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Calling all Pisces and Pisces lovers! 🐠💖♓️


This episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to understand the essence of Pisces and its profound impact on an individual’s life. 🎧


Our Pisces Poster child is Astrology Hub Inner Circle member, Sue Lukas. 


In true Piscean form, Sue is a licensed clinical therapist, clinically licensed Eden Energy medicine practitioner, clairvoyant, medium, and so much more! 👩‍⚕️✨


Sue embodies the Piscean spirit beautifully, and her story is a captivating exploration of:


💫 Deeply feeling everything and everyone: Dive into Sue’s journey of learning to manage her intense empathy and navigate the challenges and gifts of being a highly sensitive person. 

🔮 Connecting with the unseen realms: Discover how Sue’s intuition and connection to the spiritual realm have shaped her life and work. 

🌟 Transforming through experience: Uncover the powerful lessons Sue has learned from overcoming personal struggles and embracing her unique gifts. 

🌿 Grounding and self-care for Pisces: Learn practical tips and insights from Sue on how to stay grounded and anchored in the present moment, even as a highly sensitive Pisces. 


This episode is packed with valuable insights and inspiration, not just for Pisces, but for anyone seeking to understand the depths of their own emotions and connect with the unseen forces in their lives. 🌌


Ready to embark on this inspiring journey? Tune in now! 🎶


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Guest Bio 

For over 25 years, Sue served as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Feeling depleted in 2012, she embarked on an unexpected adventure exploring energy work. She discovered Eden Energy Medicine, becoming a practitioner and teacher. This opened doors to studying other modalities like quantum healing, mediumship, and traditional Chinese medicine. Sue relocated to Maui in 2017, deepening her connection with nature and her own energy. She developed her abilities to see energy and hear messages, becoming a conscious channel. Through it all, Sue has learned to surrender, trust, and embrace her unique path, using various tools to help others heal and express their soul’s purpose.


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[00:00:00] Amanda Walsh: What would you say to our Pisces friends out there who either denied certain aspects of themselves or don’t feel super comfortable with aspects of themselves or are overwhelmed by aspects of themselves?

[00:00:15] Sue Lukas: I would say, you know, think about the glyph of Pisces in the two different directions and the fish moving in two different directions, like kind of visualize turning towards those parts of yourself.

[00:00:29] Sue Lukas: Anything is possible when you do that anything and it’s. It’s magic.

[00:00:35] Sue Lukas Pisces Poster Child Gallery: When I was running from myself and like afraid of all those intense feelings. I was doing myself a disservice and I was out in the world finding those people who wanted to take advantage of my kindness and compassion and oh boy, did they find me. And when I was able to turn towards myself and work my way below that victim.

[00:01:03] Sue Lukas Pisces Poster Child Gallery: Like, the compassion for myself only as a victim, versus compassion for myself as having an emotional experience, and there’s nothing wrong. everything changed.


[00:01:22] Amanda Walsh: my Pisces friends. Are you in for a treat today? If you’re a Pisces, a strong Piscean energy in your chart or love a Pisces and want to understand that person better, then this is the episode for you. Hi there. Astrology Hub family, Amanda here, and I’m thrilled to welcome you back to another episode of our podcast.

[00:01:47] Amanda Walsh: Following the incredible response we received from our Aquarius poster child episode with my brother, Patrick, we’ll link it below. It’s clear. You all love diving deep into the essence of the Zodiac sign through the lived experience of someone who truly embodies it. I loved hearing so. Some of you say that you learned more about Aquarius in the 40 minute interview with Patrick than you have in years of study.

[00:02:12] Amanda Walsh: And now, as we embrace the mystical vibes of Pisces season, we’ve decided to continue this journey through the signs. Today, we’re exploring the world with someone very special from our Inner Circle Expand community, Sue Lucas. Sue has a whopping nine placements in Pisces. Her son, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Chiron, Pallas, and Juno are all in Pisces.

[00:02:39] Amanda Walsh: She embodies the essence of Pisces so beautifully in the story of her life, the work she does, and the person she is, making her the perfect poster child to help us understand the world through a Piscean lens. She’s a licensed clinical therapist, clinically licensed Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, clairvoyant, medium, and so much more.

[00:02:59] Amanda Walsh: I can’t wait to share her story with you and to all of our students out there. As you listen to Sue’s experiences of life, listen for the Piscean qualities and share what you’re noticing in the comments. I can’t wait to hear your observations. Before we get started with Sue, I want to share something very exciting with you.

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[00:04:11] Amanda Walsh: astrology hub.

[00:04:12] Amanda Walsh: com slash wait list. We’ll also drop that link in the show notes. Sue. It is an honor to have you with us here today. Welcome to the astrology hub podcast.

[00:04:24] Sue Lukas: I’m so excited to be here with you, Amanda. I dreamt this up. I actually dreamt this up.

[00:04:31] Amanda Walsh: That is amazing. And it’s like, it’s the first example of one of the gifts of Pisces.

