Ep 015 – Surrendering to Your Soul Purpose for Ultimate Ease: An Interview with Astrologer Nadiya Shah

“Every longing of your heart is The Divine experiencing itself in a way that it would not have if you’d not been there to feel that exact emotion. And to me, that’s a reminder that every single moment is an expression of soul…” Nadiya Shah

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“You Chose This.” <— One of the most stilling phrases anyone can hear on a spiritual path. We’re either so troubled we’d vow that no one would choose what we were going through…or we feel a powerful purpose that humbles us to the point where we think there must be some mistake—’no, I did not choose this. I do not want to be chosen.’ In those moments empowering voices full of love, energy, promise, and truth we need to hear emerge—Nadiya Shah has such a voice.

Tune in & soak up her infectious joy as you learn ‘aware’ or not…you’re living your purpose. The question is, are you in FLOW or swimming against its power?

Most memorable quote(s) from the show:

“My partner and I have reverse nodes. He has South Node, Libra, North Node Aries. And so he and I are in this constant exploration of this dynamic. The I versus WE, the US versus ME. What you’re saying is true — when we focus on our soul purpose the external situations in our life seem to fall into place. There’s so much less of an emphasis on ‘Oh, I’ve got to do this and I got to make this and I’ve got to create this.’ It’s like I know my soul is exactly where it needs to be. Exploring these dynamics in all the different facet that come about in working relationships, they come about in an intimate relationship or with my parents and my brothers—any situation.”

– Amanda Pua Walsh

Every planet is a conscious part of you. It’s part of you in terms of your conditioning, in terms of what you consciously desire. And the moon is a powerful symbol for a lot of things. But one of the things it represents is being at peace with yourself, emotional equilibrium…

Nadiya Shah


GUEST: Nadiya Shah
HOST: Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh

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