[STAR SIGNS HOROSCOPES WEEKLY] “Embrace the Shift” Jan 28th-Feb 3rd w/ Jamie Magee

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In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee reviews your Weekly Astrology Themes by Zodiac Sign.

You’ll learn…

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0:00 Intro

0:25 Week Overview

3:12 Aquarius – A New You

6:56 Pisces – Did That Just Happen?

10:47 Aries – Understanding the Path

14:59 Taurus – Almost New Territory

18:30 Gemini – Like a Phoenix

22:00 Cancer – Financial Shadow Work

25:13 Leo – Fine Tuning

28:50 Virgo – Re-organising

30:29 Libra – Turning Around

34:56 Scorpio – What are Your Boundaries?

38:16 Sagittarius – Heart & Mind

41:09 Capricorn – A Double Dose

44:22 Closing Thoughts

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This transcript is automatically generated. Some miswording might be present.

00:00:01 [Jamie Magee] Welcome to star sign horoscopes presented by Astrology Hub. This is your place to discover how each Zodiac Sign can work with this week’s Astrology. I am your host, Jamie McGee an astrologer author and a member of the production team here at Astrology Hub. And I am really excited to dive into this week’s Astrology with you. Hi, everybody. Welcome to star sign horoscopes today.

00:00:25 We’re going to be taking a look at the Astrology for January 28th through February 3rd. Can you guys believe it’s already February? It feels like time is flying and I have a feeling after this week, it’s going to feel like it’s flying even faster. Okay. Before we take a look at how each of the Zodiac signs can work with this week’s Astrology, I do want to give you a brief overview of the highlighted key transits for this week.

00:00:49 And guys, it will be super brief if you would like more insight on the transits and you’re not already doing so. I recommend that you go ahead and check out the weekly astrological weather podcast show here at Astrology Hub to gain those insights. I think you’ll really like what you learn there if you haven’t heard it before, but they’ll be able to do that for you.

00:01:07 They’re here at star sign horoscopes. We like to take a look at how the Zodiac signs can work with the transit. So it’s just a little bit of a different perspective that we like to give you. And it’s always good to have different perspective. Isn’t it? Okay. Back to that brief overview. Now, going into today, you’re going to notice that first transit and it is mercury meeting with Pluto for a second time.

00:01:28 Now in short, what this energy is going to help you do is give you a second chance to communicate with power and transformation. And we’ll talk about ways that you can do that with each of the signs. Another potent energy this week is we have two personal planets, both Venus and mercury stationing to move direct. Now, what that means is they’re ready to integrate.

00:01:49 They’ve been reviewing and now they’re turning around and they’re going to integrate. And sometime there’ll be on different time like lines, but there’ll be going over new territory, but before they can get there, they have to go back and like put into action, all the new things. All right. Speaking of shifting changes, we do also have sun squaring off with Uranus this week.

00:02:07 Now this energy is going to bring for some changes and either you’re going to be the change maker, or you’re going to notice it around you. And we’ll talk about some ways that you can work with this, no matter how you perceive it with each of the signs on to help tie all this up and kind of work with all the shifting energy. We have a new moon in Aquarius.

00:02:24 Now this new moon Aquarius is going to also kind of have a little bit of power to help you work with these shifts. And we’ll talk about some ways that you can set some new intentions that I think that will help you look at the short-term and the long-term okay, guys with that said, let’s get ready to dive into the suns. Now, just as a reminder,

00:02:41 these are created with both your sun sign and your rising sign in minds. Listen for both. And I do want to say, if you are watching live or you watching a little later, I would love to know what your Sun sign is. If you know, youra rising and moon, Tell me that too, but I also want to thank everyone who’s been commenting.

00:02:58 I really love it. Enjoy reading them and communicating with you there. So thank you guys for that. Thank you so much for watching and for listening to this podcast, as it kind of takes off a little bit, all right, let’s dive into our birthday friends, Aquarius. Now, Aquarius today, it may not feel much like celebrating your birthday month because this deep energy around mercury and Pluto is going to ask you to go a little bit retro.

00:03:22 Like you’re gonna be reflective, maybe thinking I’m sitting with your thoughts a little bit more going over something it may even be like an obsessive thought that you’re trying to get past, but I do recommend that you dig in and figure out whatever this is like that you’re trying to get past because as you move throughout the year, there are going to be times when you are in complete agreement with power and transformation,

00:03:44 that’s kind of happening on the inside and maybe showing up in your day to day life. But there’s gonna be times that you don’t. So right now it’s good to get a really good, clear picture about where you are right now, because that’s going to help you make some different decisions as you move into the year, and you will have another chance to kind of meet up here too,

00:04:01 but it’s kind of good to get as clear as you can when you’re there right now, the shifting energy with that, you’re going to notice this almost as soon as you dig deep, your heart’s going to feel a bit, a little bit lighter and you’re gonna be ready to kind of turn around and make some integrations and some choices in this really private area of your life.

00:04:16 Now this is the same area, but some of the things that this kind of brings up is anxieties, karma, things that we imprison ourselves with. Some of that solitude work. So now you’ve been kind of going over stuff since the end of 2021, like most noticeably, like the very end of it. And now you’re coming back and you’re going to look at that in a new way,

00:04:34 with a new set of values or a mor… I don’t think it would be a new set of values, more and more refined, look at what you value and what’s a resource to you. And you’re also going to feel a bit more clearer about this as the week progresses. When we have a mercury go go retrograde, because mercury is gonna be like,

00:04:50 okay, I processed that thought, let’s go ahead and work with it. Now the shifting energy of sun and Uranus this week is going to happen in a pretty vocal area of your life. It’s going to be hard to miss Aquarius. It’s going to be around, you know, how you’re known in the world, how you kind of step out in there,

