The June 13 Gemini New Moon promises a lighter, breezier and decidedly chattier atmosphere…

… but don’t put away the tissues just yet.

Let’s see what astrologers around the Web have to say about this lunation in the sign of duality.

Gemini New Moon

A New Moon is a meeting of the Sun (the rational) and Moon (the emotional), kicking off a new cycle.

Over the course of a year, each one of the 12 Zodiac signs plays host to a New Moon. For the Gemini New Moon, transmitting and exchanging information is key.

“This New Moon is the process of conceiving an idea, of thoughts formed, of opinions shared.

“It is the start of a new cycle of communicating with important others.”

Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology

Try a Little Tenderness

The New Moon’s ruler is Mercury, the cosmic messenger. He’s in the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon.  Since the Moon and Mercury are each in the other’s home sign, they are in what’s called mutual reception. This condition creates a resonance between them that tempers the fleet-footedness that Mercury prefers.

The effect, says my forecast, makes:

“[C]ommunication more emotional and sensitive than the Gemini norm. The chatter rising under this Moon could have us speaking our hearts more. It could also encourage crabbiness, taking messages personally and staging pity parties….

“These aren’t givens, though. Gemini’s nimbleness may have us darting and scurrying and at times skiing across the waters, instead of falling into them. Likely an emotional intelligence is permeating thoughts and words. In theory.”

The crabby potential has Elsa Elsa’s attention:

“Spare me the hate mail. I just don’t think it’s easy to shine as a sparking conversationalist when your satellite is gurgling in a pot of emotional soup, hiding under a clam shell or being moody!”

Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology, is optimistic:

“Through its place in this sensitive and intuitive water sign, Mercury operates with emotional intelligence and with increased care in what is conveyed. Mercury in Cancer brings heightened emotional context to our message while at the same time infuses it with sensitivity.

“Words are chosen carefully, the speech is soft, we do care and we also take care what we are saying and how we express our opinions.”

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Change Your Thinking, Change Your [X]

Hours before the New Moon, lunation lord Mercury breezed past a happy-go-lucky sextile with Uranus, the cosmic awakener, rebel and agent of unpredictable change.

To Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology, the aspect “bestows freshness and ingenuity to all intellectual processes and brings practical insights.”

Uranus moved into the sign of Taurus on May 15.  My forecast sees the sextile from Mercury bringing:

“[O]pportunities to wrap our brains around Uranus’ shift into Taurus.  Radically new conditions have arrived inside and out with real-world ramifications that we are only beginning to sense. With Mercury sextiling the cosmic change agent, circumstances are ripe for altering perspectives and opening to unconventional, unexpected and outright genius ideas – all of which end up having tangible, practical impact. You might also be differently – or more –  emotionally expressive, perhaps suddenly, and probably permanently.

“These opportunities likely come out of the blue. You can increase the likelihood of stumbling onto them by making like a Gemini – talking and gathering and sharing information, darting down rabbit holes and running after shiny objects.”

Mercury also approaches an opposition to Saturn, lord of order, in the sign of Capricorn.  The inherent tension of the opposition lends gravity to thoughts and conversations. It’s a cold shower on the recent impulsiveness generated by the Mercury/Uranus sextile.

 You Are Feeling Sleeeepy

The Moon’s only major aspect is a wide — and separating — square to Neptune in Pisces. I warn:

“This might make us vaguely wobbly, woozy or disoriented. Don’t give sensations like that much attention. The New Moon is making a wide square to illusionist Neptune, which lends a funhouse mirror quality to information coming in and out. Objects in mirror may be closer than they look, situations may not be quite as they seem, and not everything you hear (or think) may be real.”

Or, Elsa Elsa says, we may just want to escape.

“Now we’ve got to get Little Mermaid up and on the phone. Can you believe this? Just imagine calling tech support and being told, “I’m not in the mood!”  How’s that for avoidance (Neptune)?”

Playing Unsupervised

Apart from that wide square, the New Moon makes no major aspects.

“This lack of aspects is very important because the message that this New Moon is having for every one of us, is not colored by any other planet.

“So this New Moon becomes a crystal clear message, that can be heard and understood in an intuitive way, as the sole result of the coming together of our intellect (Sun in Gemini) and our spoken heart (Moon in Gemini).”

Andrew Ifandis,  Cosmos of Astrology

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Stairway to Heaven

Plenty of other activity fills the sky, however. Jupiter in Scorpio sails along in a harmonious trine to Neptune in Pisces (exact May25).

Marina Macario, Darkstar Astrology,calls it a fairytale aspect:

“Jupiter trine Neptune could symbolize courtly love, the kind that was celebrated in medieval times. Troubadours would sing slushy love songs to married ladies, knights would joust in honor of the Queen. However, these pining wannabe suitors would never, ever take it to the physical.”

Looking for Love

Relationships feel the heat when Venus moves into Leo less than two hours after the New Moon.