[00:04:36] Amanda Walsh: So I love that. And I didn’t even know that. And that’s awesome.

[00:04:41] Sue Lukas: Yeah, I dreamt it right up. I kept listening to the podcast while I was making dinner and I would like. Imagine myself on it and then I would imagine what we would be talking about and how fun it would be. And then the next thing I know, you asked

[00:04:57] Amanda Walsh: amazing, amazing, and it’s as simple as that, right?

[00:04:59] Amanda Walsh: Just, you were just envisioning it, imagining yourself here and feeling the energy or feeling what you would feel when you’re on the podcast, right? Like if someone was like, wow, she just dreamt that up. How do I do that? Is that basically what you did in that moment or for this particular vision?

[00:05:16] Sue Lukas: Yeah, I mean, I literally was feeling it, especially when you were doing the maybe last year, the specials with like inner circle members.

[00:05:24] Sue Lukas: I was like, Oh, wow, what would we talk about? And then I would think about it. And it was like, Very real to me. I felt like it was already happening.

[00:05:33] Amanda Walsh: Amazing. Okay.

Pisces as mystic, feeler, dreamer

[00:05:34] Amanda Walsh: Well, this is where we need to enter into the conversation about Pisces. Because there is such a gift of Pisces, that Pisces ability to dream things in, to vision for the future, to connect in with the unseen realm before it’s here on Earth.

[00:05:51] Amanda Walsh: And I love that you just brought that in already. So, Sue, tell us about your story. Like, you have an incredible journey. Tell us a little bit about your life and what got you here to this moment.

[00:06:04] Sue Lukas: Well, I have a lot of, you know, I feel, I feel everything so deeply. Um, and I think I always have. So I’ve had like a lot of experiences with, um, you know, mysticism from a really young age where I would be, you know, in the woods and suddenly, you know, feeling the plants and the animals.

[00:06:28] Sue Lukas: I’m really connected to animals. I just absolutely adore them. but it’s really interesting. I was thinking about this. When I was in 8th grade, my mom is a saver. She saves everything. She gave me recently this like report, like career report from 8th grade and it was like being of service. I always knew that I wanted to be of service.

[00:06:50] Sue Lukas: Like even when I was little, I just wanted to help people and give to them. And, you know, so I immediately ended up being a therapist because what better thing to do than, uh, someone who feels help people to kind of wade through those deep feelings.

[00:07:15] Amanda Walsh: Okay, so I have a lot of questions. Yes, I

[00:07:20] Sue Lukas: hope so.

[00:07:21] Amanda Walsh: Because I know you’re a therapist, but you’re not your average therapist. There’s a lot that you bring to your therapy practice. But before we go there, because that, that’s an interesting exploration all in and of itself. And I love that you were in eighth grade just going, I just want to be of service.

[00:07:38] Amanda Walsh: I just want to help people. Um, did you ever deny this aspect of yourself? And, or did you feel like others denied you because of this deep ability to feel and sense and connect with other realms?

[00:07:57] Sue Lukas: Well, yes.

The journey as a psychic Pisces person

[00:07:58] Sue Lukas: I mean, I thought I was crazy a little. And my mom wasn’t really tuned in to that level. So I would sense, like, when people weren’t telling the truth or the things that they actually didn’t say

[00:08:15] Sue Lukas Pisces Poster Child Gallery: and

[00:08:18] Sue Lukas: kind of get confused as a young kid, and then for a while I shut it down because I, I was very emotional, um, I learned, I had some harder experiences, I learned, like, it’s time to grow up, don’t be a kid, don’t play in the woods with the energy, I And grow up, get serious, and don’t feel.

[00:08:41] Sue Lukas: So I did that. Uh, it was terrible. Though I was quite productive. Um, I learned a lot, you know, of concrete things that I need.

[00:08:56] Amanda Walsh: Um,

[00:08:58] Sue Lukas: I think, you know, to be honest, I was very, very ungrounded and dissociated for most of my life. So, it’s hard to, you know, it’s hard to feel when you’re, you know, out there.

[00:09:13] Amanda Walsh: Right.

[00:09:14] Sue Lukas: So, um, I think it didn’t go that well and ultimately I ended up back in graduate school learning to be a therapist and I was like, well, if I’m going to be a therapist and I’m going to walk with people through their emotions, I better get mine in order.

[00:09:31] Sue Lukas Pisces Poster Child Gallery: Yeah.

[00:09:33] Sue Lukas: So, I really took the time to take care of that and I have.

[00:09:38] Sue Lukas: been doing that ever since. It’s like impossible to stop.

[00:09:45] Amanda Walsh: Okay. So you become a therapist and then, and, and you start to do your own emotional work and kind of cracking whatever armor that you had put up so that you wouldn’t feel, I mean, I imagine that you must’ve had to do a, it must’ve taken a lot of effort to not feel.

