If you allow it to work its magic on you, a potent Scorpio New Moon on Oct. 30/31 can pull you deep within.

Consider advice from astrologers around the web for how to navigate the murky currents.

Because resistance really is futile. You’re going to get wet.

Scorpio New Moon

Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology, sums up Scorpionic energies:

“The Scorpio New Moon gets things off to a quiet start. Scorpio has a rep for being dramatic, but this Fixed sign is quite deliberate. Nothing happens quickly, and everything is rooted in profound truths. …

“This is a Moon for those who want to know more, and aren’t afraid to look inside. It’s a Moon for those with the patience to allow the facts to develop. The energy is intensely receptive — if you sit quietly and listen, you could tune into something very interesting. This is not the Moon if you want to launch something that delivers quick or showy results.”

The key to embracing the energy, says Aeterna, Aeternalight Astrology, is self-intimacy. She explains:

Self-intimacy is “that raw, private place where we’re at our barest, forced to acknowledge our true motives and desires. It’s where our innermost memories dwell and keep on affecting us, where we can dance with both the light and darkness in our psyche. Self-intimacy is the meter through which a mindful interaction with the world at large can be measured, as well as the prerequisite for a successful, Soul-level intimacy with another human being. 

“Self-intimacy is a primal, archaic dimension of being, yet through the knowledge of this vast personal substrate, we can move beyond blind, pre-wired reactions and attain existential balance. Introspection and familiarity with our truth is essential in bringing us back to our own center, and thus, helping us establish a healthier relationships with others and with the environment.

“And yet, our alienation from this visceral realm – and, therefore, from the beauty of the depth of conscious relationships – is an unquestionable hallmark of our postmodern era. Most of us are disconnected from our sense of intimacy with the Self, and instead engage in suppressing emotions, memories, trauma and unwanted feelings, pushing them out of conscious awareness.”

“Self-intimacy is the realm of Scorpio.”

Clearing the Debris

Scorpio’s ruler Mars, who spent much of the early part of the year retrograde, is eager to shed the past. Kathy Biehl, Empowerment Unlimited, says:

“Mars is still ringing with the effects of his clash two days ago with Uranus, cosmic agent of radical, unpredictable change. This has liberated us in some pertinent way, perhaps from a pattern or way of viewing life, perhaps from an agreement or circumstance. We are now able to move more nimbly.

“That movement promises to be both inward and forward. You may find yourself in another round (or three) of clearing gunk out of your head and your psyche, of confronting more of your own personal demons and fears and defanging them. If not banishing them. 

“Every bit of load-lightening and baggage removal frees up energy for pursuing that down to business vibe — via sustained, deepened, streamlined, thorough action, step by tiny step, on long-term goals, structures and ways of being that have been undergoing fundamental revamping for years.” 

Embrace the Dreamtime

The Scorpio New Moon forms a pair of close alignments — a conjunction to the cosmic messenger Mercury, and a harmonious trine with fantasy-prone Neptune.

“Dreams have always been associated with the Moon because she rules sleep, intuition and the subconscious mind. In modern astrology, dreams are ruled by Neptune because its discovery coincided with that of anesthetics and hypnotism. Some astrologers like myself also look to Mercury for dreaming because he is the messenger of the gods. With our new moon conjunct Mercury trine Neptune we have all three rulers of dreaming harmoniously linked.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King

Astrologers have explored both aspects in more detail.

Potent Perceptions

New Moons bring us the chance to start anew. When Mercury occurs with the New Moon, our conscious awareness is drawn toward the depths of imagination from which new ideas spring.  And since Scorpio’s a water sign, we’re specifically challenged to examine how our emotions shape our perceptions.

Says Kathy Biehl:

“Fears and phobias are walking among us, in firmer, perhaps more threatening form than usual, perhaps more distorted. Desires and raw sexuality are also on the prowl, with a primal, compulsive force that defies closed doors. (Inspirational image: Spock succumbing to feral passion when he returns to his home planet for spawning season.)

