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Eclipses โ€“ those celestial spectacles that have captivated humanity for millennia. ๐ŸŒ‘๐ŸŒ•

But eclipses hold a deeper significance beyond the awe-inspiring darkness and light show. They've been seen as harbingers of change, potent forces that can influence our world on a grand scale. Omens, even. ๐Ÿ”ฎ


What does that mean for the third Great American Eclipse on April 8, 2024? Popular YouTube sensation and Inner Circle astrologer AstroLada says herself in this episode:


“This eclipse is passing through eight towns called Nineveh in North Americaโ€ฆSo, it's truly biblical in a sense. But there is kind of repetition, and actually, historical documents say that around that time when the story of Jonah was supposed to be happening, there were three eclipses over Nineveh within ten years, and that's when the Civil War was happeningโ€ฆ we're on the third American eclipse within less than seven years; there was one in October [2024], and there was one in 2017. When there were three or four eclipses within 15 years over Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire fell.” ๐Ÿ˜ฒ


As mind-blown as we are?!ย 


Then you're in for a treat! This latest Astrology Hub Podcast episode illuminates the current Libra-Aries eclipse portal and how eclipses have impacted our lives for generations.


In this episode, you'll embark on a captivating journey that explores the power of eclipse energy:


๐ŸŒŸ Ancient Secrets Revealed: Astrolada delves into the fascinating world of historical astrology. Discover how our ancestors interpreted eclipses, recognizing them as potent signals of significant change.


๐Ÿ•ต๏ธโ€โ™‚๏ธ The Jonah Eclipse Enigma: Get ready to dive into a thought-provoking mystery. Astrolada examines the potential link between a cluster of eclipses and the story of Jonah, raising questions about their role as warnings.ย 


๐ŸŒ Eclipses and Global Shifts: The discussion delves into the concept of eclipses triggering major realignments and transformations on a global scale. Are we on the cusp of a significant shift?


๐Ÿ™๏ธ A Nation Under Eclipses: Astrolada sheds light on a recent phenomenonโ€”a concentration of cities named Ninevah in North America under the totality eclipse path. What could this signify?


๐Ÿ” To What Degree: Learn what degrees Aries and Libra need to be in to impact your personal chart.


But the power of eclipses doesn't stop at the global stage. This episode equips you with practical tools to navigate eclipse energy in your life:


๐ŸŒž Harnessing Solar Eclipses: Learn how to use solar eclipses to let go and release what no longer serves you.


๐ŸŒ Lunar Eclipses: Manifest Your Desires: Discover how to leverage lunar eclipses to focus on intentions and manifest your desires.


๐Ÿ”„ Unexpected Changes as Soul Alignments: Embrace unforeseen shifts as potential realignments on your soul's path.


๐ŸŒŒ Releasing and Manifesting through Eclipses: Understanding the healing nature of eclipses when used productively. ๐ŸŒŸ


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Guest Bioย 

Lada “Astrolada” Duncheva: Hailing from the mystical countryside of Bulgaria, Lada “Astrolada” Duncheva's life has been steeped in folklore, ancient traditions, and a yearning for the enigmatic. After a personal crisis in her 20s, AstroLada began studying astrology, including at the prestigious London School of Astrology under the tutelage of renowned astrologers like Sue Tompkins and Frank Clifford; later, she also learned traditional techniques and Babylonian astrology. Today, Astrolada is a leading YouTube astrologer, captivating audiences with her infectious enthusiasm and clear explanations. Through classes and content creation, she guided thousands of clients through life's complexities with her expertise. She collaborates with many international astrologers and is one of Astrology Hub's Inner Circle guides.


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Transcript: Eclipse Season is in Full Swing! All You Need to Know in Astrology 101 w/ Astrologer AstroLada


[00:00:48] Amanda: Hey there, fellow astrology lovers. There is a lot of buzz and definitely some noise about the upcoming full solar eclipse. And we know you come to astrology hub for wisdom and guidance. You can trust. So we wanted to do an episode to help you cut through the noise and get to the heart of what this eclipse is all about.

[00:01:11] Amanda: And not only the current eclipse season we're navigating, but eclipses in general, because the truth is we usually have four and occasionally five or six eclipses per year. And while the current eclipses are especially significant, it would be a great idea for all of us to understand eclipse energies in general.

[00:01:29] Amanda: Since we live through so many in our lifetime. So are you ready to learn more about what eclipses are, how they operate and impact our lives? How you can harness their transformative power and work with them more intentionally to become more of who you came here to be, because we have a true astrological luminary joining us to answer those questions, a gifted 2024 inner circle astrologer here at astrology hub.

[00:01:56] Amanda: Astro Lata. I had the pleasure of meeting Astrolada and her brand new baby at the time a few years ago when she was visiting Maui, and I just adore her and her work. She's particularly gifted at bringing the heavens down to earth in a way people can understand and apply in their lives in practical ways.

[00:02:16] Amanda: Astrolada's journey with astrology is a story as interesting as the stars themselves. Born in the mystical countryside of Bulgaria, she's been captivated by the whispers of the unseen since childhood. After a personal turning point at 23, she discovered the wisdom of the stars. Astrolata embarked on a dedicated path, honing her craft at the prestigious London School of Astrology, which is led by another astrology hub favorite, Frank Clifford.

[00:02:45] Amanda: She apprenticed under Frank and other renowned astrologers, relentlessly expanding her knowledge across different astrological traditions from Babylonian to Vedic. Now, as a teacher and a guide, she empowers thousands to navigate the magical world of astrology. You might've seen her or already follow her on her very successful YouTube channel.

[00:03:08] Amanda: She was also one of five featured astrologers on our eclipse forecast panel last week. If you're interested in understanding more of the specifics of the current eclipses from various. Professional astrologers, viewpoints, including Astrolata. It's not too late to get access to the free recording of that truly epic event.

