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On today’s episode, you will learn:

… How to create a powerful spiritual practice using Astrology

… Why Kaypacha uses Astrology for empowerment over prediction

… How the world is playing out its perfect evolutionary intention and why you’re integral to this!

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Creating a Powerful Spiritual Practice Using Astrology

With: Professional Astrologer Kaypacha & CEO of Astrology Hub, Amanda Walsh

Amanda:               Welcome Astrology lovers you are watching Astrology Hub TV, and for those of you who don't know me, my name's Amanda Pua Walsh and the CEO and co-founder of Astrology Hub. Astrology Hub. TV is a show dedicated to helping you explore your connection to the cosmos and how cultivating this connection can help you live a more vibrant, empowered, and fulfilling life.

                             We're here live every Thursday at 4:00 PM Pacific, 7:00 PM Eastern. If you're interested in receiving a live alert every time we go live, you can do so by clicking on the link in the chat and slash or in the link above this video. All right, so last Tuesday we had our big summer forecast event. We featured four different astrologers, including Kaypacha. It was three hours of astrology insights for this summer. What I walked away with is that this summer is going to be very, very, very potent.

                              There's a lot of change on the horizon for us personally and collectively, and the astrologers had some great insights and great advice on how to work with that change. I love how Kaypacha just says, stay centered amidst the chaos. So if you missed that, you can actually still watch the replay through Sunday night at midnight Pacific. We're going to keep that replay open and available to you. If you join our inner circle, you'll actually have access to the replay from that event for life. So you'll have that in your membership portal. If you are an I'm familiar with the inner circle, you can check out the link for that too. That's our monthly membership program. Enrollment is now open for a limited time. Kaypacha is going to be our next lunar cycle guide, and it's so great to have you with us here today.

                             Kaypacha, thank you so much for joining us.

Kaypacha:            It's nice to be here. Thanks for having me, Amanda.

Amanda:               Alright, so in the forecast, you talked about why now this is the perfect time for us to break free from the past or more accurately why this is a great opportunity for us to really work with those past karmic ties and how there are specific healing opportunities for all of us this summer.  We're going to be talking about that a little bit more today, and then we're also going to be talking to Kaypacha about his philosophy around astrology and how he's used it to build his own spiritual practice.

                             In today's episode, you're going to learn:

  • how astrology can be utilized as a guiding force in your life
  • why Kaypacha uses astrology for empowerment versus prediction
  • how the world is playing out its perfect evolutionary intention.

                              I love that. This is going to be an exciting conversation. All of you out there, today's episode is perfect for you if you want to understand astrology for personal transformation, if you want to understand the evolutionary intention behind world events and if you're interested in building a spiritual practice or carving out more time for yourself this summer. I know I would definitely include myself in that camp.

                              Okay, so a little bit more about Kaypacha. Kaypacha as more than 40 years of experience as an astrologer and spiritual practitioner. His approach to healing spirit, mind, and body through emotional release and Kundalini Yoga utilizes astrology as a healing art. In addition to personal readings, he brings astrology to everyone through international lecturers, experiential workshops, writing, and teaching. He's the author of the Pele report, a weekly Astrological Youtube forecast and numerous magazine and online articles using Yoga and meditation and nature for self-renewal and natural law as his guide, his work brains balance, love and joy to others and to the planet.

                              Alright, so one question that we would love to hear from all of you out there –  do you find that you're more interested in astrology for the self-empowerment, nature or the ability to help you align with your spiritual path? Or do you find yourself wanting to know more about predictions and forecasts?  What side of astrology are you more drawn to? If you can chat that in the chat it would be interesting for us to take a look at that. Kaypacha, let's start with how you first got into astrology. Can you tell us a little bit about that journey?