00:05:04 your identity, your vitality, and it’s going to be kind of activating your home life or vice versa just depending on how you feel this. Now I know a lot of Aquariuses had been working around something about their home. Like you’re really focused on your home in general. It’s almost as if you set like an intention or you felt the energy shift a couple of weeks ago,

00:05:21 like, yes, that’s the direction I’m going in. And now the direction is here and it may or may not be the way that you intended it to be here because we can’t always manifest the magic in our life. We are, we can call it magic, but how it comes is not really up to us. Okay? So with these changes,

00:05:36 if you’re breaking the news, like, Hey, I’m moving. This is my big move. Or, Hey, this is what’s going to happen around my house. You could be the change maker, but it could also be surfacing in your life and other areas. And I could see that for some of you, you may feel some of this, you know,

00:05:49 upset, or like, didn’t see that coming around your partnerships or your career as well. So a good thing about this, when you roll into with a new moon in Aquarius, this is your new mood Aquarius. This is the new moon for you to, just to kind of, you know, you’re going to feel this energy really potent because of where it is.

00:06:05 It’s like right there on your Sun. So this is a good time to set short and long-term intentions around, you know, who you are, like, how do you want to be known in the world? Like this is who I am. This is how I want to stretch out in like, this is my big picture of you. I think,

00:06:20 kind of hone in on it. So I encourage you to set some short-term and long-term intentions around your home, around, you know, your vitality, possibly your partnerships and work too. But if you’re trying to sell the house, you know what, what’s the what’s step one. If you’re, if you’re trying to move, what step one do you need some boxes?

00:06:36 If you need a new roommate, if you need some new furniture, like start thinking about the little things that you can do as you hold that big picture in mind. And you know, it’ll be interesting to see how creative you get and how much heart space you have, like where we’ll move with this. As we reached the full moon in a couple of weeks,

00:06:51 all right, Aquarius have fun thinking deep this weekend. Alright, Pisces, let’s talk about your week now, Pisces going into this weekend, you may be having some of those deep reflective thoughts and conversations. They may not necessarily be thoughts for you. You may actually be having them with a group of people are, you could be thinking about a conversation that you had with a group of people or something that’s transpired.

00:07:13 And this could be something that like, has felt so heavy. It’s so big. Like, oh my God, like, did they really say that? Did I really hear them that right that way? And when you go back and have this conversation, you may figure out that it wasn’t that big at all. Our vice versa, you could have said something are perceived,

00:07:28 something as being really small and someone comes to you and is like, you know what? I can’t get over this. Can we, can we talk about this? Which direction we’re going in, whatever comes up for here, Pisces, it is around, you know, your dreams, it’s around those who support you. And it has a lot to do with that area of your life is with the super creative,

00:07:46 which is on fire for you this year. Definitely. So what I would encourage you to do is to dig in and figure out what is going to really work for you, or what, how do you agree with power and how do you want to communicate with this? Like when you’re, when you feel like there’s a powerful transformational force around you, whether it’s creative and actual person,

00:08:05 a group, like how do you communicate with it? And like, it’s good to find a way to, to do this in a way that you feel comfortable in now, just kind of keep thinking about that. Now, once you dig in your heart’s going to feel like it’s moving in the right direction in this area, you may even get like some breakthroughs or something that you’re getting really clear on.

00:08:20 It happened around the end of this year, around, you know, your heart values or money. Your mind’s going to get clear by the end of the week. It’s going to, if communication could be a little jagged as you turn around, but you’re at least going to be ready to turn around and start implementing the shifting the shifting energy that you’re going to be feeling around.

00:08:38 This energy is going to be happy with the sun and Uranus that we mentioned in the opening is going to be happening in a really private part of your life. Like that reflective space is kind of like you’re in your community, you’re in your dreams. And you kind of go into that space right before where you’re starting to create it’s private places that not many people know are this reflective thought it’s happening there and around your communication.

00:08:58 So something that like, kind of just, there’s a lot of ways it can manifest. But one of the things that it’s almost as if you have something happen around in your local community and all of a sudden it’s pulling something out of you, it’s pulling something deep out within you. And you’re like, okay, I need to communicate this. Our communication that’s in that area are a sibling or something is making you kind of go deep and reflect and think,

00:09:18 okay, wait a second. So wherever this change is going now, no matter how you perceive it as positive or negative, I want you to keep an open mind around it. So you can move forward with it and figure out how to communicate because communication media publishing, these are all big things. Like it’s a big kind of corridor for you guys in your life right now.

00:09:36 So think about it or if you’re afraid of it, if it has like a, like a karmic kind of feel to it, what can you do to kind of work with this energy and like, say, you know what I need to say this, or yes, I understand that they said that, and this is how I feel about it. Now the new moon in Aquarius is going to kind of help you guys go into that retro,

00:09:53 private place of your life, where you’re kind of thinking about, you know, karma and like how your sign… Like, it’s almost like the tie in, like, you’re, you’re getting Pisces, you’re getting ready to kind of go into your birthday months. You’re kind of looking back over the last year. You’re looking back, you’re holding all these new ideas and you’re getting ready to kind of step into a new year.

00:10:11 But what this new moon does is it helps you process. It helps you kind of go into that internal space and kind of look at, okay, this is all me inside your own little personal universe inside. And you kind of look across the way and you see how you, you, your day to day goes. So I would encourage Pisces and maybe set some intentions around your day to day rhythm,

00:10:27 maybe around your health and vitality. I would think it set some intentions around how you talk to yourself, how you think about yourself, how you spend your me time and like, you know, what can you do with that? This is going to help support your dreams. And I hope it’s super creative for you Pisces. Alright, areas. Let’s talk about your week Aries today.

00:10:46 That deep reflective second opportunity to talk to power and transformation is happening in an area of your life. It has probably an authority figure in it, whether you are the authority figure or there’s authority figures around you, or even your community, community, or people that, you know, you kind of stand over are and authority, because we all kind of answered to someone don’t we?

