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A Week of Possibilities

Cosmic Insider | A Week of Possibilities   This week invites you to entertain the possibilities and imagine what if…   And our current Inner Circle Astrologer, Sam Reynolds (making his Weekly Weather debut) joined me to talk about why he’s so excited about the days ahead.   As the Sun continues to shine in…

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The Biggest Week of the Century!

Cosmic Insider | The Biggest Week of the Century!   It’s a big week…   And the star of the show is Pluto moving into the sign of Aquarius, which it hasn’t done in 248 years!   This is especially interesting because it triggers the same point as the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in December of 2020…

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What do you REALLY want?

Cosmic Insider | What do you REALLY want? For the last six months, a story about authentic desire has been unfolding in one specific part of your chart and life…   That’s because of Mars’s retrograde cycle in Gemini, and this week is the thrilling conclusion!   Joe G. is an A-Team Angel, gifted Hellenistic…

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Settle In for the Long Haul

Cosmic Insider | Settle In for the Long Haul   You might already know that this March is bringing some powerful astrology.   Well, it all starts this week…   A-Team member and beloved Star Signs astrologer Jamie Magee explained it beautifully on the Weekly Weather!   With Saturn moving into Pisces just one hour…

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This week is all about LOVE

Cosmic Insider | This week is all about LOVE   Valentine’s Day may be over but this is the week that’s all about LOVE.   And the incredible Rachel Lang (one of the first astrologers I ever interviewed!) joined me on the Weekly Weather to explain why…   With Venus and Jupiter making their big…

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How to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

Cosmic Insider | How to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom   In ancient times, astrologers said there were four stars that upheld the heavens: Aldebaran, Antares, Fomalhaut, and Regulus…   All of those stars shine close to the ecliptic except one, Fomalhaut, who stands alone and for this reason, was called “the solitary one”.   …

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Mastering Astrology House Systems: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Astrology House Systems: A Comprehensive Guide What is Astrological Grammar?   Astrology is a language, and just like any language it has its own structural elements that are essential for communication. For example, in English, we can break down our sentences into nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs that play different roles and work together…

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How to Study Astrology: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Study Astrology: A Beginner’s Guide   For thousands of years, people all over the world have used astrology to understand the connection between the mysteries of the heavens and life on Earth. Whether for understanding the basis of your personality, pursuing psychological and spiritual growth or predicting future events, studying astrology can be…

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How to Read an Astrology Chart

How to Read an Astrology Chart   Reading astrology charts is a complex art form that people spend years, even decades, studying and practicing in order to master. Astrology charts are maps of the sky that describe a particular moment in time. They contain the secret codes to your unique blueprint and your path of…

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What Have You Been Putting Off?

Cosmic Insider | What Have You Been Putting Off   It’s always a treat to have Georgia Stathis on the Weekly Weather, I consider her to be one of the real wisdom keepers and legends in astrology.   And as a person who embodies Saturnian mastery, she is the perfect guide to take us through…

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Beyond The Horoscope

A Series For Beginning Astrology Students!


Richard Nolle is the first astrologer since Johannes Kepler to have an astrological term picked up by the scientific community.  That word? Supermoon. From an astrological perspective, these special Moons give us an extra sweet dose of sacred lunacy. What’s a Supermoon? While Nolle was teaching a sailing course for the U.S. Navy, he stumbled across…

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Eclipse fever is seizing the United States. The nation has ringside seats for literally the “Greatest Show on Earth” — the appropriately named “Great American Eclipse” on Aug. 21, 2017. Right now, the news is filled with viewing tips and advice for avoiding traffic jams during what’s slated to become the most-watched cosmic event in…

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(Last updated Sept. 8) In a stunning burst of light on Sept. 6, the Sun unleashed the strongest solar flare in over a decade. At 12:02 am UT (that’s 5:02 am Pacific) a powerful, X9.3-class solar flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere and caused a strong shortwave blackout over the Sun-facing side of the…

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