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Kaypacha leaves home and discovers Astrology


Kaypacha:            Yes. I, I moved. I left Chicago when I was 17 and moved down to California and plunked myself right next door to an astrologer at that point, I had no interest in it whatsoever. I didn't even know my sign because I'm born on July 23rd, so I didn't even know if I was a Cancer or a Leo and I really didn't care, you know. But, one day he invited me in and told me, you know, he would do my chart, and I said, “Sure you can tell me whether I'm a Cancer or Leo.” Well, we sat down and spent the whole afternoon. He had drawn on my chart, and he told me about my parents. I had just crashed my motorcycle, and I wiped out my knees. I have Capricorn ruling the 6th House and, you know, he said, watch out for those knees.

                              And then he told me my girlfriend was going to be from France or associated with–my girlfriend was just learning how to speak French.  I'm just sitting there and going, no. I'm 18 years old, and he just blew my mind. That changed me radically because before then I was living according to the Budweiser beer commercial–you only go around once, and you should live for all you can. I was definitely living a very, uh, you know, I was really going for it and a lot of different directions and  astrology showed me that there's reincarnation and that we choose the time and the place and the body and the parents with a particular intention and, you know, that really adjusted my mindset like wholly and completely.  I really changed a lot of my personal habits and my, a view of life and my beliefs. I did all the charts in my family and all the charts of my friends and just dove in.

                              I bought all these astrology books, and I've just been a completely enthralled with it ever since.

Amanda:                Did you learn from that Astrologer or did he just put you on the path?

Kaypacha:            Uh, no. We would hang out together day after day. He wasn't a professional astrologer. He was a taxi driver in San Francisco. Wow. But he was one of these guys. I mean, he would you take me down to hang out with the witches in San Francisco. He was very Scorpio, fascinating fellow.

Amanda:               What did your family say about this shifts. It sounds like it was a pretty dramatic change from the lifestyle you were living to like all of a sudden you're into astrology and past lives and spirituality. How did your family respond to that?

Kaypacha:            Well, not very well. My parents are both German, Republican, a Catholic.  I went to the seminary to become a priest, you know, in high school and so they were quite dismayed. They never really did support me as an astrologer.

                              I told them that the three wise men were astrologers and that the council of Nicea in 900 and rewrote the Bible and took astrology and the soul out of it. I tried everything. In fact, I mean astrology is all over the Bible. I saw it. It was, you know, but the church is not the Bible.

                             My mother to the day she died, used to say a rosary a day for me too, to bring me back to the fold. 


Amanda:                When did you realize that you wanted this to be your career?

Kaypacha:            I had always wanted that. I mean I tried right off the bat. I remember doing readings for $20 back in the early eighties when I was just learning. I think I upped it to 40 and quickly realized that, oh, I see this is not the kind of like that you go off and do. I had a number of other experiences.

                              I have a diverse  Moon in Gemini and the Tenth House, you know, but how can I say?  I wanted to do it for a long time, but I did not see it as a viable means to survive. Its kind of like being a Hollywood movie star or a rock star, you know, there would be like one percent that would make it. I didn't have the confidence. So I got to lead a down other pathways. And it wasn't until probably around, I think it was 2001, I got a divorce, and I got some money. I said I am only going to do my passion from now on, I love astrology. I’m tired of doing anything else. I took the money from the, from the selling the house and just said, boom, this is it. I did it. Started a website. I put out some ads, and I lasted for six months.

Amanda:               Interesting. What happened?

Kaypacha:            Not enough clients.

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Kaypacha doubts his career in Astrology

I mean I even started teaching some classes. I would have two or three people show up in my classes at the local bookstore. I was just not heard of or known. I went back to work as a carpenter and a saved up my money. And in 2005, my kid's went off to college, and I had more space and more time and more money.  I said I'm going to do it again. And in 2005 I put down my hammer, put out some more ads. I was starting to get, you know, two, three, four readings a week, you know, maybe five on a good week or something.