“Socializing quickly rises in popularity…. The love goddess tosses her lustrous mane in that regal sign, which brings out her flair for the dramatic and love of basking in the Sun (or spotlight). Watch the vibe turn warm-hearted, generous and showy, with folks wanting to spiff up and spend time together. And talk.”

My forecast

“When we connect with others about our hearts desires, we can build new kingdoms together.”

Nicole O’Byrne, Inner Doorways

Other considerations

The sky is vast, and so are the number of ways astrologers have found meaning in the heavens above.

Let’s look at how some of these add meaning, nuance and depth to the Gemini New Moon

Fixed Stars

What the Moon lacks in major aspects it makes up for in fixed stars. Astrologers look for any stars near the same line of celestial longitude as the Sun & Moon, drawing their light down to the ecliptic path.

Screen Shot 2018 06 09 at 11.38.13 AM

“The June 13 New Moon at 22°44′ Gemini falls right in the middle of the busiest part of the sky for fixed stars. In fact, the New Moon aligns with 8 major fixed stars in 4 Constellations from 21° to 25° Gemini.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King

The Moon falls between the closest of them, Mintaka and El Nath.

“Mintaka is the third star in Orion’s belt, one of the most recognizable sights in the night sky. These three stars are said to mirror the positions of the pyramids of Giza. Mintaka is the first of the three to rise over the horizon in the northern hemisphere and portends good fortune too….In the collective, these stars seem to behave themselves and bring more eminence. Maybe much depends on the aggregate of the world’s soul at the current time.”

Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology

“El Nath gives fortune, eminence and neutrality for good or evil. According to Robson, a New Moon conjunct El Nath will give business success, honor through science, religion or philosophy, but also quarrels with questionable associates, and detriment due to wife, partner or relative.”

– Jamie Partridge, Astrology King

Also nearby is Capella, in Auriga, the she-goat. Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology,  says:

“Capella has a Mercurial influence and is one of the Behenian stars. These extra-potent stars were used in medieval magic and for making talismans. Each has a precious stone or herb associated with it. In Capella’s case, it is Sapphire and thyme. Robson says of Capella that ‘it gives honor, wealth, eminence, renown, a public position of trust and eminent friends, and makes its natives careful, timorous, inquisitive, very fond of knowledge and particularly of novelties.’”

The New Moon is near yet another fortunate fixed star, Phact, in the Dove.  Jamie Partridge, Astrology King, says it “brings good news, charity, kindness, hopefulness and good fortune.”

Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology, also speaks favorably of Phact:

“This one brings kindness and a gentle nature, which can smooth out the other more risqué sides to this decan. The dove is timid, but underneath has a powerful spirit. It has artistic talents and a great sense of rhythm and timing.”

Asteroids & Minor Planets

Asteroids are another conversational hotspot during the Gemini New Moon; astrologers have found many showing up for this lunation.

The Moon’s ruler Mercury makes a close and action-demanding square to the centaur Chiron.  Nicole O’Byrne, Inner Doorways, sees healing potential:

“Mercury will square Chiron, telling us that it’s time to speak up about our wounds, the core issue of our soul, in order to open a new doorway. We are all born with a wound, a part that we bring with us on our hero’s journey to find our medicine and our gifts to the world. When we speak about our pain, when we let it move through us, we can heal it, transform it and empower ourselves. For example, a wound can be a feeling of ‘I don’t belong to this world’ this can teach us, to be more in the world but not of it, to honor it but not become it, to value it but not to be overpowered by it.”

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Intriguingly, the Moon is also conjunct the minor planet Chaos.

Alex Miller Asteroid Astrology By Alex, gives the short form explanation:

“Chaos represents unlimited potential, but also resonates strongly to its modern usage, indicating anarchic, disordered, bedlam-like situations or circumstances.”

Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology, fleshes it out:

“Chaos represents the time when the heaven was ripped from the Earth and we were left with a gap. The struggle could be the fighting of the demons that come through that gap and that are blocking the blissful feeling of oneness. Our endless battle with the serpent keeps us trapped in the illusion of separateness and duality. Chaos is not describing the demon itself, just the process of becoming whole again.… Instead of order being the hero, it is the destruction of those Saturnian rules that is what is needed. So we are talking anarchy that is liberating.”

What might midwife the healing process? Louise Edington identifies an elaborate asteroid configurations that pull archetypal feminine asteroids into this Moon:

“The New Moon opposes Vesta (Goddess of focus and commitment and keeper of the flame) in Sagittarius at 29, which is part of a Fire Grand Trine to Ceres (Goddess of the harvest and grief, loss and forgiveness) in Leo at 24 and Eris (the revealer of artifice) in Aries at almost 24. These form a a fire/air kite with the New Moon as the focal point. Cleansing and purifying are beginning again.”

