Mars and Saturn are regarded as malefics in Astrology. In the classic tradition, these were the planets that brought harm and misfortune.

Mars was associated with cruelty and malice while Saturn was connected to bad luck and failure. However these planets didn't always bring bad things any more than the benefics – Venus and Jupiter –  brought good. It all depends on the relationship they make to one another in the sky.

This week reveals a positive side to Mars and Saturn. Mars becomes more assertive (rather than forceful) while Saturn rewards those who have stayed the course when things got tough. Even a Sun/Uranus trine on January 9th will bring out a more encouraging side to the typically unruly Uranus by making a farfetched idea surprisingly doable.

This is the week for bold moves (as long they're mutually beneficial) and subtle breakthroughs that lead the way up and over an impasse. Follow the planets in this and you'll discover that they're not so malefic after all.

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