                              I lasted for a year before I ran out of money and had to go back,  to doing construction again. I did that again and again, and it was in 2009 that I did a, a Kundalini Yoga teacher training with my girlfriend. And I swear that's really what changed the synapses of my brain.  How I read a chart what I pick up in a chart, and from the person, and from the collective, and from Mars and Venus. I  started transmissions. And I, you know, I just started, it just opened up, you know, a lot of things and changed my whole reality. I moved to Hawaii and decided to leave everybody and everything and sold everything and gave everything away. I was just going to eat bananas and coconuts and swim with dolphins and do Kundalini of the rest of my life. I had full intention of disappearing and not having anything to do with people again.

                              I threw away the few clients that I had and the little bit of business that I had in California. I just said you know, done.  I got a low tech camera so that I could Skype my kids and it said, you know, you can make videos with this camera.  I was only goofing around. I was playing around, I went out in the backyard, and I  did a little astrology which was the first Pale report in 2010. I posted that first just goofing around, right. Just playing with some friends and everything. I wasn't even trying to be an astrologer, I wasn't trying to do business, I wasn't advertising, I wasn't building a practice, you know, I mean, I wasn't, I was goofing around. I was doing a work exchange at Yoga Oasis Impala, I don't know if you remember Yoga Oasis.

                             Then it just started escalating and snowballing and the viewership when up and then people's who invited me to come and no, they would like me to a teacher visit an things, and I said, if you get together 10 to 20 people in your living room, I'll come. I started traveling with my suitcase and because that was all I had pretty much anyway. I was living the lifestyle of a Yogi. I mean nothing. And I just went to Australia and India, and started doing workshops in people's living rooms and then, you know,

Amanda:               I'm always amazed at your and that your audience loves you so much. I mean, I love that story because it just shows that you went in and out of following your passion, but it was always there, and then you were just playing. You were just doing something that seemed fun, and that energy is behind everything that you do. How many planets do you have in Leo? At least five, right?

Kaypacha:             Six.

Amanda:               How perfect is that? It's just. I love that. I love that story. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Let's talk about psychology for self-empowerment, self-empowerment versus astrology for prediction. Why do you prefer one over the other? Can you tell us about that?

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Kaypacha believes in using Astrology for Empowerment


Kaypacha:            I think the prediction is full of bullshit – you only have a 50 slash 50 chance of having an accurate prediction, and it's just mere luck if you have more because what you're doing is reading the field as it exists at the moment that you are reading the field. So assuming you're making a huge assumption that people's beliefs and values and consciousness are going to remain in that same state in order for that particular future to manifest. So actually,  it's absolutely insane that people don't change. They don't have free will that everything is just going to remain the same. And it's just like, so Newtonian physics, it's so third dimensional. It's so linear,  it totally robs a human being of their soul conscious impact, their ability to, uh, to be free and to affect change in themselves and in the world.

                             I think it's the worst disservice that you can possibly do to anybody is to sow some seed of, of some event in their future life. That could either be, you know, they're gonna die, like doctors tell people that are going to die, or you're going to meet somebody.

                              I see the astrology chart as a blueprint of your soul, and your soul is unconscious. So when you look with your ego consciousness, which I say is the tip of the iceberg, that little 10 percent into the 90 percent of your soul, you come into alignment with a more expansive, I call spiritual essence of yourself and you evolve your capacities, your talents, your identity, your, your awareness, everything.  And that to me is what life is about on this planet. That is a, like I said, in reincarnation, we come back and back and back.

                             Jeffrey Green, my teacher, talks about the evolutionary stages. We have hundreds of lifetimes, okay? And they are dimly evolved, okay? And then we come into the consensus, then individuated, and finally, the spiritual and we graduate from the school of human evolution, and we don't have to come back to earth again. We become Christ-like Buddha like we reach a level of consciousness. So I feel like this planet is a, is a school and we are all in the process of evolving and expanding our, you know, our awareness.  The idea of predetermination of predicting of a fatalistic. This is why the Vedic school -I'm just not in it. I'm not there. It's saying that the universe is a static entity and, and the planets are like billiard balls, you know, running around. I mean, there's no spirit, you know, in it. Does that answer your question?