[00:03:29] Amanda: We're dropping the link for that panel event in the show notes. And when you register, you'll get to watch the Eclipse Forecast panel recording. Participate in our free upcoming panel event where you get to learn how to decode eclipses in your natal chart. Plus you'll get access to our full two week guided journey happening right now called your Eclipse Pathway to purpose.

[00:03:51] Amanda: Go to astrology 2024 or check the show notes for the link. Make sure you like subscribe and comment on this video to help us spread the wisdom and guidance of high quality astrology far and wide. And now let's settle in and embark on this exploration into the mysterious energy of eclipses with the brilliant Astro Lada.

[00:04:14] Amanda: Lada, thank you so much for being here. I'm so happy to have you on the podcast again. Welcome back.

[00:04:21] AstroLada: Thank you so much for having me here, Amanda. What a beautiful presentation you gave me. I was grinning. My mouth is actually hurting from grinning. It was so wonderful how you presented me. Oh my God. I'm

[00:04:34] Amanda: excited.

[00:04:36] Amanda: Yeah, you deserve every word. So I, there was one part of your story that just, I went, Ooh, I'm intrigued. I need to know more. You said at 23, or that's what I heard in your story that at 23, something happened that made you fall in love with the stars and start this journey of being an astrologer. What was that?

The crisis that led AstroLada to begin her astrology exploration

[00:04:55] AstroLada: Well, I was in a crisis then, Saturn was transiting my sixth house, squaring all my planets in Aries and Libra, because everything in my horoscopes is Aries Libra, and Saturn was squaring it, and all my friends, they were graduating universities, they were talking about careers, and I was a waitress in London with no opportunity to study, and I had an existential crisis, and I was recovering from, uh, Some condition as well.

[00:05:23] AstroLada: And I started praying and crying and God, give me a direction. I don't know what I want to do with my life. And that carried on for about two months until I entered into a bookstore and a book falls in front of me and I put it back and I'm leaving. And then somehow my dress again, pushes the book in front of me.

[00:05:43] AstroLada: And I take the book, I open it. And it's from the spiritual master who became my teacher, but he's, um, Passed away a hundred years ago, but I follow his teaching being sad, you know, and the first page that I opened, my eye came across the sentence, whoever is in a dark night of the soul and doesn't know what to do with their life or what, when this whole will end, they should study the astrology.

[00:06:08] AstroLada: And at that moment, I didn't know even what astrology was. I knew it. I'm going to do astrology. And I jumped with all my Passion, all my love. It took me seven years to learn it before I started my business. But it was for me became everything in that moment without even knowing what astrology was. And I was hooked on beginning so that I was like, okay, I don't have to look anymore.

[00:06:33] AstroLada: I got the

[00:06:34] Amanda: answer. A lot of, I have, you know, I've interviewed a lot of astrologers and heard their stories and it is. Unbelievable. How many books have fallen off bookshelves and fallen on astrologers heads and just really, yes, I swear I have heard this story many, many times, and every time I get chills all over my body and it's just like it finds you when you need it and when you're ready and when you're asking and if it's part of your path, it's gonna find you.

[00:07:06] Amanda: And it's just like

[00:07:07] AstroLada: it's calling you the craft

[00:07:10] Amanda: and it happens in the most mysterious and amazing ways. I love that story. Thank you so much for sharing with us. All right, let's talk about eclipses.

[00:07:19] Amanda: you know, it's, it's, it's interesting.

[00:07:21] Amanda: We, we hear about eclipses, but there's confusion.

Astrology 101 of Eclipses

[00:07:24] Amanda: Like what is an eclipse? What's a solar eclipse? What's a lunar eclipse? What are they really? And astrologically. So just ask just nuts and bolts. What are eclipses?

[00:07:38] AstroLada: Okay. So we have the sun and the moon here. If you see them,

[00:07:42] Amanda: I love your

[00:07:43] AstroLada: little stickers.

[00:07:43] AstroLada: That's great. Once per month, the moon catches up with the sun and the moon basically gets, cause the moon is the sun is the life giver. It's the male energy. The moon is the female energy. It's like the sperm, the sun is the biggest sperm and, uh, uh, egg. So they connect together. New impulse is given. This is new moon, but every so often.

[00:08:06] AstroLada: They, most of the times they come together, but they're not on the same ecliptic exactly because the moon can move a bit higher lower, so they would pass like that, you know, these are the normal new moons, but when it's a solar eclipse, this, the moon passes exactly over the sun because the sun is very high.

[00:08:26] AstroLada: and hides the light. If it's, uh, there is full moon every month, that's when the sun and the moon are opposite each other. My head is the earth, you know, so they're looking at each other, the sun, so you see full moon. For flat earthers, I have another theory, but with working with a globetrotter. And, but once Once per year or twice per year, we have, uh, eclipses, lunar eclipses twice per year.

[00:08:52] AstroLada: It happens that again, the, the moon is exactly on the same ecliptic as the earth and the sun. So the earth hides the shadow of, uh, throws a shadow on the moon. So that's when we get this blood moons and they look like the moon is darkened. And ancient people from long times ago, they spoke that, uh, Eclipses almonds and usually ancient times, they were never a good almond.

[00:09:18] AstroLada: They were warning, there were a warning for people to change something. Eclipses of the sun were warning for the kings and the rulers. Eclipses on the moon were warnings and towards the people. 'cause the moon is the normal people. The sun is the royalty. So lunar eclipses, uh, would affect more the people.

[00:09:37] AstroLada: The solar eclipses more the rulers. Um, but nowadays we do personal astrology, so it affects us personally as well. And just like a new moon, the solar eclipse is like a new moon, sun and moon together, but on like, they call it on steroids, uh, because of the exact covering on top of each other when they're on the ecliptic at the same time and each eclipse can happen.

