Aquarius Syndrome Symptoms + Restless After Moving – Your Astrology Questions Answered

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Astrologers Gemini Brett & Cameron Allen Answer Questions About Your Wellness and Relocation

Curious how you can live a healthier and more aligned life? What about what places in the world can support you in your journey to your harnessing your higher self?

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3:09 Where Should I Settle Down to Create a More Stable Life for Myself?
12:07 I Have Aquarius Syndrome, & Strong Fixed Fire Energy. How Can I best Work With This for my Health & Wellness?
16:27 General Advice for Aquarius Energy
18:48 I Still Feel Restless After My Move. Is There Another Change Coming?
26:43 I’m Moving on June 21. Will We All Make It Safely?

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Joe: Hello. Hello everyone. We are live. This is, uh, yet another episode of Instant Insights Live, this show where we answer all your astrology questions. Today’s theme is, wellness and relocation. So if you’re thinking about moving to a place or taking a trip somewhere, or anything like this, This is the day to get those questions answered.

If you have any questions about your health or how to improve it, this is also the day to ask those questions. Today with me, I have Gemini, Brett, and Cameron. Cameron Allen, two of my favorite astrologers in the world. Hello everybody. How are you guys doing today? Hi, 

Cameron: I love being here with y’all.

Brett: Me 

Joe: too. Nice. Awesome. So today I wanna do something a little different. Usually I end with testimonials, but you guys have, most of you guys have already ba both Brett and Cameron. So I wanna start with testimonials today and let some of their clients introduce them. So this is a testimonial [00:01:00] that came for Gemini Brett, so he can get a little bit of, of, of a sense of how his readings go.

So, Um, this client says it was my reading with Gemini. Brett was so very insightful. Uh, he helped me unfold some parts of myself that no one had brought to life before. Gemini offered a caring approach far from the deterministic fatal perspective that many Astrologists show when explaining some tough placements in the chart.

I left with a new perspective on the layers of depth of the natal chart, and Gemini gently nudged me to explore some of them, which may resonate with my soul. Imprint, uh, or my soul’s imprint. How does that feel, Brad? Super 

Brett: sweet. Really sweet. Thank you so much for the reception and the reflection, and I’m glad you got to see even more of you through our journey together, astr, endless like that.

Thank you. 

Joe: Yeah, of course. All right, and this one came from Cameron and this [00:02:00] client says Cameron is such a thoughtful and giving reader. He is wise and kind. He draws from his knowledge of astrology yoga and plan to medicine. Having a reading with Cameron is an immersive experience. How he does this through the computer, I don’t know, but it’s incredible.

Thank you for making this platform available and for providing access to amazing astrologers like Cameron. All right. How does it feel, Cameron? 

Cameron: Pretty good, but my wifi went out a little bit, so I’ll just receive it as I’ll receive it as it was. It was great, and I opened my heart at the beginning of the session because that’s what I do, so I feel good about it.

Nice. Yeah. 

Joe: Ah, I love that. All right, so if you want to book a reading with either Gemini Brett, or with GI Allen, all you have to do is go to astrology, Brett Connect, or I think it’s Gemini Connect, one of the two. You can try both. I think both of them actually work. And for Cameron, it’s astro [00:03:00] connect.

And if you want to browse the whole library of astrologers that we have, it’s Australia Connect. 

“Where Should I Settle Down to Create a More Stable Life for Myself?”

Joe: All right guys. With that out of the way, I think we can jump right into our first question of the day. So this question came from Rachel d

I’m so excited to have come across your post and I hope my video makes it in, in time.

I’m currently traveling and I’m looking for a new home, uh, temporarily or indefinitely. I’m hoping you can look at my astrocartography and guide me to a place that would be really good for me for creativity, love, work, establishing a home, um, for hopefully more of the long run. I love South America and I really love Europe, but I would love to hear where you think it would be a great place for me to go to hopefully settle down and [00:04:00] create.

