, and personally as an astrologer, I’ve gone back and forth, is it Mercury? You know, is it Venus? Cuz there’s also a venesian quality to it, but it’s very relational. And I think one of the misleading things that can happen with the rising sign is that,

you know, the First House is the house itself, you know, and that’s set up because the Seventh House is going to be the house of other, okay, there’s self and there’s other, and that’s First House versus versus seven. And so that can be misleading. We can think that the First House is really about ourselves. I don’t think the First House it is about ourselves.

I think the First House is like our front porch or window dressing or you know, the, the, the way that things are going to appear on the outside, the way that people are gonna read this, how this becomes important is because it’s the rising sign’s gonna describe your demeanor and, and, and it’s gonna describe what’s referred to as an attitude or that face you make or something along those lines,

which you may or may not be conscious of. You know, I’m certain that there are many people in the audience tonight, you know, who say, why do people always think I’m so serious and doer when actually I’m really fun loving? I mean, right there you can hear a split between a Sun and a rising sign. But imagine going through your life being really fun loving,

but no one gets to see that because they always see dower and you’re left with a question mark right there makes the case. One of the cases for why it’s so important to understand your rising sign. If you’re getting signals back from people that aren’t necessarily in agreement with who you are, then you need to sort of understand, you know what I remember my mom used to say when I was a teenager,

what you’re putting off. You know, like, what am I putting off? You know, like those errors or that vibe or that energy or that thing that you’re putting off that’s going to be associated with the Rising sign. I had a classic example where I read for a Leo who was in charge of their company, but who had Virgo Rising. And what she would always say to me is,

I’m in charge of my company. Why does everyone treat me? You know, like, like, like I’m a pa or I’m an assistant because the Virgo, which is how can I be of service to you? And did everyone get their order with the lunch orders? Everyone happy with what they got was what was coming out. Whereas the, the Leo,

who’s the ceo, CEO of the, the company wasn’t, you know, And so it was something that, you know, once she kind of like figured that out and realigned it, she was able then to bring out more of the Leo quality. Why was that Leo quality even questionable to begin with? Because it was right next to the rising sign.

So it wasn’t seen as in that blind spot that, that you and I were talking about Amanda. Okay. Fascinating. I love it Christopher. And I know you’ve been on this huge endeavor to create a book about rising signs that doesn’t exist. Like if you try to go and do a bunch of research on rising signs and what does it mean with this and this,

it, it, you can’t find it as far as I know right now. So you have been working on this for a long time. Tell us a little bit about the Rise and Shine book that is now available. Great. There are kind of versions of this where, you know, they do Sun, rising Sun combinations, but never really in a book.

That’s what I, I’ve never really seen before. So in the tradition of theists, you know, who, who would do, and, and, and I strongly rep recommend looking up Batista de Porta or Charles Li LeBron where, where they show like the animal face morphing into the human face, you know, and it was really quite fascinating, like,

like in the 15 hundreds and the 16 hundreds, you know, that you could read a person’s character like this. In in in, in the tradition of that, you know, there’s different portraits and combinations I wanted to do cuz I’m Capricorn and I’m just like, you know, a masochist that way. I wanted to do all variations of Sun and rising signs that you could have.

So of course you take, you know, I mean, it sounds great, you know, in a pitch, but then you have to like do it. But it was like 12 signs, 12 Sun signs, 12 rising signs make 144 combinations go to it. I don’t, you know, it was like, what did I take on? And,

and so I just, you know, went into this and, and you know, really out of like, there hasn’t been a book really done like this before, but what I loved about writing it and what I hope everyone gets out of reading it, you know, on one level you can go and look up your Sun sign and your Rising sign and okay,

that’s it. And there’s 143 others and maybe you look up at Ant or you know, or, or, or Jesse your best friend or something like that. But what I really liked about it is that it was almost like sort of like box theme and variations or something like that. You know, you, you get this theme and then you do the variations,

which is, you know, you can get an Aries theme, but it’s Aries Rising with Taurus Aries Rising with Gemini Aries Rising with Cancer. You can get a Capricorn rising theme, but it’s Capricorn Rising with Aquarius Capricorn Rising with Pisces Capricorn Rising with Aries, you know, And it became this wonderful sort of like, trip through the zodiac of like all these different,

different possible combinations. Not only combinations in terms of the signs themselves, but combinations in terms of mode. You know, what’s it like to be a fixed sign with a mutable sign rising? How, you know, how does the face become, does, is the face fixed or does it become more mutable, the elemental combinations? And of course then the placement of the Sun,

is the Sun prominent of the Chart? Is it near the rising sign? Is it opposite the rising sign? Is it trining from the fifth or trining from the Ninth? You know? And, and there were, it became this wonderful adventure of like, of, of really exploring all the possible combinations. And for me, you know, I I had a post-it as I was writing this book and I said,

all the possible facial expressions, you know, that, that, that, that could go through this. And, and it was, it, it really turned into a delight to write. And I hope that you, you know, if you decide to check out this book, find it to be a delightful read. What level is it for Christopher?