00:11:07 Okay. So you’re going back and you’re gonna take a second look at this, and you’re going to understand like how you can communicate with this energy, because there’s a lot of like, okay, let’s forward March in this new direction. This is the career that I want. This is how I want to be known. And then it’s like two steps forward,

00:11:21 two steps back. I think if you sit down and you, and you really dig in, and if it’s just, if it’s a conversation, I encourage you to have it. If it’s a thought process, you know, really think about it because there’s going to be times this year where you’re going to be absolutely obsessed with your career obsessed with kind of charging forward.

00:11:37 And it’s kind of good to know, okay, right? At this moment, when I’m standing here with power and transformation, and we both have the view of my whole life, this is how I think about it. So when you are like, just let’s rock, you’re ready to rock. And there’s times when, and when there’s times, when it feels like it’s being forced,

00:11:53 you and you’re like, why, why is this happening to me remembering right now I’m working with this energy. Like in this part, this part of the year will help you go, okay. Yeah, I did. I do want this direction. I just didn’t understand this was the path. And sometimes that’ll help you get down that path a little bit easier now in the same area of your life,

00:12:11 your heart and your mind are going to feel like they’re ready to kind of turn around and start integrating stuff. So Aries, I do think even those is highlighted around your career. It’s likely that you’re going to probably feel this energy in your home base. It could be your home base is kind of like pointing out things in your career are vice versa.

00:12:26 You’re noticing you need to spend more time there. And you want to, you’re looking at your vitality. You’re looking at like, who you’re partnering with and is this, how does this work? But you’ve been reviewing this and now you’re going to turn around and kind of start integrating some pretty serious things in this. And one more thing areas, I think I want to say this for all the signs,

00:12:41 obviously, but it’s not like we get one conversation or one deep thought we could be having this, like revision, redo, you know, theme happening in several areas of our lives. So it could be, you feel like, man, I’m getting it from all corners. You may be, but it’s helping you. And you’re gonna be able to turn around and kind of March with it.

00:12:57 Now, the shift in how you do things or like this breakthrough, didn’t see it coming like, wow, did that really happen for you? It’s going to be happening around your, your community and your friends are, you know, it’s like more than two people and around your income. So it could be that you have like a sudden, you know,

00:13:12 expense or a sudden breakthrough in like your values, like all of a sudden, wow, God’s got this nice breakthrough here. You know, wow. This client came through or something’s coming through around your finances that you did not expect. And then it’s kinda squaring off with your community. Like maybe a friend needs your help or maybe you want to help your community,

00:13:28 or you have to support your dream in a way that you didn’t know. Like, I didn’t understand that it’s going to do that. Yes, that’s my dream. That’s the direction. But I didn’t, I didn’t understand what the bottom line was going to be there. So you’re kind of working with that change. Now, whether you agree with it or disagree with it,

00:13:42 I want you to approach it as proactively as you can and was an open mind. I strongly suggest that because debating it or going, wait a second. I don’t know. They kind of set you back the new moon in Aquarius. It’s great to set intentions. It would be a great idea to set intentions around that area of your dreams. Like this is the dream I have.

00:14:01 This is the direction I’m going. And these are the people I want to go and go with. And now the way these like intentions or manifestations or however you want to, whatever, however you want to perceive it. Goals, manifestations, insights, dreams. When you lay them down, when you sit there and you think about them and you write them down,

00:14:17 you are kind of like bringing that to you. So you may notice that if you set an intention to have these, this kind of person support you, that some people may fall away. So that person has room to come in. So it’s just something to keep in mind when you’re setting these intentions, because it’s a big, a big wide view intention.

00:14:35 Like the sky is the limit with these intentions, especially because it’s around you, dreams Aries, okay, Taurus, let’s talk about your week now, Taurus going into today. Normally I wouldn’t be like, wow, you’re going to have, you know, watch out for those that deep transformational power in this area of your chart. But I do to call it out because where you’re feeling that second chance to communicate with power is around an area of your life that already has to do with convictions.

00:14:59 Like this is what I believe. This is who I am. And it could be something that I don’t wanna say hubris, but it could be like, you know, this is my conviction. This is my belief. And you know, this is the horizon. These are the people who teach me, Hey, these are the people that I’m teaching and this energy is going to kind of go back and help you kind of really dig in and make sure that,

00:15:17 you know, yeah, I, I do believe that I do feel that. And, and this is why I feel it. And is it bigger than you thought? Is it smaller than you thought, you know, what led you here? Did obsession leave you here? And was there a sense of urgency? Are you going deep enough with this energy?

00:15:31 Like how do you feel about it, tourists? I think it’s good to dig in because it’s in this wide scope, it could just be like a more internal thought, but you may also have people, a teacher or a student or someone in that group that kind of shares your same convictions. It’s coming back around. And so think about this, engage those conversations and the best way that you can.

00:15:50 And I think you’ll like how they turn out. Once you kind of get through it. Now, I want to say like how you turn out. It’s not like have the conversation and we’re great. It’s like have the conversation start on the path to being great and getting to new depths, your heart and mind should feel better in this area of your life.

00:16:05 Once we kind of get through that mud, cause we’re going to have both Venus and mercury station and you go forward. And I do think Taurus because Venus is your ruling planet. You’re really going to feel this about shift because it’s almost as if you’ve been kind of stuck, going back and forth for a couple of months are kind of stuck in the same place.

00:16:21 And now you’re gonna be able to go, okay, let’s turn around and go. I think I know I’m not on new territory. You may not be there until spring, but you’re on that road toward new territory, which is always good to be on right now. This breakthrough, didn’t see it coming. Wow, that just happened energy for you.