A more stable and secure life for myself. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. All right. Who would like to start? 

Brett: I would love to look at those. I’ll say that when I play with Astro Locality, I don’t use Astrocartography alone, alone. At all, Rachel. In fact, you kind of have a classic relocation chart because you have such a significant Sagittarius devotion in your nativity, right?

A telium is what we call this planet party thing when so many planets are in the same sign. And so as you move around the world and the rising sign changes like where. That Sagittarius grouping goes through the houses will say a lot about how those places will act for you Now, strong Sagittarius in general and born Pisces rising with Jupiter, who I look to for the guide or steersman of the Pisces design in [00:05:00] the ninth.

I feel like you should be journeying all the time. I love that you’re traveling right now. Obviously hearing that you love South America. And that you love Europe. Having been born in Hawaii, we can see that you’ve gotten to answer that call some in your life and I think that’s wonderful. But you’re asking about finding a place to settle down more, and I’m probably hearing, uh, the requests of the cancer moon in your chart.

Um, maybe Capricorn Mars as well. So there’ll be places on earth where those planets are highlighted. Um, Brazil is one of them in Brazil in the moment of your birth. And I should say, because Brazil is such a large country, we’re looking at very Eastern Brazil, um, like Salvador and, um, refe, like that zone.

It’s um, east of Brazilia, east of South Paolo. Um, so where cancer was rising when you were born with your cancer moon, that might be a place where that family vibe that’s you’re. [00:06:00] Looking for and settling down, and hopefully for more of a long run as you ask, that could be a place where that is more highlighted.

Um, however, there’s a couple rising signs that kind of more prefer for you. I wanna just say kind of as a general caveat here, um, you know, when we’re looking for a place for more creativity, like, let’s try to emphasize the fifth house. And good thing about the fifth is it’s also passions, right? So when we say love, yes.

Like relationship, seventh house thing. And you know, you asked about creativity, love, and work. And I mean, it’s often the case and this is where it’s really helpful to speak to somebody, with somebody about what they do and um, who would they like to settle down with and the like, because. It’s typically the case in places where work or in times in our lives when work is really rocking like that can be [00:07:00] challenging to relationship, right?

So it’s hard to find places that say, oh yes, this is the place for work and love and creativity. So if you were here live, Rachel, I’d say, okay, first pick one. Let’s start there. But a place on earth. And I like that it seems to correspond to, um, places that you love because it’s in Europe. And, um, in the Spanish zone, which has a bit of, at least culturally speaking, sim similarities to South America, which you also love.

Um, are Spain and Portugal. In Spain and Portugal. When you were born, Leo was rising and that puts that Sagittarius telium into the fifth. Of passion and romance and risk and kids, by the way. So if part of the vision, and again, this is something I would like to be able to ask you live in establishing a home.

Means also having children, or perhaps you already do, um, strong Fifth [00:08:00] House, can speak to that, uh, puts a lot of these planets in your chart that were like high above the ground when you were born down beneath the ground. And that can also be a symbol for settling down. Um, and the Leo Rising chart, your Cancer Moon, is in the 12th hole sign, which brings a little bit of hesitation for me.

But, um, in quadrant houses, which I’m certainly gonna look to and put my feet on the ground, we get the moon, um, up above in the 11th house of community, which is something that you’re also looking for. Right? So I mean, specifically I might look to places where the moon is trying, the IC and sextile, the mid-heaven and, um, places include like, Barcelona, um, that side, that eastern side of Spain.

So without having the opportunity to speak [00:09:00] with you, that’s gonna be the place that I’d say go check it out. If you haven’t already, give it a try. Live there for a little bit. I think Barcelona would be an amazing space for you.

Cameron: Beautiful. Yeah, I love that. And so from like the way I work with things, because I don’t work with astro locality in almost any way, shape and form really, to be quite honest. Even though I can look at charts and I’ve said things, but it’s not my thing. So I’ll just be clear about that. Just to start with, for you specifically, and then everyone listening, that might potentially get a reading as well.

