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Moon Magic: How to Connect With Our Wondrous Ally in the Sky w/Rachel LangMoon Magic: How to Connect With Our Wondrous Ally in the Sky w/Rachel Lang

Astrologer, author, and inner circle teacher, Rachel Lang reveals what makes the moon so magical, and the powerful insights we can glean from both our natal moon and the transitions of the moon.

Magic is the most marginalized and misunderstood spiritual practice on the planet. It’s not surprising that so many people think it’s all witches in dark corners doing hocus pocus spells over bubbling brews.

Well, magic isn’t that at all, and that’s what I love about today’s episode. Prepare to have magic demystified and defined so you can experience all the wondrous possibilities. When it comes to harnessing magic, humans have a long history of working in correspondence with the moon. The moon is the fastest-moving heavenly body that we see in the night sky and it changes every month, so it’s imbued with so much power, intention, and meaning – if we tap into it.

On this episode, you’ll learn; 

🪄 What magic really is beyond ideas of witches doing spells over brewing cauldrons

💫 How to access this magic in your everyday life and also what blocks you from the magic that’s always available to you 

🌌 What makes magic evil or dark and how you can avoid this trap 

🧲 Your natal moon and how to use it to identify what you’re magically attracting into you life 

🌕 Moon cycles and how to work with moon’s movements 

🕋 Rituals you can do depending on what element the moon is in 

🌒 Why the moon is so important in our magical practice


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Amanda Walsh: I love today’s episode because it really demystifies the concept of magic and offers simple, powerful ways that you can tap into the power of magic in your everyday life. In this episode, astrologer, author, and current inner circle astrologer, Rachel Lang, who wrote the book, Modern Day Magic, Eight Simple Rules to Realize Your Power and Shape Your Life.

She will teach you, number one, what magic really is beyond ideas of hocus pocus and images of witches in dark caverns with bubbling brews. She’ll help you understand what helps you access magic in your everyday life and also what blocks you. From the magic that is always available to you. She’s going to talk about what makes magic evil or dark and how you can avoid this trap.

We’ll talk about your natal moon and how you can use your understanding of this to identify what you are magically attracting into your life. We’ll cover the moon cycle and how to work with the moon’s movements and make sure you stay until the end because Rachel shares [00:01:00] examples of rituals you can do depending on what element the moon is in.

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The link to learn more and join is in the description of the episode, or you can go to astrologyhub. com slash grow to learn more and join us today. Now sit back and enjoy this awesome, magical episode of the Astrology Hub podcast. [00:02:00] Well, hello, everybody. Welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast. I’m so thrilled that you’ve decided to join us today.

Today we’ll be exploring the moon’s connection to magic with our current Inner Circle astrologer teacher, Rachel Lange. And just a little bit about Rachel, she began her astro astrology journey in her late teens, later receiving certification from the American Federation of Astrologers. She ESAR and NCGRs.

Los Angeles chapter for astrology focuses on helping people to reach the goals that they desire. So hopefully by tuning into this conversation here today, you’ll get some ideas for how you can connect in with the moon’s magic. To actually help you cultivate the things in your life that you desire. And so we’re going to be covering a lot of really interesting things.

What is magic? There’s a lot of different definitions of why is the moon so important in our magical practice? We’re going to [00:03:00] be talking about how some cultural Cultural traditions and other places, uh, throughout history have used the moon’s magic. And then you’re going to walk away with some tangible ideas for how to actually get started.

So Rachel, welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast. I’m so happy that you’ve joined us here today.

Rachel Lang: Thanks so much, Amanda. And it’s always so great to be with you. Um, so I really love what your, what your show is about. I love any conversation I have with you is always a joy.

Amanda Walsh: Aw, same here, Rachel. So there’s a lot of different ideas and ways that people talk about magic.

What do you mean when you talk about magic?

Rachel Lang: Yeah, such a great question. Um, to answer this question, I’m going to tie in a couple of different, uh, definitions that really shaped my own definition. Um, one is, uh, Dion Fortune, uh, wrote, um, That magic is the art of changing [00:04:00] consciousness at will. And so consciousness is, is the, in the idea realm, it’s in the imaginal realm.

