We’re ringing in 2018 with emotions running high, and not just because of the date on the calendar. The bigger reason? The Moon is Full in her watery home sign of Cancer.

I’ve summed up the energies in my own Full Moon forecast:

“We’re christening the New Year with an emotional salt bath – nostalgic, sentimental, tender, sensitive, loving, nurturing, soothing and maybe a tad infantilizing.”

Let’s see how astrologers around the Web are weighing in on this inaugural event.

Moon of the Year

The largest Full Moon of 2018 — what astrologers call a Supermoon — this Cancer lunation packs an intensity like no other.

Occurring near its closest approach to the Earth, this Full Moon will appear nearly 30 percent brighter than usual. Plus, in the Northern Hemisphere, this Moon soars higher in the sky than any other (the lowest near the horizon in the Southern hemisphere.)

In short: You’re sure to feel the lunar intensity under this Moon.

A Supermoon always falls opposite the lunar apogee – what astrologers also call Black Moon Lilith.

Formidable feminine power is certainly present as both Venus and the Sun conjunct the Black Moon. Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology, explores their impact:

“Black Moon Lilith and Venus are close to the Sun, so the energy of the dangerous woman, moving to unite with more traditional expressions of womanhood (Venus in Capricorn) will be part of this Moon. We have the mother (Moon) opposing the witch/outsider (Lilith) and the lady who attracts (Venus).

“While the Moon nurtures and makes you feel safe, BML rages at being an outcast and makes everyone uncomfortable. BML is a woman's raw, sexual energy. When she combines with Venus in Capricorn, we get the sense of a formidable woman on one side, opposing themes such as family and children.”

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Water, Water Everywhere

The Water element’s in the spotlight during this year’s Cancer Full Moon, heightening her intrinsically emotional nature. She’s in a free-flowing dance with planets in the other two water signs — action-hero Mars and optimistic Jupiter in Scorpio and illusory Neptune in Pisces.

Inner Doorways Nicole Obyrne foresees emboldened, deeper connecting and magic.

“Mars, the planet of fire and masculine energy, will connect us to our brave hearts and sexuality. It takes great courage to be so deeply vulnerable and to show the pain of our past to loved ones, yet this is what will connect us even deeper towards the night’s end.

“Meanwhile, Neptune, the planet of our imagination and healing powers, will whisper her gentle prayers as we find a place in ourselves where we forgive our past, forgive the pain and accept more love in our relationships.

“With Mars urging us for some sexual healing and Neptune soothing our mind with better dreams to come, it will end up being a night of deep magic.”

My forecast teases other possibilities out of the round robin flow of water:

“Everyone’s got ESP and telepathy, even the closed-minded nonbelievers. We’re soaking in secrets and mysteries, powerful, possessive desires, compassion and love, magic and illusion, and boundless interconnectedness.

“If your sensitivity goes off the charts now, you’re likely sponging up emotions from someone else  – your family, your bloodline, a friend, people you can’t identify or don’t even know. We’re phenomenally susceptible to manipulation, so approach advertising, social media noise and the news with care. And a box of tissues.” 

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Jamie Partridge, Astrology King, sees positive relationship developments in the grand trine.

“Full Moon trine Mars gives the courage and initiative to make the first move and take the lead. You will intuitively know what you want and how to get it, especially in relationships. This is the right time to ask someone out on a date and to act on your instincts. Increased charisma and sex appeal will make you more popular in social situations.

“Full Moon trine Neptune adds compassion, empathy and forgiveness. You can find love by getting in tune with your emotions and imagination. You may dream up your ideal partner but are just as likely to meet someone special now. New relationships may have a spiritual and soul mate feel to them.”

Emotions flow easily now, with Mars adding to the movement that’s inherent in a grand trine. Jamie Partridge, Astrology King, continues:

“Mars trine Neptune stimulates your sensuality and creativity. You will enjoy a strong magnetic attractiveness and sultry charm which is again ideal for passionate romances and dating. Sexual encounters would be strongly compassionate, tender and spiritual. You will have spiritual protection if fighting on behalf of innocent victims.

“Mars conjunct Jupiter is ideal for starting anything that requires energy, initiative and courage. Trust your instinct for how and when to start something. You will have the self-confidence to succeed. This cosmic Viagra is excellent for new relationships because of increased charisma and sex appeal.

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Marina Macario, Darkstar Astrology, directs focus to the selfless potential of Neptune.

“Moon trine Neptune can become extremely devoted to its lover, but needs to be careful that its longing to merge with others leaves no sense of self whatsoever. At this Full Moon we do best channeling this great devotion into an all-consuming passion, i.e. an artistic project, spiritual practice or best of all, working to transform the lives of the sick and needy. Moon trine Neptune takes the fantasy element of Neptune and tries to build a Utopia. There is a budding savior quality about it; it’s in tune with the common people’s hope and dreams. The nurturing side of the Moon can take on a transpersonal role in mothering the world.”