00:16:36 It’s going to be happening around like, all right, now your career is highlighted this month and something that’s going to be activating it for you. It’s just around who you are, your vitality, your identity and how you show up in the world. So it could be that you didn’t realize that people thought of you the way they did, or you didn’t realize that,

00:16:52 you know, this is who I am and it’s kind of clashing with my career. There’s a lot of different ways it can happen, but it is a pretty like this is gonna, this is a, one of the areas that you may notice in all over your life. Like you would like your home or your partners. Like you could be that you just hear a story of something that transpired and it completely shifts something,

00:17:10 you know, like, wow, I thought that that was an unbreakable kind of bond over there. And there it is. And it’s broken, not necessarily yours, but because of something else, it kind of like, you know, it impacts you in a different way. So whatever you hear or whatever happens, I want you to approach it with an open mind.

00:17:25 And sometimes a no is just a yes. That I know always is a yes, but you just have to get through the know to figure out what the yes is on the other side. So, and also just a word of caution here towards, I know you don’t like to change. Like I don’t, I know you don’t like change being like,

00:17:43 you want it to be on your terms. So some of this change may not be on your terms. So that’s why I want you to look for the yes and the no. So even if it’s like, no, I don’t want to do that. Figure out what you’re actually saying yes. To our vice versa. What a yes. Says no to.

00:17:56 There you go. All right. So the new moon that you’re going to be happy that we have on Monday is going to help you guys set some new moon, new moon intentions around your career. Okay. What, what are your ambitions? What are your goals here? Where do you want to see yourself in the short term, in the long-term and a way that I would see this too,

00:18:11 is setting some intentions around my home life, my home work life balance. I would make sure that I’m still nurturing my home and how I like retreats and like your partnerships and your vitality. So are there, are there things that you’d like to release here and are they, that are things that you would like to reach for here? So that’s where I would set intentions for you guys.

00:18:29 Okay. Gemini, let’s talk about your week now, Gemini, this deep, like, let’s talk about it again. Conversation for, you could actually feel a little bit, our thought process could feel really deep. I mean, I just don’t want to sugar coat it, even though I’m a, you know, I like to think I’m a positive person.

00:18:45 Okay. So this is just kind of happening in a very deep part of your chart. It’s a part of your life that has to do with shadows. It has to do with transformation, kind of going in one way, coming out the other rising, like a Phoenix. And there’s a powerful transformational force. It’s just been sitting here. That’s not new news.

00:19:00 I know, but how you communicate it with it, you kind of get a different opportunity to do this here. So a couple of weeks back, you know, you kind of rolled through here and you’re like, okay, gotcha. All right. Yeah. This is our plan. This is what I want to do. This is how we’re going to do it.

00:19:14 And you kind of marched out in, and now you’re like, wait a minute. Did they say that? Did I, did I understand that the right way? Or did I really think, am I, am I holding this? Am I obsessed about this? Am I thinking about it in the right way? Can I go back and understand that if,

00:19:26 when you were really feeling really urgent, if you kind of agreed to something that’s hanging on you and you’re like, maybe I need to think about that again. I do encourage you to think about it. Okay. Because this also has to do with shared resources, values, real estate money, and it kind of plays into your self-worth and your self esteem and your individual wealth too.

00:19:43 So it’s good to get really clear on this. So as you communicate throughout the year that you have like, okay, when I, when I really thought about this and I’ve thought about it more than once, at least twice, I felt this way about it, and this is how I want to roll with it. Okay. You’re gonna feel pretty clear.

00:19:58 Are you gonna feel better? And in a lot of ways after you got to go deep, because your Venus is going to turn around in this area. And so is mercury. So your heart is going to be ready to start integrating things. Your mind is going to get a little bit clear by the time I see you next week, that you’re going to least be able to start processing.

00:20:13 What’s coming up here. Now the unexpected breakthrough change that you have coming is going to kind of happen around. I think it’s like the best way to take, explain this. It’s kind of, it’s not, it’s like a behind the stage kind of place like this breakthrough behind the stage. Like you’re not, you’re, you’re, you’re ready or you’re on the horizon.

00:20:29 You’re getting ready to kind of go on the journey. That’s going to get you to a new place. Are your kind of behind the scenes getting ready to kind of step out into the world in a new way. So there’s something like, kind of behind the stage or something that’s not yet as public where you may sense the breakthroughs and some of those breakthroughs just may be in your thought process or it could be because something’s happened around you that you’re thinking about it a little bit differently.

00:20:49 No matter how you perceive it, Gemini, I just want you to work as optimistically as you can with it, hold an open mind. Okay. And the new moon in Aquarius is around that new direction. It’s around the horizon, your convictions, your belief, that journey that you want to go on for some of you, it could be around publishing and media and anything that where you communicate on a wider scale to a bigger audience.

00:21:12 So do you have goals and ambitions in that area? And when, like, if you don’t and you, but this isn’t like, you’re like, yeah, man, I, I love to talk to the media. Like, how can I, how can I get what I have out there? This is a time to set intentions around it, both short and longterm.

00:21:26 Like, what do you need for your journey? Like what practices, what, what goals can you, can you set in this area is going to help you, not only like cherish our, like nurture your practice, but get you to move forward in that direction as well. So kind of think big picture wide expansion, and also think about, you know,

00:21:45 where you, not only just in the next couple of weeks, like the creativity and love that you’re trying to bring in this area, but like thinking about the next two, two years, like who do you want to be in two years in this area? Where is that path taking you? Let’s talk about your week cancer. Okay. Cancer going into today.

00:22:01 You’re going that deep second chance to communicate with power of session for you is going to happen around your partnerships. And I know that’s a touchy situation because you’re going to get to go back. You’re going to get really clear on the conversations or the thought you had something that just may feel heavy to you and you just need to get really clear. It’s just so you can stop thinking about it.

00:22:20 Like he’s like that circling thought, like, okay, I urgently agree with you. I thought we had it, but I need to go back. Cause this transformational power is going to be something that you’ll talk to a lot this year. And you just want to make sure that you get clear as clear as you can at this time of the year.