Like, when you were thinking of the ideal person reading this book, who are they? Are they like brand new to Astrology? Have they been studying Astrology for a while? To me it’s always, it, it’s always written for people who are just beginning. Okay. Because I think that’s, that’s the audience that I enjoy writing for the most, you know,

And, and a lot of times I’ll hear from people who are not beginners, they’re really quite practiced and they’re like, I found things I didn’t think of before or whatever. So, you know, and, and I do it to deliberately stay away from, you know, where it gets very technical and this is me speaking for myself, where I find like the language becomes very embroidered and baroque because it’s so specialized,

you know? So I like to keep it very open and, and like the face, I like to keep it very open and welcoming and inviting. And I think that, you know, it, it, it gets away from the technical things that, you know, like what’s the planet that rules the rising sign? And it gets away from that.

And it’s really into the facial expressions. And I think that that’s something that’s not really talked about enough in Astrology is really the facial expressions of the Chart and of the person. And so that’s what I wanted to offer as as, as a take on on on the Rising Sign. And what do you hope people get from it? Like what do you hope they walk away from?

How do you want them to feel when they’re reading the book or after they’ve read the Book? Recognized? You know, I want them to feel recognized. I want them to feel like I want them to chuckle laugh, you know? I want them to be like, Wow, maybe that really is why I have a problem or an issue with that,

you know? And so I just wanted it to be less about a diagnosis and, and more about making faces and just sort of like exploring and feeling the face. I feel like a Madonna video. I feel like I’m voguing, like I’ve been VOing or, but, you know, you know, but, but just to sort of like, and,

and just to feel all the different possible expressions of a Chart, you know, that it gets away from like bad Chart, good Chart, you know, Sardon Chart and, and Li and Easy Chart, you know, just to get away from the labels and get into the facial expressions and, and get into the delight that comes from all those different things.

Mm. Okay. So we are not affiliated with this book at all. We are truly just sharing this book for Christopher because we love Christopher and the work that he does. And I know that he’s poured his heart and soul into this creation. And it’s now available for any of you. If you wanna, if you want to dive into this more,

you can go to Amazon or any places where you buy books. Correct. Christopher, where would you like go? It’s, it’s Chart, so it’s in all the bookstores from coast to coast and, and yeah. Other countries as well. We actually sold Rise and China to Vietnam. Nice. And we sold Rise in China to Brazil. So Amazing.

Or Brazil, you can get the book there too. Very nice. And if they’re in other countries, they can still get it on Amazon, Right. Usually through, you know, like Amazon, France or Canada or, or something like that. You, you can access, you can, you can find a way to get, get the book.

It’s, it’s, it’s very accessible. And Amanda, thank you so much for, for presenting it that way because it, it is not an affiliation you’re doing is such a kindness and, and I really, really appreciate it. I mean, literally Christopher Renstrom is one of the people that when you, you meet him in, so you, you,

you experience him online and it’s amazing and delightful. And then you meet him in person and it’s like even more, you know, it’s just, you are just such a beautiful human being and we’re just so happy to have you on our team at Astrology Hub. I mean people, if you have in love with Christopher today and you didn’t know him before,

you can actually get a weekly horoscope from us by Christopher for free every week. You just go to Astrology Hub dot com slash horoscopos Horoscope and that’s totally free. And every week you’ll get a breakdown of your Sun and or rising sign a horoscope for that. And then also a video from Christopher, which goes through the major theme of the week and it’s just like sheer delight every single week.

And so that’s available as well. But yeah, I mean just, this is just like Christopher, you have done an amazing thing. Once again, you, you’re creating incredible books that are a legacy that people will get to learn from forever. When you told me about this book, I was like, so it’s basically like the rising sign bible, because basically it’s gonna have all these different combinations and we’ll be able to go back and,

and refer to these over and over, whether or not you read charts professionally or you just love to look at your Chart and other people’s charts. It’s always so nice to have these reference books that really break it down. Oh, I I, I think so. And and the ones that get to the point, eh, you’re talking to Li. That that’s the part that might be Li.