[00:10:01] AstroLada: Each new moon eclipse can happen either with the north node or the south node. When it's with the north, the north node is, uh, Where the north, the earth and, um, the sun and the moon, uh, ecliptics cross. So the north is like the north compass, the dragon's head, we call it. The dragon's head is where we create new karma.

[00:10:26] AstroLada: We, we create new experiences. So when there is a new moon eclipse with the north node, which is the dragon's head, it's always something new tends to enter our life. First, the first of all, the new moon is new beginnings. It's fructification, fertilization of the egg. So new impulses is given. When it's a solar eclipse, it's a,

The Power of The North Node Eclipse

[00:10:49] AstroLada: it's such a powerful impulse that it can last for nine years or 18 years.

[00:10:53] AstroLada: Either half the cycle of the, um, we call the nodes making a full circle, either nine years. So usually when there's a new moon with the North node, Something really, and the North Node is something new entering, new karma, especially material, external things happening to you. So often solar eclipses with the North Node, something will enter your life.

[00:11:16] AstroLada: Something more material, something new that can stay for, it might be a person, it might be a career, a destination, it might be, something new. You know, many times, women, events that happen during eclipses, if they activate your horoscope, sun, moon, ascendant, especially the self, you know, the sun, the moon, the ascendant, the ascendant ruler, if they activate, Those are all the Midheaven as well.

[00:11:39] AstroLada: Those five points. These are self points. So oftentimes It might be sometimes even the birth of a child or the coming of a child within the next one year It doesn't happen exactly on the Eclipse. Eclipse is three minutes or three hours or whatever It means for the next one year watch out if it falls within three degrees Usually the orb is three, okay, for natal sun and moon, maybe even four degrees, but I've seen it in my practice working within three degrees, three, four.

[00:12:09] AstroLada: And if it happens to have to fall on one of your self parts, the sun, the moon, the ascendant, the ascendant ruler, even the mid heaven, uh, then some big event will be happening. If it's a new moon eclipse, something new is coming, some new karma. And as I said, you know, the cycle of the nodes, And when the eclipses were again repeating the same sign with the North Node, was 18 years.

[00:12:32] AstroLada: So sometimes if it's a child, usually children live at 18 years or it might be a relationship, or sometimes it might be half cycle, just nine years. But oftentimes the events that happen, if they activate something in your horoscope, it might be a seventh house or Venus if it's a relationship. Something important.

[00:12:52] AstroLada: The person, many times people meet their fated partners or very important karmic relationships or dharmic. They might be karmic or dharmic. Dharmic is when they're, there's good karma to create. Karmic is when there is something you have to fix, but again, very important soulmate like relationships and not only relationships.

[00:13:12] AstroLada: But business partnerships, big fated events, birth of children, uh, or conception marriages or, uh, meeting someone life changing, starting or ending a career. But because we're talking about new moon eclipse, usually it's new beginnings. And with the North Node, North Node is about new beginnings again. And it's something new that's coming into your life.

[00:13:34] AstroLada: So this eclipse that we're going to have now in Aries has all the characteristic of newness. Because before I carry into it,

Last yearโ€™s October eclipse and how it possibly affected world events

[00:13:43] AstroLada: sometimes an eclipse with the new moon, new moon eclipse can be with the south node. Just like we have in October in Libra. It was new moon eclipse, so new beginnings, but with the south note, something karmic, something from the past that hasn't been completed is brought back into completion.

[00:14:02] AstroLada: So for example, around this eclipse, the war in Palestine and Gaza exploded. So it's something new, but something that is unresolved from the past as well. You know, the south note eclipse. So it brought some issue that's not resolved. It doesn't have to be a problem always, you know, in a personal life. It can be just something that you haven't completed.

[00:14:23] AstroLada: It might be some theme that's been repeating in your life, but there is, it's renewed in some way. But now this new moon eclipse, solar eclipse, first of all, solar eclipse, let me repeat, new beginning. Second of all, North node, new beginning. Third of all, in Aries, Aries is the sign of new beginnings. I'm like, what is going to be,

How we are all in our New Beginning Era

[00:14:47] AstroLada: it's like a reset, what is starting here?

[00:14:50] AstroLada: What new beginning will there be? And usually you want to see the results or where it's heading by looking at the south node lunar eclipse that will come next in Aries. But this time we're not going to have one within the next two years. It's, it's keeping an eclipse in areas. South node full. So in autumn, we were supposed to see some kind of a conclusion of what's starting now or clarification, but it's no, the gates are just open and this newness will stay for the next nine, 10 years till there is an eclipse again in areas that that's the last, uh, after that start the eclipses.

[00:15:33] AstroLada: In October was supposed to be Eclipse in Aries, but it will be in Pisces in September. So now we have a gate opening with something new. And without conclusion, there is, there is, it's not written how it's going to conclude. So it's such a open door and there's so much free will we can put into that as well, because new beginnings, we have more ability to, uh, navigate the direction of events, you know, towards, but usually south node eclipses.

[00:16:01] AstroLada: The first eclipse in Libra will be South Nod. South Nod Eclipse. The South Nod is the tale of the dragon. This is the past. This is something that's been put in action. And we're seeing the results now. This is about excreting something, letting go of something. And, and this eclipse in Aries is just, So pure new beginning energy areas is the first sign initiate new beginnings in full moon eclipse and the North note.

[00:16:26] AstroLada: So there is no contradiction there. We don't have South note mixing up with the eclipse. And so it's Uh, I'm very excited, but before that, you can never look at the eclipses alone because they always come full moon, uh, new moon eclipse. So first is the lunar eclipse on the 25th of March, which is today, the day that we're releasing this episode.

[00:16:49] AstroLada: Oh, there we go. And it's here. It's at five degrees Libra and it is with the South Node. First of all, full moon is about something that has already begun before. It's not something that's gonna shock you comes out of the blue. Uh, it's something you've been working on. So full moon eclipse can be a completion, you know, ending, seeing the results of something, or it can be something leaving your life, especially the first eclipse.

