In this episode of AH TV, learn how planetary archetypes can empower you.

Discover how working with your inner archetypes can transform your relationships and gain simple tools for finding inner harmony.

This is for you if…

  • You find yourself having the same kind of relationships over and over again
  • You feel haunted by childhood hur
  • You’re looking for healing uniquely attuned to your astrological blueprint

Divina del-Sol is also one of our upcoming guides for our transformational monthly Astrology Membership program, Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle!

  • We created the Inner Circle to help you transform your life
  • Connect and align with the natural lunar cycles
  • Grow spiritually through powerful practices
  • Share your journey with like-minded people
  • Embody the teachings of astrology in your life
  • Celebrate your unique expression in a supportive community

And most of all…


You’ll be learning from some of the most brilliant Astrologers in the world, like Divina del-Sol, and journeying with a loving Astrology community unlike any other!

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