00:22:33 Right? So once you get through that conversation, we do have another shift in energy is going to feel like your heart is ready to kind of turn around and be like, okay, I got it. And you’re gonna turn around and start integrating things that you’ve been working on. You know, like you’ve been here since the end of 2021. Some of you like you may have since it November,

00:22:50 but definitely December, January, going back over this stuff now, mercury your mind is going to still feel a lot clearer too, by the time I see you next week. Now, like I said, in the opening, this is not, you’re not ready to, to, to approach new territory, but you’re ready to integrate territory that you’ve been on.

00:23:07 So it’s kind of like you saw it, you learnt and then you had to go back over it. And now you’ve learned something cause you’ve seen it twice and you’re ready to go back again and just redo it the right way. You’re like, okay, like let me redo it. I don’t want to say right. Redo it a different way because you know,

00:23:22 when you do something a different way, you’re going to get a different outcome. So that’s where that energy shifting for you. Now, the breakthrough, maybe didn’t see it coming change for you is kind of coming in a, in an area that may be a little bit touchy. It’s going to be around like, you’re that deep intimacy. It could be around money and finances that shadow work kind of going in one way,

00:23:40 coming out the other way. It’s a little dark and it’s a little private, but that’s going to be impacting how community or your friends, like more than two people like you would are your dreams. So it may be that you had, you know, let’s just say you have these breakthroughs or unexpected, revolutionary energies can be definitely in our favor. We can be the change maker.

00:23:58 So it may be that you find the finances or you find someone to share your resources, who who’s going to support your dreams. Or it could be that, you know, something, something was money or friends is not working out or because you’re kind of going into this level and you’re merging on a new level. You are, you’re stepping into a new group or the group that you’re in.

00:24:15 You’re kind of like, wait, how do I make these changes? All right. So I would, no matter how you feel about this cancer, just to keep an open mind, go with the flow, don’t push against it because, well, I mean, I would encourage you not to push against it because I don’t think you’re going to enjoy if you do.

00:24:28 All right, the new moon on Monday, this guy, this is a great place to set intentions around like that shadow work or kind of going deep. If you’re looking at any kind of shared resources or finances or money, this is a good time to kind of set some intentions around that, you know, reach out. Like if I use this alone,

00:24:44 I need, this is what I need to kind of invest with. If you’re looking to kind of get dig in and into some shadow work in transformational power, like you go in one way, you come out another way, just kind of really kind of dig and date and pulling out some stuff that’s been tucked underneath there. This is a new that can help you.

00:24:59 It’s going to give you some clarity. So I would set some intentions. Like I want to, this is the, these are my shared resources. These are my resources. This is my value system. This is what I, my self worth. And this is how I merged with other people. And when I merged with someone, this is how I transfer.

00:25:13 This is how I go through a transformation. So I would set some goals around that part of your life. And it’s super private and not, not very public was going to help you kind of process some of this partnership energy you’ve been working on. Okay, Leo, let’s talk about your week now, Leo. I think it’s gonna be hard for you to avoid these,

00:25:29 you know, this second chance to communicate with power today. And you may have it more than once, just, just because it’s surfacing and what you do every day. Like it’s like, it’s like part of your daily day day-to-day rhythm. You may be noticing that you’re having conversations with yourself and are thinking about things in different parts of your day. Like,

00:25:47 man, just, this keeps following me all along. Like I just need to keep getting to the bottom of this. Okay. So I think it’s good to get to the bottom of it. Understand if you’ve been carrying something that you thought was just huge, but it’s actually really small when you start to think about it or something that you’re like, I don’t know why this is bothering me.

00:26:02 And you dig in and you figure out something that you dismissed is actually something big that you want to work with. And there could be like a powerful authority figure or someone around this area of your life too. So kind of ask yourself, how do I agree with this? Or how do I agree with this transformation I’m going through? You could also be around health and your health and for some of you,

00:26:20 maybe something going on with your pets too, but you’re kind of taking a second. Look here. Once you kind of dig in, you’re going to feel like your heart and mind are going in the right direction or turning around and facing the direction you’re going forward to integrate in this area of your life. Now this shift of energy expected or unexpectedly, I was going to be happening around your partnerships and your career.

00:26:39 Now this is a really vocal, loud part of your life. So I do hope that, you know, maybe you’re the change maker. You’re bringing it in our that you perceive how, whatever these changes are in the most positive way possible, because it’s like, you’re, you’re the sun is shining on your partnerships. Cause you’ve been working to try to get your routines,

00:26:55 right? So you’d get into those partnerships and dig in the right way. And now all of a sudden there’s a breakthrough around your career or how you’re known in the world. So it could be that your career there’s like someone who says, Hey here, this is your career. And that, that invites in partnerships with a partner. You thought that was going to help you is not going to work or there’s a lot of different ways,

00:27:12 but that’s a high level, like look around your career, look around who you partner with, possibly your home. Now I know Leo, you’d like to change on your own terms. You like to kind of lead the show there, but I encourage you to approach this change with an open mind. Okay. Cause any, no is actually a yes.

00:27:30 You just have to get down the path and figure out what, what, what was removed. So you can get to where you were really trying to go because sometimes we think we know the right direction, but in hindsight we didn’t. And we’re so glad that something like this happens to shift us on the other hand. It can, it can be just that.

00:27:46 Yes, I got that connection. I’m ready to go, ready to get out there on that stage and show him what I got now, this new moon is going to is going to be around your partnerships. So you’re going to be really like, you have a great opportunity to set intentions around who you partner with. Now, this partnership could be,

00:28:02 it could be romantic, but it could also be something that has to do with contracts. It could be something that has to do with just anything with you and another person. Like I am partnering with you and I want to set some goals around this. So really kind of think about what it could bring in new partners. It can bring in new people that you want to partner with,

00:28:18 but what kind of partner are you looking for? So set intentions on this is who I’m partnering with. This is the, this is how I show up in the partnership. This is the balance I have around my home and my career and look at the short-term and the long-term because when we meet in a couple of weeks, you’re going to feel like that you have a big bloom.