Amanda:               It does, yeah. Definitely. Opportunity for co-creation. I mean, my question is what do you think about collective predictions for the collective based on the energies. For example financial astrologers. We'll look at the trends in the market and things like that. Do you think that's all bunk to or do you think there's some merit?

Kaypacha:            You know, I think it is extremely valuable. And this is me. The picture that I always give is that we're surfing. Yeah. It's nice to see when a wave is coming. Yes. And all evolution occurs in cycles and just like the farmer knows that it's a good time to plant seeds in the spring because the days are getting longer. Okay. You know, and we know that it's best to wake up at sunrise because it's light outside. It's extremely intelligent to sense and understand and correlate our daily activities according to the cycles. Astrology is the study of cycles, cycles, cycles upon cycles upon cycles. So the rise of Jupiter and the rise of Saturn and when they're falling, and you know to let go. I mean, it's like super great for getting a sense of when to paddle, when to stand up, you know, when to jump off, you know, it's great.

                              I do talk to my clients about, okay, this is a very great time for expanding in this realm and keep all the options open, and this is a time where you are going to need to make decisions involving your relationship. I do character ratings. I've done thousands of chart ratings and of course I use it to empower people to get a sense, you know, that they know that they're not only their soul is evolving but like how it's evolving. I also talk about their past lives, where they're coming from and what their soul intention is for this entire lifetime. And when you just,

                              It's so helpful for people to know that this is the past. And this is the future, and if I want to go backward, I'm going to keep on doing that, and if I want to go forward, I'm going to go more towards that. To me, that's the highest use astrology.

Amanda:               You're saying that you're not in favor of its fatalistic predictions about like specific events, but utilizing what we know about energetic cycles and spirals of time. Use the waves know the surf report to know when it's a good day to go out surfing versus a day it's not good. There are no waves, or they're too big or too small or whatever. That's how you use astrology.

Kaypacha:            Sure. I help people plan their wedding date, you know, and court dates, you know. I mean you can use horary astrology. I've used horary astrology to answer – you draw up a charter for the moment. They ask the question.  I mean there are lots of different applications, of course, astrocartography. I'll use that to help people determine a geographical location, you know, where they will thrive the most. I wouldn't say that is predictive, but it's utilizing, you know, the science is so beautiful because astrology is an art science. There's an art to it, and then there's a science to The other thing that I love and why I would rather teach people to be their own astrologers, do readings for them is, that I see it as one of the highest uses to validate your intuitive experience from an external source. Because, rather than look at the chart to see what's coming, I like to look at the chart to see what was going on when I was thinking that, what was going on when I'm married. So what was going on when I believe, you know, that gives deep understanding. And then also in the, in the very moment when I'm just like, you know, like when I'm really feeling a strong intuitive or I had this dream, or I've got this, you know, a gut feeling about something to just like look at the chart right then and there and it's just this, it validates, you know, and I've had my intuition validated like so many times with where moon, Venus, Mars and everything is and what the transits are.

                              That is just like, it's super validating to trust it then at some point without even having to consult because it's right.

Amanda:               What do you think is the evolutionary intention behind the world events that we're witnessing right now?

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What Astrology tells us about Global Expansion


Kaypacha:            Well, we have the end of the Patriarchy, and we have the reemergence of the feminine. And to me, this is just an expansion of our human species are becoming more conscious of the play, the play of the in and the young of what it is to be a man, what it is to be a woman. What is the nature of the masculine? What is the nature of the feminine? And basically you put these two together, what is the nature of the creative force and how can we become more conscious co-creators. There's a process of creation that I don't know that it's been specifically mapped out.

