The Aries New Moon proclaims: “Be a hero. Save the world.”

(Well, at least your little corner of it.)

The first New Moon of this Spring urges us to get up and go, but not without a pragmatic plan of action.

Here’s some astrological counsel for your inner action hero(ine)…

Aries New Moon

Rise and shine! That’s the clarion call of the energetic Aries New Moon. Astrologers around the web feel the sap rising:

“Aries is a brash, self-centered sign. … I look at this and think, you! You! YOU! I don’t say that in a judgy way. There are times when a person should act in their own interest, or assert themselves and their independence. This new moon screams, “reinvent yourself.”

Elsa Panizzon,

“Raw and impetuous like the new life that must fight and compete to ensure its own survival, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac for a reason. Without its proactive, assertive push, there would be no separation from the source. No manifestation. No evolution. No existence.

“It’s this very same push that initiates us into a brand new phase of self-actualization, urging us to reclaim the Self, to fulfil our individual destinies and to do what it takes to overcome our inner and outer struggles.

“It’s a primal, visceral, self-centered pulse: Aries, the alpha-beast, comes first and wants to be first, no matter what.”

Aeternalight Astrology

“Who am I?”  “What do I want”  “Where do I want to go next?”   Yes, this is the me, me, me moon.  But don’t get confused, this is not the selfie moon.  Nope we need to go deeper than those photos we put up on FB.   We need to be the little seed planted in the ground that breaks through its skin and pierces the hard soil in order to grow out into the world.  This is Aries.”

Tracy Cook

Tracey Cook goes on to share a personal story (and a great suggestion) for the Aries New Moon:

“In the Spring of 1996  Buz [Myers] recorded his Aries New Moon and shipped them out.  When I heard it I knew I had to do what he suggested.  

“In that report he sent all of us on a mission.  He encouraged his clients to make Treasure Maps

“Basically a Treasure Map is a collage of images, sentences, may be words that strike at our core.  Things that we want to accomplish in the new year. (Remember the new (lunar) year begins with Aries so it is in March or April—Not January. )   

“One thing Buz said was that if you make your map on Aries New Moon you should expect to see results by Cancer New Moon, which is in June or July.   And he was right.” 

There’s an Aries New Moon each spring, so astrologers look to the aspects to the Moon for additional ideas about its cosmic message.

Aries New Moon conjunct Uranus

Everyone agrees that the “Main Attraction” of this New Moon is its alignment with let’s-make-a-change Uranus.

“The truth is, there is stuff that is bugging the hell out of us now and we know we have got to change it.”

Tracy Cook

“Accepting that we are the barycenter of our own world, and that it’s time to reclaim our right to direct our life, involves breaking with tradition, consensus knowledge and peer pressure to some extent.”

Aeternalight Astrology

We may “veer between the kooky, crazed lunatic and the unconventional rebel. At this New Moon we have a pathological need to shock and outrage, but then become shy and uncomfortable with the notoriety this outrageous behavior brings.” 

Marina Macario, Darkstar Astrology

“You should feel a strong urge to break free from routine, doing something totally different from your normal activities. To avoid restlessness and nervous tension, it is better to be active and look to do something out of the ordinary, rather than wait for change to happen to you.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King

Aries New Moon square Pluto

As the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto alignment of the past few years begins to fade, we’ll see fewer aspects between these two outer-planets and the lunation. But this month the pair continues its long, slow goodbye — on a memorable note.

“In the midst of all this feverish, full-throttle vivacity, Pluto, planet of extremes, raises the stakes, making this an all-or-nothing, do-or-die matter; his presence in the form of power struggles and survival fears might feel slightly threatening and unsuited to this heroic climate of grit and enthusiasm, and yet, he might be our greatest ally in this battle.

“His not-so-subtle reminder that time, resources and our existence on our material plane are all limited, and that something is meant to die in order to make room for the new, is probably the most efficacious incentive we need to make the most of a fleeting, ephemeral moment and turn it into a major game changer.”

Aeternalight Astrology

“This planetary pattern activates the themes of soaring to new heights while simultaneously diving deep to emotional depths. Have the courage to feel your full range of feelings at this time. Be active and move with the energy. Remember, emotion = energy in motion. “

Kathryn Andren

Aries New Moon trine Saturn

Says Astrology King Jamie Partridge: This New Moon “represents a transition from one type of change to another, from chaotic and unexpected change to planned and structured change.”

“Saturn retrograde 2016 suggests that this transitioning change should be taken slowly and cautiously in the beginning… The steadying influence will dominate over the manipulative Pluto aspect because Uranus square Pluto is waning, with the last exact square occurring over one year ago. Saturn trine Uranus still has two of three exact aspects to go this year.”

And more sage advice for harnessing the helpful side of Saturn (yes, there is one!)

“Saturn in Sag cares about one thing—“Walk your talk.”  … It is critical to be responsible for what you say in the world. It can take awhile to get there because sloppy, un-processed Saturn in Sag just says provocative crap for no other reason than it is fun to ‘tell the so-called truth’ as they see it.   

“Sure. But half of a truth no matter how right it is, is not a whole truth.  

“A processed Saturn in Sag will be patient and measured and consider the whole big picture.  [A] processed Saturn … speaks to looking at aspirations and coming up with real action plans to attain real goals.”  