But this year, in the solar return chart, we have the ascendant in the ninth house. Which has to do with travel, right? And so since the ascendant is in the ninth house for you, that’s in Scorpio. And so we would look to where Mars is at in the so return chart and see if that’s giving us more information around what’s happening with the moving situation or the home, or feeling a sense of belonging or feeling a sense of rootedness.

And we see [00:10:00] that, Mars is retrograde in Gemini in the fourth place. And so this idea or this desire to move and land somewhere, there’s like some type of like restrictions or limitations in the outgoing force, right? It’s like I instinctually wanna go find it, but like, something about is kind of slowing me down and hindering me.

So you wanna be mindful of that as far as, what’s happening from now until your next birthday. Also, something else that’s, emphasizing, the, the fourth house. Is that Saturn is conjunct the IC in the solar return chart. So this also, again, is saying something about slowing down. So the invitation to slow down and find a place to sit and feel like a sense of rootedness is present.

But it does seem like there is some type of difficulty at hand. So maybe even like from my perspective, I would invite you to go within and meditate on it and be slower about the process if you happen to be moving, quickly with it. So [00:11:00] that’s what I had to add to this. 

Joe: Right on. Very nice. And if Rachel, if you are in the audience right now and you have any insights or.

Anything that you’d like to add, please send us a comment. We’d love to hear from you. And if you catching this in the replay, please also still leave the comment. I’ll make sure that Brett and Cameron, receive it. All right, and for those of you who, uh, who I, I, I saw a little bit of confusion in the comments just now about whether we’re taking, uh, life questions still or not.

We most definitely are still taking life questions, but if you do go to astrology, forge slash Insight, you can submit your questions beforehand, and what that does is that it gives you a better chance of getting feature than the episode, but it also. Gives the astrologer some more time to sit, with your charts and prepare beforehand to give you a, a better answer.

So not only are you getting a higher chance to be, be featured, you’re also [00:12:00] getting a better experience. So I highly recommend using the form, and you can find slash insight. 

“I Have Aquarius Syndrome, & Strong Fixed Fire Energy. How Can I best Work With This for my Health & Wellness?”

Joe: All right. I think with that, we are ready for the next question, we’ll start with, Lina and Lina asks, I appear to have the Aquarius syndrome, fatigue, anemia, cold extremities, always catching colds, but I also have strong fixed fire energy. How can I best work with this for my health, and wellness? Cameron. 

Cameron: Yeah, absolutely. So I have a tendency towards Aquarius syndrome myself as well being Aquarius Sun.

So I’m like super familiar with this. I mean, also along with my work, right? And so one thing to be really mindful of is when you’re getting this fatigue, like do so Aquarius Energy oftentimes has this ability to like access some type of higher genius or information that’s outside of the current space and time, social norms.

And because this is the [00:13:00] case, the nervous system might be just like in the field rather than censored in the body. And so since it’s in the field, rather than being censored in the body, sometimes it disperses and scatters the electrical system of the body. And so we will get these long like periods of time where we’re just have genius streaming through our field and our consciousness.

And this needs to be, contrasted with a period of time in which we rest deeply. And this is something that like, if we don’t understand this at childhood, cause I mean what parents are like, oh, you’re in Aquarius, so you should like be a genius and then stop and just relax and chill and sip, sip on omega oils and sip on gee and things like this, right?

Or do oil massages. Uh, so we don’t get that when we’re younger. So oftentimes this is what leads to the fatigue. This is what leads to the colds and the sicknesses because we go, go, go, and then we get zapped with the energy and instead of taking a moment of pause, we keep going and going in the culture that we’re in.

And so one thing I would say is just like [00:14:00] have bouts of working and like allowing the genius to come through with bouts of resting deeply. And being mindful that with coming, coming, that what comes with Resting deeply also sometimes is the deconditioning around, I should be working all the time. You know, you have the, the six house and Capricorn, six house, Capricorn.