                             I think of Shakespeare in a Shakespeare play, you know, there's the intuition, then there's this big fill with the imagination and then it's written, and then you get the lights, and you get the actors, and you set the stage, and you build the stage and you advertise it and promote. It's an incarnation process. It's like the creative process is an incarnation process. And to me, it's US becoming. It's like this opening of the third eye, the age of Aquarius I associate with the third eye. It's becoming far more,  conscious of our co-creative abilities, which I directly go inside with groups, associations and the collective consciousness of how the universe is set up, you know, the Matrix of life, the interconnectedness and interrelatedness of all life becoming more and more conscious of the power of our thoughts of our emotions. I can emerge out of the third dimension, Newtonian physics cause, and effect gravity.

                             Good, bad, right, wrong plus-minus, yes and no into what would the third, the fourth, and the fifth dimension is the paradox. This is a time for us to begin to aim and swim in the waters of dual co-existing. Okay? Supposedly canceling. It's like there is evil and there's not evil.  You need boundaries, and there is no such thing as boundaries.  It's like there are so many opposites that should cancel each other out and don't.

                             This is the tolerance for chaos.

                             It's actually a law of physics. We need to open and expand so that we may begin to see other dimensional realities and create-expand our creative capacity as a species.

Amanda:              And that's you as the fifth dimension?

Kaypacha:           Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Amanda:              How do you use astrology, or how would you guide someone who wants to use astrology, to deepen their spiritual practice?

Kaypacha:            I mean, I tell people that come to my workshops that I lure people into my workshops using astrology so I can teach them Kundalini Yoga. Whether it's Pranayama, chanting, doing credos and movement, they actually do yoga, yoga intends to prepare the body to meditate.  I know that the West has turned them into exercise classes, but any class where you don't meditate after you do the yoga is missing the boat. It's just a silly but stilling the mind of the ego. The mind is a tool of the ego. Our left brain, linear, logical thinking exists in opposites, a plus and minus, you know, ones and zero's, square waves like it.

                             Our brain is like a transistor making a million yes and no decisions a second. We're locked in, our ego is locked in, Mercury is locked into this dimension, and therefore it has a limited perspective on our identity, on our essence, on our potential. And definitely the soul. Both yoga and astrology are these means of connecting our ego with our soul, which is outside and beyond. Yoga stills the mind to listen. Listening is ruled by Venus. Yes, the ears. Venus listening. Astrology to me is also listening. It is in a receptive state to receive knowledge, understanding wisdom, beauty, wonder gratitude by the symphonic music of the spheres. I mean the majesty, and the glory, the mystery, and the intelligence behind the movements of the planets and the stars are so mind-boggling that it can do nothing but instill a sense of gratitude. That to me is of the highest vibration. Yoga is trying to yoga, you are raising your vibration. You're,  increasing your magnetic fields, particularly of the heart. Astrology it's almost like they do the same thing in different ways.

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Astrology and Yoga raise the vibration, and increase the magnetic field.


Amanda:              Alright, beautiful questions from the audience– what are the indicators for the soul's purpose? The Nodes of the Moon?

Kaypacha:            I mean, whenever I do a chart reading – I started out by simply saying, ‘the chart is a blueprint of your soul and therefore isn't a cashier record of your soul.' And I started with your past and go with the future, and I read you like a book. The Akashic Record is a book, and you have a theme, a plot and a character. The theme is Pluto, the sign and aspect Pluto has is the souls experience in the past lives. Okay? I mean, if it's, you know, Virgo, you know, it's healing.

                             Libra relationships – Scorpio, intimacies.

                             Sagittarius, natural law, truth, wisdom, whatever. And then, of course, by house and aspects. So that's the theme.

