Astrology studies cycles of time, and Cosmic calendar just turned another page. On Aug. 11 planet Jupiter moved into the sign of Virgo, signifying another year-long cycle ahead of us. Let’s see what possible impact this energy will have on us, and explore the optimal ways to navigate this wave.

What We’re Leaving Behind…

We are leaving behind a year of Jupiter in Leo, a year of heightened self-expression (or at least longing for it), search for authenticity, creative outlets for all those golden gifts and talents stored within us, waiting to be displayed.

Did you feel the call to tap into more genuine existence? The one that fuller reflects who YOU are, that distinguishes you as unique spark of Divine expression? have you felt it’s finally time to stop holding back and step onto the stage of Life, with all that you have to offer? Did you feel a surge of creative juices flowing through you through last year?

Putting Our Dreams To Work

With expansive Jupiter moving into practical, down-to-earth sign of Virgo, it’s time to put all that you dreamed of to work. Jupiter supports and magnifies whatever it is being channeled through, and Virgo is seeking practical, concrete, hands-on application. So together, those two energies provide excellent stage for direct manifestation, from visions into reality.

Let’s dissect, in Virgo’s fashion, the Jupiter-Virgo combination to understand the essence of the energy behind these forces..

On one hand, we have an ever expansive, limitless, freedom-loving, far-sighted archetype of Jupiter, on the other — a fragmented, controlling, narrow-sighted energy of Virgo. This combination forms a cosmic paradox of Microcosm and Microcosm in a cosmic blender.

However, when Jupiter directs its powerful expansive energy through a Virgoan channel of focused dedication and commitment, it can can move mountains.

No task becomes too big, it simply gets it done. People born with Jupiter in Virgo are capable of outstanding achievements, prolific production, determined pursuit of whatever they chose as their life’s work. They stick to the task when others quit, and their perseverance pays off.

So with Jupiter in Virgo, think EFFICIENT IMPLEMENTATION. How can I take all the ideas, dreams, visions I have brewing within me and turn it into workable reality? What needs to be done, done differently or perhaps UNdone? Virgo is highly discerning and thrives in focused, detailed, thoroughly planned out action. So roll up your sleeves and get to it — Jupiter will amplify your efforts, reward your effort, support your perseverance.

Virgo is known to oversee the domain of work and the way we apply our skills in this world, while Jupiter propels us to continually expand our horizons, broaden our visions, grow in our knowledge and abilities.

Thus, Jupiter in Virgo supports us to grow in and through our work, get to new levels of experience, perfect the skills. Whatever you are currently doing and considering your “job”, a good question to ask is “Does my work still reflects the level of my current abilities? Does it fulfill me and allows me to grow?”

Simply put —” does my work WORK for me, for who I am in this moment?” If the answer is no, look for new tasks, broaden your expertise, perhaps seek next levels within your profession.

Focus on Health and Healing

Another area emphasized during this transit will be health and healing, on all levels — physical as well as emotional. Virgo rules health, and with Jupiter occupying this sign for a year ahead, time is highly beneficial to put your attention towards health improvement.

Are there any practices or regimens you were thinking of integrating into your daily life but were postponing for the lack of time or enthusiasm? It’s time to bring it into your reality. Jupiter will support any effort to heal, improve, strengthen your health as long as you show up with discipline and commitment.

The practice of Hatha Yoga is one of the examples where Jupiter in Virgo archetype finds its perfect expression through a true Union (Yoga) of Spirit (Jupiter) and Body (Virgo). By committing to a daily practice of physical alignment (Virgo) we are preparing the body to open up and become a vessel for the Spiritual energy and Higher Consciousness (Jupiter) to come through us.

So for all of you aspiring Yogis and Yoginis out there — time to enroll or complete that teacher training, get your certificate or raise your practice to the next level!

Jupiter magnifies qualities of any sign, including its denser, less conscious expressions. With Virgo in the spotlight, it might mean obsession with minute detail, loss of prospective and bigger picture, “not seeing the forest for the trees”. It can trigger exaggerated criticism, neat-picking and self-righteous attitudes. With Saturn in Sagittarius in the background, the stage is set for battles of opinions to erupt, and we will probably see it played out on the large scale on social and political scene.

Spiritual Guidance

For those of you on a spiritual quest, remember — Jupiter in Virgo will turn baby steps into spiritual leaps!

  • Have patience and trust that the Sacred Detail is the holographic imprint of the Universe.
  • Less will be more, and then some.
  • Discipline will turn you into a Master. Humility into Sage.
  • Divine intelligence will reveal itself through fractals of daily existence.

 Jupiter is in Virgo from Aug. 11, 2015, through Sept. 9, 2016.