Health Secrets of The Planets

Are you interested in what it means to embody the energy of the planets for better health? Or looking to add a holistic approach to your astrological practice?

In this class, Astrologer and Herbalist, Cameron Allen will help you learn about the interconnection of humans & planets in Nature. By realigning your connection to nature, you can understand how to properly nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Cameron connects the planets, plants, our organ systems, as well as the four elements and how they relate to polarity, tissue states within our bodies, and more.

This class also focuses on the three modes and their relation to alchemy, the doshas, digestion, and the seasons. Lastly, Cameron will review the outer planets from a holistic health perspective and their meaning as the “transpersonal planets” as well as the inner planets and their corresponding emotional, anatomical, lifestyle, and herbal associations. This course will open up your practice to a holistic approach, bringing better health and vitality to your life.

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INSTRUCTORS: Cameron Allen



1. A 2-hour Mastery Class on Health Secrets of the Planets (modalities & elements too)
2. Recorded Q&A session
3. Cliff Notes
4. Transcript
5. Audio file
6. Slide deck


A 2-hour Mastery Class on creating better health through working with:

  • The Elements,
  • The Modes
  • The Inner Planets
  • The Outer Planets
  • And their Correlations to Plants, Minerals & Your Body

This class was originally recorded in February 2020 as an Inner Circle Mastery Class. We are excited to offer this class to participants outside of the Inner Circle, however you may notice the mention of past transits and the Inner Circle program. This class is not tied to any specific transits or dates, so it will be relevant to your astrological studies at any time you decide to watch it. For more information about the Inner Circle, click here.