In the second volume of his Astrology of Awakening series, Eric Meyers takes us into territory few astrological authors have ventured – the consulting room. This isn’t the first book to address astrological counseling, but it is probably the most comprehensive and detailed book to date on the subject.

At the outset, Eric shares his perspective on astrology and spirituality – that astrology provides a map of the soul’s intention in this lifetime. The awakening approach, as he calls it, is about using astrology as a system of guidance on the spiritual journey.

astrology of awakeningThus it’s clear that this isn’t going to be a book about how to use astrology to find a better career or love life. Although the author doesn’t disparage the use of astrology for those purposes, he believes there’s a higher level of understanding that astrology helps us attain, and he aims to show us how.

Rather than talking in terms of “good” and “bad” outcomes, Eric turns to a spiritual perspective and offers that if we are living soul’s truth, we are likely to enjoy the way things are going. Unpleasant experiences, on the other hand, are just those that we need for our soul’s growth.

The Awakening Approach

The first part of the book is outlines of his awakening approach to astrology. While much of this material can be found in his prior books, especially The Astrology of Awakening: Volume 1 and Elements and Evolution, in this volume it is presented in a user-friendly and accessible way. The reader is gradually drawn into the awakening approach, with a conversational tone that is a departure from the more forceful approaches of earlier works by the author.

The distinction between personal and transpersonal approaches to astrology and their implications for the growth of the soul in this incarnation are delineated without creating friction between the two. Instead, the transpersonal approach is presented as a further stage in astrology, the next step we can take.

Astrology and Counseling

The second half of the book is devoted to counseling, and here is where new material is presented. While it’s fine to talk about the potential applications of astrology in the abstract, many astrologers, students of astrology, and clients would like to have an idea of what actually takes place within a session.

Astrology of Awakening

Author Eric Meyers, MA

As Eric understands, people show up in the consulting room for many reasons, and frequently there is a degree of anxiety and/or a difficult dilemma in the client’s life that they are seeking to resolve. What is the astrologer to do, with only a couple of hours to meet with a client? In The Astrology of Awakening, Volume 2, Eric offers practical advice that is reinforced by his work not only as an astrologer but by his studies in transpersonal psychology (he holds a master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from the Naropa Institute).

One way the author does this is to give us extended segments of consultations – what the client said and how he, as the astrologer, responded. He also gives practical advice for guiding the client from expectations of ground level advice from the astrologer towards an air overview of the issues confronting them so that they may make their own informed decisions about what to do. Eric is clear that the astrologer can’t take responsibility for the client’s actions, for to do so would be to take away their power.

I highly recommend this comprehensive book to both practicing astrologers and students of astrology. While not a beginning text on chart interpretation, anyone with basic familiarity with the astrological language will have no trouble reading it. Seasoned consulting astrologers will find a new perspective that generally augments rather than challenges existing approaches.

The book’s emphasis on counseling techniques is very helpful for any astrologer – even nonprofessionals who only give occasional consultations. Most of all, it is a fast-moving and enjoyable astrology book, and if you’re cruising around AstrologyHub, you’re probably going to appreciate it.

The Astrology of Awakening:
Volume 2, Chart Application and Counseling

Author: Eric Meyers, M.A.
Release Date: February 2016
Subject: Astrological Counseling
Amazon Rating: N/A

$24.95 – Available from and online retailers

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