Ep 018 – Keys for Living the Path of Your Soul: An Interview with Self-Mastery Coach, Ron Baker

The main soul purpose starts with learning to love and value yourself. Then we awaken more of the authentic interests so that we can plug that authentic self into every arena of life. – Ron Baker

A soul purpose to learn how to love and value ourselves and when we start to do that and connect and move energy, it’s pretty remarkable the trust of itself that takes place. – Ron Baker

It is not uncommon to glance back and wonder, “how did I get here, and where am I going?” In these times, if we allow ourselves to ask hard questions, reflect on what is a natural instinct and what is a conditioned one…we give ourselves the opportunity to embrace and heal forgotten wounds that block our authentic being. Ron Baker is a self-mastery teacher and speaks from a personal perspective path that changed the course of his life. A must listen

Most memorable quote(s) from the show:

“If we learn how to connect to self, and this is the perfect time for people to be going, well, cool. Let me come in and discover about self. Let me understand how the planets do work with us and do impact our personal energy. Let me find out about this unprecedented acceleration that’s happening on the planet and how each of the people listening can learn to take powerful one step at a time, 

Ron Baker

We chose to incarnate now, I mean we’re gamers. You know, we’re, here to play. I was reflecting on, and I know I’ve seen the study but I can’t recall it exactly, but how much information alone we process in one day versus what someone would process in a lifetime. I mean accelerated is an understatement. I mean it is just quantum leap in terms of what’s happening on the planet. And I think so many times we can start to think that what’s happening is wrong or bad or we need to change what’s happening. live.

Amanda Pua Walsh


GUEST: Ron Baker
HOST: Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh

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