[00:10:05] Sue Lukas: Yeah. I don’t remember that part. I really don’t because it was like, it was kind of, you know, survival and then I’d go out in the world. I was, you know, kind of an awkward human at times, like it’s really hard to marry these realms. Like I know so much about what’s going on in all these other realms on a instinctual level and nobody really talks about it.

[00:10:35] Sue Lukas: And so like, I don’t know. It’s sometimes hard to talk to people in the world. So I just was an awkward human for a while. Still am sometimes.

[00:10:48] Amanda Walsh: Sue, that is so precious. I just like, you’re making me cry. It’s so cute to imagine you like in conversations with people or having experiences of life and you’re like off seeing dimensions and energy and all these amazing things that no one can, not, not as many people can see and you have no one to talk about it with.

[00:11:06] Amanda Walsh: And so you just keep it inside. What about, like, growing up and through this period where we’re at in your story, did you have other friends, did you have mentors, did you have anyone that you could bounce this part of yourself off of?

[00:11:23] Sue Lukas: No. No. I’m an only child, and my mom was really busy working, and You know, it was a different time in the development of the world that it was just a denser period and you know The energy was denser.

[00:11:45] Sue Lukas: It was until I went to energy medicine school, and I I was just so Depleted from like kind of taking on everyone’s emotional healing maybe That I just that I that the door opened and I was like, oh my gosh I could live here forever. You know, I wasn’t aware that all of this stuff was going on. I didn’t know I was an empath and I was holding, you know, I was taking on other people’s stuff.

[00:12:14] Sue Lukas: I didn’t know I wasn’t feeling, all those feelings weren’t mine.

[00:12:20] Amanda Walsh: Did you know anything about astrology at this point? Like, did you know any, like, that you were a Pisces and Pisces are sort of like this or prone to, you know, did you have any concept of this yet?

[00:12:30] Sue Lukas: I knew I was a Pisces, but, you know. The extent of it is like reading your horoscope in the newspaper, and I was like, yeah, that doesn’t really fit me.

[00:12:40] Amanda Walsh: Ah, interesting. Okay. So you go to Omega Institute, right? To this Eden Energy, like a workshop or something? Is that what it was?

[00:12:51] Sue Lukas: Month long intensive training where we live there and all day long. We did energy work and um, just like I was with like 12 people continuously, ate great food, didn’t go on technology, didn’t drive, went in the woods.

[00:13:08] Sue Lukas: And I mean, don’t like, I’m not someone who wants to do hands on energy work, uh, that’s too close to me, like, I can’t stop absorbing energy if I’m touching someone for a long, like a, you know, for a long period of time, but it just is. Yeah. I blew open all the doors and then I was like, Oh my gosh, I could do anything with this.

[00:13:37] Sue Lukas: Like anything. I can feel the energy of a rock and talk to it. Like I can write a class about it. I could get messages from it. It was just so fun. So fun.

[00:13:52] Amanda Walsh: Wow. Okay. So you began, you, we went on to become a licensed practitioner of this energy. Approach this energetic medicine essentially, right?

[00:14:02] Sue Lukas: Yeah.

[00:14:03] Amanda Walsh: I want to talk about what it feels like to be so empathic and also something you said earlier about being so disassociated and ungrounded the first part of your life.

[00:14:17] Amanda Walsh: But let’s just sort of throw all the cards on the table first and just talk about, you know, all the different avenues you’ve explored in your, in the cultivation of the different gifts that you have

[00:14:31] Amanda Walsh: so tell us a little bit about that.

[00:14:34] Sue Lukas: Oh, well, you introduced me to the teacher that I learned from and I studied that for a while. It, it was also a real, like when I had my first clairvoyant reading, energy reading, I kind of felt like she really like saw me in a way that I never had even seen myself. And the same goes for astrology. Um, it was kind of like, she said, I don’t know how you made it through school as a kid.

[00:15:02] Sue Lukas: And I was like, Oh, really? Why? And she’s like, you are just like so sensitive. Um, and I, and it struck this chord in me that, um, Oh, I used to stay home like from school a lot, like for a week at a time. And, and my mom would think. I would tell her I was sick and she’d be like, okay, but I wasn’t

The needs of a Pisces child

[00:15:31] Amanda Walsh: what, what do you wish your mom knew about you?

[00:15:34] Amanda Walsh: I’m just thinking of right now, like parents that have a Pisces, like a child with strong Piscean energy. What, what would have been really supportive for you?

[00:15:45] Sue Lukas: I wish there was a better way for her to have been attuned to my emotional sensitivity in a way that was non judgmental. Hmm. She’s, she wasn’t able to be attuned, um, to that.

[00:16:03] Sue Lukas: She wasn’t, she’s not a very emotional, she’s a very, she’s a Gemini with very like, nourished by information. She’s lovely. Um, but it, I would have liked for her to been able to say, I have this child who’s very sensitive and I want to learn how to support her to grow up in a healthy way.

[00:16:29] Amanda Walsh: Okay.

How does Pisces deal with being a super empath

[00:16:34] Amanda Walsh: Let’s talk about the, the ability for Pisces to feel everything and everyone. How do you handle that now? And what’s been the journey for you to get here?

