Aquarius Syndrome Symptoms + Restless After Moving – Your Astrology Questions Answered

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Astrologers Gemini Brett & Cameron Allen Answer Questions About Your Wellness and Relocation

Curious how you can live a healthier and more aligned life? What about what places in the world can support you in your journey to your harnessing your higher self?

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🤔 Questions

3:09 Where Should I Settle Down to Create a More Stable Life for Myself?
12:07 I Have Aquarius Syndrome, & Strong Fixed Fire Energy. How Can I best Work With This for my Health & Wellness?
16:27 General Advice for Aquarius Energy
18:48 I Still Feel Restless After My Move. Is There Another Change Coming?
26:43 I’m Moving on June 21. Will We All Make It Safely?

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