Exit: This Way

We’re not entirely at the mercy of all that water, though. It is grounded by an opposition to the Moon from Venus and the Sun earthy Capricorn. This configuration, with an opposition to one of the points of a grand trine, is called a kite. The earth planets offer some protection against a riptide of feelings.

Says Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology:

“This Grand Trine is a wallop of emotions — Mars will activate things, heating up whatever's been brewing. Neptune may take some of the edge off, so it will be less angry and more urgently compassionate, passionate or sentimental. By itself, this Grand Water Trine would present a closed circle of emotion with no outlet, but the Kite provides a focal point and outlet in the form of the Capricorn Sun — rules, authority or structured focus will have the final say.”

Venus’ opposition to the Moon puts the brake on the emotional flow. I explain:

“While the Moon wants immersion, Venus and the Sun say, ‘Not so fast.’

“The stand-off raises questions (and awareness) of reliability, durability and long-term value. You may yearn for days and people long gone. Desires may feel out of reach, obstructed or delayed. They may also feel worth a wait. Whatever your heart may be craving, settling is not an option. (Although sulking might be.)”

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The opposition stirs longings that may or may not find fulfillment.  

“Full Moon opposite Venus increases your need for love and affection regardless of the consequences. Close emotional contact could be so important that you would lower your standards to not feel alone. Different expectations or needs between two people may cause problems. This will expose any simmering relationships tensions which can then be worked through.

“This same dynamic will apply to personal disagreements and major conflicts. The Full Moon will shine a light on the differences between rivals.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King

Neediness is also possible.

“We will have this sudden urge to find love and to clench on to it for fear of it leaving us empty. We will feel like children searching for our caregivers, hoping to be saved and to be returned home.  If single, we may be looking through old phone numbers or wandering the streets to find love from strangers, then ending up with people that don’t know how to love. In our adult relationships this can cause friction or disappointment between loved ones because of unfilled expectations.”

Nicole Obyrne, Inner Doorways

Power of Love

Venus offers more than notes of caution. She brings some lovely opportunities, too, via her easy sextiles to Mars and Neptune.

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King, describes them:

“Venus sextile Mars is the perfect blend of sexuality and affection. … You can be confident and assertive without appearing threatening. This aspect is good for dating because of your suave and playful nature. You are likely to attract someone as sensual and sexy as you feel, based on intense mutual attraction and chemistry.

“Venus sextile Neptune arouses your sensual and caring side which is ideal for a passionate romance. You can enjoy increased sensitivity in sexual relations with your partner, and may discover imaginative ways to increase your erotic pleasure. This also helps dating as your increased magnetic allure could attract a genuine soul mate or spiritual partner.”

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Watering the Ground

Boundless Jupiter is making a sextile to Pluto, lord of regeneration, in Capricorn. The pair is traveling in this configuration for two-thirds of the year. The benefits of their teamwork are already on offer.

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King, foresees personal growth potential.

“Jupiter sextile Pluto brings success through positive change. You do not have to force change or have to react to unexpected change. This is a natural development in your life associated with increased power and influence, spiritual and personal growth, wealth creation and professional advancement. Powerful forces are working behind the scenes to lift you higher.”

Harness those emotions, my forecast suggests:

“You can also direct some of that water to the foundations and institutions of your existence. Some are heading that way, regardless, with expansive Jupiter in an opportunity aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. The pair also has the power to dispel monsters that have crawled up through the infrastructure cracks and repair work.”

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Other considerations

Beyond the visible planets and major aspects, astrologers have considered numerous other factors over the centuries to add more nuance and detail to their interpretations. Let’s explore a few of them.

Fixed Stars

The Moon is near two stars in the constellation of Gemini, sign of the twins. One is Alzirr, in the right foot of Pollux, which Marina Macario reminds us was the evil, immortal twin.

“This star can be vengeful and destructive given half a chance. Though it seems that some sweet music and a loving embrace can work wonders. Again it seems that this sensitive Full Moon just needs to be treated kindly, wrapped in cotton wool, and no sharp knives. Operations should be avoided at this time, this is usually the advice anyway at a Full Moon, but this one is extra gushy.”

The other is Alhena, in the left foot of the southern twin Pollux. It helps find solutions, as Jamie Partridge explains:

“Alhena gives the ability to negotiate a peaceful solution to disputes among people. It helps you get to the roots of the problem and work forward from there.

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Asteroids & Minor Planets

The Moon is conjunct asteroids that stir uncomfortable, potentially dangerous undercurrents.

“Lomia is a misspelling of Lamia, the beautiful queen of Libya and mistress of Zeus. His jealous wife Hera killed all her children and transformed her into a monster that hunted and devoured the children of others. Asteroid Lomia warns of the dangers of seduction, secret affairs, jealousy and revenge.