So, uh, this thing about working is like really important here, but also we need to know that with that Aquarius sun we have to like actually take moments of like rest and reflection. Also just getting some herbs that are considered to be what they call diaphoretic, which essentially just means it’s helping you produce more sweat.

And then also herbs that are circulatory stimulants, which means it’s stimulating the circulation. Now, being mindful that circulatory stimulants doesn’t have to do with stimulating you or making you feel amped up or like there’s too much energy and vital force flowing through the body, but it’s just actually the circulation moving.

So I’m not going to say any specific herbs [00:15:00] because it’s too generalized for me, right? Mm. Yes I am. Rosemary came up, so Rosemary is the one I might work with. I’m even thinking about like I. Taking some rosemary and infusing it in olive oil or taking some rosemary and letting it simmer in some ge so that the GE takes on the essence of the rosemary and, and taking teaspoons of this GH with that is infused with rosemary, and so that brings the oil content that kind of coax the system, and the rosemary allows for the circulation to help.

Also, something that could be super helpful is being mindful of your extremities. And so when we’re getting cold hands and feet, especially with strong Aquarius energy, oftentimes it’s because it’s a fixed air sign. And in the society that we’re in, the air element tends to like be specifically focused in the head area.

So if we have fixed air, and that’s where the, the vital force is like focused, then we have all the energy in the head. So the energy isn’t getting to the hands into the feet. [00:16:00] So those are some of the things that I would say could be super helpful to think about, feel into, and as always reach out if you need anything more specific so that we can like help you with that moving forward.

Joe: I love that Rosemary and Gee thing. I’m like, I wish, uh, remedies could taste that nice all the time. Well they can in the comments even said Yum. Exactly. I was like, hell yeah. Um.

General Advice for Aquarius Energy

Joe: Brett, I have a question for you. Do you have any sort of like insights or advice for if a a, a client came to you and all you knew about them was that they’re in Aquarius?

Would you have like a one sort of like go-to, um, advice for in Aquarius? 

Brett: Yeah. Expand consciousness. Nice. No matter what. The other thing is, you know, what is the world you want to see and how can you contribute to that?

Mm-hmm. It’s a good question for all of us. 

Cameron: Absolutely. Mm-hmm. Yeah. And I was gonna add with the fixed fire energy, the [00:17:00] strong fixed fire energy that was spoken of here. being mindful since the rising sign is Leo, then that also can like centralize energy and sometimes it can get stuck in the, the chest region.

And so being mindful that’s the front chest and the back, right? Because a lot of times we think of Leo and it’s the chest and all these things, and we forget that the thoracic spine is like a really important location when we are feeling cold extremities as well. Because if the energy’s stuck in the chest and in the back, then what does that mean?

That means the nourishment isn’t coming to the shoulders, the nourishment isn’t coming to the elbows in the hands. So also with that, just maybe doing some more like spinal flexes. Could be super helpful and just like really making sure you articulate well and feel every single muscle as you go through the progression, and maybe even bring in some lion breath if you need to.


Because a lot of times too, with the fatigue, with Aquarius, the energy is stuck somewhere, right? It’s a fixed sign. So it’s not always just [00:18:00] necessarily that the electrical system is like going out too far, but if the energy’s getting stuck somewhere, then we wanna allow ourselves some movement so that we can feel that vital force move through our body and comes alive.

Because even if I have, if I have stagnation or energy stuck in my chest or in my pelvic region, I’m not experiencing it as if I have energy. But we might have energy. It might just be stuck in a specific location. So just be mindful of that as well. 

Joe: Awesome. And Lina says, thank you, Cameron. Yes, indeed. The conditioning of always having to go runs me down.

Cameron: Me too, dear one. Let’s do it together. 

Joe: Nice. All right. And I think with that, we’re ready for. The next question cuz we’re almost running out of time. 

“I Still Feel Restless After My Move. Is There Another Change Coming?”

