Will you be lucky in love this weekend? Whether you already have a sweetheart or if you’re single and looking for love, check this Valentine’s Day astrology forecast and see what the stars have in store…

An Atmosphere for Romance

Let’s face it, February is love season. Are you in touch with your passionate desires? Love planets Venus and Mars are sweet talking each other in earthy Capricorn and sexy Scorpio. If you know what you want, then make a practical plan now. Magic is in the air, but you need to put in your order – be clear in your intentions.

Optimism for luck and love is expanded by joyful Jupiter harmonizing with the love goddess Venus. Hope springs eternal, but practicality is preferred while Jupiter is in Virgo. Only the best will do! Selectivity and discernment is part of the cosmic conversation during the days leading up to Valentines Day.

Speak Up and Speak Out

If you feel like your resolutions failed to ignite into action this New Year, know that Valentine’s Day is also a turning point.

Valentine's Day Astrology ForecastNo, it’s not just you. We got a slow start this January. Messenger Mercury, the character responsible for commerce and communications, was moving backwards (retrograde) most of of the month.

Though Mercury resumed its direct motion Jan. 25, it’s not until Feb. 14 that Mercury crosses “out of the shadow” and fully gets back to business as usual. Mercury is about thinking and the mind. If you’ve been marinating over the past, now is a time to move on.

Just in time for V-Day! Perhaps you have been waiting to say something important to a special someone. No more secret admirer! The time is ripe to speak up and speak out. (And don’t forget to sign your Valentine’s Day card.)

The Mood for Love

Are you in the mood for Love? Let’s look to the Moon to get the inside scoop on the vibe each day of Valentine’s Weekend.

Feel the Heat, Friday, Feb. 12

Spontaneity and fun are your greatest allies this evening. You could easily do your own thing while the Moon tonight is in individuated Aries. Unexpected sparks may fly as the magnetic Moon meets eccentric Uranus. If you have been feeling shy, optimize this energy and get ready to make a move. Be brave, and have courage to reach out to special someone.

For long-term couples, Friday night is time to spice things up. Have the two of you been caught up in old routines? Don’t wait until Sunday to show your sweetheart how much you really care. Surprise your honey with something sexy and unexpected. Get your groove on early this weekend.

Sensuality is Sweet, Saturday, Feb. 13

Valentine's Day Astrology ForecastThe mood shifts from energetic action on Friday night, to sweet sensuality Saturday afternoon as the Moon moves into earthy Taurus. Sign up for a massage session at the spa, or give yourself the simple pleasure of an afternoon nap.

If you have a date Saturday night, make sure to indulge all the senses. Tantalize your taste buds with something sweet or savory. Reach out and touch someone, again, and again and again. You can only win with music, food and fine dining this weekend.

Take it Slow on Sunday, Feb. 14

Enjoy your morning, in bed. Slow down as the Moon makes a grand earth trine with passionate Pluto, voluptuous Venus and joyful Jupiter today.

Enjoy life’s little pleasures. Turn yourself on with a little music, letting the sweet sounds permeate mind and heart. Let your fingers touch your lover’s lips as you slip a delicious piece of chocolate in their mouth. Indulge and eat well!

There’s a stimulating moment Valentine’s Day evening as Moon faces off to passionate Mars in sexy Scorpio. Can you say spicy? Just don’t give in to impatience with long-lines at the restaurant. Think of it as an excuse to have more time to spend trading sexy inuendos with your honey.

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