The season’s first lunation, the tender Cancer New Moon, arrives in the world on June 23/24. But this newborn’s first cry will make us all take notice.

Astrologers around the web share their thoughts on what you can expect (while we’re expecting.)

“This year’s Cancer New Moon is awakening the toddler within — and activating his vocal cords, muscle and most basic, unfiltered impulses.”

Kathy Biehl, Empowerment Unlimited

“The [Cancer New Moon] is akin to a miraculous conception, one that is, specifically, sparked by the creative power of words, thoughts and intent.”

Christina, Zodiac Poetry

“This new beginning suggests a conversation or realization that helps you make sense of a subjective issue. Home, family, childhood and primary needs will be involved. Family discussions are the first thing that come to mind, but this Moon can introduce any issue that involves empathetic communication/thoughts. All subjects will be tinted with sentimental or poignant colors. You need something, they need something, you remember how it used to be. And so on.”

Nadia Gilchrest, Ruby Slipper Astrology

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Cancer New Moon

To astrologers, Cancer is a cardinal, water sign. Cardinal, meaning direct, primal, and initiatory; watery being instinctive, emotive, and motivated by subconscious impulses.

“Cancer is the matrix, the Source, the cradle of Life. It represents the womb of all creation, the welcoming amniotic waters in which the harmless fetus floats. Such atavistic reproductive impulse is linked with the Cardinal nature of this watery, yet proactive archetype: Cancer nurtures the seeds of new life, gestates them, and releases their fruits into the world. There is a delicate, yet tenacious sense of forward momentum to Cancer’s tumultuous labor.”

Christina, Zodiac Poetry

Cancer is also ruled by the Moon, the luminary that presides over the night and the seas.

“Cancer is the Moon’s home, and the first and rawest of the water signs. Emotions rule this roost, which encompasses everything that makes us feel safe and secure (and the absence of which threatens us beyond reason) — Mommy, the comforts of home, food and tradition, family and tribal associations.

“Our awareness and experience of them all are up for the annual reboot.

“But this year’s model is unlikely to be quiet, gentle or still. It comes quick on the heels of the solstice, when the Sun enters Cancer, on June 21 this year.  The chart for that day sets a show-me undertone for the summer, with Venus and the Moon both in earthy, sensory-focused Taurus. Wants are not theories or wishes, but desires that require physical fulfillment (and multiple helpings, to boot).

“Those desires underlie the subconscious, childlike impulses stirring at the Cancer New Moon. It carries a profound potential for sweetness and tenderness, with giving and receiving nurturing serving as the currency of love. There are other potentials as well, of course. Oversensitivity and poutiness, for one instance. Defensiveness, protectionism and combativeness, for another.  Aggression and attacks, for yet another.”

Kathy Biehl, Empowerment Unlimited

Winged Words

Mercury also joins the Cancer New Moon, the only planet closely aligning with this lunation. As the gods’ messenger, Mercury inspires all communication, negotiations – even the thoughts moving through our minds. The Moon governs our mind-space, and the Sun, the light of our conscious awareness. Together, the three offer a powerful opportunity to give shape – to Name – our deepest needs.

Moon conjunct Mercury is a cheeky one and can play tricks as this is a shape-shifting combo. At best, the combination of logic and intuition gives great common sense. At this New Moon rapid mood swings and whimsical thought processes will prevail. It is both the juggler and magician. Thoughts are things and those touched by this New Moon could conjure themselves up a beautiful domestic arrangement if they can focus on their dreams for long enough. This Mercurial-flavored New Moon gives a great sense of humor, charm and instinctive timing.”

Marina Macario, Darkstar Astrology

“This Cancer New Moon asks us to transcend the programming we have endured, the shame we internalized, and listen to the voice of our inner child. It’s a cathartic new beginning that’s rooted in the most tender, vulnerable substratum of our psyche, feeding on our unanswered pleas with the purpose to answer them.

“This is, actually, not even a metaphor: the New Moon sits with Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, who acts as a sounding board to our primal needs. Mercury prompts us to formulate the requirements and desiderata that can soothe our thirst for meaning, safety, intimacy, connection, validation, while helping us to integrate the soulful facets of human experience, and guiding us towards a deeper, more consistent satisfaction. Mercury, the Psychopomp, the harbinger, underlines the importance of dialogue and self-expression, inviting us to connect, to relate, to be vocal about our subjectivity.

“Mercury helps us putting the unspeakable into words, to foster empathic conversations that help us making sense of our issues, to communicate our emotions effectively. Heart is blended with mind, and words exude sentiment and pathos.”

Christina, Zodiac Poetry

“What’s introduced on the New Moon will quickly advance, propelled by instinctive responses. Mercury’s logic may be swamped, so keep an eye on the facts. Then again, if you’ve been wanting to discuss/write about an issue that requires an emotional impact, this is your Moon. When Mercury in Cancer speaks, everyone feels like the message is meant just for them. There’s a familiar quality to the words – an intensely personal vibe.”

Nadia Gilchrest, Ruby Slipper Astrology

“We’re more prone to express and act on Cancerian impulses because of company this Moon is keeping. She’s close by Mercury, ruler of our thoughts and words, and he in turn is closing in on Mars, ruler of drive, motivation and follow through.”