                              On that scene is the South Node of the Moon by house sign and aspect. And then, of course, the ruler of the design of the house. The South Node will also give you further information about past life capacities, talents, abilities, experience that the soul has had coming into this life. I treat the Moon as the character. We all have a Ph.D. in our Moon sign, been there and done that, comfortable, safe and secure. Whether it was safe or secure or not. I mean it could be opposite Mars Square Pluto, but it is what we identify as nurturing-supporting? So we run to our Moon whenever we are threatened or afraid. This is where we begin with Pluto, the South Node of the Moon and the evolutionary intention. The evolutionary path is always laid out by the Pluto polarity point. I've worked so much with polarities. I swear that there is a black hole in the center of the chart-when you find the exact balance between Scorpio and Taurus, Libra and Aries, Leo and Aquarius, you get sucked up into the twelfth dimension.

                              If you were born in Scorpio as you move towards Taurus by, you know, by House – this is the natural evolutionary path towards balancing. The other thing that you do when you reach that polarity is that it also enacts a trinity.  The trinity law three – that place of the observer or the witness. You get to the Pluto polarity point through the North Node of the Moon. So it has to do with your future job, your future intention, the plot wants to go in that direction to really comprehend or fully incarnate the evolutionary intention of the Pluto point. I say you have a Ph.D. in your Moon, but you are in the school of your rising sign – that your rising sign is instinctive unconscious.

                             The more that you bring your conscious, directed awareness – it's going to really empower you. I think what is critical in the teaching of astrology is to give people an entry point and an exit point so that you're not looking at this thing going, oh my God, it's nice to have a look into the chart.

Amanda:               Definitely. Okay. That was really helpful. All that information you shared.  I was writing down all of my points, and I'm sure everybody was doing the same. So thank you so much. Kaypacha you're going to be our featured Inner Circle guide starting with the New Moon next week. The mastery class training that you're going to be giving us is around remaining centered amidst chaotic change. Can you give us a little sneak preview into that talk?


Kaypacha:            Well, yeah, I met, I will be doing some of Yama. Some Kundalini Yoga, and mantras. I'm bringing a mantra every week, you know, with the Paleo report anyway. These are extremely chaotic times. A Mars conjunct the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius, you know, in square to both Jupiter and Uranus – essentially all through the summer is reflective of a tremendous a leap. Uranus and Aquarius both have to do with this a cycle of time in the evolutionary cycle of all things. Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac.  It's going all the way around from the first of Aries comes out of Pisces, the infinite potential into areas all the way around to Aquarius.

                             That is a time of having gone through the whole cycle. No matter what it is, a lifespan of business, of marriage, or relationship anything goes through these evolutionary cycles. And at that particular point, it is time to step out, to liberate yourself from whatever that cycle was about and step back from your reputation or your job or the, you know, the conventional normal- what other people have to say. You reach a culmination at zero degrees. Capricorn – that's the height of the cycle. And from zero Capricorn down to zero Aries decondition – step out, step back, step away. Look at the bigger, wider, broader picture. Aquarius has to do with the future. It has to do with scientific investigation and experimentation. It has to do with this opening into the observer and the witness of getting in that helicopter and taking off and stepping out.

                              It is a time that is highly unstable. Uranus comes around with sudden unexpected events and people that shake you, that rattle you and inspire you and then maybe kick your butt or electrify you. These events are the process of individuation. Stepping into my unique differentiated the different from the group, different from my past. That's a huge time of change. The South Node of the Moon, of course, has to do with our planets, life patterns, like I said before. Mars is the sword that cuts. We are cutting cords from the past. If you are a hot air balloon, just think of the guy going around with a sword. Going chop, chop, it is time for the balloon to take off. This is very exciting. It's very unstable and for some people is extremely scary.

                              We have all of these emotions going on now where we don't know who to trust. What's your trust? What's gonna last? What is the future and what is of the past? What we need to let go of versus well we need to grab onto. I also liked the analogy of the trapeze artist, it is like you've got to let go of the trapeze and this summer we are  in mid-air hoping to grab the next trapeze hoping that it comes and we're in this moment and in this moment is extreme freedom. This is the scariest time, and it is the time of the greatest potential for change within the whole. Really, you know, if you think about it within the whole cycle, this is this time where we can really make conscious choices and decisions that either unbound us, like we unveiled, atheist unbound, I identify from atheist as Uranus, you know, or we freak and we go, Oh shit, I'm going back yet.