“Vesta also conjuncts the Galactic Center, the ‘sun’ of our Sun at the center of the Milky Way. The Galactic Center is said to emit powerful new information and this is being focused by Vesta into the perceptions of our core (the Sun) and emotional body (Moon) in Gemini. …Old thoughts, beliefs and patterns of living are going to be burned to the ground to be healed and rebuilt. Questions will be asked of and by you. Long held perceptions will be shattered.”

Lunar Nodes & Apsides

Mars, the ruler of our drive, is conjunct the South Node of the Moon. For evolutionary astrologers, the North Node indicates destiny and the future, the South Node represents the past.

“Mars on the South Node dominates the chart and suggests a release of a karmic tie or new passion with an old flame since Mars is slowing down to go retrograde.”

Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology

“The contact foreshadows his retrograde from late June to late August, a first wave of friends, men and associations from the past, which could just as likely show up in dreams, social media and email as in person. Watch for a rash of thinking and talking about the old days and see if that doesn’t turn purposeful somehow.”

My forecast

Louise Edington also notices the asteroid Hekate, the Goddess of the crossroads, at 6 Leo conjunct the North Node.

“Hekate at the North Node asks us to choose a new path and is lighting the way, if you call on her.”

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Each astrological sign can be divided into three sections, known as decans (10-degree divisions of the Zodiac). This Moon is in Gemini decan 3, which is ruled by the Sun and Saturn.

Maria Macario, Darkstar Astrology, says of this decan:

“Like tropical Gemini, this decan has two sides to it, each one is just as forceful and strong as the other. On the one hand, we have the peaceful dove and the nursing goat. This hand is the life-giver, a birthplace of stars, the ever-nourishing Milky Way that flows from the breast of Nut the sky goddess. On the other hand, we have the hunter, the destroyer of life, the mighty warrior, the potent phallus. This decan can signify the battle of the sexes or more positively, the sacred marriage between the god and the goddess.”

In her forecast for this lunation:

“The theme here in Gemini 3 …will be that of dancing around different subjects and moods. This position though is very psychic as it is so well attuned to the collective consciousness and is quick to adapt to the changes in the atmosphere.”

Sabian Symbols

Over the years, astrologers have devised systems to assign meaning to each degree of the Zodiac. The most popular of the past century has been the Sabian Symbols, proposed by Marc Edmund Jones.

 The Sabian Symbol for the 23rd degree of Gemini is: “Three Fledglings In a Nest, High On a Tree.”

 In his commentary on the Symbol, astrologer Dane Rudhyar explained,

“Here we see only the very beginning of a process in what we might also call “the upper chamber” of the consciousness where the creative power of the spirit can be received and assimilated. Fecundated by the spirit and supported by a deeply rooted cultural and vitalistic tradition, man can gradually develop an integral personality.”

 Lunar Mansion

While most are familiar with the 12-sign solar Zodiac, less well known is the Moon’s 28-sign lunar Zodiac. To the Arab astrologers these were known as the “Mansions of the Moon,” conceived of the Moon’s nightly resting places.  

The Moon falls in Lunar Mansion 6, which the Arab astrologers called Al Han’ah (little star of great light). Donna Woodwell of Donna Philosophica nicknamed it “The Lovers.”

 The mansion’s purpose? For inspiring love. Donna counsels:

“Pursue romance, arrange social engagements, seek partnerships, and negotiate and resolve conflicts. But don’t seek a loan or make financial investments which could lead to later friction.”

Summing It Up

The Gemini New Moon, ruled by Mercury in Cancer, blends communication with emotional expression.

Kathryn Andren, The Love Astrologer, identifies the personal benefit:

“Your hard work communicating your needs pays off after deeply diving to explore your true feelings.”

To Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology, the end game is expression of the self.

“The New Moon’s message is simple and clear, but at the same time filled with emotional awareness and a caring quality that speaks volumes….

“Under this New Moon every one of us becomes a medium transmitting one’s very essence and since the message is loud and clear, this New Moon in Gemini becomes the ‘key message of ourselves.’”

Add to that Louise Edington’s advice, which echoes the Mercury/Uranus potential:

“Question everything on this lunation. … There is ALWAYS a new way to look at things.”

Lunaria Datebook

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June New Moon Times and Dates:

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    This was 100% accuracy for my June 5th 1950 birthday this reading was in-depth and very accurate thank you very much

  2. Anna Sun on June 15, 2018 at 1:09 am

    I love how everything is explained decans, and the fixed stars especially. I love how grounding that is that I can look up and see those. Love the Gemini New Moon and the demons it has brought up to be understood through acknowledging it. My sun is in Gemini and moon in Pisces so it’s bringing out the best of my compassionate need to understand why this is happening, what am I doing to create my reality while it all still feels like a dream ‍♀️ I made promises I know I will need to keep in the coming months to properly face my demons with the strength of my love for my soul and it’s connection to all I love.
    Thank you for including multiple view points and the downloadable new moon guide it phenomenal! I’m inspired to create yoga classes tailored specifically for new moons and their corresponding signs. The Gemini New Moon has me doing little mini yoga classes all day since I woke up!

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