And, uh, and that translates into what happens in our everyday lives. Um, then I also love Caroline Casey’s definition, which is the willingness to participate with everything. Um, And my own definition, which is informed by those and by other, just my own practice of magic is that magic is the inherent power that we all have that exists within us and that exists in the world, it all around us and created reality that brings us into wondrous relationship with all life.

So wonder. These are when we experience our connection to our [00:05:00] interconnectedness with the divine with the cosmos with the things that are happening in our lives when we see signs and symbols or we see angel numbers on repeat, or, you know, we have bird encounters. That’s, that’s what I’m talking about by being in relationship.

And, and how can you have those kinds of experiences, those deja vu moments, or the moment when someone you, the phone rings and you know who it is, and it’s someone you’ve been thinking about, how can you not have those experiences and feel, and feel wonder, you know, feel like you’re a part of something.

And so magic. Is can be focused. It’s a it’s a creative energy. It’s a power. It’s connected to the deeply feeling and sensual realms. It’s connected to what we might think of as our arrows or as our erotic power, and I’m not talking just about the, you know, erotic in the way that that some of us think about them.[00:06:00]

I’m talking about it. And, you know, arrows is the is the embodiment of spirit in the form of love. So, um, so magic ties us in to extreme, uh, feelings, in feeling states, times when we are transcending our own intellect and our own ego, but not transcending, leaving out. Magic brings us into our bodies, and that’s where we feel those connections.

And um, one last thing I’ll say about magic. is that it is, it has been, um, a spiritual revolution. We have seen how so many of, like, since 2016, when Neptune entered Pisces in 2012, that started to really bring a shift. And in 2016, we saw a lot of people being very open about [00:07:00] using Uh, magic in, in, in the political context, in social context, you saw magical activism becoming really powerful, and I have a lot of theories about why that is, um, but one I think is that it’s the force that we need right now.

Because when we’re working with magic, we really are co creating our lives. We’re not just victims to what’s happening in our lives. We are a part of what’s happening. We’re a part of shaping our own destinies and our own future and the future of the world, where the world is going on a global level.

That’s a long answer to your question. It’s such a

Amanda Walsh: good answer, though. Thank you. Yeah, yeah. That really clears up a lot of misconceptions about, you know, witches in dark corners doing hocus pocus spells, and I mean, it has nothing to do with that, really, from the definitions that you just gave. [00:08:00] Rachel, what Blocks us from our magic because a lot of the things you just brought up are simple everyday natural occurrences that if we want to could be a part of our daily life.

Why isn’t it what blocks us from accessing that magical realm of life?

Rachel Lang: Yeah, um, another great question. Um, so actually I’m going to tie in what you were just talking about how the misconception of people what people think magic is. And, um, I wrote a book about magic. Um, and in writing my book and in my graduate work.

I did a lot of research on, you know, what is magic? Why has magic been, you know, the most marginalized spiritual practice? And the history of magic, um, explains a lot about why we block it or why we don’t, we’re not open to it. And so the word magic itself dates back [00:09:00] to, I think 500 BCE. And it was first used, um, by the Romans to, uh, to downplay the spiritual practices of the Persians.

And so, magic was used in a derogatory form. Since then, uh, You know, and then from that time, the Christians used it against the Jewish people, the Jewish people used it against the pagans, you know, every religion and every organized group has accused their opponents of practicing magic. And yeah, yeah, so, and then if you take it into the colonial, so this is all about.

colonialism. So, um, the, you know, what was happening at that time is that borders were being established and jurisdictions were being set up. So there was land ownership [00:10:00] involved. And if you could make the spiritual practices of the people you were trying to take land from, if you could make those evil or bad or antithetical to your own spiritual practice, the spiritual practices of your group, then you could dehumanize entire groups of people.

And we saw this with the colonization of, of many, um, of many indigenous People. Um, and we saw this also with, you know, in Africa or in any group, any place where there was enslavement that that accusing someone of doing magic meant that they were, they shouldn’t be trusted. So then we get to the witch trials were happening along in this, you know, from about the 1100s to the 16, mid 1600s, 1700s with Salem.