00:28:35 Here are look like a big spotlight around who you are, like your vitality and your identity and how you’re known in the world. So I think these intentions are really important for you Leo. So take some time and think about them after you kind of process these deep conversations this weekend. Okay. Virgo, let’s talk about your week now. Virgo going into this into today.

00:28:55 My sweet Virgos. This can be a little bit, it could be deep. Okay. You’re having these deep conversations that may feel urgent or obsessive are overly protective. Transformational, just, just powerful, like bigger than you. And you’re having them around the area of your life. It’s just supposed to be beautiful and fun. You’re having them around the area of your life that has to do with like,

00:29:15 you know, people you love and things that you love. Things that you’ve create created because you exist. So to kind of go back and get deep on this area, it’s kinda like, why do I have to go back? I thought I did. And then kind of getting underneath the surface may not be fun, but it could also be really like revealing,

00:29:31 like, wow, okay. I got it. So I don’t know how, how fun or how optimistic it can be, but I want you to make it optimistic because I think if you get underneath it, you’re going to notice how much better you feel like you’re going to get to the bottom of something that’s been just kind of bugging you. You know what I mean?

00:29:45 Like, let me get past this or I can go focus on like what I’m trying to do every day and your heart and your mind are going to feel better. Once you get through this, now they’re going to have to still process, whatever comes up here, positive or negative. They’re going to have to turn around and start processing things that you’ve been working with.

00:30:00 But you’re on the path. You’re on the path and not have to review some of these areas as intensely as you’ve been in reviewing them or reviews never over. Right. All right. So Virgo, the unexpected breakthrough or shifts are coming with you are going to happen probably in your day to day routines like your ritual and no that’s upsetting Virgo. Sorry,

00:30:18 so that, but you can have this break there, unexpected shift in what you do every day and that new horizon that you’re trying to go in. So it could be around teaching . It could be around teaching learning. You could also be around publishing or media or something like that. There could be a great breakthrough, like, wow,

00:30:34 you know, you, you get this new teacher, you get to teach something, you have a new trip plan. Are you the trip you had plan is canceled, but because it’s canceled, what does that actually mean? You know, there’s going to be a shift or a shift that’s coming in here and just keep an open mind about it. Go with the flow.

00:30:48 The new moon in Aquarius is going to help you kind of work with all these shifts. Cause it’s going to set a new mood around your, what you do every day. Like this is where you kind of get to get set those goals where go get really organized and your body and your health, and like the rhythm that you keep everyday. Like,

00:31:03 this is what I do from the time I wake up at the time I go to bed, even like the rituals of it. So set some new moon intentions around what you do there and kind of also set some new moon intentions Virgo around how you talk to yourself. That’s a little side, Jamie note for you. I want you to think about,

00:31:17 you know, how do I talk to myself every day? Do I in our, what do I think in my head? And are there ways that you can kind of shift that that’s going to help you in the most positive way? And if you’re already doing that, like let it go. But if you’re being critical of yourself, think about ways that you can be less critical and be more optimistic.

00:31:33 Okay. Now, Libra, let’s talk about your week now, Libra. This could be touchy too. I want to be optimistic, but I don’t want to like, just be like, it’s all sunshine, this review of conversations that you’re going to be having this deep, you know, let’s talk about power transformation is happening for you around your home base.

00:31:51 Like what’s your nest and your security. And you’re kind of going back over territory when you were probably with a lot of family or like kind of focused on your home a little bit. Cause it did kind of end out the end of 2021 and going into 2022, you’re going to go back and you’re going to have another conversation. You’re going to figure out if you made a decision in haste to have you agree to something too quickly,

00:32:09 if they, if that power felt heavy to you and you needed to kind of go back and revisit it, how imbalanced are you? So I recommend that you kind of dig in there and I Libra, you’re really going to probably notice a shift in Venus as she moves direct because this is your ruling planet. So you may feel like you’ve been just stuck.

00:32:25 I’m just kind of going back and forth. Just can’t get out of this. One. Space is one thought I’m still here and I can’t move on. So this shifts on Saturday you’ll you’ll note, I think you’ll notice it Libra. And if you’re already feeling it Libras and you’re watching, please let me know. Same for Taurus is let me know if you guys are feeling this in your Libra and Taurus areas of your charts too.

00:32:44 If you guys know your charts, but Libra, your heart’s going to be shifting your mind is going to turn around and get some clarity too. And I think that it’s good to just kind of work there cause you want to get clear here. This shows up in your partnerships, it shows up in your career or how people know you. It shows up in your vitality.

00:33:00 Like if you don’t feel good here, you don’t feel good in your body. It’s just this whole overall arching circle. And it’s good to get clear here. All right. Now the unexpected, didn’t see it. Breakthrough kind of shift for you is going to be happening. I hope this kind of really works out well, cause it’s going to happen around like the sun is shining on like your things that you love and that you’re really creative about.

00:33:19 And it could be children. It could be things that are like a business, something that’s super fun to you. And it’s going to be activated changes to becoming where your shared resources are like you and I are merging on a deeper level. It could be shadowing in real estate too, but it’s almost like you had a breakthrough, like all of a sudden,

00:33:35 like I understand like the sun is shining here. I understand that. I love this and I’m ready to merge and take it to a new level. I’m ready to have a breakthrough here and a breakthrough in a new way, a breakthrough. Sometimes we have to break, break out or break up or break whatever to break through to a new ground. But however you perceive this Libra,

00:33:51 just try to find your balance within it. Keep an open mind and move with the flow because you’re looking for the long-term yes, not the short short term, like push it down. The new moon in Aquarius is going to help you guys. It’s gonna help you harness this energy. You’re going to be looking at setting a new moon intentions around things that you love and find joy with.