Joe: all right, so this next one came from Lee, and Lee says hello. I moved in August, 2220 from California to British Columbia. I still feel [00:19:00] restless. Is there another move or change coming up?

 And then she gives us her date of birth. Who wants to take that one first, Brett? 

Brett: Sure. One thing I would ask for folks when you send information specifics are really helpful. California’s a large state and, British Columbia also is a large province, right? So I chose San Francisco and Vancouver just not knowing.

 I do appreciate that you wrote August, 2020. That helps show something. And just looking at this time now, you’re in what’s called the ninth house annual perfection right now. Um, and in your nativity. This means because Capricorn was rising, and so Virgo is your ninth whole sign. If we play with the whole sign houses with, with this wonderful timing technique that mercury’s the Lord of the Year and mercury’s an Aries for you, and he’s just going behind the sun when you’re born.

So he’s just like on this great adventure that that [00:20:00] term feels resonant with much of your chart, like the out of bound Sagittarius moon. Uh, Gemini Mars, the strong Aries energy. And so I would say that this year, if you can swing it regardless of where you are, would be a really great year for journeying.

 We can do that without moving through our learning and our study and seeking spirit, of course. having that opportunity to go poke around, I think is a good idea. I am interested in the West Coast for you. Um, it’s a Scorpio rising place with Gemini Mars in the eighth whole sign. Um, it seems like a pretty powerful place, um, but Saturn’s also rising, especially up in Vancouver.

And it might feel, it might offer a really beautiful groundedness and development of boundaries so that you can have the deep emotional experience, the strong [00:21:00] groundwater trying of your chart like beckon’s fourth. But you might just feel. Stuck and, isolated in some ways and not allowed to express.

I mean, so much of how I would really answer this question for you, Liz, has, would, I would wanna ask so many questions of, you know, what do you do for work? How’s that going? What do you want to do if it’s not going well? Those kinds of things because I dig the West Coast for the magician but otherwise I might say, Go east some.

The other thing I would say though is especially since you moved in 2020 at this time when everything was shut down and, you know, it’s obviously harder to like meet community and things are starting there. So it’s nice if we can allow a, a place a few years and you’re just getting to that space right now, right?

Three years in. But with, um, just given the nature of all the lockdowns and whatnot when you moved. Maybe give it another year. I think most importantly, [00:22:00] the chart shapes kind of moving towards rocking it in the career world, coming up and inviting you now into your journey studies to like receive the vision of what you will offer.

So if you feel like that can’t happen in British Columbia, then I’d say yeah, move at least temporarily. Again, I think it’s a wonderful year for you to travel. And so you can go kind of receive a, a vision, uh, for what you can offer. And I could see next year being a, a year of a move or if you do end up settling in British Columbia the year where you’re kind of like starting to plug in and offer your gifts, which will bring you to community.

Joe: Alright. With that, I think we’re probably good to go onto our last call, but I do see a few more comments that I want to address. Um, Lina just added an extra little [00:23:00] bit, um, Of information to her story, she says, great advice, Cameron. Yes, I tend to get energy stuck in my higher back. I never thought it is the same as the heart area.

I will do more lion breath and back mobilizing. And then also on that same train, A lot of people were asking about ge um, what is GE and why? Gee, Cameron Allen. 

Cameron: Yes. That just brought my heart so much joy. I love gee so much. I just got like a little manic there, but, um, it’s the best. It’s so good. So GE is something that we use in Ayurveda and it’s, clarified butter.

And so, you know, a lot of times when we think about butter, um, some people have like issues with dairy and like it tends to be an issue with digestion. But with GH we clarify the butter. So we’re actually, processing it in a way that allows us to like metabolize it better. And it’s less, thick, heavy, sticky, and instead of the thick and heavy stickiness that we’re [00:24:00] actually getting rid of when we’re taking gh, it’s like we’re just taking in the golden.