And so you had [00:11:00] witches being burned. So we carry all of this trauma. All of this cult, this, this cultural ideology, we carry this in our subconscious minds, and that has led us to fear our own power, and to, to give our power to priests and pastors and, and religious orders that hold, that, that we’ve been told hold the truth, or the true spirituality, but all of that has started to change, and And so fear, fear is one of the biggest things that blocks us, but the fear is all related to that long history.

Amanda Walsh: Would you also say our overemphasis on logic and the mind and, you know, things that can be proven or quantified, would you also say that contributes to [00:12:00] our blocking of

Rachel Lang: The magical realms. Absolutely. Yes. And I didn’t even mention the enlightenment period, which, you know, was a time when, uh, when, you know, you have, uh, Descartes and others writing, I think, therefore I am.

And so the privileging of. Logic and reason and science over spirit and intuition. And so that plays into it too. One, one thing I’ll say is that, you know, my, my focus for my research and my own experience is really rooted in my Western, in my Western upbringing. There are groups, there are, you know, indigenous cultures, there are, um, different, different cultures have not lost their connection to magic.

And so, so when I’m saying this, I’m also acknowledging that, that there, that, that magic has, has survived, it lives, and many of us, even in [00:13:00] Western cultures, we grew up with our grandmothers, you know, doing, doing very witchy things, what we would might consider witchy things. And, and so I feel like the women, like women have have held on to a lot of those traditions, even if we keep them under cover.

And also, you know, it magic finds a way to work in our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Amanda Walsh: I know your mastery class teaching in the inner circle is all about the moon. And this mastery class is going to be available to all inner circle members and also our new members in the inner circle for our new level of membership, which is called our grow level.

It’s going to be a, it’s a bonus mastery class for our grow members. So what does the moon have to do with magic and why is the moon like a magical ally for people?

Rachel Lang: I want to talk about this [00:14:00] in two, two different ways. Um, one we’ll talk about it. In terms of the transiting moon and how and where the moon is, you know, as as we go through our 28 day, it goes through its 28 day cycle, and then I’m also going to talk about it in the context of our natal moon and what is the symbolism of the moon.

And I’ll start there because I think. When we talk about astrological magic, a lot of people want to go right to how do you work with the full moon, and what do you, how do you do moon water, and what do you do, what rituals do you do on the new moon? But I think understanding what the moon symbolizes is, is like a good foundation point, because even if you don’t know all the details of how to work with the transiting moon, you have a moon, and it has needs.

And the moon is, um, I’m going to get esoteric now. Um, so the, you know, astrology gives us a way of really understanding the full depth of the self and [00:15:00] the moon’s symbolism, the glyph of the moon. As we can look actually just behind you, you can see that half circle. Anytime you see a half circle, you’re, you’re seeing, um, the, a representation of soul.

Now, Sol, so the symbol of the moon is the half circle, and Sol is, uh, we separate spirit and Sol. Spirit is the full circle, so it’s the sun, the energy of the sun. Um, and then across in a glyph, in astrological glyphs, is matter, so it’s physical, it’s physical stuff. So the soul is the part of our spiritual being that holds memory, that holds, it’s, it’s the karmic imprint, it holds our emotions, it is sort of the, the, um, I think about it as the great well of our, of the embodied wisdom.

So it’s our, it’s a lot of our fears, a lot of what [00:16:00] we attract without being, without our conscious awareness. And the spirit, which is represented by the sun, is the part of us that, that wants, that has a sense of where we’re going, and it’s a spiritual purpose. And it’s a how am I going to use my life force energy, my light, in the world.

So, the soul and the moon, as a representative of that, draws to itself experiences that are for healing. That are for growth on a spiritual emotional level. So when our own natal moon shows what we attract to us without a lot of, a lot of, a lot of attention, a lot of work. Um, if you have this, this awareness came to me one time, Amanda, [00:17:00] when I was working, I had a whole series of clients with Aries Moon.

And they were all female clients and, and each one of them was calling me and they were saying, you know, we were in sessions and, and they were saying, gosh, I’m in this conflict with so and so and I’m fighting with so and so. And I’m in a legal battle, and I was like, why are all these people attracting conflict in a really overt way?

And I realized that the moon, if you’re not getting your moon’s needs met, then this is where you’re going to attract conflict. Um, you’re going to attract growth opportunities that so you will attract it’s like where you can attract in a business chart. It’s your, it’s your, um, it’s your audience. It’s your customers.