“When you feel any of these rising up within you — or see them surfacing in another’s behavior — remember this:  Being out in the open makes them easier to spot and easier to recognize for what they are. 

“This Moon delivers the tools to do just that. With Mercury close by the New Moon, powers of perception are at our disposal bordering on X-ray vision. Information and messages pass wordlessly, with an unshakeable knowing. Even people who claim to be not the least bit psychic are likely to experience bouts of telepathy.”

The Thin Cosmic Veil

Falling on Halloween (or at least the night before), this year’s Scorpio New Moon has an even more poignant significance. Explains Clarissa of Viva Combusta!

This “New Moon precedes Halloween, Day Of The Dead, and All Souls Day/All Saints Day. It is a great New Moon to set traditions of honoring ancestors or spirits.

“In Roman mythology, Mercury was known as a psychopomp, or an entity that was responsible for escorting the recently departed souls to the afterlife. Mercury in Scorpio conjunct the New Moon and trine Neptune in Pisces does show mediumship ability around the New Moon, though not in the silly “I see dead people” way most people think of when they hear the word medium.

“It’s nothing more than acting as a conduit for something to pass through, and more often than not it is incredibly subtle. A synchronicity here, a signal there. Dreams, too, are sometimes a conduit of powerful information and this New Moon has dreaming written all over it. You might want to keep something handy to record the dreams you have just before and after Sunday.”

Adds Kathy Biehl:

“The veil is thin, not just between life and death, but also between conscious and subconscious. Each side is effortlessly tapping into the other just now, and often sliding right across the border. Neptune the illusionist is greasing the way with a direct feed to the New Moon that enhances the season’s otherworldly atmosphere. 

“He is blurring edges, detail and reason, unhinging us from boring old everyday existence, and shrouding everything in a fantastical glow. With this tight Scorpio/Pisces combo, energetic connections have the power to transcend time/space. You may dream of the dead and wake up feeling like you had a conversation, and likely you did. Life may, at times, feel like an ongoing costume party, at other times like your personal sci-fi movie.”

Other Considerations

Of course, there are always a few other actors in the star story that help move the plot along. But this time, they are singing a supportive chorus.

Fixed Stars

Astrology King Jamie Patridge shares the view from the starry firmament.

“Fixed star Khambalia is only half a degree from the New Moon. Its names comes from ‘Crooked Claw,’ and symbolizes ancient knowledge that you can only access through altered states of consciousness like dreaming. An excellent star for deep research and … and esoteric or occult fields like astrology.

“Fixed star Acrux sits just within range of Mercury. … Elsbeth Ebertin said the Acrux gives: intuition, a grasp of the inner nature of things, a preference for occult studies … and a deeply religious nature connected with mystical and theosophical interests.

“The mystical nature of these fixed stars [is] enhanced by the trine to Neptune. And Neptune with fixed star Skat also causes idealism and psychic ability. Meaning “The Wish,” this star gives good fortune, lasting happiness and safety in a deluge.

And so all three — “the New Moon, Mercury and Neptune — each line up with a fixed star that is esoteric or mystical in nature and generally beneficial. … Access to your higher mind will lead to spiritual enlightenment and hope about the future.  … [Y]ou could make a new start in a spiritual direction in any area of life, from following your true calling to meeting your soul mate.”

Sabian Symbols

Astrologers have also assigned meanings for each degree of the Zodiac; one of the most popular systems of the last century have been the Sabian Symbols.

The Sabian Symbol for this Scorpio New Moon is “A calm lake bathed in moonlight.”

Astrology Dane Rudhyar interprets this to mean “a quiet openness to higher consciousness.”

Lunar Mansion

And finally, let’s not forget the lunar zodiac signs, which in the West are known as Lunar Mansions.

The Scorpio New Moon falls in Lunar Mansion 17, “Iklil al Jabhah,” which offers protection from loss, deception and theft. I called it “The Monkey” for short.

Summing it Up

Rarely are there moments as profound as this Scorpio New Moon for diving within. If you’ve been waiting to start journaling, meditation or other spiritual practice, now is the time. Make a date with yourself to turn within.

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