[00:17:19] AstroLada: In Libra, it's very much about something leaving your life because it's with the South Node, the dragon's tail, where we're going to be excreting something.

Why the South Node is allowing us to release

[00:17:29] AstroLada: And it can be very liberating. In Vedic astrology, the South Node is a planet of liberation, spiritual liberation. And it's the most spiritual planet.

[00:17:38] AstroLada: Very deep spiritual realizations. But unfortunately, many of us don't reach spiritual realizations easily without losing something. And then we start thinking about those topics. So, but South Note, Eclipses might be about Giving up something, completing something, releasing something.

[00:17:57] AstroLada: so yeah, so sometimes you'll get the eclipses with the North Node. They tend to give you something. If it's a new moon, something brand new tends to come. If it's with the South Node, it might be a renewal or different perspective. If it's a full moon eclipse, usually it's about seeing results, completing something, taking it to the next stage.

[00:18:18] AstroLada: If it's with the Rahu, with the north node, full moon eclipse, usually you might be like harvest, you know, and receiving something material. If it's with the south node, it's very much about endings, it's letting go of something. That's So

[00:18:35] Amanda: helpful. Okay. Several explanation. It's so good though. It made a hundred percent sense.

[00:18:41] Amanda: I love your visuals. If you're listening to this on the podcast, I highly recommend hopping over to our YouTube channel to get the visuals that Astralotta was just sharing because it was the most simple, but elegant, visual representation that I've seen any astrologer do. So thank you for that because it was just like, Oh, whoa, all that.

[00:19:02] Amanda: Like, yes, that just totally computed. Okay. Couple things. Let me just, let me just see if I can summarize really quickly what you just said about the eclipses and who it's going to have the most obvious impact on, because you talked about having any sort of personal planets. In orb to this north node, the, well, we have the south and the north node, but let's focus on that April North node, eclipse.

[00:19:32] Amanda: Anybody that has any Sun, moon, ascendant, Midheaven, or the Sun's ruler. So whoever rules your son, ascendant. Ruler. The Ascendant ruler. Ascendant

[00:19:43] AstroLada: ruler. Oh, there we go. There we go. Now use the traditional planets in particular. You can use also the modern, but say it. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So we're

[00:19:51] Amanda: using traditional rulerships.

[00:19:52] Amanda: Yep. Go ahead. Take the traditional

[00:19:54] AstroLada: and the modern ruler as well. Okay. It'd be cool, you know?

[00:19:58] Amanda: Yeah. So if you have three, if you have any planets within three degrees, this is going to be particularly present for you, particularly impactful for you, but it's impactful for all of us. No question, because it's, it's, it's an eclipse, which is a collective global experience, right?

[00:20:18] Amanda: Especially those who are in the visible path of that eclipse, right?

[00:20:23] Amanda: Question for you about the nodes. What if your nodes are in Libra and Aries? Either. You know, either it's hitting your nodes north and south or then reverse nodes. Is it also impactful for those individuals as well?

The Eclipse will powerfully impact those with 19 degrees Aries or Libra

[00:20:37] AstroLada: Very powerful. It's like such aligning, as I said, eclipses, they align you sometimes through a crisis, sometimes through very fast developments.

[00:20:44] AstroLada: Eclipses are not some economic, it happens. Bam, bam, bam. It aligns you to your, the path of your soul. If you're not, many of us, we have a path that the soul chose before it came. And many of us decided to take a tour through the forest a bit. And eclipses can come to us as a slap. If we're not very authentic or we've lost our way, it's kind of realigning.

[00:21:07] AstroLada: Or it can be like the next step of the map of your journey, the next piece of the puzzle comes. So that's why such fated events tend to happen around eclipses and may have not just those five points. Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, up to those seven planets, it will affect it either according to the nature of the planet, with Venus it can be love or money, with Mercury it can be your siblings, your friendships, your work, a lot of people use Mercury for work, with Mars again it can be siblings, it can be, uh, and the house, The house it is happening for someone, and it might not be just in areas so liberal within those degrees, it can be that this eclipse is falling in a house somewhere that is on your fourth house cusp, I see on your descendant.

[00:21:56] AstroLada: So anything you open your chart calculations and you look anything within three degrees of 19 degrees areas. Uh, If you have in Aries or Libra, those two signs will be affected the most.

[00:22:09] AstroLada: I don't have, I haven't seen too much eclipses affecting with a square. I really see it with a conjunction. So they have to look for the new moon, five, three, so from two degrees to eight degrees in liberal areas.

[00:22:24] AstroLada: If you have anything, house, cusp, planet, you know, and for those who have anything in areas of liberal from, we'll say, 16 degrees to 21 degrees. So 22 degrees approximately, and everyone will have something, a house cusp in Aries, a house cusp in Libra, you know, so, that house cusp will be affected for the nodes if you have them in Aries or Libra, that's a big evolutionary jump.

[00:22:52] AstroLada: When you have a nodes return with an eclipse there or

More on the North Node

[00:22:57] AstroLada: the opposite of the nodes return. So that's a big, I've seen, especially in North node with North node. If you have North node in areas, something happens that so quickly shoots you into a future direction. That it might be even surprising because North Node is known about throwing you.

[00:23:13] AstroLada: North Node is something we haven't done, but we have to learn. We haven't done in previous lifetime. So it's like throwing you into the jungle and before you're ready even. And it does, but it's something that your soul really wants. You know, it's the North with the, so yeah.

Releasing with the South Node + an introduction to Astrology Hubโ€™s Your Eclipse Pathway to Purpose

[00:23:31] Amanda: Okay. So that's, that's the north node eclipse that's happening in April, but then we have today the, the full moon.

