Astrology Hub’s Podcast Horoscope for the Week of March 3rd – March 10th

Major Theme/ Suggestion for the Week: Catch & release in honor of all the attention on Pisces this week, that’s the sign of the fish. So practicing some, non-attachment, maybe the wisest course of action during this very wet and wild week.

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to Love, Believe, Do and mostly Live.” –  Dalai Lama

Week of March 3rd – March 10th Horoscope

We’ve been sailing through open waters with endless wind all year. Until now, at least. Mercury moves into retrograde this week in the watery, emotional territory of Pisces. Have the tides of cosmic energy swept change into your life, or do you sense a shift in the current? Bigger question—have you reflected on the emotions washing onto the shores of your soul? No matter the answer—get ready to swim, or…hold up your umbrella!

Tune in to hear Donna & Amanda’s advice on navigating through the first stillness aka retrograde of the year.

Advice from Amanda & Donna

I’ve been interviewing and speaking with different astrologers, and life coaches for our podcast episode series Soul Purpose. The one thing that they’ve said over and over is a sense of purpose, a sense of self is so important to tune into, nourish, and nurture especially during times of change. You CAN become the eye of the storma calm, peaceful, centered place when you’re deeply tapped in and tuned into who you are. Astrology is so helpful with these things. It can help you see the bigger picture. It doesn’t mean it’s not uncomfortable. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to feel fear. But if you have a way to get back to that sense of self it can make it easier to navigate and it also makes you more of a beacon for other people.

– Amanda Pua Walsh

When Mercury changes direction are really, really intense. So how will we work with this energy wisely? Well, I think there’s a reason why one of the suggestions from alcoholics anonymous is to focus on the next day, the next hour or the next minute if that’s what it takes to get through. Emotions don’t work on the same schedule as thought they need to be witnessed and released. This is a time for all of us to be talking about emotional processing.

– Donna Woodwell


Key Astrology Dates from Inner Guide

*IC Cosmic Update 3.6* New Moon in Pisces is conj Neptune & Vesta @8:03 AM PT  A mystical lunar cycle that can ignite visions, the eternal flame of inspiration, & Higher Love. It’s up to us to manifest our dreams into the material! Some can see what is, others see what is possible. Link them together and become the bridge between potential and reality. Divine Harmony

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The following theme, affirmations, and journal prompts are selected by our Inner Circle guide as the astrologically-supported spiritual quality you can focus on during this lunar cycle.

Inner Circle Theme of the New Moon in Pisces: Uniting Your Shadow & Light for Ultimate Freedom 

Inner Circle Affirmation for the New Moon in Pisces: With Compassion, I clearly see both Shadow & Light within and without.

Inner Circle Journal Prompts for the New Moon in Pisces:

How do you balance spirituality and faith with reality and grounding in your life? Which one is easier for you and which one is harder to master? What triggers you most in others- and how can you see that as a direct reflection OR an opposite reflection of something within yourself? (opposite reflection as in you are very clean and orderly so people that are chaotic and messy trigger you – versus direct reflection that you are very clean and orderly so others being anally clean and orderly triggers you).

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