Divine nature of the butter in that like unctuous, oily, warm quality. It’s just like a. Massage on the ears with something like soothing or like a warm hug after like a bath where I just put body oil on. And so GIA is just amazing. It also is a high cooking point, which olive oil and other oils don’t have sometimes.

And also we can make medicines out of it. So if you don’t like the taste of certain things, oftentimes it’s easier to cook it into gee, and then take it that way. Especially if you have any issues with digestion. But you specifically. So if you want to heat yourself up, sometimes that could dry you out a little bit.

So the gee also allows the, like, the ve it’s, it, it’s a vehicle, right? So we are using a oily vehicle to put something warm and hot in your stomach, but we don’t want to dry you out more. So that’s why we use the gh. So that’s a few things that I can say about Gee, but I mean, I could keep [00:25:00] going forever and ever for gee, because I just love gee so much.

I put it in my eyes, I put it under my ears, I put it in my mouth, I put it on my, it’s, I just, 

Joe: Uh, it is so good. I have like tubs and tubs of gee in my Michael. Oh my God. Alright. Right. So we are almost at time, so it’s time for a last call but before we go into the final question of the day, I want to let you guys know about something very special happening next week, going from June 19th to the 25th. Um, some of you guys might not be aware, but instant Insight insights life is, uh, the counterpart to an actual function on Astrologer Connect called Instant Insights.

So you can actually go to astrology and get an instant reading with an astrology that, that that’s live. You just go there. Look for somebody with a green light and then you can call them on spot. But the reason why next week is so important [00:26:00] or so special is that the first five minutes of any of those readings will be free.

So if you happen to have a question that can be answered in five minutes or less, You are in Locke. You just have to go there, find an astrologer, call them right up and talk real quick. All right, so again, it’s astrology and it’s um, I think people. Uh, I think Dish Soldier will guaranteed, will be guaranteed to be live from 9:00 AM uh, Eastern to 9:00 PM Eastern.

So if you go, uh, there, at any of those times, you’re guaranteed to have somebody online that you can chat with. And now I’m seeing all those questions flooding in, 

“I’m Moving on June 21. Will We All Make It Safely?”

Joe: let’s take this one from Tracy, because I see Tracy around. All the time. And I’ll give, Brett and Cameron the chance to, to draw the charts. But Tracy is asking, I’m moving, uh, on the 21st. Will my pet’s [00:27:00] daughter and self make it okay to the new place? So will my pets, my daughter, and myself is what I’m assuming Tracy be.

Okay. And while they cast the chart, I’ll just tell you a little bit more about, this Incident Insights Week because, one of the, the big things about the incident insights is that a lot of people kind of get frozen by the. By needing to have like that one burning question in the moment.

Like sometimes it, it’s, it’s easier to book a reading and really get that, that time to think things through. But you, you might not know, like what kind of question can an aser answer, like impromptu, like, so easy like that. And, uh, uh, I’ve, I’ve seen a lot of the people come through, um, the instant insights asking a lot of horror questions.

So if you have any horror questions, maybe you lost something, you need to find it. Or maybe you’re trying to, or, or even maybe you’re trying to have a conversation with somebody and you want to make sure that it goes well and astrologer can also help you with you with [00:28:00] that or, um, I don’t know, maybe there’s, you watch the weekly weather on Monday and then you saw that this one transit is about to hit your chart and you have no idea how it’s gonna manifest.

Those are also like very good questions to ask an astrologer, like for those really quick readings. So again, You just have to go to next week, and there will be an astrologer right there for you. And with that, let’s get back to Brett and Cameron, do we have the charts up? How are you feeling? 

Brett: Everyone’s gonna be fine. Everyone’s gonna be fine first. I like, I would never say anything but that though, to be honest, because I don’t wanna like plant seeds of doubt. I would encourage you to just embrace this opportunity for change. I mean, sometimes people will say like, Hey, if it’s better to go next month, like, we can delay.