00:34:10 So this, if you have children, he could be something that you want to set intentions around your children. If you have a business, if you’re just a creative person. And honestly, this could just be like, I love to Netflix and chill kind of energy. Like what we’re he set intentions to make sure that you are finding whatever you need to feed,

00:34:27 what you love. Because if you feed what you love, then you’re going to feel that kind of flow through the rest of your life. So what do you love? What are your short-term intentions? You know, are you gonna sit down and write a novel? Like what, what do you want to do here? Look, think short-term and think long-term,

00:34:40 I think it’s very, it’s going to be super creative, whatever it is, I would set intentions around creativity and whatever creativity means to you. I remember that word used to feel so intimidated to me when I was younger. Cause I’m like, oh, I’m not creative at all. And it kind of turns out I sort, I am, it’s weird how it works.

00:34:56 So whatever creativity is to you right now at this point in your life, okay, Scorpio, let’s talk about your week now, Scorpio going into today. It’s like the communication may just feel deep at every corner. And that’s because this energy is happening where you communicate it’s happening, how you communicate. It’s also could be happening just in your local environment.

00:35:15 Like think about, you know, like your path. Like this is my grocery store. This is where I go to the bank. And this is the school I go to. The gym I go to are just your block people I talk to on the zoom. That’s where these deep conversations are happening. That’s where this rethink redo our, this power source is standing in your life.

00:35:33 And you’re like, okay, I think I agreed too much. I think you could go back and make sure that I’ve got really clear and you know, Scorpio, you you’re, you, you can go deep with this conversation. And I know that kind of makes a couple of you happy. Like, yeah, I’m a dig in. I’m going to figure out what the,

00:35:46 what the bottom line is here. So I encourage you to dig in and find the bottom line with this emotion or whatever you’re working with in this area of your life. You’re going to notice that your heart and your mind probably do feel a little bit more clearer as we move throughout the week, because we’re going to be kind of turning around and integrating things that we’ve learned in this same area.

00:36:03 Then we’ve probably learned a lot of this locally, but it’s definitely impacted us on a wider scale Scorpio. So think about like, you know, think about media or publishing or teaching learning. Like, you know, you’ve been working on this something you’ve been to like, perfecting something close to home. And then with this energy, you may look up and realize that it’s making an impact on a wider scale that you didn’t even realize,

00:36:22 but that’s always a win. Right? Okay. Hopefully it’s a win using my mind going from the light to the shadow. Okay. So the new, the new shifting energy that’s coming in for you, like they could be expected or unexpected. It’s going to happen around your home and your partner. So Scorpio, that could be kind of sensitive a little bit.

00:36:41 Don’t you think it’s your home and your partners. It can show up in how you’re known in the world and also like your vitality. So it could be something happens at home that just active. And one of these two places, they’re both activating each other, they’re active or one of the others kind of triggering it. And when you think about this,

00:36:58 I want you to think about cause Scorpio, you like to change on your own terms. You, you want to be the change maker. If you’re making a move, you want to be the one making the move and you may not be the one making the move with this energy. So that’s why I want to tell you guys look for the, yes.

00:37:13 Behind the know and understand, okay, this is, I know I don’t want this to happen. This is my boundary. But ask yourself, is, is there a reason that you have that boundary and what is, what is this shift actually, you know, shaking loose. What did it make? Impossible? I thought this was impossible. And now it’s possible.

00:37:29 And what does that mean for my partnerships? What does that mean for my home life and the support that I have there now, the new moon is going to help you kind of work with all the shifts. Cause you’re gonna be able to set some intentions around your home and these could be super tiny. It could be like, you know, reorganizing your desk.

00:37:43 So you feel more in flow. It could be, you know, redecorating something, reorganizing something, but it could be, you know, I’m buying a new home, I’m moving. I now need a new roommate. I now need a new partner. I need to work in a different environment. So set some short-term and long-term goals around this. And I want you to kind of think in a creative way too.

00:38:01 Cause I can see this kind of blossoming in a new way for you guys where it shows up like in your career and how you do things there too in a couple of weeks and in a longterm. So it kind of think, okay, this is the nest I need. This is the, these are the roots and the foundation that I’d like to have.

00:38:16 Okay. Scorpio have a great week. All right, sad Sagittarius. Let’s talk about your week. All right. So today that deep reflective conversations, our thought processes that you’re going through around your high-level keyword, it’s around your money and your resources. But I do think it has to probably do with self esteem and worth. And what is actually a resource to you?

00:38:38 Cause sometimes the resource to you, Sagittarius is simply learning something, teaching something are you’re downright. This is my truth. I’m going to bluntly tell you what my truth is. So you’re kind of like having another conversation around like this value. Whatever’s valuable to you. You may be looking across the way and trying to figure out, you know, how your values merged with others,

00:38:57 but you’re kind of going back and you’re looking at this area because this is where you’re having a big, powerful transformational source, just sitting right there in your life. And it’s been sitting there for awhile, but it’s good to get clear about how you think about it and how you feel about it as you move through the year. Okay. So dig in deep there,

00:39:13 Sagittarius and find your truth. You’re gonna feel like your heart and your mind are ready to kind of implement some things that you’ve learned in this area of your life too, as you March forward. So I kind of like how you’re able to kind of turn that around, like, okay, I’ve been working on this and I’m thinking about this. And then all,

00:39:28 you may feel like a shift in like maybe your income or your values or your self-esteem or like, okay, I got it. I’ve been trying to get over this rut and now turn it around. And I’m going in that direction. Now the shakeup unexpected, didn’t see it. Maybe I did see it coming energy for you. Sagittarius is happening around how you it’s basically happening around what you do every day.