[00:16:52] Sue Lukas: Hmm. It’s kind of tricky. You know, I, I both feel everything deeply. And sometimes I just feel nothing.

[00:17:02] Sue Lukas: I have to shut it off completely.

[00:17:08] Sue Lukas: And if it happens intentionally, then it’s easier for me to get back to being able to feel. But if it happens, like without my awareness, then it’ll take me some time to kind of pull myself back into my body.

[00:17:28] Amanda Walsh: So if it, if it happens with your awareness that you’re taking something on that isn’t yours, it’s easier if you take something on, but don’t realize till later that you did that, then it’s harder.

[00:17:40] Amanda Walsh: Is that, am I saying that right?

[00:17:42] Sue Lukas: Uh, yes, but also just even the shutting down. Right. But I can, I can intentionally say like, enough already. Like, I can’t, I’m full.

[00:17:53] Amanda Walsh: Mmm. I

[00:17:54] Sue Lukas: can’t anymore. Um, it’s time to watch Netflix.

[00:17:58] Amanda Walsh: And do you see that as kind of a necessary capability for yourself? Not necessarily a bad thing, just something that you need to do for yourself from time to time?

[00:18:10] Sue Lukas: Yeah.

[00:18:12] Amanda Walsh: Yeah. Yeah. And, and have you ever had a period of time where you did that in a way that wasn’t healthy in your opinion?

[00:18:20] Sue Lukas: Yes.

[00:18:22] Sue Lukas Pisces Poster Child Gallery: A

[00:18:22] Sue Lukas: lot. I did it a lot. I mean, um, my whole adolescence all the way through until I was maybe 30.

[00:18:33] Amanda Walsh: So what, like give us some examples of, of ways that you would shut off then.

[00:18:38] Sue Lukas: I just was always shut off.

[00:18:40] Amanda Walsh: Hmm.

[00:18:41] Sue Lukas: Yeah. I mean, yes and no, you’re never really totally shut off, but. Yes. You know, I was just trying to do, like, do more than be. And, I mean, I had my children when I was young. I was 22 when I had my son.

[00:18:57] Sue Lukas Pisces Poster Child Gallery: I

[00:18:57] Sue Lukas: didn’t have any friends who were having kids. I didn’t know what I was doing. Um, so, I was just trying to be a good mom.

[00:19:08] Sue Lukas: A good wife and a good daughter and a good family member. And I didn’t realize that. And I was giving to everyone else. But I didn’t realize that I wasn’t really feeling my own essence.

[00:19:29] Sue Lukas: And, you know, when I was 30, just about 30, I graduated from grad school. So I was You know, then I was in therapy, like kind of feeling and had a significant loss at that time that really broke me open and everything, all the grief came spilling out and it was such a strange paradox for me because I felt I never felt more alive than when that person I loved and adored was dying.

[00:20:02] Sue Lukas: And that felt like really, I felt really guilty about that. But it was just the feeling of emotion that was, I was connecting to that had been stored inside of me. That was just emptying me out

[00:20:15] Amanda Walsh: now when

[00:20:17] Sue Lukas: I look back,

[00:20:19] Amanda Walsh: yeah, it’s like you had you, it was. It was culturally appropriate for you to be feeling in that moment.

[00:20:26] Amanda Walsh: So you allowed yourself to, which made you feel more alive, but then also sort of guilty about. Yeah. Right.

[00:20:34] Sue Lukas: Yeah. And that was one of the first experiences when, when my, it was my stepfather and when he was dying the night before he died, this was what woke up. Now that I’m thinking of this, this woke up something in me, his death.

[00:20:50] Sue Lukas: I emptied out all that emotion, I connected with it, and the night he was dying, We’re in the hospital and my mom, um, it’s going to be hard for me not to cry, but my mom, I had said she had been there for two days straight and I said, why don’t you go home and just take a shower or something? I’ll stay. And I, um, she was in, my stepfather was in a coma at that point.

[00:21:18] Sue Lukas: And I remember saying this, like sitting next to his bed and saying to myself and him, like, I’m so sad that I’m never going to get to talk to you again. And cause I knew he was going to die soon. And he and I fell asleep with my head like over the railing and I was like on top of his little arm there and I had this dream while I was asleep next to him and it was him and he was telling me like, I don’t remember much of what he said other than I’m going to die tonight.

[00:21:56] Sue Lukas: So make sure everybody comes and he told me how much he loved me and I got that dose of that Spirit love like that big love the unconditional love that how loved I was by him And my spirit in general and I woke up and I like knew how loved I was And I did what he asked and was the most beautiful, if that’s possible to say, the most beautiful death I’ve ever been to.

[00:22:32] Sue Lukas: Like everyone was there, everyone was loving him and we were sending him off like with so much love.

[00:22:40] Amanda Walsh: It feels about to cry.

[00:22:49] Amanda Walsh: It’s emotional.