So it’s like who draws to you without a lot of effort, but it’s also if we’re not. integrating spirit and soul. It’s what we can, what we can attract into our [00:18:00] lives in a way that challenges us to grow and to be more intentional.

Amanda Walsh: Wow. Yeah. Will you be going through the nuances of that in the mastery class?

Like what happens when, so like I have a Gemini moon, so I’m not getting my Gemini moon needs met. What kind of experiences am I going to? attract. Will you be going through each of the moon signs?

Rachel Lang: I will. And I can tell you as someone with a Gemini moon, I’ve thought about this a lot and busyness, busyness, too much communication, overwhelmed with other, with, with talking, with technology, with detailed work, having too much you want to do and not enough time.


Amanda Walsh: That definitely resonates. Wow. So, so if I’m not getting my Gemini moon needs met, and if I’m not, Expressing my son is what I’m hearing. So it’s a combo, right? So whatever our son is and that moon has needs, if we’re short on those things. [00:19:00] Then we’re going to attract kind of, would you say like the shadow aspect of our moon science?

Rachel Lang: Yes. Exactly. Wow. And one way, and, and the moon, so the moon also gives us the antidote for that. So when, uh, when you start feeling with the Gemini moon, if you start feeling overwhelmed by busyness or too much to do or scattered, scattered energy, then like sitting down and reading a book. Yes. Um, listening to a podcast.

Right. Um, like really being present for taking in information, sitting down and journaling, writing. The moon shows us what to lean into to feel safe and to feel whole. Um, so, and it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, uh, so it, it, there’s a shadow side that we attract, but we also attract. You know, um, having a Gemini moon, you attract great conversations.

You attract people who love to [00:20:00] talk, you know, think about it, who loves to talk more than an astrologer.

Amanda Walsh: We, we could talk for eternity. So we just talked about our natal moon and what, what kind of glimpses we can get there. What about magic and the transiting moon, so the new moon, the quarter moon, the full moon, you know, the different phases of the moon.

Rachel Lang: Yeah, so for this, I want to, I want to just have everybody put their visioning caps on right now and imagine that you are in ancient Mesopotamia or ancient, uh, uh, Peru. So, and. All you have, you don’t have TV, we don’t have, you know, uh, phones. What you have is the night sky. And I mean, think about how magic it must, it’s magic now for us.

I mean, I can’t go outside and look at the stars without feeling tied into magic, but. [00:21:00] When, when that was your story, you know, like that was, that was the story. That was, that was, you know, there were myths associated with the moon and the stars and the, the planets and so many traditions. And I’m not, I’m not well versed at the hi as at a lot of the history of, of a lot of traditions, but.

But so many traditions, I think every, every, um, ancient culture had a relationship with the moon because it’s the fastest moving body, heavenly body that we can see in the night sky and it changes, it changes, goes through a cycle every 28 days every month. And, um, and so certain tendencies happen when the moon is full, certain tendencies happen in the dark of the moon, um, and so following the moon has been a part of magic, has been a part of Um, it was even [00:22:00] calendars were, the Jewish calendar, Hebrew calendar is based on the movement of the moon.

Rituals are planned in correspondence with the moon. Um, and so there’s a really long history, like decades long, as far back as we can, as we have recorded, a history of working in correspondence with the moon in ritual and spiritual practices. So, we can now Track that. I mean, the ancients could too, um, but we can work with the moon in our own ritual practices.

Even if you don’t have a lunation calendar, which everyone should. And everyone listening to this, just go and get a, go, go download an app, figure out where the moon is at any moment, uh, or any day, because the moon colors our experience. It colors the feelings that we feel, the moods that we’re in, and and it’s Working with the moon in magical practices and intentional ways.

[00:23:00] Is like, if you’re going surfing, finding the perfect wave to get up on instead of like paddling out forever in a slow ocean. Um, so yeah, so it’s, it’s really about capturing the energy and the essence of a moment and, and using it to, to, to support your, your, your manifestation.

Amanda Walsh: Hey there, astrology lover. I really hope you’re enjoying this episode.

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Mm hmm.