                              I want to turn around and grab that same trip.  I mean, it's like, astrology just understanding where these planets are in your chart. We can go through the houses, we can go through the planets that Uranus and Mars are aspect, where the Moon's Nodes are in your chart. These are all, what I consider it extremely valuable.  Aquarius also rules insanity and madness. This is a time where many people can become mentally unstable.  The chemical imbalances of the brain are getting altered and modified just like the synapses of the brain.

                              I've done whole workshops on medical astrology. I tie in the different aspects and elements of the body to specific Kundalini Yoga. Prius and exercises, you know, crow close. Root Chakra, Heart Chakra. I've actually done workshops of creating specific yoga trios from your chart.

                              Each of the participants looks at the birth chart, and you give them a whole regiment that's a perfect strengthening, supportive, physical, mental, emotional routine. An exercise that they can possibly do.

                             I would like to just bring as much of that as I possibly can, you know, through my time with Astrology Hub

Amanda:               That is so exciting. I can't wait. That's going to be starting next week. June 12th. Kaypacha will be our lunar cycle guide for the Inner Circle for the entire month. We will be with him on the New Moon and the Full Moon. When you join the membership program, you'll also be able to engage with Kaypacha and all the other Inner Circle members in our private online forum. If you're interested in joining us, enrollment is now open through next Friday. You can check it out with the link in the chat.

                             Can I ask you a question about a lot of things you just said? You talked letting go of the past, you know, our South Nodes like letting go of old things so that we can bring in new completely different experiences. Will it be clear to us this summer? Which things that we need to let go of versus which things like where we're stuck in a pattern because maybe we have a pattern of running away from things or we have a pattern of cutting people out of our lives? Maybe we're being asked to stay, or maybe we're being asked to see things differently or approach them differently than we ever did.  Will those kinds of questions be clearer to us this summer than they have been?


shutterstock 272832980

These times require us to be still and listen

Kaypacha:            There's not a one size fits all. I mean, I will say my experiences are that unconscious, soul or spirit, you know, kind of whispers in our ear, tap us on the shoulder, then gives us a little bit of a push and then a taste of a two by four and smacks us over the head. It just depends. Like I said before both yoga and astrology are tools for listening to the spirit, for validating what we receive inwardly, intuitively. It shows us the cycles shows what is repeating the past and what is moving into the unknown, unfamiliar future. So whether a person, first of all, do they sign up for astrology? There's a whole bunch of people that, you know, it's like, I don't even want to listen because we also just laying, when you look at Chiron when you look at the wounded healer, when you look at your soul purpose and your soul intention, there are these various different states.

                              I even talked about them in our Webinar the other day. I have a choice between avoiding, denying, trying to escape. It's like numbing out substance abuse, you know, addictions, work, sex, music, pot, whatever. I mean all kinds of ways of trying to avoid it and block it out. If that's the case,  this summer can go by, and you can get smacked and whacked.  Some people are so stubborn and so resistant to change that they will block out. It's like, you know, you can really see what you want to see and not see what you don't want to see. I mean that people in partnerships and relationships that just go, oh no, he didn't say that. No, I didn't see him do that. No, that never happened. I mean, we can be in such freaking denial that it takes a volcano. It takes an earthquake, it takes a tsunami, you know, it takes your house burning down or your spouse dying to like fricking wake you up. That oh my God, I need to change. And then they'll be other people who will avoid, fight, and resist overcompensation. It's like, no, you're not taking that away from me, you know? No, I'm not changing. This is a test, and this is what the patriarchy is all about. The whole patriarchy has been. The more you can resist change, the stronger your house, the stronger your building, the stronger your business so that you don't have to change. That's a sign of strength, power control, and you know, like that, that was a sought after, you know, quality, right? How much you can resist change. There can still be a lot of patriarchs, okay, that this is a test, this is a test of how strong I am. They get the signal, you know, but they read the signal as, Oh, you know, I need to, I need to strengthen my bank account. I, I need to, uh, you know, invest in something and Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah.