[00:22:50] Amanda Walsh: Wow. So, you just feel a lot, yeah? I mean, like, you just, there’s, you feel, you sense, you, you’re tuned in. And, does it ever, I mean, does it feel at this point like it’s a gift? or does it, does it feel? Like, how does it feel for you to be so feeling?

[00:23:14] Sue Lukas: Um,

[00:23:15] Amanda Walsh: it’s, it’s,

[00:23:16] Sue Lukas: it’s been a journey with that for sure.

[00:23:18] Sue Lukas: You know, sometimes I look at my chart and I go, you know, Ah, Pisces. And

[00:23:24] Amanda Walsh: sometimes I look,

[00:23:27] Sue Lukas: Why me? You know, but it also is a gift. Like, I’m very well aware that I chose this chart. And there’s some really strong Um, things I’m here to do and it’s a strength and the emotional, the, the depth of emotion that I, that I can tune into it, it keeps expanding.

[00:23:53] Sue Lukas: Like I think I get somewhere and I’m like, okay, I’m here. And then boom, like something else comes in and I’m like, Whoa, I can feel that too. And you know, it doesn’t always feel pleasant. It really doesn’t. It can be painful. Um, those initiations can be quite painful and, and uncomfortable, but I’m always aware that the other piece of this, I think that’s really important is, um, and I don’t know this, if this is all Pisces.

[00:24:29] Sue Lukas: People but I have this drive to transform like I can every situation I, to be honest, I can’t watch Netflix without being like, that’s like this and this is happening inside of me and like, I, that’s my thread I’m following and I got to go all the way in like I’m not stopping until I transform, um, all these different things that are actually not me.

[00:24:58] Sue Lukas: Inside of me.

[00:24:59] Amanda Walsh: So even when you’re watching Netflix, it’s like, there’s a transformational opportunity here. There’s a, there’s an ability here for me to alchemize these emotions within my body.

[00:25:12] Amanda Walsh: Okay. I want to ask you about grounding because that’s another thing that we hear. I don’t have, I don’t think I have any.

[00:25:21] Amanda Walsh: Pisces in my dream. I mean, of course I have a Pisces house, but like, I don’t have any placements in Pisces. So I like, I’m fascinated. I love learning about you through your lens. Um, grounding. And you mentioned earlier that it’s hard for you to be grounded.

How to ground as a Pisces

[00:25:41] Amanda Walsh: What have you learned about grounding through your path and how do you do it now?

[00:25:49] Amanda Walsh: Like, how do you actually mindfully do it?

[00:25:53] Sue Lukas: Well, it’s really interesting, you know, I, I was listening to one of your, uh, shows where you were talking to the two psychologists and the body and how a lot of people will get into, um, things, spirituality through the body first. And for me, it’s last. I was like, oh, that doesn’t work that way for me.

[00:26:17] Sue Lukas: I spent the first 50 years of my life out in the cosmos, like doing God knows what, goddess knows what. I was learning and learning and learning and learning. Not all of it conscious. Um, but I have so many friends out there. And at a certain point, I, it became dangerous for me to keep doing that because I was not in my body and, um, my body was like driving the car without anybody at home.

[00:26:54] Sue Lukas: And I had a couple of traumas and one of them in particular, I was, um, physically,

[00:27:05] Sue Lukas Pisces Poster Child Gallery: of

[00:27:05] Sue Lukas: course this is a very Piscean trauma. I got sucked into a hot tub vent at a spa and stuck there, like a big hot tub vent. I, it just pulled me back with so much force and then I got stuck on it while it sucked me in. And I remember sitting there going, all right, I give, I’ll work on it.

[00:27:27] Sue Lukas: I’ll work on it. I’ll get in my body. I promise. And in that moment, I vowed to, and I stopped going out into the cosmos to kind of get high on energy. That’s what it felt like, escape all this stuff going on inside of me. And really, I couldn’t do any energy work, any channeling. It wasn’t safe to do that for me.

[00:28:00] Sue Lukas: For a number of years that accident happened in 2019 and it was only maybe a year or two ago that I was able to like be in my body while I did everything. But the trauma was like such a transformative experience. And of course, it’s very Piscean eighth house kind of stuff. Um, so I just, I just said, like, I really need to, like, to, you know, feel my body, like, be grateful for my body, feed it.

[00:28:35] Sue Lukas: Pay attention. Intentionally walk on the ground. I love the woods. So that’s my thing. Um, I’ve since started like mushroom foraging, wild mushrooms. Love, love to forage mushrooms safely and make food with them. But I have to go with someone who knows what they’re doing because I’m afraid that I might poison myself.

[00:29:05] Amanda Walsh: So you walk on the ground. What else do you do to stay in your body at this point?

[00:29:14] Sue Lukas: Well, I meditate every morning, but I make sure that I’m sitting on the ground and I’m touching. the ground. When I do a class, when I teach a class for people, I’m always sitting on the ground. I can’t sit in a chair. I have to sit on the ground.