Tracy Cook

“There’s an almost sociological undertone to this reasoning, one that is also emphasized by the trine to Saturn in Sagittarius … There is a “big picture,” a broader context in which we’re redefining ourselves as free individuals.

“It’s in this context, and because of it, that we need to reaffirm our identity, draw boundaries, and come up with innovative ways to rely on ourselves. The trine to Saturn facilitates tangible outcomes, partly grounding the unbridled vibe of this ardent, Uranus-flavored New Moon and ensuring that our next steps towards personal liberation are firm and solid as we head forward from here.

“And yet, Saturn also reminds us that, in order to reach our destination, commitment and focus are necessary. The willingness to take risks and chart into new territory should ideally marry our ambitions, aspirations and plans, if we want our intentions to gain firm foothold and attain staying power.

“Saturn doesn’t want us to be content with the initial spark of enthusiasm provided by Aries – he wants a follow through. He wants to see us succeed.”

Aeternalight Astrology

Other Celestial Considerations

And finally, don’t forget to the little nuances that round out our Aries New Moon forecast.

(And make sure your cape is on straight too.)

Super New Moon

Poetic flourishes aside, this really is the Super New Moon. The Moon meets the Sun just a few hours before its perigeethe closest point to Earth in its orbit. (Some astrologers call the lunar perigee Priapus, and the apogee Black Moon Lilith.)

Because it’s closer to Earth, the gravitational pull of a Supermoon is just a little stronger. Tides flood higher. Emotions run more intensely.

Think of a Supermoon as adding emphasis and intensity to the potency of a particular New or Full Moon. So to all the advice you’ve read here, add an extra exclamation point.

Fixed Stars

The New Moon itself isn’t colored by proximity to one of the well known fixed stars. However, Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, is near a conjunct with fixed star Antares.

“Aries’ ruling planet Mars will be at 8 degrees Sagittarius, the degree that it will station retrograde on Apr. 17. Mars is close to conjunction with Antares, spicy fixed star said to be a kind of mash up between Mars and Jupiter (ruling planet of Sagittarius). Antares tends towards brash and reckless, political and war-like, adding extra voltage to an already manic sky.”

Clarissa, Viva Combusta!

Aries Decan 2

The urge to hunker down, ignore distractions, and get your own affairs in order is common of a New Moon in the second decan of Aries (that’s 11 to 20 degrees).

Says Marina Macario of Darkstar Astrology:

“The Moon placed in Aries decan 2 has no special dignity and will generally run counter to popular culture. It is a protector and warrior, rather than a conventional nurturer. This Spartan New Moon teaches us to be strong and independent, and we will reject people or projects that appear too “needy.” At this New Moon, the family may be seen as a shackle, for those who like to keep active and travel light. We may find it very hard to put down roots, as this energy makes us the proverbial rolling stones who gather no moss.”

Sabian Symbol

Even single degrees of the Zodiac evoke their own special vibe. The Sabian symbol (the most popular of these degree-meaning systems) for 19 Aries is a “The Magic Carpet of Oriental Imagery.”

Renowned astrologer Dane Rudhyar saw a New Moon in this degree as an invitation to step back from the hustle and give space for the imagination to take flight.

“A way of life refusing a hectic involvement in social competition and waste-producing overproduction allows for the development of unattached and transcendent understanding. The static floor (carpet) upon which our feet (symbols of understanding) rest can become transformed into the great flights of imagination and super-physical perception.”

Long Void of Course after New Moon

Just hours after the New Moon, the Moon turns Void of Course. By itself, that’s not unusual. What’s different is that this Void Moon lasts about 15 hours — about 12 hours longer than normal.

Like the Saturn trine to the New Moon, the long Void Moon reminds us that sustainable change is not manifested through drastic-but-shallow actions. Rather, it’s the deep work done in the quiet moments that can create lasting change. Release your impatience and allow transformation to grow from the inside-out.

Lunar Mansion

In both the East and the West, there is a 28-sign Lunar Zodiac  more ancient than the familiar 12-Sign Solar Zodiac. In Vedic astrology these are called Nakshatras; in Western astrology they are known as Lunar Mansions.

This New Moon aligns in Lunar Mansion 2, which the Arab astrologers called Al Butain. A Moon here is best suited for diffusing anger and resolving conflicts. (I call it “The olive branch” so it’s easier to remember.)

Summing it Up

New Moons are a good time to embark on a new beginning — this Aries New Moon moreso than most. Look before you leap tall buildings, and there’s nothing you can’t tackle with your unique superpowers.

Lunaria Datebook

Last Moon Phase: Full Moon in Libra

Next Moon Phase: Full Moon in Scorpio

New Moon April 2016 Dates and Times

San Francisco: Thursday, Apr. 7,  4:24 a.m. PDT

New York: Thursday, Apr. 7, 7:24 a.m. EDT

Sao Paulo: Thursday, Apr. 7, 8:24 a.m. BRST

London:  Thursday, Apr. 7, 12:24 p.m. GMT

Istanbul: Thursday, Apr. 7, 2:24 p.m. EEST

Mumbai: Thursday, Apr. 7, 4:54 p.m. IST

Tokyo: Thursday, Apr. 7, 8:24 p.m. JST

Sydney: Thursday, Apr. 7, 9:24 p.m. AEST


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