“Neither Mercury nor Mars is particularly comfortable sloshing about in the waters of Cancer. Mercury does better flying through the air than swimming, which drags his gait. Mars is awkward as well, stomping through a cozy cosmic kitchen in battle gear and boots. Frustration, pressure or going overboard are all possible results.”

“Hence the activation of inner toddler vocal cords and muscle. They override adult filters (just watch) that might otherwise restrain us from hugging, putting our hearts on our sleeves or tearing up. From squawking, acting like babies or reacting as if someone is trying to take a toy away. From standing up for someone (or thing) we love.”

Kathy Biehl, Empowerment Unlimited

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Notes of Venus and Mars

Just a few hours after the Cancer New Moon, the love goddess Venus trines chthonic Pluto, adding even more fuel to the fires of our desires. As always, Venus wants what she wants. And with Pluto as her ally, she’s willing to brave the darkness to unite with – or possess – the object of her desires.

But beware, Pluto lends an intense, even obsessive air to lusty Venus in Taurus. She is less likely to take “no” for an answer when she wants something. Use the drive wisely; and maybe keep a backup plan if you can’t have the first object of your desire. You may find you may need to question what you really need to feel satisfied; or at least have a way to sublimate your wants into another arena.

Mars in Cancer is also engaged in a ménage-a-trois with Jupiter in Libra (a square) and Neptune in Pisces (a trine). Nadia Gilchrest of Ruby Slipper Astrology explains:

“Due to Cancer’s changeable energy (moods shift rapidly) the words that are featured may evolve rapidly. Especially with Mars in Cancer sitting nearby. At 12 degrees, Mars does not conjoin this Moon, but he will square Jupiter and trine Neptune on June 25/26, accelerating events. Jupiter will pump up Mars’ energy, anger or passion, while Neptune will enable the unlimited flow of feeling. There may be tears and/or laughter. Catharsis.”

Other considerations

As always, a few other details add a little frosting to the cake – fixed stars, asteroids, degree meaning symbols, lunar mansions and more can add a little fine shading to our understanding.

Fixed stars

The Cancer New Moon falls at the feet of the constellation Gemini. Darkstar Astrology’s Marina Macario explores the stellar connections.

Propus (Tejat Prior) is found in the right front foot of the mortal (Or ‘Good’) twin Castor in the constellation of the Gemini. Propus is supposed to be highly fortunate and gives a life of eminence. In Greek the word Propus means ‘forward foot.’ William Herschel discovered Uranus close to this star. There in fact used to be a constellation called Telescopium Herschilli around this area too. This star probably inherits bright intelligence and ingenuity from the Uranian association while Ptolemy associated stars in the legs of the twins as being very Mercurial too. Eris Morse says that Propus has “The ability to express ideas in reasonable and acceptable ways which win because of their manifest intelligence.”


I couldn’t resist mentioning that this Cancer New Moon is exactly conjunct the asteroid Lysistrata.

Lysistrata is the heroine of Aristophanes’ play by the same name. She inspires peace between the Athenians and the Spartans by convincing all the woman to refuse to have sex until the men stop fighting.

Make of this as you wish.

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Sabian Symbol

Various astrologers have created systems assigning meaning to each degree of the Zodiac. The most popular of the 20th century are the Sabian Symbols, popularized by Marc Edmond Jones.

The Sabian Symbol for the Cancer New Moon is “A man bundled in fur leads a shaggy deer.”

In his commentary, the astrologer Dane Rudhyar wrote: “In India the deer was the symbol of the Brahma, the Creative God. The antlers represent the extension of the mind-power located in the head. The new path may lead to cold regions requiring insulation from harsh circumstances. … A period of trial may be required … this represents a testing of the will.”

Lunar Mansion

We live in such a solar-focused culture, we sometimes forget there’s an older, lunar-based Zodiac. In the West, it’s known as the Mansions of the Moon, or the Lunar Mansions.

This Cancer New Moon falls in Lunar Mansion 8, which the Arab astrologers called Al Nathrah. I nicknamed it “The Eagle” to help me remember it’s meaning. 

It’s a mansion that impels us toward victory, and a time to play to win. Focus effort on worthy goals, and challenge yourself. Celebrate your victories. It’s also an excellent time to travel.

Summing It Up

The Cancer New Moon may bring new awareness about what you need to thrive. It’s also a chance to consider the differences between what you need, and what you want. And to be “impeccable in your word” (to borrow the phrase from The Four Agreements) for that’s essential to how you are creating your world.

Lunaria Datebook

Last Moon Phase: Full Moon in Sagittarius
Next Moon Phase: Full Moon in Capricorn

Cancer New Moon Dates and Times

San Francisco: Friday, June 23, 7:15 p.m. PDT
New York: Friday, June 23, 10:15 p.m. EDT
São Paulo: Friday, June 23, 11:15 p.m. BRDT
London: Saturday, June 24, 3:15 a.m. GMT
Istanbul: Saturday, June 24, 5:15 a.m. EEST
Mumbai: Saturday, June 24, 7:45 a.m. IST
Tokyo: Saturday, June 24, 11:15 a.m. JST
Sydney: Saturday, June 24, 12:15 p.m. AEDT

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