[00:29:35] Amanda Walsh: So you’re literally grounding with the ground. Like it’s, it’s not just a term, like you actually are on the ground, touching the ground in the, in the earth’s field in order to anchor yourself here.

[00:29:49] Sue Lukas: Yeah. I think the other piece that keeps me grounded is tending to my emotions. You know, it’s very unpleasant in the body if you have all these repressed and stored emotions that it’s almost like you can’t come in because there’s blockages if there’s, if you’re not dealing with your emotions.

[00:30:07] Sue Lukas: So I really tend to them. The attunement I was talking about that I wish my mom had, I do for me now.

[00:30:19] Amanda Walsh: What would you list as the greatest gifts of this, this whopping nine planets in Pisces? Like what, what would you list as your, like, this is a gift. This is a gift. This is a gift. Which things?

[00:30:36] Sue Lukas: Gosh, it’s all gifts really. Really, even the trauma. Um, but you know, what do I love? Like the magic, like the ability to tune into magic at any moment.

[00:30:49] Sue Lukas: To know, like I have so many memories of past lives that like, filter through me and kind of reverberate. And it’s like, Like, wow, like I really feel all of them at the same time and, you know, I can, if I want to connect with Venus, for example, I just put my hand out and, you know, I have to, I have to create the space for her, especially Venus.

[00:31:24] Sue Lukas: You know, she wants a certain type of space, but, um, thank goodness for having a Venus and Capricorn. Honestly, she really is my. Core grounding. Um, but if I want to connect with any type of energy, I can do it like that.

[00:31:49] Amanda Walsh: And what does that do for you besides be fascinating endlessly? What, what is that? How has it helped you serve that, that eighth grade dream?

[00:31:58] Amanda Walsh: How has that helped you serve?

How does Sue’s Pisces energy help serve the world

[00:32:01] Sue Lukas: Well, I mean, a really concrete example is I do a lot of inner child and shadow work with people and I will take them through processes. where I can see, and sometimes I think, oh, am I making this up, but I can see what their inner child is actually doing, and I can feel what that child is feeling in them.

[00:32:23] Sue Lukas: And a lot of, I don’t say that in the process unless they say it first. So I’ll suggest, you know, you might, you know, they might be feeling this, or they might be feeling that, or they might not be feeling any of that. I don’t want to like lead anyone anywhere, but I want them to feel whatever they’re feeling.

[00:32:46] Sue Lukas: But a lot of times what will happen is, um, afterwards they’ll share that we both saw the same thing at the same time. Um, you know, those realms, one of my energy medicine teachers used to call the imagination, the nation of imagining, and that you can do any type of healing. And this, I believe like so much you can do any type of, I don’t even like the word healing, any type of reconnection.

[00:33:17] Sue Lukas Pisces Poster Child Gallery: And

[00:33:19] Sue Lukas: becoming more and more whole by, um, in your imagination, going back to that child who felt so alone and being like, you’re not alone. You never were alone. Everything that happened happened for you. And I’m here now. I’m going to be, it’s like the adult that I am can turn towards that part of me that’s hurting.

[00:33:52] Amanda Walsh: Beautiful.

Feeling misunderstood as a Pisces

[00:33:54] Amanda Walsh: Have you ever felt misunderstood? And if so, I mean, I know you did by your mom on, on many levels, but like, just by the world, by people in your life, have you felt misunderstood? And what, what do you wish they knew about you?

[00:34:09] Sue Lukas: Yeah, I have felt very misunderstood.

[00:34:12] Sue Lukas: Overly sensitive and, you know, I think I was the keeper of emotionality in my family. So like I was the only one emoting and everyone else was shut down. So, um, In general, I think that most people who, and I have, it’s kind of ironic, like I have a ton of clients who have Pisces moons, you know, I cause the Pisces moon peeps, it’s like a real, it’s a thing, like, you know, people are like, Oh my gosh, that, and I’ll be like, that’s a, yeah, that’s the Pisces moon.

[00:34:51] Sue Lukas: I really feel like, um, a lot of, it’s a significant. undertaking to be to become a Pisces, maybe kind of like a Scorpio. Um, well, all the signs really, but there’s a depth that you have to have and you’re going to go through some initiations, some something, a lot of things, maybe that are going to take you down like under the ocean.

[00:35:20] Sue Lukas: And you might stay there for a while, but I’m able to manage that or I wouldn’t be doing it. I think the misunderstanding is that my compassion, my sensitivity is a weakness. Actually, exactly the opposite. I might be quiet. I might be caring. I might be able to give to someone who has pushed me around and bullied me, but they don’t, they don’t get to have power over me.

[00:35:53] Sue Lukas: That’s what I’ve been learning in my fifties. That I’m actually transforming something so big. And I feel like it’s the, you know, that victim, like the Piscean, like victim thing, martyr thing, right? People have looked at me and been like, Oh my God, you’ve been through so much. Another one, like you’re going to, you’re, you know, Oh gosh, you’re such a victim.