I don’t know, maybe it is Eris. Hes Eris, but you know, I like, Yes. Well it, it, I mean, yes. Now, okay, the other thing I wanted to say is the other book you have, just in case you, you’ve fall in love with Christopher’s Rise in Shine, he also has a book called The Cosmic Calendar,

which is another amazing book. Do you wanna talk about that just a little bit? I would love to talk about that. The Cosmic Calendar is really the book that I designed after years and years of teaching, you know, where I was always faced with, people were like, I was interested in Astrology until five minutes ago when you started introducing things like,

you know, Sussy Quadrant or something like that. And now like, I can’t follow it, something which was like really basic, a kinder, gentler Astrology, you know, that sort of the person in and, and you know, and so it comes out of, of teaching, which I’m always going over and over and over in, in the way that it’s done.

And what it teaches is basically Astrology is not a science, Astrology is not a religion. What Astrology is is a calendar. And that’s why every major civilization on this planet, Meso, American, Middle Eastern Indian, Asian, has come up with some sort of form of Astrology. It was in order to tell time. So it’s really all about the Sun.

I’m a Sun sign astrologer proud of it. I write daily columns, weekly columns, push these columns. But, you know, but, but the thing is it takes the Sun as its opening point and it goes into your Chart, I mean always referring back to the Sun as the you are hero planet and your Chart. And it opens up the Chart in a very hopefully reader friendly way that also doesn’t get too bogged down and complicated.

And I was so blessed and honored to be able to work on that workshop with Astrology Hub, which is based on cosmic calendar. The job that Anna and Amy and Joe did with that was such just awe inspiring and, and it was such a delight to work on that project with you. We got to bring Christopher’s cosmic calendar book to life in a different format and media through our cosmic calendar course.

So yes, that was so amazing and I really, I share your feeling of sadness when people come so enthusiastic about Astrology and then dip one toe in the water and go, Oh my God, this is way too complicated. I’m not smart enough to do this. Or I will never get it, or I will never have enough time to get it.

You know, all those things that happen. So I’m so grateful for Astrologers like you who are high quality, highly educated, highly experienced Astrologers who are still bridging the newbies, you know, who are still providing that, that path and, and really creating that soft landing spot because it’s overwhelming. And it’s one of the reasons we created Astrology Hub is cuz I was like,

God, when I got in, it was either so watered down that it was kind of not that helpful, right? Or it was so advanced that I couldn’t understand a word anybody was talking about and I felt left out of the party. It, it was, it was so, it was so disappointing, you know, that there was really no place for me.

Yeah. So I’m so grateful again that you do the work, you do, that you keep writing these books that are very user friendly to people that are new on the path. But I know from our Cosmic calendar course that even very advanced Astrologers still enjoyed it because once you get into Astrology, it’s always so nice to learn even the basics from a lot of different perspectives,

right? So that’s the other thing that you bring, which is great and you bring in a lot of history and grounding into the Astrology studies that, that not all Astrologers focus on. So it’s really nice to have you filling that gap. Well, thank you. Cuz Astrology is a language, so it’s ultimately about community. When you’re learning a language,

you wanna be able to speak it, understand, and making jokes and have profound observations and all these sorts of things with language. Yeah. And so that’s something that’s so important to me, and that’s something that’s so important to what you do with Astrology Hub is really com creating that community with this language can be spoken and everyone, everyone can feel welcome and like they’re a part of it.

I love that. That’s my favorite. So Christopher, we’re gonna put all the links for Christopher’s new Rise and Shine book, the cosmic calendar, so you can check all that out. And is there anything else? Well, and I’ll say them one more time. So it was actually, we made a really easy link for the book, which is Astrology Hub dot com slash rise and shine camera affiliated.

We just wanted to make it easy for you to find it. And is that gonna bring, that probably gonna bring you to Amazon is my guess. Yeah, Yeah, I know it probably will, which is the easiest way to The easiest way. Okay. And then do you have it on your website also? Is there any benefit to you for people going to your website to get it?

Just the benefit of your company? All right. He wants to hang out with you. Yeah, so you can go tos.com also, you can find it there and then you’ll find a bunch of other cool stuff that Christopher does, which is always nice. Christopher, thank you for coming on the Astrology Hub podcast and talking to us about Rising Signs. I I,

every single time you come on the show, I learn something new. Oh. So thank you for that. And thank you for letting us share in your excitement and thank you for letting us celebrate you and this huge accomplishment. And thanks to all of you who have been here tuning in and listening and check out the book and if you want it, it’s there and available.

Otherwise, also you can hear from Christopher every single week here at Astrology Hub at and for free, that’s Astrology Hub dot com slash horoscope. Yeah, Thank you so much, Amanda. You’re so sweet. You’re so dear. Thank you. All right, thanks everybody. Thanks for making Astrology a part of your life, and we’ll catch you on the next episode.

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