[00:23:40] Amanda: lunar eclipse in Libra. And what you're saying about that, it's, it's a South node eclipse. So we're, we're letting go of things on our path that we need to let go of in order to align with that newness that you, you talked about a door opening and kind of staying open for many, many years. There's no clear ending of this next door that's opening.

[00:24:03] Amanda: So this is, these are probably really big things for people, big. Big twists and turns on the path that then you're with for a while. And one of the things that we're offering as part of our, uh, eclipse pathway to purpose, two week guided journey is instruction on how to make a composting board. So it's the opposite of a vision board.

[00:24:25] Amanda: It's where you actually put consciously intentionally the things that you are ready to let go of onto a board. You then burn it. You, you actually, so it can be, it can be words. It can be visuals. It can be storylines. It can be contracts. You know, it's, it can be a lot of different things that you're actually taking with your awareness and going, okay, I know this eclipse is all about releasing.

[00:24:52] Amanda: I'm going to release these things intentionally. And then you burn the board and then you, um, you keep some of the ashes. And astrologer Gemini Brett calls this burn it and earn it not earn like Earn money, earn like an earn URN. You burn it and earn it, and you hold onto it until you create your, what we call a treasure map with the Aries New Moon.

[00:25:19] Amanda: And you use those ashes in the glue for your vision board, which is a treasure map. And that way you are literally composting the past. You're literally using, you're taking the gifts of the past, you're taking the lessons of the past, and you're weaving that into the next chapter. but very consciously letting those things go.

[00:25:40] Amanda: So if you're interested in that, any of you, we did a podcast episode and it was a couple of weeks ago on how to do a powerful ritual to release the past. And right now, between March 25th and April 8th is when we're recommending you do this ritual and do it on your own, but, but do it because do you find this to be true?

[00:26:04] AstroLada: Absolutely. Well, do you find you, this is perfect for this new moon, which is about releasing endings, and there was a quote that the fastest way to self-improvement is not, uh, manifesting or anything. The fastest way is through elimination. Yes. And that, that's the beginning of the journey of this eclipses elimination first.

[00:26:25] AstroLada: And if you're not ready to eliminate it, , the universe can take it from you, but not exactly.

[00:26:37] Amanda: I mean, this will be my first time to, I'm, I'm so looking forward to it,

The magic in proactively letting go

[00:26:40] Amanda: but a lot of, my question is, do you find it to be true with your clients that when they kind of proactively Approach change or proactively let go or proactively put themselves out of their comfort zone and approach something new.

[00:27:00] Amanda: Do you find that, that that can eliminate the shock or the, or the, or the like suffering of having to let go feeling like you're being forced to let go of things.

[00:27:12] AstroLada: Absolutely. But, you know, saints have had to do that to really speed up the evolutionary path, and then they're in a state of constant joy and happiness, no matter what's happening around us.

[00:27:24] AstroLada: I'm not saying it's very hard, though, to push yourself consciously, and whoever managed to do it, I've seen such people that really, um, Trying to work on self improvement, any kind of rituals, prayfulness, getting out of the comfort zone, releasing things before they have to get to the hospital or things get really bad.

[00:27:44] AstroLada: Uh, they honestly, for them, like difficult transit, eclipses, it's like, they breeze through because they're learning the lessons and they, But sometimes we are blinded to some things that we have to release, you know, and sometimes we need to be knocked a little bit. But yeah, no one can do it.

[00:28:03] AstroLada: I personally, I'm an astrologer. I see something coming. I know I have to do it now. Like, nah, I need that extra nudge. So whoever has the willpower.

[00:28:15] Amanda: Yeah.

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How the Aries-Libra eclipse axis colors our experience

[00:29:46] Amanda: So let's talk about the Aries Libra axis. How does the axis of where the eclipses are falling, how does that color or impact our experience of them?

[00:29:58] AstroLada: All right. So as we said, the first eclipse is the Libra one, full moon, completions, endings in the results of. So Libra. is the sign through which we one of the things is we relate so it can be about like and this eclipse falls on the star zania which is the star of the harlot and the adulteress exactly on that star

Libra south node โ€” contract being released, or themes of adultery

[00:30:24] AstroLada: and it means about anything where you're prostituting yourself for something, selling yourself short, uh, giving yourself, you know, just taking one for the team, let's say, or anyone where you are, uh, really, truly, there's adulterating influences in your life.

[00:30:48] AstroLada: And Actually, the story even of this star is that she was a harlot, harlot turned saint, a bit of the Mary Magdalene energy, and it's actually in the wing of the angel, the constellation, which is an angelic constellation, and it's the story of how the soul starts From the, you know, from all the mud, all the adulteration on it, and it's symbolized by a woman, of course, and how she can purify and become the angel.

[00:31:17] AstroLada: So there is a lot to this eclipse where I feel there is about releasing influences, especially Are you letting someone take advantage of you? Are you selling yourself in a relationship or contract or agreement or a negotiation short? Are you selling your services? Liberty is a sign of business. Liberty is a sign of dealing with clients.

[00:31:38] AstroLada: Are you selling your services short? Are you or are you selling yourself in a way that is it's not truly your path and you're selling your soul for money or for something that is not truly your heart. There is this kind of harlotting yourself, or it might be even literally letting go of a relationship where there was an adultery.

[00:32:01] AstroLada: And naturally excreting it and releasing it or relationship that was unfair. One was not giving enough or one was giving too much. Again, there is this energy them. We are releasing it. And another thing is liberal is. Caring too much about what others say, being politically correct, being, you know, tiptoeing around things, pleasing everyone.

[00:32:27] AstroLada: Are you pleasing all the time someone? And you might actually feel it on you. Someone cutting you off and saying enough, you've taken advantage of me or I don't like your energy. You might be on the receiving end where someone cuts you off or lets you go or, but again, it's freeing. It's an ending of a contract with the South Note in Libra in a contract which was adulterated.