[00:36:21] Sue Lukas: And I have been victim to things. But I’m really working that thread like nobody’s business. I’m not going to be a victim just because things have happened to me that have put me in that position.

Advice for other Pisces

[00:36:39] Amanda Walsh: What would you say to our Pisces friends out there who either denied certain aspects of themselves or don’t feel super comfortable with aspects of themselves or are overwhelmed by aspects of themselves? What would you say to them?

[00:36:58] Sue Lukas: God, the overwhelm is real. Um, gosh, I would say, you know, think about the glyph of Pisces in the two different directions and the fish moving in two different directions, like, like kind of visualize turning towards those parts of yourself.

[00:37:20] Sue Lukas: Anything is possible when you do that anything and it’s. It’s magic. It’s the, it’s like a lot of this is between me and me and me and all the different parts of me, which, of which there are so many, and they’re very interesting.

[00:37:38] Sue Lukas Pisces Poster Child Gallery: Like

[00:37:38] Sue Lukas Pisces Poster Child Gallery: I could be inside of myself for a really long time and have a lot of fun in there.

[00:37:44] Sue Lukas: Um, it’s very interesting and kind of wild,

[00:37:50] Sue Lukas Pisces Poster Child Gallery: but like when I was running from myself and like afraid of all those intense feelings. I was doing myself a disservice and I was out in the world finding those people who wanted to take advantage of my kindness and compassion and oh boy, did they find me. And when I was able to turn towards myself and work my way below that victim.

[00:38:20] Sue Lukas Pisces Poster Child Gallery: Like, the compassion for myself only as a victim, versus compassion for myself as having an emotional experience, and there’s nothing wrong. I, everything changed.

[00:38:39] Sue Lukas: Just turn towards yourself, because we, Pisces people, like, I have a direct line. to that big love. feel it.

[00:39:02] Amanda Walsh: You’ve used the term big love What is that to

[00:39:09] Sue Lukas: It’s kind of hard to define.

[00:39:11] Sue Lukas: It’s like not our societal version of like love, you know, even parental love is small compared to it, though it’s not small. Um, it’s

[00:39:28] Sue Lukas: just connecting to all being a part of everything and knowing that all that is love. Really feeling what it feels like I had a, I did a shamanic,

[00:39:41] Sue Lukas Pisces Poster Child Gallery: um, journey

[00:39:42] Sue Lukas: where I journeyed to myself in the womb and I ended up before I like kind of went down and into the womb, feeling myself choosing my parents and the feeling that I had was like, I just had, I just loved them so much.

[00:40:10] Sue Lukas: that I wanted to be in their life. And then I loved everything so much. It was just like, wow.

[00:40:18] Sue Lukas: So that’s what that big love feels like.

[00:40:23] Amanda Walsh: Beautiful.

What is Sue’s Piscean message for the world

[00:40:24] Amanda Walsh: So if you had a microphone and you were mouthpiece for the Piscean message for the world, and this microphone would reach the entire planet with whatever you wanted to say, what would your message

[00:40:44] Sue Lukas: I’m gonna try to get the feeling of that first.

[00:40:50] Sue Lukas: I mean, I would say the message I consistently get for myself and for other people is that if you could simply see, if you could really see who you are, who you truly are, you would know in every cell in your body that you are luminescent, magnificent. And just absolutely, it’s like, I don’t know, liquid metal in motion, which is like this love.

[00:41:25] Amanda Walsh: Hey, you’ve succeeded in making me cry. Don’t we rule tears. Oh man, this is so good. Sue, I love having this experience of the world through your energy through your lens, through your perspective. I’m marveling too at, you know, we had my brother on as the Aquarian poster child. The contrast, it’s like, oh my God, you know, his, but, but love at the, at the foundation and basis of everything still, but with just that different filter, like he has the Aquarian filter going, you have this Pisces filter going, but it’s still all about love, like, Wow.

[00:42:15] Amanda Walsh: Amazing. Beautiful. Thank you.

How has Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle positively impacted Sue’s life?

[00:42:18] Amanda Walsh: How has the inner circle influenced your journey journey? I’ve never actually gotten to ask you this question and I would love to know.

[00:42:26] Sue Lukas: Oh my gosh. Astrology in general, I think saved my life. Like I was going down under the ocean and I wasn’t coming back up.

[00:42:34] Sue Lukas Pisces Poster Child Gallery: And

[00:42:35] Sue Lukas: when I started to, to work with the, the moon cycles.

[00:42:41] Sue Lukas: I realized, like, oh my gosh, this is the, whether I’m, you know, I started to transform really, really consistently, focusly, like, I didn’t lose my thread at all. I didn’t, like, you know, find another shiny object and go to it. I stayed with it. And then, you know, different readings that I had really, really helped me just see who I am and appreciate who I am and that I’m here to like kind of step ahead and walk beside people as they transform this real victim thing.