“Hybris comes from the ancient Greek hubris, the shaming and humiliation of a victim for the pleasure of the abuser. The term had a strong sexual connotation, and the shame reflected upon the perpetrator as well. Today hubris means overconfident pride, arrogance and lack of humility or ignorance followed by suffering or punishment.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King


Each astrological sign can be divided into three sections, known as decans (10 degree divisions of the Zodiac). This Moon is in Cancer decan 2, which is ruled by Mercury and Mars.

Marina Macario of Darkstar Astrology calls this decan Devoted Wolves and Hermit Crabs, marked by energies that are both pioneering and forceful, and emotional and nurturing:

“This is a very auspicious decan for the Moon and a great one for social gatherings and family get-togethers. There is a negative side though. We cannot take any harsh or ruthless behavior at this time, for we will feel extra-sensitive and will really need those cuddles! This is not the time to use the Spartan school of disciplining on those we are responsible for either in work or in a domestic situation.”

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Sabian Symbols

Over the years, astrologers have devised systems to assign meaning to each degree of the Zodiac. The most popular of the past century has been the Sabian Symbols, proposed by Marc Edmund Jones.

The Sabian Symbol for the 12th degree of Cancer is: “A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby Whose Aura Reveals Him to Be the Reincarnation of a Great Teacher.”

In his commentary on the Sabian Symbols, astrologer Dane Rudhyar gives the symbol's keynote as “The revelation of latent worth in an experience once it is seen in its deeper meaning.”

He writes: “Every man is potentially the avatar or manifestation of a Soul that has a definite and relatively unique function in the vast field of activity we call the Earth. To discover this occult potential of being, one requires a deeper or higher ‘vision,’ a holistic perception – which is usually, but not always justifiably, called clairvoyance….The true clairvoyant perceives the essential meaning (or ‘message’ and function) of the whole.”

chi n ph m 223833

Lunar Mansion

In addition to the familiar 12-sign solar Zodiac, the Moon has her own 28-sign lunar Zodiac. Each night, the Moon shines in a different “sign,” which the ancient Arab astrologers called the Lunar Mansions.

The Cancer Full Moon falls in Lunar Mansion 8, Al Nathrah; Donna Woodwell of Donna Philosophica nicknamed it “The Eagle.”

When the Moon falls in this Mansion, its mission is clear: achieve victory.

“Play to win. Focus your effort on worthy goals. Challenge yourself. Celebrate your victories. Travel,” Donna counsels. “But don’t run over others in your quest for glory. Don’t give in to peer pressure, or give up.”

Summing It Up

Emotions are a given under this Full Moon. Best to let them flow in and through you.

My advice: View them as a gift.

“Treat this Moon as emotional spa time. It’s a protracted moment for releasing a crazy year’s worth of bottled up emotions, then resting and regrouping.”

And bring them back to yourself. As Nicole Obyrne, Inner Doorways, reminds us:

“All the love we seek lives within us… Do not look for the cup to be filled by others but fill it with the depths of our own hearts.”

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Lunaria Datebook

Last Moon Phase: December New Moon in Sagittarius
Next Moon Phase: January New Moon in Capricorn

January Full Moon Times and Dates:

San Francisco: Sunday, Jan. 1, 6:24 p.m. PST
New York: Sunday, Jan. 1, 9:24 p.m. EST
São Paulo: Monday, Jan. 2, 12:24 a.m. BRST
London: Monday, Jan. 2, 2:24 a.m. BST
Istanbul: Monday, Jan. 2, 5:24 a.m. TRT
Mumbai: Monday, Jan. 2, 7:54 a.m. IST
Tokyo: Monday, Jan. 2, 11:24 a.m. JST
Sydney: Monday, Jan. 2, 1:24 p.m. AEST

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  1. aqua on December 30, 2017 at 11:52 pm

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    I do find myself longing for some old fashioned rigour to be brought back to Astrology.
    Its a huge and complex topic currently diluted and underserved online which undermines its credibility.

    • Donna Woodwell on January 9, 2018 at 6:29 pm

      Hi Aqua! Well, producing a chart, means choosing a location for the chart. Since our audience is global, choosing a chart for a specific place (or country) creates a challenge, as I’m sure you realize.

      I’m the Managing Editor for Astrology Hub, and I also happen to be a traditional astrologer. Personally, I use whole sign houses and traditional rulerships. I rarely use asteroids, and never minor aspects.

      But the purpose of these round ups is to be as open as possible to different types of astrology, so we do try and include a little bit of everything from around the web. Our hope is to be a jumping-off point for further study, hence why we provide additional links.

  2. Gemma on January 1, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    Love how in-depth this is! But I always believed hubris meant arrogance against the gods. Where did you find the description that involved cruelty? Interesting either way! Thanks for posting

  3. Jeanette Keteli on January 1, 2018 at 6:57 pm

    Brilliant! Very helpful!

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