00:39:47 Like it’s happening around how you communicate people. You pass every day, but it’s also in your rhythm and your ritual could have to do with health. It could have to do with pets. And it may be that because you’re communicating are interacting in one way of your life. Now that kind of shifts a different part of your life. So kind of think about how that’s working for you.

00:40:03 Like whatever, if there’s a breakthrough in communication that maybe you didn’t see coming, that’s impacting what you do every day, or maybe I’m just thinking about all the different ways. Cause just like in your day to day Sagittarius, it could be something at work or something around your health that shifts the way that you communicate. I’m interested to know how this kind of works out.

00:40:22 So you guys be sure to let me know in the comments how well, some of the things that are manifesting for you guys with this, because it’s just so in the flow of what you do every day. Now, the new moon in Aquarius is where you’re going to be able to set some intentions around how you communicate. So Sagittarius, think about like new intentions.

00:40:38 You can set around your routine, like what you do every day, how you communicate people you speak with every day, but also set some intentions of the longterm. Think about publishing media, communicating with people, you know, on a broader scale. Is there a way that you can do that with more clarity and truth and, and, and be comfortable with it?

00:40:56 So kind of think about some short-term goals there. And I think you maybe, maybe really enjoy like the long-term that it takes you in the direction, like the broader scale. If you set the intentions, now it’d be a very creative forward moving path. All right, Capricorn, let’s talk about your week now, Capricorn going into today, this could be a pretty sensitive kind of deep kind of dive for you because it’s happening.

00:41:18 Obviously this energy is happening in your sign, so it’s happening right around your Sun and that vitality and that energy. So you’re going to kind of get like a double dose, double scoop. Maybe didn’t want a double scoop, but you have a double scoop of this energy, but I encourage you to kind of go deep. And because you’ve had this transformational power,

00:41:34 just kind of hanging out with you for a long time and it’s, it’s starting to wrap up, you know, like it’s wrapping up it’s, it’s its time in this area of your life and it’s getting ready to move on soon. Okay. But as it moves on or gets ready to wrap things up, it’s good to get clear with it. You know,

00:41:47 dig in is something that happened around you or your partners, maybe your home life, or how you’re known in the world. Is there something there that you’re holding that felt, you know, it feels huge and you can’t really figure out how to get past it. This is a good energy to get deep, but to figure out, okay, this is,

00:42:03 this is why I feel this way. And I need to get beyond this because it’s going to help you feel like your vitality is going to feel better. You’re going to feel clear in a lot of ways as you move forward with this energy. Okay. So dig in, have, have the conversations, think about the things, think about things it could be happening is we’re going to be more than one.

00:42:21 I think possibly Capricorn in different areas of your life. It’s almost like one kicks off another one. So think about all of them. All right. Now the forward motion shift in direction that you’re going to feel is also going to be in this area of your life. You could feel it around your partnerships and your home and your work too, or your career,

00:42:36 how you’re known. So it’s like, you’ve been mulling over this area, kind of hung. You’re going to turn around and start implementing it. You’re gonna start integrating it. You’re gonna start building a foundation that you feel really comfortable with Capricorn, but it still is. You’re in the building. You’re in the stage. Okay. I, I see the building plans.

00:42:52 I’m gonna turn around and start taking action with it. So that’s how that energy you’re gonna be working with this week. This unexpected shift are like, wow, kind of energy that comes in for you. It’s going to come in around what you value, like your resources. And it’s going to come in around things that you really love and have joy.

00:43:09 So I really hope this works out optimistically with a lot of positivity at least It’s almost as if you could have like a breakthrough around your career. I mean, a breakthrough around your entrepreneurship, something you’ve created. I don’t want to say career. I want to say something that you would do every day, all day long for free, because you love it.

00:43:28 That much something around that area. It could be children lovers. It could be just creativity and your value, your self-worth and your income. So there’s a shift there and I hope it’s completely optimistic and positive. You have the, maybe the resources to support that, or there’s something in your creative spear. That’s kind of activating, you know? Okay.

00:43:46 Yes. I want to apply more resources to this because I feel like it’s needed and it’s going to help me in the long run. No matter how you perceive it, Capricorn, just keep an open mind about it. Work with the flow, work with it. Look for the, yes. Now the new moon in Aquarius is going to be happening around an area of your life that has to do with values and money and material wealth.

00:44:06 And you know that self-esteem and self-worth too. So set some goals here. So some goals around your wealth to set some goals around what wealth means to you, what resources are to you and how you can build those and make them like last longer, right? Capricorn. I hope you have a great week. All right. So that’s everyone guys. I hope you have a great week and I hope you found some really helpful insights.

00:44:28 I didn’t give a theme at the beginning of it, but I think a good thing for this week is going to be embracing the shift or yeah. Embrace the shift or partnering with change. One of those things. Cause basically what you’re wanting to do is kinda take, go, go in deep, get the conversations and the thought process, pull that back up and you’re going to get ready to start integrating.

00:44:48 And then you, and then you’re like, it’s almost like as soon as you integrate the university’s like, oh yeah, you’re ready to go in that direction. Good. Boom. And then you have all this shifts and you’re like, wait a minute. I was integrating, and now you just put something else on my plate and the answer’s yes. And those shifts are there for a reason.

00:45:02 So work optimistically with those shifts, even if they’re the most negative thing that you can think of, like, no, I did not want this to happen, Jamie, this is not fun. I understand. I do. I do. And I know finding that yes, behind the no is sometimes a journey in itself, but I, I have faith that you’re going to get there.

00:45:18 And then I really want you to make sure you’re working with some new moon intentions are. And if you’re not familiar with that, you know, as, as the mood is new, it’s a good time to bring in that new energy and just kind of set some really good goals and that you can start off with a short list, but I think those are going to help you guys set the long-term picture.

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