[00:43:22] Sue Lukas: gotta get off of that because we’re victimizing, unconsciously victimizing other people, including our planet. And I mean, what better sign than this nine Pisces to do this, but the inner circle and the community to be able to talk about it and see other people talking about it and have that attunement to even you, like just this idea that astrology is the natural world.

[00:43:56] Sue Lukas: And like, I’ve seen that like where. Earth weaves with the cosmos and back and forth and, you know, it’s all like to really be in that energy. It’s a, I mean, and everything that gets offered, it’s just amazing, like the variety, the multitude, the ability to talk astrology at any time.

[00:44:22] Amanda Walsh: I love it. So happy to hear And so happy to hear that the rhythm, it helped you create a thread of constant transformation in your life. And that is truly to me, one of the biggest gifts of working with astrology. Yes. Knowing our charts. Yes. Knowing our individuality. Yes. Knowing timing and what’s happening. For us personally at different moments in time.

[00:44:53] Amanda Walsh: And of course the Capricorn and me loves the structure of it all. It gives us the container for which to explore these things in a clear, organized, consistent, like without fail, that structure is there to catch us. When we fall, like you’re talking about in the ocean, you were, you were, you were drowning, you were going down and just, it can, it can pick us up.

[00:45:20] Amanda Walsh: buoy us up so that we can see with a different vantage point and have that rhythmic Reminder to come back to ourselves, come back to yourself, come back in, come back in. So thank you for that reflection. I’m so happy to hear that’s been your experience. So happy that we’ve played a role in your journey at all.

[00:45:41] Amanda Walsh: So I, just so you all know, I knew Sue before I knew astrology before, I mean, back in my New York days.

[00:45:49] Amanda Walsh: And so I would observe these things about Sue, but I didn’t know anything about astrology. I didn’t know anything about Pisces. I didn’t know anything about your chart. I didn’t know anything. But when I found out you were a Pisces, I went, that just makes so much sense. You’re that just, it just, everything came together.

[00:46:06] Amanda Walsh: I was like, Oh yes, of course. That’s exactly. What I’m feeling in her is that real deep, beautiful, ethereal, sort of whimsical, Piscean energy. And so it just, it’s, it’s, it’s like a very full circle moment for me here to be able to have you here to be like kind of going in deeper and understanding you more and then being able to share that with our community.

[00:46:32] Amanda Walsh: So thank you.

[00:46:34] Sue Lukas: Thank you. Thank you. It’s the same for me, you know, that that grounding that we did before just brought me back to like, you know, when we knew each other in another circle. Yes. Gosh, you, you’re such an important part of my life, always back then really directly https: otter. ai You know, and you brought me to Hawaii.

[00:47:03] Amanda Walsh: Amazing. Amazing. Well, it’s incredible the way we weave in and out of people’s lives and we, our stories intersect and Sue, I’m just so grateful that you’ve been here to do this with us today. I hope it has been as fun as your dream. Um, and that we have more opportunity. And for those of you who’ve been listening, if you like this.

[00:47:28] Amanda Walsh: poster child series that we’ve started. Please let us know in the comments. I personally love it. And I had this vision as you were speaking to us like, Ooh, at the end of the year, I want to like put each poster child up like your, your pictures up next to your sign. Um, just as these beautiful embodiments of the energy.

[00:47:50] Amanda Walsh: The other thing is I had certain signs in mind and I had people like. My brother and Sue were easy, but I don’t have that for every sign. So if you know people in your life like that are like, Oh my God, that’s the Aries poster child and, and, and preferably not astrologers necessarily. They can be.

[00:48:11] Amanda Walsh: Students, they can be in the inner circle, all that, that’s great. But, but I’d like to be speaking to people who are these things and like don’t even necessarily know, you know, they’re just, they’re living it, they’re breathing it, that that is their experience of life. Not a, not necessary, but like, of course, I know Rick Levine has like.

[00:48:30] Amanda Walsh: I don’t, a bazillion planets in Aries, so he would be obvious, but I would rather choose someone that isn’t as steeped in the astrology. So if you know poster children, please put them in the chat, put it up. You can email us at support at astrology hub. com. We are going to create a form. So if you want to nominate someone as a poster child for a certain zodiac sign, we will have a form and we’ll have a more, a more systematic way for you to nominate people.

[00:48:57] Amanda Walsh: But for now, um, put it in the comments. Send us an email. I’m on the hunt for poster children. All right. Thank you so much, Sue. You are such a gift, such a blessing. Thank you for everything that you’ve shared with us here today. Precious. Thank you. And thanks to all of you for tuning in. Thank you for being a part of our community.

[00:49:21] Amanda Walsh: Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. I hope that it lifts you up in a similar way that it has for Sue, that it has for me, that it has had for so many of our community members. Thank you for being a part of our If you’re interested in checking out the inner circle, make sure you get on the waitlist astrology hub.

[00:49:40] Amanda Walsh: com slash waitlist. The promotional period is opening up here very soon, and we would love to have you. So stay tuned for more information on that. And in the mean, in the meantime, take care. I’ll look forward to connecting with you on the next episode.

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