And I will. But the 21st is now. Um, so I think you should [00:29:00] just go gladly into this new space. It’s meant to be a strong year of like shift and change for you. I would say that’s actually even more true, with your shoulder return coming up and then into 2024. So I think it’s amazing that you are moving to a new place to kind of get a new start.

Your chart has all sorts of new start built into it right now, and especially for the year ahead. So doing that in a new place, it’s just like, Going to happen. So yeah, your pets, they have your back. Everyone’s gonna be totally cool. Cameron, do you wanna get more specific than that at all? 

Cameron: Yeah, totally.

Cause I mean, I’ll, I’ll say something simple, even though like, I have the chart and I casted a H chart as well, so I’m like combining the significations of both of them. Ideally, I would’ve also had so return anyway, that’s not here nor there. But, um, I think it’s, I think it’s good to go because honestly this week would’ve been more problematic than anything else that I’m seeing because, uh, Saturn would’ve been in an in conjunction with [00:30:00] Mars.

And that Saturn would be in your six house of pets, and so that could have been problematic, but I wouldn’t, like Brett said, I probably wouldn’t say anything here about you if you should or shouldn’t, or something good or bad is going to happen to them. What I really would say is, It would be ideal if we picked an election time.

So during the insights week, I think that would be a great thing like way to use that that week. You know, go and ask an astrologer maybe when is a good time to go? That would, that would mean that my pets would arrive safely. I think that’s a better orientation in a way that we could help you in a more powerful way, rather than saying this or that.

So that’s what I would say. 

Brett: Yeah, so I’ll add to that like you’re out of, you’re like in the clear from a lot of challenging things that have been going on in recent years. And like most importantly, I kind of hope you’re driving West, but regardless, be outside after sunset and really connect with Mars in Venus right now.

Venus will show you where Mars is. Venus is so bright, just [00:31:00] undeniable and not impossible not to see. And then you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, so look left to Venus and you’ll find Mars much less bright there. And the 21st, the day that you leave. The moon joins them. It’s like a triple conjunction in Leo in your 11th of community and your steersmen of your chart is Venus.

So just seeing that, like asking for the blessings of those planets, I think can be really helpful and powerful at this time. Venus is like the lady for life for you, and then Mars is what we call the chrono the Lord of the Year right now. So seeing them together and having the moon come there as you’re, as you’re just.

Launching your ship to move to wherever it is. I think it’s awesome and I think it just helps us if we can get outside and connect with nature and connect with the sky, realize that planets are more than symbols on the page, it just offers a time for us to be in the body to still and to bring ritual and intention there.

So I think it looks great for you and I’m happy again that you’re [00:32:00] moving cuz there’s a whole new start coming your way. 

Joe: Right on. Awesome. Beautiful. All right. I’m seeing lots of gratitude from Tracy in the comments. Oh, loving that. 


Joe: All right. I think this is the end of today’s episode. Speaking of Venus, actually I saw that a couple people asked about the Venus retrograde, and if you don’t know, we’re have adding an extra episode this week on Friday.

At 4:00 PM Eastern Time, I think that would be probably 1:00 PM Pacific Time, and we’ll be addressing all your questions about the Venus Retrograde. So if you have a Venus Retrograde question, just go to astro to send in your question to make sure that you do get featured on the episode.

And I think that it’s a Nora, Rochelle and Jamie Goldstein with me this Friday, so it’ll be, you’re be in good hands. Uh, that’s for sure. And for next week actually, we have, Michelle Dench and Clarissa Dolphin back here, [00:33:00] and they’ll be addressing questions about your relationships and family dynamics.

So it’ll be, uh, drama packed, uh, instant insights live. Send in your questions. I’d love to hear. Some of your drama. No, not in a bad way. I just love hearing your stories. All right, guys, with that, I think that this is it. Thank you so much for joining us today. It was truly a blast. Thank you, Brett and Cameron, for being here with me, I’ll see you guys this Friday. Bye-bye. Much love.