The Harmonics of Vibrational Astrology and the Evolving Journey of Your Chart – An Interview with Vibrational Astrologer, Clarissa Dolphin

“What we're asserting as Vibrational Astrologers is that from point A to point B, just like in string theory, there is a vibration, everything becomes more alive, it becomes atonality.” Clarissa Dolphin 

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Does your natal birth chart have a unique vibration? What harmonics are working through you in this life?

These are key questions that Harmonic and Vibrational Astrologers are no longer asking, but beginning to answer within this emerging field of Astrology.

Our guest today on the Astrology Hub Podcast is Clarissa Dolphin, a Shamanic Healer, certified Vibrational Astrologer, Tarot diviner, Reiki Master, and writer based in Los Angeles.

Tune in today to get some key insights into this fascinating, emerging branch of astrology.

Favorite Quotes

“This is so fascinating because from the context of vibrational astrology, in terms of the evolution of the chart, we're finding is that with harmonics above 32 they're harder to access because it's almost like if the human being does not embrace the vibrations in their base six harmonics, which is five, seven, eight, nine, eleven, and thirteen they don't have access to it. It's almost like some type of evolutionary soul club, the harmonic evaluation of a chart. You have to grow into your highest potential, your highest potential being your highest harmonic.

– Clarissa Dolphin

“I love the way that you and David talk about the music that's created with the chart. How it's actually a symphony. There's sound happening as the universe is spinning and engaging with you and your makeup. I love that part because I can feel that too.”

– Amanda Pua Walsh


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  1. Lucy on October 15, 2019 at 5:50 am

    This was wonderful! VA is a fascinating application of astrology and Clarissa really presented the topic well. I related much to her discussion of how studying it validated subtle things about herself that she didn’t realize, because it happened like that for me, too. When I learned of my 11th harmonic aspects between the Sun and Mars as well as other strong aspects in the 11th harmonic, it showed me how important is my up-until-then mostly unmet desire to learn to dance and led to me putting a big focus on movement and ballet dancercise, and this seems to have quelled much of the restlessness that I think comes from my strong 11th harmonic. This did not show at all in my natal chart.

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