[00:32:49] AstroLada: It might be an ending of a karmic relationship. It's been paid off. Where was Some equality as well where there was some unfairness, some adulteration. So there might be themes even in the news about such topics of adultery and so on. Let's see, . Um, so yeah, that's, that's how I see it. What is the star called?

[00:33:11] AstroLada: Um, lada. That you're Sonia. Sonia, yes. Z-Z-A-I-N-I-H-Z.

[00:33:22] Amanda: Okay. I love how you just expanded the definition of prostitution and how it's not always what we think of, that there's a lot of different ways that we quote unquote sell ourselves. And in this case, I think you're, you're talking more about neglecting our soul or neglecting our heart because of some sort of like worldly convenience we get for that.

[00:33:49] Amanda: Like if you're in a relationship where you know, you're out of alignment with what you truly desire, what are you getting for that? You know, is it some sense of safety or security? Is it financial gain? You know, what is it? And, and acknowledging that. And maybe being really clear that you're ready to be done with that sort of pattern.

[00:34:14] Amanda: Exactly. That could be the kind of thing that you put on your composting board, by the way.

[00:34:20] AstroLada: You might be someone who is selling your services and you say, consultation 40 minutes. And you always end up giving people 80 minutes. I mean, you're selling yourself short. You're because you want to be liked. You want to keep this clients.

[00:34:34] AstroLada: You want to, for some, and you, and if you're okay, if you feel happy after that and you're like, well, so I gave them 40 minutes, but if you feel frustrated with yourself, it's like in your prostituted yourself, just so you can keep a client or just so you can please someone. So such pleasing behaviors, such Also Libra is the energy of the easy way out.

[00:34:57] AstroLada: It's ruled by Venus. Okay, Venus is comfort, comfort zone. It's easy. And this new full moon now, eclipse says no. You're, and you're ready to let go of those things. Do you have anything around those five degrees in Libra areas? You'll be able. To release that it's the whole universe is behind your back to help you release it and realize it what it is.

[00:35:22] AstroLada: So it can play out in so multiple ways, as I said, contracts, agreements, a job. So yeah.

[00:35:29] Amanda: Yeah, that's powerful.

Aries north node โ€” what are we embracing and creating anew

[00:35:31] Amanda: And we've talked a lot about Aries already, but is there anything else that you want to add into that?

[00:35:36] AstroLada: So that's, you know, So this is the Libra. We're letting go of this. What are we embracing? The North Node is the true North.

[00:35:44] AstroLada: You know, what is the new life we want to create is the North Node with all the energy of newness here. Well, now Aries is calling us. To stop hearing what others think, what will they say if I do this, uh, how will they judge me, you know, liberate the others and it's saying follow Aries is very intuitive sign.

[00:36:05] AstroLada: It just gets a gut feeling and it goes and it does it. So if you have such hunches, they're extremely powerful. As we said, it's an opening, uh, Open ended new beginnings, go for it. Also, don't be afraid to state yourself. Don't be afraid to take space in the room. You know, don't try to please everyone. Go towards the area's energy.

[00:36:29] AstroLada: I'm not saying be selfish, but sometimes it's not about Uh, what others want, it's you having a vision and going after it. Aries energy is very much about not being afraid and taking a risk. While Libra is being in the comfort zone, you know, let's have it comfortably. Aries is no, I'm going to ruffle feathers.

[00:36:49] AstroLada: It's a bravest sign. And I'm gonna get out of my comfort zone. So there is no better time. Now this April start something you've been afraid of. You'd get them, you'd get the impulse. Of course, you, so many planets there with an eclipse, something will push you, might be even something physical, exercise, start a company, uh, new areas is about identity, new identity.

[00:37:19] AstroLada: Um, Maybe you've been defined by you leave behind codependencies, which is Libra, uh,

Aries mantras about โ€œI amโ€ฆโ€ and choosing your new identity

[00:37:26] AstroLada: and you come out more independent. And also it might be great to include when they're doing the ritual for the new moon in Aries. Maybe you can include it in the program after that. What new identities do you want to have?

[00:37:39] AstroLada: And Aries has this. It says, I am, you know, Taurus has, I have, Gemini is, I know, Aries is, I am. you have to make like affirmations that you repeat. I am, for example, my biggest struggle for years is starting to work out. So I started saying a few weeks ago, I already started, I'm an athlete. I am an athlete.

[00:38:03] AstroLada: I am an exerciser. And believe it or not, two days ago, three days ago, I started waking up and exercising every day without resistance. So this eclipse has such a potential to create a new identity for your areas so what are you? I am and affirming it. So new role in life comes new self definition, uh, new independence.

[00:38:26] AstroLada: If you want to do something independently, you know, if you want to take your road that is different than what your partner wants or whatever. It might be a direction for that as well. If you have a new vision, you just have to begin it during this And there is a lot more about this eclipse. It's also with Mercury there, which is retrograde and it's with Chiron, but it will get very long,

Chiron in Aries and the Eclipse: Heal an old wounding

[00:38:51] AstroLada: but I can say with Chiron, it's something about.

[00:38:55] AstroLada: new opportunity to heal on wounding and mercury retrograde is to realize it to realize an old wounding and to break through it because you, you take a risk and get out of your comfort zone and you're going to break through a wounding that's been deeply seated. Chiron usually is childhood trauma, but everyone has childhood trauma.

[00:39:15] AstroLada: You know, mommy paid more attention to your sister or whatever. It's some kind of a childhood trauma, which Chiron is wounds we cannot heal. You cannot change that. You know, you can't go put a plaster on that. You can accept it, understand it, and with mercury retrograde seeds from a different perspective and learn to live with that wounding, not only learn to live with the wounding, it might be even a catalyst, this Chiron, with exactly conjunct the eclipse, to allow you to break through into new territory, which is of course Aries, the pioneer.