                             You know, I need to put up more forces against the change. But you see what I'm really feeling now, and this is the feminine. This is the feminine change, okay? And being a sign of wisdom, not weakness is that I change and I listened and, and with my intuition and my feelings, and you know,  it's a strength to be able to change and to flow and to mutate, to adapt. To take the greatest advantage of any particular moment is to be flexible and that's resistance. They're going to sign up, and they're going to be watching their charts. Depending upon your evolutionary stage -there's really three-quarters of the population is in the consensus. There's only 25 percent that is going to be open and awake enough to maybe see, you know, the wave coming, and then, of course, they're each going to approach it differently according to their soul plan, according to their evolutionary stage and according to their fear.


Amanda:               Thank you so much for sharing with us today at. One of the things that I've heard you guys consistently say, both from Kaypacha and then also from the other three astrologers that we had on the forecast event on Tuesday, is this summer is a really important time for all of us to get to get still and listen. However, you do that. For some of you that might be meditation. For some of you that might be moving your body, going out in nature, whatever it is, but it has been really, really consistent. So I think my guess is all of you out there, part of the 25 percent that is willing,  not just willing, but here to grow and to change and to evolve. It sounds like that's one of the biggest keys of wisdom that we've gotten from all four astrologers that were on that panel.

                              That forecast is still available for free for you to tune into through Sunday at midnight Pacific. The link to a watch that is in the chat so you can check that out and you'll get to listen to Kaypacha again. Plus the other three astrologers that we had on that event. Those four astrologers will be the next lunar cycle guides. They will be the ones in the Inner Circle that will guide you through all these different energies all summer long.

                              Again, enrollment for the inner circle is open through next Friday. Check it out. Is there something that you wanted to add?

Kaypacha:             And there are also going to be shocking events, news releases, natural phenomena, economic, governmental, military, you know, headlines. Okay. That is going to distract and upset, and you know, so it's not like, oh yeah, just sit under a tree. It's going to be like in order to still myself, I am going to need some practice and some way of really getting, there. It's not going to be easy. I find that it's best to practice when it is easy so that when it is chaotic and challenging you, you go, oh yeah, that's what I do. That's what I do to get centered. That's what I do to get quiet. That's what I do to listen to my intuition. So we can all be practicing now, I don't know what's going on in your life, but if things feel relatively common to start practicing – there's this one study that shows that athletes, like sprinters, when they get tired or when they're stressed in an Olympic race, they fall back on their habit, they fall back on the way that they run in practice. So if we practice for chaos, if we practice for the unknown, if we practice for discomfort, then we'll be able to fall back on good habits.

Amanda:               But if we don't, then it's really, really hard when those times happen, it's like you don't have anything to fall back on. Hopefully, that's helpful for all of you. For all of us in the Inner Circle, we'll be doing that together. I always find that it's great to have a community to do that with. It's a helps to fortify our strength when we can do things together. Kaypacha you're amazing. Thank you so much. It's so fun to listen to you. There's always this expansion that happens. I really appreciate all of your wisdom and experience, and it was really fun to hear your story to hear about your path. If people want to learn more or get reading from you, several people have asked if you still give readings, do you still get readings?

Kaypacha:            You just go to my website, New Paradigm, and click on readings.

Amanda:               Alright, fantastic. Very good. And if you want to hang out with a lunar cycle along the Inner Circles is available to you now. All right. Thanks, everybody for tuning in and thank you very much for making astrology a part of your life. We'll see you next time.