EP: 24 Eris and the New Feminine Warriors for the Planet an interview with Astrologer, Henry Seltzer

“It's wonderful to get evidence that there is another level to the Universe, another level to this life. Everything is meaningful, there is no such thing as a chance encounter. No such thing as a test that you survived. That was not a coincidence. Somehow you needed that.” – Henry Seltzer

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Working with astrology gives us a much better picture of what's really going on. That there's magic afoot the soul, is real, angels are about. – Henry Seltzer

Science & spirituality, more often than not, stand in a state discord…

What if they didn’t?

What if brilliant minds that understood the mathematical/ scientific nature of our universe also understood the magic of the cosmos?

Could you imagine the boundless insight our age would have?

Our Guest on today’s Podcast is Henry Seltzer, founder of Time Passages Software.

Tune in and listen to how his love of Jungian psychological symbolism led him to astrology, allowing him to marry both the Science & spiritual aspects for the world around him.

We cover a lot of amazing ground in this episode including:

  • A new way to look at difficult transits
  • What most “paradigm shifters” have in common
  • The behind the scenes story for Henry’s creation of the Time Passages App
  • What your Eris placement says about you

Most memorable quote(s) from the show

“At the moment of losing the job, a lot of times people say, “Oh my God, what am I going to do? I lost my job.” And then 10 years later they say, “that was the day that was the best day of my life when I lost my job.”  It's a question of perspective and understanding that everything serves to further. That there's a spiritual component to everything that happens to us. And it gives us a way, in this modern world, to connect to a spiritual source that's within us, deep within us. And that comes through nature, through every experience we have… when we know what to look for.

Henry Seltzer

“Henry, we love your software so much because of that, because of the accessibility, because of the ease. I recently ran a report for me and my sweetheart and then together we got to go through it and marvel at the accuracy and really it was an amazing opportunity for us to connect over our astrology. It was so many things that we already inherently knew, but then to see it reflected back to us from this software based on our birth time and location that's magic. That's magic that we shared together. 

Amanda Pua Walsh

GUEST: Henery Seltzer
HOST: Amanda Pua Walsh

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  1. Mike B on May 2, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    I wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed the AstrologyHub Podcasts – there’s been so many times where I’ve looked at what had happened and then checked things like Henry’s TimePassages and the accuracy of what was pointed out was so eerily incredible I felt there just could not be any doubts as to whether or not looking above made sense.

    All my life, things have always ‘just happened’ and usually to a benefit, even if at the time it didn’t seem beneficial at all, but listening to your podcasts showed me that every day, every hour, every minute leads us to become who we are and who we’re meant to be.

    Thank you Henry, thank you Amanda, and thank you AstrologyHub!

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