[00:39:46] AstroLada: initiative, motivate yourself into something new. But there is almost this energy, like you break through an old wounding, you realize it, you talk it through, you see it through a different way with Mercury Retrograde, and you break through on a new territory for new beginnings of some sort. And it feels light because Arius is the full and you don't carry that heaviness.

[00:40:06] AstroLada: And it's, Arius is like, let's go on an adventure. I'm done with the past, you know, and I'm moving forward. So there is this incredible energy there, potential. And of course, there's a constellation behind. I can share my screen if people want to see something about If you look at the actual constellations, it's Pisces, the fishes, let's not call them with the same name, so people don't get confused.

[00:40:34] AstroLada: Because this is the Ram, the tropical zodiac areas currently in our age pose, uh, over the actual constellation of the fishes. Look at the eclipses happening exactly here on the karmic knot. We know this in ancient astrology as a karmic knot where they're connected, the tails. The eclipse is happening there.

[00:40:56] AstroLada: This karmic knot is karma from the past, which this new moon eclipse is kind of resolving, breakthrough. It's pushing through something that has held you tight. Like those two fishes are tied. Uh, the constellation of Pisces connected to the karma of humanity as well, just like Jesus Christ and, uh, the Bible came at the start of the ages of Pisces to clean up the karma of humans, but we're seeing it here with our eyes.

[00:41:28] AstroLada: There is an opportunity to cut the score that's keeping you to the past with the karma and break through, through the tropical zodiac areas into new beginnings.

Cetus, the sea monster, Jonas and the whale and Nineveh

[00:41:36] AstroLada: And, but there is something else, the constellation Pisces rules,

[00:41:41] AstroLada: it's known from ancient times the fishes rule, Israel, the Israelites, the 12 tribes. There might be some very important developments with this eclipse on that area, but we don't wanna go political or anything. I'm just saying watch out for that being something very important in an eclipse, uh, is a for, for for the next one year.

[00:42:02] AstroLada: And there is another thing

[00:42:04] AstroLada: under the eclipse, there is something called sits. Do you see this monster here? This is, uh, in other mythologies is described as a whale, the sea monster. Oh. So the sea monster, it's in the belly above the belly of the sea monster. This eclipse is passing through like you told me, and I checked and it's absolutely true.

[00:42:26] AstroLada: Uh, eclipse is passing through seven, eight towns called Nineveh in the States, so it's truly biblical in a sense, because the story in the Bible says that there were, uh, God says to Jonah, go to Nineveh, the biggest city.

[00:42:41] AstroLada: Then it was like now New York is the center of civilization or, you know, some imagine the biggest Nineveh was a million and a half. and preached them. And he says, God, no, I'm the Israelites are their enemies. They will kill me with stones. You want me to go and tell them to repent? So he takes a boat and runs away, but the boat starts sinking.

[00:43:00] AstroLada: So they throw him over board and a big Seamonster Sithos swallows him. Jonah and spits him out on the shores of Nineveh and he goes there and starts preaching and he preaches and the king actually listens to him because solar eclipses are a warning to the leaders. You know, it's passing over America.

[00:43:19] AstroLada: We have to be careful there. Uh, and it's a warning to the leaders and spits him out, but they repent and the story ends good. So, but there is kind of repetition and actually. historical, uh, documents say that around that time when the story of Jonah was supposed to be happening, there were three eclipses over Nineveh within 10 years.

[00:43:44] AstroLada: And that's what civil war was happening, hunger. And, uh, the last eclipse, Jonah appears, he warns the King, the King says, Tells everyone we're going fasting. We're not going to do those things we've been doing. Uh, and otherwise Jonah says the whole city will be destroyed. The whole kingdom will be destroyed.

[00:44:01] AstroLada: But they stop it so the kingdom is not destroyed. And we're on the third. American eclipse within less than seven years. They're crossing like X, there was one in October, there was one 2017. When there were three or four eclipses within 15 years over Byzantium, Byzantium fell under Ottoman Empire. So they knew it like the ancient astrologers, they would always look, okay, one eclipse over here, fine.

[00:44:28] AstroLada: Maybe another one in a hundred years, but now we had seven full eclipses, solar eclipses over the same country. So There is kind of a warning there

[00:44:38] AstroLada: or, you know, I don't know. I don't want to go political. Just I'm saying here is the well again is present, uh, on top of the fishes, the solar eclipse. Is there an eclipses for in, in the world, not for personal strategy, they're always a warning.

[00:44:56] AstroLada: The eclipses when it comes to predictions, not good. I've seen eclipses bring amazing things and some very fated things, unfortunately, which we can avoid, but big realignment, big realignment.

[00:45:12] Amanda: A lot of question for you. Do we know what nodal axis it was with the Jonah eclipses? Like, is there any way for us?

[00:45:20] Amanda: To know,

[00:45:21] AstroLada: I just, that's why I think I was, I was, um, uh, if I could check, I'm sure it would be exactly there. I'm sure it will be. You think? Well, back then they looked at the constellation, it would be over Cetus, the eclipse and the fishes on top, because the big beef was between the Israelites then, uh, which is again, the fishes and the Syrian kingdom.

[00:45:44] AstroLada: And there was, um, uh, they basically, the Syrian kingdom was. pillaging the Israelites and so on. And, uh, and basically the warning was stop abusing your neighbors, you know, and they did it again. They stopped and the kingdom didn't. But for those 20 years while they were eclipses, think in the history that I was reading online, it was saying that over the course of a, uh, a couple of, Decades or one decade, there were three eclipses that passed over there, and there were civil wars and hunger that followed and so on.

[00:46:20] AstroLada: Uh, and the last one, they're thinking that it correlates when Jonah came, the eclipse happened, and the king believed Jonah and saw the eclipse and changed the ways.

[00:46:30] Amanda: Wow. Okay.