Rachel Lang: Mm hmm. I think the first starting point is, um, is just looking at the lunation, just the phases, the lunar phases. And, uh, and [00:25:00] in my tradition that I, that I, uh, studied, um, the new moon is a time we plant seeds. You, you offer intentions. Um, and The new moon, it’s, it’s, the sky is completely dark and most creative processes, if you’re a writer, if you’re a painter, if you’re a mother, um, you know that those sparks of, um, possibilities spark.

In the dark, when you’re quiet, when you’re by yourself, a baby incubates in the uterus in the womb and so and seeds start sprouting long before they see the sun in the dirt. Um, so creative processes incubate in the dark [00:26:00] and the dark were pulled more into the new moon. We actually feel more tired. So these have an electromagnetic.

And other types of frequencies, every luna, every point of the lunation cycle is going to feel different in our bodies. So, when, so this is the time to plant seeds, this is the time to create. Then, when we get to the first quarter moon, and the moon starts gaining light, That’s when we have a little bit more awareness and usually that’s the point in the lunation cycle when we have a sense of this situation over here isn’t working so well, or, ah, I really wish I would have done this.

So we get a little bit of a redo. This is where we have a challenge between what we need and what we want. Or what others need and what we want. Then we get, then the moon is waxing. Anytime the moon is waxing, that’s a good [00:27:00] time for a calling in ritual. That’s a good time for setting your offering your intentions.

Um, when the moon is full, that is a peak point when we have The, the balance of the sun’s light, the sun being spirit, reflected on the moon. So it’s this hot, it’s this hot spot, you know, um, which is the soul. So we have an integration of spirit and soul. And this is a time of where you can do a lot of, you can do, you know, this is a great time for rituals.

Depending on what the moon is in, and we’re just talking basics right now, just general. Then, as the moon is waning, and the moon gets to that fourth quarter stage, or that third quarter stage rather, that is when We have a real clear sense of what’s not working and it’s like ah, you know So this is a good time for releasing.

This is a good time for healing. This is a [00:28:00] good time for doing any sorts of clearing Disconnecting saying no doing boundaries And then we get to that very last phase, the balsamic phase of the, of lunation cycle. And this is, there’s a lot of activity. Right before a new moon, you probably noticed that every, like all storylines in your life are colliding at once.

And everybody’s feeling, ah, frantic. And this is because the cycles starting anew. And right before a new cycle, we have to do a lot of letting go. So the balsamic moon is that time of letting go. It’s a time when we want to be still. We don’t really want to be offering a lot of intentions or doing manifestation.

We want to be doing things that are more supportive of our emotional selves. And then we get to the new moon and we start over.

Amanda Walsh: Do this in the modern world. Yeah. How do [00:29:00] you, like, integrate this knowing of these phases and what’s great at different phases of the moon cycle with the fact that we live in a culture that is go, go, go.

Never stop. Produce, produce, produce. How do you, uh, balance these things? Yeah. Or how do you recommend your

Rachel Lang: clients do that? Yeah. Yeah, this, this is the, this is the, the question for these times. Amanda, you just hit the nail on the head. I think this is what happened. This is, this is some of what we’re going to go back to the, what you, we started to talk about as.

The patriarchal culture gained, gained momentum, and we started really closing off from these, our ritual practices, from our connection, our, our real, our deep sense of connection with the moon and the earth and the, and nature. We started to disconnect from that part of ourselves. And so I think, you know, the fact that we’re having these conversations [00:30:00] now, I think, you know, we can, we have the power, all of us, to start to move more toward a changed reality.

So, so one really simple way to do it. Is to get your calendar out at the first part of every month or, you know, women have cycles and our cycles correspond with the lunar cycles. So there are times in your, in our female cycles where we have like the very, the first two weeks of our cycles, we’ve got that.

It’s like a new moon energy. It’s like, what can I do? Where can I go? What can I do? And then we have. Um, ovulation and it’s kind of like the full moon and then we go into that quiet two weeks so you can use your own moon cycle. You can, um, you can use, uh, mark your calendar. So many great calendars out right now that have.[00:31:00]

the lunation cycle. And so you can kind of take a couple of days off or just really slow down your activities. Um, don’t plan extra stuff. I mean, we all have to work. We all have families and responsibilities, but see if you can give yourself a few nights off during that time or plan your activities accordingly.

