As Retrograde Mars re-enters Scorpio from May 27 to Aug. 2, time to revisit your unfinished Scorpio business!

Mars is hot. Driven. Ambitious. He’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, and keeps us chasing our dreams. But he’s also impatient. And quick to anger when his actions are thwarted.

Sagittarius energy is fiery and restless. It’s desire is to learn more, explore more, understand and share more. For the past few weeks, we’ve collectively been exploring where we may have overdone it, and bit off more than we can chew. (And the consequences of that overload.)

As Mars returns to watery Scorpio, we’re forced to confront what’s driving us. What emotions are motivating our actions and choices. If you have the guts to be honest with yourself, you’ll pass this Mars retrograde exam with flying colors.

Want more specifics for you? In astrology we have to look at the houses for that, the places in your life where the action is taking place.

Here’s where Sun sign astrology can be really helpful — give you a hint of what area of your life to look for answers.  While it works best for your Sun sign or Rising sign, in this case looking at your Moon sign or Mars sign might be interesting as well.


Nothing stays buried forever. Whatever you’ve been avoiding, it’s time to dig it up and drag it into the light. You may need to brave up, but you can do it. Need extra incentive? Just think how much better you’ll feel not having to carry around the extra weight.


A blast from the past may steam up your summer. Don’t be surprised if an old flame rekindles sparkage in your world. Or perhaps you’re craving a whirlwind fling. By all means, indulge! Just remember, retrograde romance comes and goes quick. Hold things with open hands.


Sure, we need somebody to love. But eventually our other responsibilities catch up with us. If you’ve focused to much on what other people need lately, it may be time for you to check in with your own obligations. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you on top of your work projects? If the answer is no, time to regroup.


Playtime! If all work and no fun has got you in a funk, make time to do something that actually gives YOU pleasure. Your birthday’s just around the corner. Don’t skip it this year. Let someone throw you a surprise party, then do all the dishes.


Click your ruby slippers and repeat: There’s no place like home.  If you’ve been playing hard, you may feel an urge to get back to your roots. Perhaps something on the home front requires your attention. Small repairs around the house or a garage that needs cleaning. Or, if you’re overdue for a visit, call your folks — they’ll be happy you did.


If you’ve been spinning your wheels, stop. Step back. Re-organize. You know what you need to do, you just need to slow down long enough to do it. To get more accomplished, do fewer things. Create habits that support your success, and delegate or delete the rest. Working smart is efficient.


Time to check in with your financial goals. Update the books. Check your accounts. Cancel subscriptions you’re not using. Take things to the consignment store and make a some cash. Google “how to spend less and save more.” I’m sure you’ll get the idea.


Heads up! Your ruling planet’s returning home for the second time this year. Consider what you need to take care of yourself and your body. Remember that exercise plan you made a New Year’s resolution to start? It’s time to really understand what motivates you — or what saps your drive.


Whew! The heat is off. If you’ve been feeling extra feisty or frustrated, that was just Mars slowing WAY down in your living room. And then having a tantrum. So take a breath, and assess where you really want to go next. Start the new plan in August. Until then, clean up the mess.


Wherever you’ve been hiding yourself, it’s time to come out and say “Hello world.” Even the most brilliant people leave off their deep work from time to time to catch up with friends. Maybe touch base your network, so they know you’re still in the game.


If you’ve had too many projects scattering your attention, it’s time to scale back. You may need to make some hard choices. But the secret is to focus on what gets you closer to your goals, rather than all the things others want you to do. Your boss will love you for it — doubly so if your boss is yourself.


You need a VACATION. You need to slip away and just be to recharge your batteries. If the last few years haven’t provided many opportunities to get away from it all, Mars retrograde is giving you a gift: an excuse to escape. You’ll be more productive again when you return.

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