How to intentionally work with eclipse energies in your life

[00:46:32] Amanda: Well, I mean, obviously there's, we're in a big moment. It's, this is a big time for all of us, a lot of, if you had to summarize how an individual can intentionally work with eclipses, any eclipses, not just the ones that are coming up.

[00:46:50] Amanda: If you had to sum it up, what would you say is a way to intentionally work with eclipse energies in your life?

[00:46:58] AstroLada: So the easiest way is form on eclipses. Let go of things, do the binning, the trashing, the burning, the composting board. Yeah. If you want to eliminate new moon eclipses, what do you want into your life?

[00:47:12] AstroLada: That's the simplest way I can say. And know that if changes are coming and you did not foresee them, know that it's the real lining of your soul's path. You know, where it wants to take it and, and it's part, it's a, it's fated. You have to experience that. It's part of your path.

[00:47:33] Amanda: For any of you who, when we were talking about how to actually look at your chart and figure out where this is, if this is a significant eclipse for you or which house it's falling in for you or the house cusp or any of those things, we are having the free, Panel event this Friday, actually, um, March 29th.

[00:47:54] Amanda: And if you catch this recording and it, you can still go to this link, I'm going to give you and see if you can get access to the recording, but we're going to be covering how to decode eclipses in your chart. So you're going to get more instruction on how to like, look at your chart. figure out where the eclipses are falling, have some clues on how to interpret that, and also Rick Levine is going to be, he's a master astrologer that many of you know and love at Astrology Hub, he's going to be choosing some charts from the participants to actually demonstrate some of these techniques so you can get some real time teaching.

[00:48:30] Amanda: Rick Levine, Astro Lotta, Christopher Renstrom, Andrea, Michelle, these astrologers are all going to be with us in the inner circle in 2024 teaching you, guiding you, helping you go deeper into your astrological studies.

[00:48:43] Amanda: So if you want to get to know these astrologers and, and learn about their teaching style and see if the inner circle is a great place for you, make sure you sign up for these events, astrology hub. com slash eclipse 2024, totally free, open to everybody.

[00:48:57] Amanda: You'll get a good taste of what. The kinds of things we're doing in the inner circle, a lot of speaking of you're going to be teaching a mastery class for us in the inner circle. What are you going to be teaching on? What, what are my inner circle members out there? What do they have to look forward to?

[00:49:12] AstroLada: Well, for now, I've thought, uh, working with rulers of houses, cause a lot of people don't pay attention. They'll say, Oh, Mars is in the second house. They'll show you how, but Mars maybe rules the eighth house, you know? So it gives you a totally change interpretation. And, or I can, I have also another idea, people finding more interesting looking at, uh, themes that repeat according to your ascendant in the lives of people with the same ascendant.

[00:49:42] AstroLada: For example, Aquarian ascendants will often live far away from when they are born, because the ruler of the ninth and the fourth, ninth house is four in places, so different stars. It's the same planet that rules the fourth house place of living so I can do either this or the rulers.

[00:49:59] Amanda: I mean those sound fascinating.

[00:50:01] Amanda: If you're an inner circle member and you have a vote, put it in the comments and then we'll, we'll, we'll get a little vote going. I am an Aquarius rising. I don't know if you do that, but I'm a, and I live, I'm the only one of my three, you know, there's four siblings in my family. I'm the only one that moved away.

[00:50:17] Amanda: And I live in, they all live in California. Yeah. I left, I left home at college and basically have been living in other places ever since. So

[00:50:28] AstroLada: we proved it. Okay. Let's do this topic. I think it's interesting. South for example, A Taurus, uh, people, Taurus rising people, the ruler of the seven and the 12 are the same planet.

[00:50:40] AstroLada: They're more susceptible to private hidden relationships. So to being with people from abroad. So that'll be interesting. You know, it's not a hundred percent, but you will see it repeatedly with people with those ascendants.

[00:50:54] Amanda: So it's interesting. Okay. I love that. Lotta, this has been so much fun. Thank you for being here at the astrology hub podcast.

[00:51:03] Amanda: Thank you for sharing all this amazing wisdom and teaching. You're such a great teacher. I love how you break things down. I love how you translate this incredible language of light that I love to call it a language of light because it's literally what it is. So, and I just love the way that you bring it in and make it tangible and accessible.

[00:51:21] Amanda: And Fun and light. And even when you talk about heavy things, you have this cute little giggle at the end. So just, it makes it feel light, even though it can feel heavy, but that's so beautiful. And having you on the panel last week was amazing. If you love Lata, make sure you register for the Eclipse event.

[00:51:37] Amanda: Cause then you'll get to see her. On the panel event that we just had as astrology hub. com slash eclipse 2024. And then consider joining the inner circle at our promotional pricing rate, which we're about to enter into our promo period. You'll be able to lock in the lowest prices that we offer all year long.

[00:51:54] Amanda: This would be the time to jump in. So if you're interested in doing that, more information is coming.


[00:52:02] Amanda: Is there anything that you want to close out with anything else that you want to leave people with?

[00:52:06] AstroLada: I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a chance to connect with your wonderful audience to connect with you because I've missed you.

[00:52:13] AstroLada: We met just once, but it was such like a, we even saw that we have South Note connections on Ascendant. So we've known each other in past lifetimes.

[00:52:22] Amanda: Absolutely. I feel like that every time I'm with you, I'm just like, I don't. Swim it. I love her. I just, there's like an instant, uh, soul sistership. So thank you.

[00:52:32] AstroLada: Thank you so much, Amanda. It's been a wonderful experience.

[00:52:35] Amanda: Yes. Okay. Thanks to all of you for being here. Thank you for being a part of our community and thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. I hope to see you in your eclipse pathway to purpose, our free guided two week journey. I hope to spend a lot more time with you in the inner circle and, um, can't wait to see you soon.

[00:52:54] Amanda: Take care, everybody.

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