What have you

Amanda Walsh: seen is the biggest benefit to doing this? Because it obviously would require some energy and some forethought. And some commitment. To actually helping starting to align life a little bit more with that natural rhythm. What do you see is the biggest outcome or benefit for people who do that?

Rachel Lang: Well, I think one of them is that then you’re following your own body’s rhythms and your own body’s. See, our bodies are so connected to the moon, as, as we talked about, just the, the female cycle is one example of that. But you know, we all go [00:32:00] through the, the moon has a real tug, a gravitational pull that we feel.

And so one of the benefits is sometimes, sometimes if we don’t, if we ignore our body’s signals and we are, you know, and usually our body signals are coordinating with the moon. Usually at those times we get sick, or we feel drained, or we don’t have a good time, or we have a fight or a conflict with somebody.

And so we don’t always know what we’re preventing by following our natural cycles and our natural rhythms. Um, but it just feels better to be in alignment with nature. One thing I want to add to this too. Because I can hear it as a question in some people’s minds, people who know astrology, is that the moon changes signs every two and a half days, roughly.

And you can also work with the moon by [00:33:00] looking what’s looking at what sign the moon is in and coordinating your activities around that sign. For example, my favorite example is when I’m working with really creative people or people who, you know, are musicians and, um, or people who advertise, I’m not organized.

Um, I’ll say designate the Virgo moon every month to do your bookkeeping, to do clean out your closets. To go through mail, whatever, whatever challenging organizational activities are hanging over you all throughout the month. Just set aside those three days. Or when the moon’s in Capricorn, when we naturally feel more oriented toward work.

Um, conversely, when the moon’s in an air sign, we want to talk. So when the moon’s in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, Those are great times for, uh, a gathering or a [00:34:00] party. And I know you might say, what does this have to do with magic? Well, magic is The, the pudding is the energy that puts us into wondrous relationship.

It’s, it’s relating with, it’s participating with the, the forces of, of nature creation. So everything in our lives can be magical. Everything can be a ritual. You can have a dinner gathering on an air sign moon and magic is going to ensue. As long as you create the space for it and you have the right intentions.

There’s no way you can stop magic. Um, there, I mean, there’s ways that you can slow it, but you can’t stop it. It’s just, it wants to course through

Amanda Walsh: our lives. There’s also ways that we can ignore it and just not appreciate it, right? It is happening all the time, but we can just like fly right by us and we’re not even noticing because we’re so distracted and busy and you went through [00:35:00] great activities to do on an earth sign moon.

You did. Air. What about water and fire? Like, what are the, and I just wanted to mention, you can literally Google what sign is the moon going to be in tomorrow or what sign is the moon going to be in on any day and it’ll show up. So you don’t even need to have an app. You literally can just use Google. So it’s everywhere and totally accessible.

So tell us just a few suggestions about what we could do on fire signs. And or water signs.

Rachel Lang: Yeah. So fire sign moons, I love to do all of my promotional, uh, rituals, anything that is in a Sagittarius moon in particular. If I’m, if I’m doing anything creative, I love the Leo moon and I do a lot of art, uh, art rituals and art.

Um, uh, uh, Like I use art in ritual context, like that painting behind [00:36:00] me is, um, you know, astrologically oriented. So, so if you have, if you want to use art or you want to create something that relates to, um, uh, uh, like confidence or, uh, energy or gaining momentum for something that you want to accomplish, then, then the, um, the fire sign moon is good.

Thank you very much. Um, anything with competition. Um, I would say that those were, would be good fire sign activities, uh, fire sign, but fire sign moons also again promotion. So anytime you want to spread something out into the world, like a wildfire, uh, Obviously, we’re not talking about spreading wildfires, so just wanted to be very clear about that.

But if you want something to really carry, then a fire sign moon. And our water sign moons, water sign moons are great for fertility [00:37:00] rituals, love rituals, um, healing, uh, you know, water signs are what we call our fertile signs. So they are, um, so they’re going to hold, they’re going to hold the energy of creativity.

So another great time to do, uh, you know, you could do divination rituals with water sign moons. Uh, we’re just really open to our connection with spirits.

Amanda Walsh: What, can you give us an example of an art ritual, like what, what does a ritual look like to you? Mm

Rachel Lang: hmm. Mm hmm. So a ritual ritual can be anything in everyday life.

We all have daily rituals we do. We take showers, we brush our teeth, we cook dinner, um, or even just grabbing a protein bar can be a ritual. Um, a ritual is. anything that we’re doing with intention that [00:38:00] brings us into communication with the divine or with the forces of magic, nature, that makes us feel connected.

And so, there are really formal rituals that you can do and Um, and the, like a, like a full moon ritual where you are making moon water, for example, or making a talisman. Rituals bring our ideas, they, they help to connect. The, um, invisible with the visible, the material, and so they are ways that we bring things out of the imaginal realm and out of, uh, the idea, the stage of ideas and into tangible form, so they involve symbols.

Um, I, I love the example, so I’ll talk about like formal rituals. Which would be your, um, like your solstice [00:39:00] ritual, your, like a ri, a ritual that, that you would do for a specific purpose? Um, I think about these more as like ceremonial rituals, and those usually involve creating a, a process of creating sacred space.

Um, welcoming in the forces of nature, uh, making that connection off like invoking the divine, however that appears for you or however you like to call the divine, stating your intention, offering gratitude. Doing something to symbolize that intention, and then, uh, and then offering, offering gratitude, um, closing, opening the circle, blessing away.

Now, every single religion, and spiritual practice [00:40:00] has its own forms of ritual. Many of, most of them that I know, all, all of them I know, contain this format, even the Catholic mass. So, um, only the Catholic mass throws things like reconciliation and atonement and, you know, but the symbol of the body and the blood of Christ is a way of that connection of bringing the, the, the physical and the spiritual into the physical.

So, so these are universal. Even if you don’t consider yourself a witch or a wizard, um, everyone has rituals. So those are the formal ones. The informal ones are, um, like, for example, when I’m making dinner. If I’m making dinner for myself and my wife or my friends, I have a big pot, like a, I have a different color, you know, uh, what are they called, like Dutch ovens?

And, uh, and then I have a special spoon that’s [00:41:00] inlaid with stones, and, uh, I make cooking my ritual. So, I’m offering intentions, I’m putting very specific things into the food. You can take a shower and have that be a cleansing ritual, like cleanse my aura, brushing your teeth can be an homage to Saturn, like everything has an astrological correspondence as well, your, you know, your skin, your hair, you’re brushing your hair, everything means something, everything in the physical means something in the invisible, and so I think, We need to, I think that it can be really easy when we’re working with the moon and astrological magic to get very detailed about lunar mansions and fixed stars and, and it’s, it’s, I think it can scare people away.

Like, I can’t do it. It’s too hard. It’s too detailed. But if you know that it’s really, like it’s, it’s actually [00:42:00] the moon is, the moon works with your own natural rhythms. So listening to your body. If you have that sudden urge to, to, to look up and, you know, and offer gratitude that that’s, uh, that’s magic.

That’s practicing magic.

Amanda Walsh: I was going to say the same thing, Rachel, that the beautiful thing about this is that you can go as nuanced and technical and deep as you want. And, and you can add layers as you’re ready for them. But you can start as simple as where we started just talking about, you could literally just start with the new and the full moon and just leave it at that until you’re ready to bring in the quarter moons until you’re ready to bring in the Zodiac sign that the new moon is in.

So you can literally just layer it as you go. And at every phase of that development, you’re going to be experiencing more magic in your life. Right. So, yes, I love everything that you’ve shared. Anything [00:43:00] that our inner circle members should know about the mastery class that you’re teaching? Any, any other details that we haven’t covered that they’re going to get

Rachel Lang: to learn about?

Yeah, that’s a great question. So, um, so I will be talking about lunar math. I, I, I’m a, I’m a big fan of going, going deep, you know? Um, so while we’re talking in really simple terms about how anyone can do this, inner circle members are going to learn. What your own personal needs are according to your moon, what you attract and why.

And, um, so we’re going to go through each one of the moon signs like we did with Gemini, like we did with Aries. Then we’re also going to talk, I’m going to bring in some things from, from the Picatrix, which is, you know, a really good reference for astrological magic. And, um, and some other resources that I have, and we’re going to talk about Uh, how to time things, you know, using some of those, those key concepts.

So we’re gonna [00:44:00] get, we’re gonna get really detailed in, um, in terms of your, your own personal chart, and then we’ll go. Into some of the nitty gritty of, uh, you know, how to, how to best, if you really want to make talismans, or to make art, art, art talismans, or make tinctures, or if you want to do things that are, um, you know, working with magic in very practical ways.

Then we’ll talk about how to, how to time those and, and ways to do that.

Amanda Walsh: Rachel, what about the objection that magic is evil or, or it can be used for dark purposes? How do you differentiate between using magic for the light and using magic for the dark? Like where is that line?

Rachel Lang: Yeah. So I have a whole chapter in my book called Embrace Your Dark Side.

And it talks about that it’s important to have an integration [00:45:00] of light and dark, that the dark isn’t all bad. I think intention is everything. Some people do work with, I mean, magic is a spiritual power, and our egos can get into anything that we do. Um, But if your intentions, if you’re coming to it and your intentions are, uh, are not to harm people and, you know, I, I always say, uh, you know, in every ritual that I do, I always offer a little clause, like an indemnification clause, you know, like, like, um, I don’t want to hurt anybody.

No, you know, no, no, uh, inadvertent, you know, you know, everything in, in, uh, in, in the best possible light, you know, in a way that doesn’t compromise anybody’s will. And so I think, you know, I think it’s, if we think about magic as being that co creative force, then, and we think about magic as it can be [00:46:00] very, it can be focused, or it can just happen in our lives.

I think there’s no difference between sitting. In the car and fuming about somebody and intending harm and sitting in a ritual with a voodoo doll and poking holes. Um, It’s attention, magic works with our attention and intention. And so, um, and so I want to dispel the myth that magic is all bad. People coming from a wounded place are going to do things that hurt other people.

And, um, and I think that when we take the concept of, like, black magic, When we deconstruct it and see that it’s really coming from a fractured place within our psyches or within the psyche of the world, then this doesn’t have to be something that we fear about [00:47:00] ourselves. We all have the potential to harm.

We all have the potential to harm in really bad, destructive ways. When we look at the world right now, we can see the very worst of that potential playing out. In in circumstances in shootings and things like that, and we also have incredible power to heal and it’s my own worldview and my own belief because I have a Jupiter Moon conjunction that more people are setting intentions and holding in their attention oriented toward peace.

And toward the life pursuit of happiness, the human flourishing of all. So, um, so let’s not focus our attention on the potential, the small potential we have to harm. And let’s focus our attention and offer [00:48:00] intentions for what we want to create in the world. And the world that we want to leave behind to future generations.

I love that.

Amanda Walsh: Thank you. I’m so glad that we addressed that. Rachel, thank you so much for being here. It’s been such a pleasure. For those of you who are interested in working with The moon working with magic. We will be doing that quite a bit in our new level of membership You do have an opportunity to become a founding member of our new Tier of membership, which is the most accessible quick and easy Way into our inner circle membership.

It’s it’s uh It’s light, it’s easy, and we have designed it so that it really integrates into your daily life. You don’t have to actually go do anything. You, it’s all just delivered right to you. So, for those of you looking for that everyday magic and that everyday connection to nature, It is all available to you there and then inner circle members you [00:49:00] get access to all The all the things that the new level of membership get plus all your really cool things like your mastery class teacher Teachings and your more technical new and full moon forecasts which your astrologers provide So this is all happening right now.

Rachel. You are such a gift Thank you so much for being here on the podcast for being one of our teachers in the inner circle We’re so grateful for you. And if people want to find your book, where would they go?

Rachel Lang: Yeah, you can use Amazon or anywhere you’d like to buy books. It’s called Modern Day Magic, 8 Simple Rules to Realize Your Power and Shape Your Life.

And I also have a children’s book called As Above, So Below. And that one came out this year. And it’s just a really sweet little bedtime story for kids that lets them know how connected they are to the cosmos and to the stars and planets.

Amanda Walsh: Oh my gosh, I, that is the coolest. Yeah. Thank you so much for mentioning that as well.

We’ll put the links for the books in the description of this episode. Thank you. Thank you everybody so much for being here. Thank you for [00:50:00] being a part of our community. Thank you for making astrology and magic a part of your life, and we look forward to connecting with you on the next episode. Take care everyone.

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